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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  September 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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good tuesday morning, everybody. we're taking a live look outside at the luxor. that's the home of the blue man group. they're looking to showcase local drummers in the valley. if you got rhythm you want to listen up. >> i jus just once. just once want to slide down it. >> it's a an intriguing building. i want to swing from a swing inside. >> oh, no, that would -- oh, no, i couldn't handle that. that's a weird -- even taking the elevator, it's just -- >> you said you would slide down the slide. >> on something as opposed to flying in the air.
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>> welcome. i'm shawn tempesta. >> i'm j.j. snyder. >> if you haven't heard, there is a big bomb in the -- in entertainment news this morning. >> marriage is coming to an end, according to tmz, angelina jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. somewhere jennifer aniston is smirking. married for only two, together they have six children together. according to the sun, one of those -- she wants sole custody it's going to get ugly. >> oh, man. is it ever. well, you know, frankly, i'm amazed they were even together ten years. 12 years altogether, if you count the dates, because the celebrity couples, it seems to be -- the rule they just don't stay together. i don't know what the pressures are in their lives, i don't know what their realities are like,
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work. >> celebrity marriages don't work. they were fine until they got married. it all went to hell. why get married? leave it alone. >> no, we don't need marriage. we're good. and i think they must have blown it by getting married. >> whose fault was it and why? >> i bet people have opinions out there. which side are people going to go on? >> do you think billy bob thornton has anything to do with this? do you think he sd the picture, said here is my vial of blood? >> i don't. >> are you for getting the fact i mentioned jennifer? >> we're talking about jennifer aniston. i bet she feels some sort of satisfaction. >> of course. >> here is my question. if she wants sole custody, because i'm sure there is some sort of work out as far as child support is concerned, how much is child support going to be on
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like 43,000 a kid a month? >> i don't know. >> and the other question is, now who on the hierarchy of celebrity marriages, who now takes the spot as the celebrity marriage -- the big one? >> you know what my answer is? >> give me a couple. >> who cares? >> very good. we want to hear from your. do you not care? well, you know. feel bad for the will be okay. >> shawn and i called my mom before the show and her first thought was what about the kids? and that's true. >> there we go. >> all right. well right now, the blue man group in las vegas is hosting their first ever drummer competition. they're looking for the most creative, the most innovative and insanely talented drummers in las vegas. is that you. >> no, but it could be one of them out this. if this is your dream to bust out your drums, they're taking
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this could be a really cool thing. joining me this morning is corky gainsford, jordan cohen and blas elias. great having you guys. >> nice to be here. >> drum off. i've been hearing about this. this is going to be epic. >> they had one in boston and it was really successful, so we decided to bring it here. vegas has tons of musicians. this is the new hollywood for musicians. and so we're looking for guys not just fastest, but you know, blue man group likes to find creative people, people with passion. so you know, if you think you got a passion for drums, submit a video september 30th is the deadline. and don't be afraid to do it because we're not just looking for the fastest or most technical, music, passion, creativity, showmanship, whatever you got. if you have a passion for it,
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>> awesome. i know people need to fill out an entry form. you're separating it into two age groups? >> there is two to 12 exhibition category where kids can come. there will be five people selected to play at the tines. we'll have the top five finalists play at container park october 22nd, where we'll crown the winner for the las vegas drum off. >> awe many so. if you haven't seen blue man group, great band, but the drums really make it. just feeling that beat it's >> it's a very interesting job night tonight, where essentially the mind of the blue man as they're walking through the audience, and we're supposed to able to interpret what they're doing step by step and thought by thought. >> that's so cool. >> and all three of you have been part of the show for years. tell me what it's like to be in that band. >> well, it's a weird place because it's like having a corporate job in a rock band. but it's a really unique
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because you work in a casino, 84 in vegas, you're in a band. but it's really stable, too. i mean, most musicians in the industry could be really well-known band and something happens. they're looking for work hustling again, and 16 1/2 years, i guess. >> you could be touring throughout the country and come back to blue man. >> what does the winner get? >> they get a new set drums, the best drums made. backstage tour experience with the blue man group, tickets to the show. >> and the title of las vegas drum off winner. >> which that is -- just the bragging to have for the next year plus would be very nice. >> the final group is going on go before a panel of judges. who is judging?
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who is on vacation, couldn't be here. and also ronnie from the killers. >> oh, nice. that's going to be awesome. we have these, these are drum pads essentially. you're going to show us what you guys are capable of. i mean far more than i'm capable of. >> okay. >> for anybody. all right. well -- >> assume your stick, shawn. okay. >> what we're going to do is two part pattern from time to start. this is called the drum on me break down. you are both part of the drum on me. >> oh, god. >> i'm going to count to four and play one bar pattern, which you guys are going to play. and you're going to sit out for four beats, then we're going to repeat it. i'll demonstrate it right now. one, two, three, four. so the first part you're going
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right, left, right left right. right, left, right left right. >> we're just getting to this part. >> let's do the first part. >> right, left, right right left, right, left, right right left. okay. you guys do that, and sit out for four beats. you ready? okay, one, two, thr right right left. again. >> oh, yeah. >> you just did it alone. >> that is the greatest i've
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second drum. >> but it is cool, like one of the unique things about blue man and playing in the show is being able to play drum with other drummers. it's a very unique situation. every night we're able to play with each other, play off each other, and that whole tribal experien what makes blue man so great. >> when you see more than one drummer it's like it's a wall of sound hitting you. >> and drums together, t powerful, the show -- there is a girl who -- she e-mailed me, she loves our show, but she feels the rhythm. so it's a great experience for anyone. we do shows -- we did a show not too long ago with a experience for opera. >> no kidding. >> great work that you're doing. >> you're going to get great submissions for this. >> the biggest thing with contests that people get afraid
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good enough, not sure if i should submit a video. seeing the biggest thing for us is playing with passion, conviction and like loving music and loving your instrument, like that's way more powerful than having chops, just enjoying what you're doing. >> to enter fill out the entry form on the website, blue, simple, easy to remember. right there on your screen. the video submission deadline is friday, september 30th. 10 days you have to make it to the semifinal part of the final drum off at container park. container park. we'll congressman heck's become part of the problem in washington. heck voted to protect perks for politicians like himself,
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and voted members of congress, like himself, taxpayer-funded healthcare for life. heck even voted to allow congressmen to take their pay during a government shutdown. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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welcome back. this thursday we can say it's fall officially. this thursday also marks fall
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>> and here with helpful tips is mary nara. with healthcare partners medical group. good morning, mary. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you're so well many come. why is it so important to educate people about falls? >> well, falls are really frighteningly common. i myself fell about a week ago. >> oh, my goodness. >> all the scrapes and bruises only. but the incident of fall is really high. in the next year one out of three a result thes over 65 will fall. in the course of t to 30% will have an injury, a broken bone or fracture or head trauma. >> i mean, luckily at our age we take the fall, we can usually shake it off. for senior community falls are very serious issue. >> absolutely. older americans are really at more risk for serious injury because of multiple reasons. first there is a ton of medical conditions that predispose older adults to fall. nerve damage, wear and tear on bones and joints, and also there
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osteoporosis in americans over 50, so 10 million people over 50. it's thinning of the bone, makes the bones more porous and susceptible to fracture. >> is there anything people can do to prevent osteoporosis or just keep their bones healthy? >> probably the most important thing is to do regular physical activity. just even something as simple as walking, that's weight bearing, to keep muscles strong and bones healthy. >> isn't it interesting, but the pressure of exercise and walki >> no question. >> i think it would be something you ate but it's not. >> there is also some things in the diet. calcium and vitamin d are really important. dairy is okay, unless you have a lactose intolerance. vitamin d is more challenging but equally important. so you can tested for vitamin d levels, and a supplement can be
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low. >> when it comes to obviously senior seeing your loved ones you want to help prevent falls. how do you do that? retrofit the house? >> there is lots of thing. my top two are environmental things. so clearing a pathway where you're walking frequently. having good lighting so you can see where you're going even if you're getting up in the middle of the night. avoiding throw rugs or things you can trip over. avoid open toe shoes. if you have a walker or from your medical provider you should use it. and the second big one is medications. there is a ton of medications that contribute to falls by cause i dizziness, from high blood pressure medicine to over the counter allergy medicine to sleep and pain medication, so it's super important your medical provider knows all the medication you're taking. >> so you have something called the model of care. >> total care model. >> you know all about it. >> well i am a healthcare
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>> you tell us about it then. >> let me tell you something. here is why i like it. the fact that it's all under one umbrella. if you go to one healthcare partner and you go to a specialist you're all on the same game plan. am i right? >> the total care model is focuses on screening and prevention. patient education and coordinating care for patients between specialists. and the primary care provider in between the hospital and the primary care provider. we have a lot of teammates involvedn managers, social workers, lots of behind the scene to coordinate that care. >> and here is the thing that i hate. when i go to a specialist or something that's not my main doctor, you go to a place and you have to fill out 15 pages of paperwork so you can tell them who you are. then they have to wait for my doctor the fax something to their office. if you go to healthcare partners it's all in the same thing. you have electronic medical records that goes throughout the entire network. >> yes.
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within healthcare partners and we share electronic medical system so it's available to everyone. >> that's awesome. well, for somebody like me, shawn knows a lot about it, but for myself and other people who might be interested, how can we learn more about healthcare partners? >> they will be hosting multiple events around the city, and there is a website that people can go to to learn more about those events and find the nearest one to them. >> awesome. very cool. and open soon. >> october. >> going to be a busy time. >> yes, always is. >> a lot of questions, and i know people can get answers through the website and their doctors. >> absolutely. >> great having you you. >> thank you mary. >> thank you very much. >> if you want to protect your loved ones from dangerous falls and want more information on healthcare partners medical group visit the website on your screen. you can follow them on facebook and twitter, as well. like and follow us. we need the numbers on twitter.
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as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler we know fall is just our friend danny lipford joins us to share the fall list from his four seasons of home ownership. hey, danny. >> glad to be with you. >> all right. thank you. let's jump into it. what are some projects you have on your fall to-do list? >> well, there are some things on our four seasons list to do during this time of the year. and, of course, it involves a lot to do with weather icing
9:21 am
cold weather but we like to mention a few fun things like making sure you paint at least one room. and everybody when they're doing painting they want to get the professional results. you can see a very professionally done job here in this room, two tone walls, nice, clean lines, to tell you the truth this is not a room at all. this is our studio, which gives me an opportunity to -- fooled you -- to show you before and after. and all those nice, c there. were not done by a professional painter. it was done using frog tape. both sides of your chair rail, around your window, and the trickiest thing that people have when they're painting is trying to get the nice line along the crown molding. you can handle all of that andelbradt up looking like a professional. >> i love it. and nice, clean coat of paint.
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>> it certainly does, i have inexpensive way to put a pop the room and using the new edgy colors, that's nice, as well. >> can we move on? i heard you can help us save a little money, which is always good, with our utility bills. what kind of changes can we make when the temperatures drop? >> think about the envelope of your home. if you can seal the envelope of your home you're keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. it's just pretty good common sense to go that the folks at duct brand have a complete list and array of weatherization products, including this. there is plastic on this window. it's a window roll on kit that is just invisible. if we didn't have the tape around here you wouldn't know it was there. it's very easy to install by cleaning the window frame, then you put the double stick tape around the perimeter. you put the pretaped piece of plastic on, cut the excess then
9:23 am
basically are shrink wrapping this to create the air pocket that will prevent the cold air from getting in. you can do the same thing around your doors by replacing any weather stripping. and this is a really simple, cool thing here. it's called a double draft seal. you basically need nothing to install this other than scissors, cutting the foam tubes, installing it. and that way you can really seal up that doorway. don't forget about the outside and call canning all around your trim and tighten up the home and keep that warm air inside. >> i love this. you're inspiring me to do it myself. their some projects i heard you feel that are best left to the pros. what are those? >> well, a lot of times when you're doing things to do with -- which is another good thing, heating and cooling system, servicing it, that's better left for the pros. a lot of people think anything in the attic, not a fun place to hang out, if you want to really
9:24 am
improvement dollar, put more insulation in your attic. most houses over 53% of the houses in the united states do not have sufficient attic insulation and it can be very do it yourself friendly if you use a mineral or stone wool insulation like this one. you can see i'm touching it with my bare hands. it won't itch at all, and it's easy to cut. very, very easy. and if your attic isik in the country, like our studio attic, you'll see that we get in your attic you can see your ceiling joist. if you can see them you don't have enough insulation. adding another layer makes it to easy to add that insulation that will help you summer or winter. i've been in las vegas during the summer, gets a little warm out there. >> oh, yes, it does. i love it. i'm going to crawl up in my
9:25 am
great information. thank you so much, danny. >> my pleasure. and we would love for you to drop by our website and get our complete list, today's seasons. >> get your home ready for hall. to view danny's complete list visit today's you can watch this segment again on our website, now it's time for your beauty tip of the week sponsored by maze laser med spa. the idea you can you want as long cause exercise can be misleading and untrue. combining proper nutrition with regular exercise is the most ideal way to maintain a healthy weight and optimal health. our friends at phaze laser med spa incourage us to stay active and healthy. in village square, their address is on your screen, same for our website and phone number. again, this beauty tip sponsored
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our show with more services in a few minutes. thank you so much. i think i need to live that lifestyle. community event to tell you about, drink cocktails and paint a masterpiece for a cause. triple george grill and wine. they have -- triple george grill, there we go. they partnered together for a fundraiser. it takes place at triple george grill from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. saturday to kick off breast cancer awareness
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i come from a big family. a whole lot of people. a whole lot of love. and a whole lot of food. my dad's family was from mexico. my mom's was from italy. da and we grew as a family really grew as a family. dad got his start parking cars at the dunes hotel. but he went on to be the head of tourism for las vegas and helped build the city we know today. dad lived his life following three principles, work hard, be honest and respect everyone, that's what i tried to do as attorney general. catherine took on the big banks when they preyed on homeowners. and forced them to pay one point nine billion dollars to
9:28 am
and passed laws to keep seniors safe from crooked scams. i'm catherine cortez masto, i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems, isn't that something we need more of in washington? laser technology has come a long way in recent years. you've probably heard of tattoo
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laser off unwanted pounds? the new phaze laser med spa has the latest called sculpsure. and here to tell us all about it is sarah lopez, vice president and company own e of phaze laser med spa. good morning. this is exciting because today is your opening at the immediate spa. >> it is. today is the first day we're accepting clients. we're opening the doors. we encourage everybody to visit us. we have great and exciting offer. >> you really do. sculpsure is going to be probably one of your most popular services, am i right? >> that is very popular one. we've had so many calls during the recent weeks. people that are just interested, because we all have those areas of stub bosh fat that we can't get rid of with diet and exercise. it's the only one that is laser based.
9:30 am
best and how it works. here we see what it looks like. you have two devices that just rest on the -- this is an abdomen. >> right. >> i would assume. we're talking about a 25 minute treatment or so? >> yes. and that is really -- that's really where it's at. it's 25 minutes. here on this illustration it shows two applicators but we can treat four different -- we have four different applicators and we can treat any area multiple times during session. it's very convenient because you can do it during your lunch break. you can go right back to work. there is absolutely no down um too. you come and have a little me time and get the fat cells destroyed. >> two of the words you said are noninvasive and fda approved, right? >> yes. >> these are important things. how does this work? where does the fat go? >> well, it's really an examination. what happens is we apply the applicators. the laser penetrates through the skin.
9:31 am
and so that is the fat that you can pinch, you know, the fat -- it's not the fat that is right in between the muscle. it goes in there. it destroys it with the laser. and then over a period of time, your body naturally releases and gets rid of that permanently through the lymphatic system. >> it will take a few weeks for you to see the results, right? >> yes. as soon as you're done with your treatment it's going to take a couple weeks for it to completely get out of your body. it >> it's truly amazing. it's kind of a shortcut, am i right? >> it is, but we also encourage our clients our patients to combine out with diet and exercise. we promote healthy living. this is not a substitution for ray balanced diet and regular exercise at all. but it's to target the areas that we just can't get rid of with just that alone. >> i would think that would be
9:32 am
have something like this done and then just gain the weight back. >> right. >> it's not good on your body, not good for your skin to stretch and things like that. and you and i were talking before the show, exercise has such a mental benefit, too. >> yes. >> right? >> it sure does. we want to look good on the outside, but we want to be healthy, as well. >> you want to feel good. >> we want to feel good. >> that's right. oh, my gosh. so you have been getting great reactions from this, though. tell me about some of that you've treated. i know there has been some mothers who had a hard time getting rid of abdomen fat. >> i've done it, as well. i tried it and did it on my lower abs. that's where i have the most fat there, you know. and so i tried it. it was really simple. like i said, 25 minutes, absolutely no down time. i went to the gym, you know. it was pain-free. so it was very convenient. this is really for the individual that doesn't want incisions, that doesn't want to go under the knife, and doesn't
9:33 am
and it's also for somebody that wants to target that area of fat, that they simply cannot get rid of, whether it's your love handles, i mean, anywhere you can think of we can probably fit the applicators on there. >> well, i have to say you do not look like someone who needs this treatment. but it's neat that you tried it because you can say firsthand, you know what i mean, what it's like. congratulations on the opening of the spa today. >> thank you. >> yes. are you and male clients coming through your doors? >> definitely. actually if you go on instagram you'll see one of our models, he went in there and again, he's very athletic, very healthy, and he lives a healthy lifestyle, but he has that little spot at the bottom that you can't get rid of with diet and exercise. he came over, tried it, he called me two weeks later. he said oh, my, gosh, i love it. can i go back and do my love
9:34 am
we treat males and females. >> it's amazing. and i wonder once you have the treatment if you start to get other areas you want treated. >> you fall in love with it because you see the results. it's effective. and you come back and find other areas you want to work oranges one of the thicks i like about you guys you're allowing people to come in and talk to you about it and get a condition you will tags, am i right? >> definitely. our consultations are complementary. let us discuss our problem areas, and we create a treatment plan. you tell us what your areas are and we tell you how we can help you. >> people may need more than one treatment? >> they do. typically it's anywhere between one to three treatments. and it just depends how much fat you have in that area that you want to get rid of. >> this is very interesting stuff. >> sure is. >> it's very interesting where technology led us. you have a special for us today. >> i do. i can't stress the importance of
9:35 am
really stress maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise. anybody that calls, 20 first callers that come in, get a free consultation, and book a sculpture session receive 10% if they show valid gym membership id. >> must show you are going to the gym. it's about time. we pay a lot for the gym memberships. >> we don't have to wait until after the healthy lifestyle year round. >> thank you for sharing about sculpsure. a special today, just for morning blend viewers, the first two people to call and have a valid gym membership receive 10% off their first sculpture treatment. fist the phaze sculpsure spa open today.
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there is the filthy carpet for this week. another reason people love doing business with zerorez because they're not only locally owned but they're like family that you know and trust. they are family. zerorez led by four brothers, you know brad mckee. the handsomest of all, kevin at the end. who we have never seen before, finally coming out of the shadow. also is doug and ben. now you're coming back. night nice to see you. >> great as always. >> didn't to see you. >> you're handsome, too. >> they're all sick of me. >> so you all have a specific role in the company. what is each person's role here? >> what i do, i'm in charge of the marketing.
9:39 am
advertisements and things you get in the mail. so all that to make sure you hear about us. >> i'm the operations manager. schedule to make sure we got the trucks and technicians. if we're late tour house it's my fault. i apologize. >> what does doug do? this is going to be fun. >> doug sends our technicians in the morning. all the technical, knowing how to clean when the techs come over, that's this guy. >> this is lovely. it's an rag on you and he was kind. >> i'm over the administration, and i help make sure that you can trust the customers. >> a huge i do all the background checks to the -- do the drug testing and make sure the -- >> you don't drug test the customers. >> no, the employees. >> so it's never too early to make your home clean. we have the holidays coming up. you don't want people coming to your house and saying -- kind of a -- so how -- right now is a
9:40 am
the time to get on it because as we move into the fall our schedule is jam-packed. we get a week, two weeks out, and you have to wait a knowledge on time. this is the best time. it's getting into the fall season so you can enjoy soft, clean, good smelling healthy carpets. >> how much should we be cleaning our living surfaces, our carpet? >> you know, the carpet manufacturers recommend getting it cleaned every 12 to 18 months. but it depends on what kind of tr how many pets, how many kids, lots of party, things like that. >> awesome. we have to point out we can hear the truck in the background. it's ready to go. the truck cannot wait to clean this carpet. you always have a special offer going on. what's the special offer? >> this is a great -- honestly, it's all based on availability. so as we get in the fall and we get busy the price goes up. right now it's $29 a roll.
9:41 am
cleaning for free. call us, we'll help answer your questions. >> it's not just carpet cleaning, that's what people think when they hear zerorez but it's beyond that. it's tile. it's air ducts. it's granite. it's upholstery. it's everything. >> every living surface in your home. our whole company design is -- it's going to be the a clean like you've never felt before but we want to get your home healthy so you can enjoy it and live in it. >> you get all the cool in your carpet. you don't want to step on it for a week. are you ready, sir? putting you to work. >> i'm going to stand up here. >> we're going to stand here. it has suction power. >> this is a -- it is -- >> tell us what makes this different? there is a -- let's call it what it is. there is a lot of carpet cleaners in town. what makes zerorez different? >> we have a patent on our leaning process. what we've done we take water,
9:42 am
electrolysis, and it changes the ph of the water. if you -- it gets in the nooks and crannies of that carpet, and it pulls out the soil. not only that it will sanitize it so it smells good afterwards. it's nontoxic. you can literally drink it, which you've done before. >> yes. >> and get on your hands and eyes it's not going to hurt you. >> have you drank the empowered water? >> i have. >> it's just like the -- it's a brotherhood? >> yes. like a little tear money we had. >> this is incredible. i have a kid coming soon. i don't want my kid to be playing on the carpet that has a bunch of chemicals in it. it's like a super, heavy duty industrial chemical stuff. i don't want that in my house. >> absolutely. and that's why zerorez our process is -- you are going to feel and smell the difference. if you go look at like -- if you
9:43 am
it says keep out of reach of children. >> terrible. >> don't let the -- don't crawl or let your pets walk on the car it about. it's comes tick stuff. >> what you going to do? put your pets on balloons? and have them float around on balloons? i go in houses that have been cleaned and we'll fix bad carpet cleaning jobs and you can literally smell the stuff in the house. it's costic shampoo that has been left behind. zerore fresh. >> it does. we have about 30 seconds left. i want to make sure we get that offer one more time. >> call our friendly call center is waiting, anxiously for your phone call. and they do super job. but $29 a room. and we're going to give you 100 square feet of tile cleaning for free. >> quick game for you guys. we have all the brothers here. i want you to point out the brother who i am saying. ready?
9:44 am
well done. smartest mckee. >> strongest mckee. there we go. this is great. i love you guys. great seeing you. good to have you back. you should come on more often. zerorez you can call them today, take advantage of the fall back to clean special. your kids mess it up all summer long. time to clean up after $29 per room. cleaned and sanitized. residential only, but they do do businesses, as well. minimums apply, and if you want more information on zerorez just head to the website or call the number on your screen. they have a got to love it guarantee and they stand behind their work. and yes, i know i said do do about ten seconds ago. do you have someone that makes a difference? you can recognize them with the give back award.
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click on give back, fill out the form. one lucky person will see $500 for the great work they do from america first credit union, a
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all parents want to make sure their kids are safe while riding in the car. four out of five parents install their car seat incorrectly. scary statistic, but thanks to technology it may no longer be an issue. here to tell you about the first self installing car seat, this is great, mara mcfadden, the director of product management. great having you. >> thanks for having me. >> before we get into what makes the car seat so special, what are the mistakes parents are
9:48 am
installing the normal car seats? >> well, you're right. four out of five car seats are installed incorrectly which is scary to think about when you know how many millions of kids are on the road every day. some of the most common mistakes are that the seat itself is not securely installed into the vehicle, which is something we'll talk about with our car seat. and also that the child isn't securely installed into the seat, and that means the belts aren't buckled or tightened securely enough. >> wow. so there are other proper resources available for proper car seat installation? if we want to try to do it? >> absolutely. uh-huh. there is website safe, and we recommend if you're not able to have a car seat that in stalls itself that you can go and take your car seat that you have already and get it checked at a cps check, that happen at fire department or an ems station. you can get them checked out by
9:49 am
i have to say, i've been in baby shopping hell for the past seved coming in to months, and i'm the tech nerd of my family. and four moms you guys are stepping up the game. not just in car seats but the whole she bang. it's unbelievable the stuff you're coming out with. >> we try. >> good for you. you're in a great position right now. let's talk about this car seat, because this takes a lot of the questions about installing thes things, and tosses them out the window. >> it really does. it's amazing. the way it works all the parent needs to do is put the base into the vehicle. then they snap the two latches on either side on to the anchors in the car. and with the push of a button, the seat will automatically level itself to the perfect level for that vehicle. and then it will tension itself down to a really tight, secure fit every single time.
9:50 am
carrier into the base, it performs a complete safety check every single time to make sure the fit is secure every drive, and it also turns on our continuous monitoring system which you can check via mobile app. >> you can see the child that was iting in that seat just looking outside contemplating how safes. it's like it's unbelievable. it's a baby seat that has an app. the seat has an app. >> well, it's about time. if you think about how much your cars and how much automation and technology there is, it's really overdo that some of it makes it into the child seat, because that's the thing you want to keep most secure. >> it is just so unique. it's unbelievable. this is on top of the whole eco system where you have these devices that it's not -- you know, it almost makes it seem like hey, listen, this is going to raise your kid for you. obviously not. but it makes raising your kid a
9:51 am
>> i wish. i have two little ones, and i am an avid user, and my son was the first baby in the self installing car seat. >> no kidding. wow. that's awesome. >> exactly. >> before we go, if we want to get more information on the car seat where do we go? >> you should go to four to learn more. we have a ton of videos. you can see the features and check it out. >> i'm really interested in this. working on a diaper changer? because i'll buy it right up. >> i'll put it in the hopper. >> all right. it's great having you. mara, thank you so much. great work. >> okay. thank you so much. >> keep your kids safe with proper car seat installation. look at the device right there. my goodness, they do such cool
9:52 am
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sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
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