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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  September 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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today on the "morning blend," his moves land him the mirror ball trophy and now he's mapping with the chippendales. plus, ante to join rick harrison for a special cause. and we go inside the new season of the netflix season "longmre" as the blend starts. [ music ] good friday morning, everybody. it's the last day of september. how did that happen? >> well, we had 29 days before this. >> apparently. we're taking a live look outside at the rio. hey, that's where "dancing with the stars" and nyle dimarco is hosting chippendales for a time. we'll talk with the hunk in
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he taught us a time line. >> here we go. for our deaf viewers. >> good morning. >> yeah. >> wait, there is more. we have names now. i'm j.j. >> and i'm shawn. i have a big head. [ laughter ] very nice to see you. welcome in. happy friday. i'm shawn tempesta. >> i'm j.j. scheider. good morning, everybody. >> what are your weekend plans? you're going to boston? >> i'm going on a discount that i who cares? and i'm going to boston for 34 hours. >> listen, this is kind of a last hurrah for you before the baby comes. am i right? >> hopefully he doesn't come early. my luck stinks. so it could very well have to turn around and come right back. we'll see how it goes. >> what was that? >> oh, wow. the producer says if his son is like shawn, he will not come early.
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[ laughter ] hey. lady gaga is taking the super bowl stage for the second year in a row on the half time show. why are we laughing? >> i don't know. >> february 5, 2017. >> you don't show up early to things. >> this is cool, lady gaga. >> my time for me. >> i have never witnessed you being late. i think lady gaga is a natural choice for the super bowl. >> i think she'd it's good. >> all right. enough of that shenanigans. it's friday. >> yeah. >> this is what happens on friday. first up on this friday, place your bet, rev up your ride and cruise through the streets of las vegas. the third annual pawn stars poker run is sunday. >> join rick harrison and others for this special benefit for the epilepsy foundation of nevada. rick will tell us more.
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>> it's great that my show is taped and it can be edited. [ laughter ] >> i didn't realize this, you're the national spokesperson for the epilepsy foundation. >> yep. that's me. a few years ago they came to me and wanted me to do a psa. i said sure, no problem. and then they had this camera crew and they said how much are they charging you? i said i'll get the number. i told you. they drafted me. >> nice. >> excellent. >> yeah. i had epilepsy when i was a kid. they read my book. i talked about a book i read a few years ago. i try help out. >> you are going to help out this sunday. so you lead hundreds of bikers. tell me about the day. >> we meet at pawn shop at what time? >> 8:30 to 9:30. registration. >> she is the brains of the operation.
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[ laughter ] >> we're meeting at gold and silver pawn, registration is 8:30 to 9:30 and then we're gonna take off at 10. >> awesome. what are the stops along the way? >> saloon, distill and. >> and the hard rock cafe. las vegas. >> very cool. i like it. >> at thend of all this, there is a grand prize, am i right? >> yes. it's poker run. every time you stop, you pick a card out of a deck and we stamp your card. and at the end, you have a poker hand. so whoever has the highest wins the largest prizes. we also have a raffle. kawasaki gave us one to run. everyone has been amazing. ahern rentals, the d downtown. >> there are so many. nevada state bank. >> yeah. everybody in the town has been absolutely amazing. >> awesome. let's talk about having somebody high profile to be the spokesperson for your
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it's huge for us. rick does stuff on a national level, but to have him in the local community is great. to have him put his name behind this helps a lot of people. especially kids. they can r love his show. so we get so many kids that see rick and see what he's done and they say that's stuff i can do. i don't have to let my epilepsy get in the way. i can do anything. they look at rick and he's like a role model to them. yeah. >> i'm glad you said like high profile. not high maintenance. [ laughter ] >> i have to mention as well, this poker run has been raising a great amount of money. >> yeah. this is the third year. i can't believe it's the third. we've been here talking to you guys last year. it's amazing. and each year like you said, the commune just comes together and we've done almost 100,000 each year. that's what we're going for again.
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>> the funds stay here in nevada. they go to a variety of programs we do. support services, advocacy efforts. we do some really great art therapy things. just really getting families connected to each other makes a huge difference. >> yeah. a lot of times it's like when i was a kid, we had the encyclopedias, there was no information on it. there was one chapter that talked about it's not the end of the world. we can help out. there is great things. there has been really, really successful people. we have a supreme court justice with epilepsy. >> wow. i didn't know that. who is that? >> again. read the book. >> i'm not the history person. >> all right. someone on the supreme court. it's very interesting. i'm sure it's an interesting day for you to connect with a lot of other people who are affected by
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>> yeah. it's like young people see me and say hey. i say hey, you can be successful in everything. this is not necessarily going to hold you back. >> and you can ride a big bike. >> yeah. why not? there are raffle tickets to buy. tell us how people can sign up. >> you can sign up -- come down to the pawn shop and get raffle tickets down there. i'll be signing autographs. we have a big bucket. i'm not charging for autographs. but if you want to put money in the bucket you can. we'll sell raffle tickets and you can sign up for the bike run at downtown bike week or the pawn shop or online somewhere. >> yep. online at preregister. we anticipate a lot of people out there, so save you some time on the morning of the run. yep. or you can go to bike fest will be taking registration, the pawn shop. >> excellent.
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>> yep. you got it. >> 15 seconds left. is it true about shaq? >> oh, yeah. he was in my shop the other day. >> yes. >> what happened there? >> look at his captain america t-shirt. >> he came down to the pawn shop, looked around. i think he wanted a shirt. >> did they sell it in really long? >> i don't think they have it. [ laughter ] an tron works at the shop. you seen antoine on my show? he's sort of my security and my dy i think they have to order 7 x's. >> oh, goodness. >> i didn't know they made 7 x's. >> great having you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you got to join in on the fun. the poker run is this sunday beginning at gold and silver pawn shop downtown. registration begins at 8:30 in the morning. for more details, call the number or visit the web site on your screen. proceeds help benefit the epilepsy foundation of nevada. still to come, nyle dimarco
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role. >> he's bringing the heat and you don't want to miss it. stay with [cell phone vibrating] when the billionaire koch brothers call, congressman joe heck has been answering. voting with the koch brothers' agenda 85% of the time. giving tax breaks to big oil companies and the super rich, but ending medicare as we know it and forcing cuts to social security. taking care of the koch brothers may be a good call for joe heck, but it doesn't work for nevada's working families. senate majority pac is responsible
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trends come and go, shawn. >> they do. >> yep. and some are beautiful works of art. others come with regr technology, that unwanted tattoo can be phased out. >> that's right. here to help me get rid of that lower back tattoo, sarah lopez. and assistant manager, jessica valencia. she's here with us as well. great having both of you. >> good morning. >> glad to be here. >> i know. >> yes! >> so who is the perfect candidate when it comes to tattoo removal? >> luckily our technology, we're
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and all ethnicities. >> it wasn't always that way. >> it wasn't. technology advanced and now we're able to treat males and females. the majority of our patients are actually males. >> really? >> yeah. we have a lot of males. >> old girlfriends. >> oh, yeah. love forever and all this. three weeks later, forever is over. >> that is not a good idea. shawn, off unicorn, right? >> we won't talk about that. >> we can get rid >> but a darker skin types had had a problem being able to do that? >> definitely. before they experienced humor pigmentation. which means as soon as you're done with the procedure, your skin turns white. it can permanently stay damaged. so now with our technology, we're able to treat everybody with all skin types. >> all skin types and colors. >> i see people sometimes with beautiful tattoos that have a loft colors. are there some colors that are
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>> there are. we can target every color, but yellow and orange, there really isn't a wave length for yellow. so it will fade. and the colors around it will disappear. but yellow is tricky. so is orange. usually once the rest of the tattoo is faded, you can't even really see those remnants of those other colors left behind. >> that bart simpson tattoo is sticking around maybe a little bit. we have pictures. let's look at some of the before and afters. wow! >> a boot and a heart. >> yeah. >> it was just after four treatments that we were able to remove this. i would probably still do another treatment just one last one to really get that red ink. >> you really got to look for it. >> if you didn't know it was there before, you probably wouldn't recognize it. >> not at all. >> on average, how many treatments do people need to remove something? >> it really depends on the person.
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you're looking at anywhere between four to -- some people need four to six. some need six to eight. it can go up to 12. but that's probably the highest. >> i think we have more photos. >> yeah. >> these before and afters are so telling. >> unbelievable. >> that was just after four. we have really dark, dark ink there. so we were pleasantly surprised that can be removed with four treatments. normally the darker, the longer. but again, it just depends on the person' ability to dispose of that shattered ink. the person was lucky and after four treatments, it's removed. >> you mentioned shattered ink. that's really what it's doing -- explain how the science works. >> the wave length, the laser attacks the ink, the tattoo ink and shatters it in small particles so your body can flush it out. >> that's crazy. wow. >> oh, wow! that is gone. >> straight from the '90s.
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>> one more picture. >> and we might have shown them alm. >> here we go. oh! >> this is during the removal process. >> no kidding! >> that white frosting of the skin is actually the skin oxidizing. it's carbon dioxide escaping from the skin. when you leave the office, you'll have a covering of frosting just like that over your tattoo. that will disappear in about 20, 30 minutes and your tattoo will go back to looking like it did before and then six to eight weeks, you'll see your fading. >> oh, wow. how long do you have to wait between treatments? >> usually six to eight weeks. >> in time for your body to flush out the ink and start the process over again. >> getting the tattoo can be painful. looking at the tattoo in the mirror can be painful. how painful is removal? >> you know what? our clients come in here and at first they come in, they get a
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they come. luckily we have a cryo machine and it numbs the skin and it cools the skin as we're doing the procedure, so we're double fisting it. and then after the fact, they tell us wow. we didn't anticipate it being -- there is some level of discomfort, but not as bad. if the process is about five minutes. all the tattoos we saw were about five minutes or less. >> it's a really quick procedure. a really quick process. >> there we >> it not only helping people remove a tattoo, but helping people remove like periods of their life or memories. tell us about some of the people who come in. >> it's different walks of life. obviously like you said there, is just girlfriends, ex girlfriends, i should say, ex wives. >> old trends. >> right. >> you never know. different walks of life, people want to -- >> you have people that say i just wants add tattoo because i wanted one and i got whatever.
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and now i just want it 20 years later, we have patients that come in. they've had a tattoo for 20 years and said finally i want to get this removed. and we help them. >> a new start. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> time to erase all those things from college. your tattoo doesn't have to stay on you. if you call right now, students, you'll receive 20% off tattoo removal package. you have to have a valid i.d. and? >> phaze laser medispa is located in village square. to book an appointment, call the number on your screen or visit the web site. visit the web site for introductory rates and more specials. still to come, nyle dimarco takes it off at chippendales. he talks about his new gig. >> are you on facebook and twitter? you can like or follow us. links are on our web site. stay with us.
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in our hot in hollywood report, head back toes season 5 of "longmire" is streaming on netflix. prepare to binge. it stars lou diamond phillips and katee sackhoff. they join us now for more on what the new season will bring. how are you? >> good, good. >> i got to say, i'm very abseroca correctly. >> i keep waiting for someone to call me katy satchofn. >> i had to confirm with youtube last name pronunciation. die what i can. >> wow. >> we all have our netflix accounts for one reason or another. we end up getting sucked into all these series. "longmire" is in season five. congratulations on that.
9:21 am
point so we can catch up right away. >> we pick up literally hours after season 4 ended, hopefully no spoilers. but those who were current with the show, at the end of season 4, walt was getting his door kicked in by a mysterious assailant and we pick up a couple after that in the midst of the drama, as it were. and the season unfolds from there. >> awesome. if you go for five what i love about netflix is when you go to typical television, ourselves included, you get like maybe three episodes. if you're out the gate real strong, they end up tossing you to the side. netflix allows you to grow and create a real fan base and tell a real story. how appreciative are you of that and this unique way of being able to deliver the show? >> yeah. netflix saved us, literally at the 11th hour.
9:22 am
ever happened to the show, in my opinion. they came in. they gave us longer episodes and a lot more freedom for the writers and producers to sort of go into this rich world and the characters have just gotten that much more interesting, i think. and the stories now -- it's really cyrilized television. as an actor, you really -- i love cyrilized television acting is more fun. it's like a ten-hour movie. that's when n for us is that you have to have those stories make sense because you know everyone is going to watch it in ten hours, literally in one day. so the stories have to be concurrent and so that's been the best thing for me. i love it. >> for us, it's interesting because as katy said, netflix did save us. but we had a very, very strong following and really good numbers by television standards. the reason we were canceled is not because we weren't good or
9:23 am
we didn't have the right audience for some people. >> the money demo. >> yeah. >> 18 to 25. >> we need millenials! somebody put in tweeting. >> netflix says you got 6 million people? great. come on over. we'll throw a party. >> that's phenomenal. that's a cool way to be edge able to deliver a show. here is the other problem, because i know, now the season is out, people can watch the whole thing. you guys put a lot those ten hours. ten hours of show does not take ten hours to produce. how long d you to make? >> it was 3 1/2 months, approximately. so it's still really fast my all means. so we're only in santa fe for 3 1/2 months, and then we sort of walk away from it and have another nine months really to sit there and sort of wonder what we're gonna do for the rest of the year. it's actually opened a lot more opportunities as well doing only ten episodes because you can do other things artistic things in this business as well.
9:24 am
to know your 3 1/2 months of work can end up being watched in about ten hours over a couple hagendaaz and it's done. >> it's restrained. >> look at some of the first dates i used to have. a lot of preparation, a lot of preparation, and then they were over within minutes. >> oh, no. poor lou. mine just never ended. >> i swore that never happened. >> you are in vegas. denial, denial. >> congratulations. honest to god. five seasons is fantastic. i know this one just came out. >> no word. we should know very soon, but fingers crossed. you know, i feel like we've got a good chance. >> yeah. i think we're very optimistic. netflix is very happy with our performances. they see all the scripts. i'm not gonna say anything about the end of season 5. but it bodes well for season 6. >> i like that.
9:25 am
time to binge watch. congratulations. great having you. >> thank you. >> "longmire," season 5 is streaming on netflix. check it out, that's it. thanks, shawn. 13 action news and dig this las vegas are giving you a chance to win $169 in gift certificate to dig this. this is what happens. you get to dig yourself into a massive hole in america's largest sand box. enter each day on the web site, news live at 11 to see if you win. dig this is a proud sponsor of 13 action news and is providing the prizes for this promotion. becoming a parent is no easy task. even for an olympic athlete. three-time medalist winner dana vollmer has a few secrets for success. let's take a look. >> hi. i'm three-time olympic gold medalist dana vollmer fresh from
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since becoming a mom, it means even more. i've partnered with pampers and i'm so grateful as they've been a big support of both my dreams and my son's. motherhood changes your purpose. it changed mine. competing as a mom is not without its challenges, but it's worth all the work and training. i want him to know that you can have big dreams and make them come true. when it came down to it, i wanted to dive into the pool to give make him proud of his mom. i want a bronze medal in the women's 100-meter butterfly, a silver medal in the women's four by 100-meter free style relay and a gold medal in the women's four by 100-meter medicine lee relay. i truly could not have competed so successfully without the support of my family. i share these wins with them. becoming a mom has not only helped me train harder, but smarter. sleep has been so important in
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it gives me energy to train and keep up with arlen. he's great sleeper thanks in part to his pampers diapers which help him stay dry and sleep comfortably with up to 12 hours of overnight protection. a good night's sleep for baby means a good night's sleep for mommy, enabling us both to wake up well rested and ready to conquer our dreams. other tips i have, i always keep food in the diaper bag, little snacks for either my son or me. and then to just have a really good support group. to find fellow moms that you can meet up or talk to about struggles or excitement and having that support group definitely helped me follow my dreams. be sure to check out for more information and follow me on facebook. >> what a cute little baby she has there. hey, guess what? october is already here tomorrow. and what comes with it?
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celebration is tomorrow in downtown las vegas. tons of fun is on tap, including drinks, traditional german music, dancing, food and so much more. it will take place in centennial plaza on the campus of historic fifth street school from 3 to 9 p.m it's free. and it's open to the public. for more information, head to the web site on your screen. we'll be right we all know you have to work together in order to get things done. but in washington, too often joe heck has been part of the problem,
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before nevada. i'm proud of my work with the bush and obama administrations on homeland security. and every bill i sponsored as attorney general was passed by democrats and republicans. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i'll work with anyone
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what do you get when you mix a dancing champion with america's hottest top model? a chippen dale, of course, now nyle dimarco is the newest celebrity guest host of the steamiest show in town. >> and the women, including j.j., are going wild. can't blame them. nyle dimarco is with us. how are you? >> i'm good. i'm very good.
9:31 am
having me. >> we have his translator out, hanging out in the wings of the studio as well. >> he's here with us. >> so your first weekend at chippen dale, tell bus the experience. the women going crazy? >> yeah. i have to say, it was overwhelming, at the same time, but finance. everybody was very engaging and made me enjoy the show itself. so i look forward to more weekends to come. >> excellent. you emcee the event. but you're very involved as well. tell us about that. >> right. right. i'm very involved in the show. i'm emceeing and part of the show i'm enjoying that. not just in seeing. i think the audience likes seeing me on the stage with the chippendales. >> absolutely. you won "dancing with the stars." chippendales, similar or different? with "dancing with the stars," you're not jumping into the crowd and dancing with the crowd. here you're getting a little more personal. >> right. i have to say, it's completely different.
9:32 am
the stars," we're just dancing. so it's a little bit different. i don't do a whole lot of dancing that i incorporate from "dancing with the stars" into chippendales because it's different things you're actually doing. but different. >> last week when you opened, we heard there was a lot of the deaf community in attendance, which is reexciting. how does it feel to be a role model of sorts in that community? >> right, exactly. i think it's funny, when i first signed up to do chippendales, i didn't imagine people would come. it's not something i really thought about until i've seen such an outpouring. it makes my job a bit harder. i guess a good reason. i'm enjoying that and glad to know that they're looking forward to seeing me. and this weekend and the following weekend there is over 100 people that will be in attendance. so kind of crazy. >> that's phenomenal. that's so cool. i know if we go to chippendales, we'll be seeing these glow bracelets for your fans at the chippendales show. tell us about the bracelets and what they benefit.
9:33 am
just added t-shirts to that also. so people who buy the t-shirt, it will go to my foundation, the nyle dimarco foundation, which we are to better deaf people's lives. 70 million people globally and only 2% of them have access to education in sign language. so i'm trying to change that with my foundation. so with the audience's help and they buy that t-shirt, it goes right to my foundation. it's a nice mix. >> phenomenal. >> that's great. i discovered when i spoke you before the show started, when you just arrived in l.a., that you post on instagram and twitter and teach sign language, which has been very exciting. and you taught me a really cool phrase. i want to follow up on you. you taught me he's hot. >> hot, yes. >> yes. i like that one. shawn, you should ask him one. has it turned out that the audience is signing to you things and what has come up last week? >> yes. definitely. well, also i incorporate sign
9:34 am
the dance. so i'm teaching the chippendales dancers, too, and i teach the audience how to sign. i'm able to incorporate that and mix it up and i feel like it becomes more main stream, really. >> absolutely. >> will you teach shawn something? >> how about good morning? >> please. >> good. >> one more time. >> good morning. >> good. morning. >> we could start a show that way. >> there we go. we w >> wait, wait. here we go. >> good morning. correct. >> this is great. >> how long are you going to be at chippendales? how long do we have you? >> the last show is october 16. so just about a month. >> awesome. that's not very long. we've got to get down and see you. >> right. everybody come out and see me. maybe they'll have me back. you never know. >> that's right. or extend. is there any possibility of extending you?
9:35 am
my schedule is pretty busy. >> i bet you are. >> it's very nice having you. congratulations on all your success. we're looking forward to seeing you over the next couple of weeks over at chippendales. >> perfect. thank you for having me. >> ladies, you don't want to miss this. are you cooling me off? thank you. i have think i needed to. catch nyle dimarco at chippendales now through october 16. they perform nightly, but nyle dimarco is there thursdays thro for show times and tickets, call the number or the web site listed. that's not hard to remember. >> certainly not. you can find so many great stories and what makes the valley such a special place to live. like nyle dimarco. click on to positively lv tab under sections. >> from special reports to deals at restaurants and more, check out the web site for your
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diabetes is a serious disease that affects over 30 million americans. yet one third of people don't even know they have it. our next guest wants you to know the warning signs of diabetes and how it can be managed. >> that's right. here to give us helpful advice is dr. michael gonzales. he's an healthcare partners medical group. great having you. >> thank you. good morning. >> why is it important to explain to our viewers the warning signs of diabetes? i'm assuming there is a lot of people that might have diabetes and they just haven't been told. >> correct. so right now the estimates are over 30 million americans do have diabetes and almost one third of them do not know that they have it. and it's a growing epidemic. it's expected by 2030, that
9:39 am
people with diabetes. and it places a huge burden on our healthcare system. primarily because it leads to complications, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, amputations, and the sad thing is diabetes can be preventible. there are two types of diabetes. type 1 diabetes is characterized by complete insulin deficiency and it's really an autoimmune disease. unfortunately cannot be prevented, but can be managed. the more prevalent diabetes i type 2 diabetes. >> this is really a lifestyle onset. >> correct. and the problem is that it occurs because of a complex interaction between genes and environmental factors. if you're african-american, hispanic american, native american, pima indian, you have a higher risk of developing diabetes, two to six times. there are a lot of complex genes involved, unfortunately. but the thing is, even if you don't have that background, you can still develop diabetes
9:40 am
and we're talking about the increasing problems with childhood obesity, not having an active lifestyle, being sedentary. so if you look at some japanese americans who are in california, migrated, their parents didn't have diabetes. subsequent generations developed diabetes because of eating a lot of hamburgers, fast food. >> they were raised in this environment. >> correct. and that's also the problem in developing countries where they're e world food and they're not eating as healthy as they used to. again, their activity is decreasing. so the symptoms can be summarized by three p's. poly yuri i can't, which means you're urinating frequently. >> you want to drink a lot of water. am i right? >> correct. you're thirsty.
9:41 am
this. and then you're eating a lot. even though you're losing weight, you feel like you're always hungry and you're not getting enough energy. and with diabetes, especially with type 2 diabetes, it's a combination of the deficiency of insulin and insulin resistance. and so what happens with that is that your sugar stays high in the blood. that leads to the damage to your body. it can damage your nerves, your eye, the blood vessels in your kidney. and as soon as -- the best way of managing diabetes is preventing it. early as now, try to stay active. you don't need to do something fancy. >> you don't have to run a marathon. >> correct. so brisk walking, 30 minutes every day can help you a lot. you don't need to lose 100 pounds. what i tell my patients is that in studies, if you lose 7% of your weight, that's enough to
9:42 am
>> i think that's really encouraging because a lot of people who maybe are overweight or have serious dietary challenges, they think it's all or nothing. like i've got to lose this whole chunk of weight and you're saying small adjustments can really help. >> correct. what you want to do is take small incremental steps towards your health because a lot of people kind of just bounce back. they overdo things and then they kind of -- >> all or nothin >> right. so what's better is to start with small lifestyle changes. if you do develop diabetes, go to your physician and if you need it, you can be seen by an endocrinologist like me. we're trained to help you manage your diabetes. you still have to maintain a good lifestyle if you want to manage your diabetes. but there are many medications now available to you that can
9:43 am
unfortunately, once diabetes is present, it cannot be cured. certainly there is a lot more information about the benefits of bariatric surgery. however, some of the effects are not long lasting. so really the best way to treat diabetes is to prevent it. >> absolutely. i was gonna say, if you have a general care practitioner that is with healthcare partners, you worked in the healthcare partners medical group. you all share the same medical records, communicate directly. >> correct. th organization like healthcare partners is that you will have an integrative system. your primary care provider can send information to us and what's beautiful about that is you have early screening or early diagnosis, early treatment. and that's what we want. we want to help people as much as possible, as early as possible. >> yes. >> it's great having you here. welcome to our valley as well. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> great having you.
9:44 am
group and a list of upcoming events, they'll be hosting, head to the web site on your screen or also on facebook and twitter. do you know someone who truly makes a difference in the community? you can recognize them with our give back award. >> just head to, click on the give back and fill out the form. one lucky person will receive $500 from america first credit union. they are a proud sponsor of this reward with the "morning blend."
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hello, las vegas. it's going to be a beautiful weekend here in town and we've got some fun stuff to tell you about this week. the pure aloha festival is happening. if you love hawaiian, japanese, korean and philippino food, you will want to check it out.
9:47 am
or take a drive to boulder city for the 54th annual art in the park. it's one of the largest art shows in the southwest. in other words, it's the perfect place to pick up a new painting or sculpture for your home. a portion of the proceeds benefits the boulder city hospital foundation. and there is a fun new show of hooters and you may have heard of this duo. a flaming arrow on america's got talent. now they have a full show full of dangerous s and it's funny. if you want to see the full list of 13 things to do this week in las vegas, head to ktnv.come. i'm j.j. schneider. >> thanks. 13 th.ngs to do this week brought to you by our friends at south point. for more information, head to southpoint you like concerts? so do i. backstreet boys, they're back. all right. the boys coming to town. beginning march 1. it's not just for a show.
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larger than life. over at the access planet hollywood. you can purchase backstreet, go there and gentlemen, don't worry if you go to the web site. you don't have to wait until march to see dolly parton. no. i can see her from here. part of her pure and simple tour, tickets for the show are still available and to get them, head to the web site. gates open at disco. they're bringing the death of a bachelor tour to the valley next march. march is where it's at. friday, march 24. mandalay bay. tickets on sale at 10 a.m purchase them. the latest in top tech. producer micah is standing by with what's all the buzz. micah? >> shawn, thank you.
9:49 am
constantly innovating. when it comes to choosing what device could make your life better, that part could be pretty rough. so here to help sort it all out for us is emmy winning digital lifestyle expert, mario armstrong. mario has the scoop on what's creating a buzz for fall on this friday morning. hey, mario. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning to you, too. it is friday morning and you just made me get so pumped that it's actually friday. i think i forgot what day of the week it is. to everybody that's watching, enjoy this -- fall tech is here. i partnered up with awesome brands. i'm going to get with something that's awesome. lego mind storms. now, lego known for great building blocks. we all played with it as kids. learned so much. now we can combine that with programming, technology and robotics to really introduce kids to programming and robotics in a fun, fun way. now they can really bring their
9:50 am
understanding the engineering and the technology and the programming that goes into building a robot and it includes its own remote as well as an app that's called the free programmer app which means you can also do things with it from your mobile devices. so kids can play with their robots together. they can do multiple challenges, go on ready made missions. a lot of fun. it's not something that once you buy it, they're going to be done with. they can keep using it and keep evolving it. go to for more on >> i'm waiting for the day that the robot kind of transforms itself into a smart phone. you mentioned the smart phone technology. when it transforms into a smart phone, you know you've made it. >> that or the holo gram. >> i know you have something there. >> yeah. we have something that's innovative. i'm really excited about this because it's really motorola has
9:51 am
it's the motoz. but now with these moto mooeds, these add-on devices, they snap on to the back of the phone very easily. you can see i have three different ones here. so if you wanted to create an advanced camera right from your phone, you could do that with the true zoom, giving you ten times optical zoom. that's incredible. if you want to turn it into a projector, you would use the projector and blast anything better sound? get the sound booster and you can catch it to the back of the phone. basically these merchandise are transforming one phone into multiple, really powerful devices, like this one here will give you an additional 22 hours of battery life with the off grid power pack. i think that's really advanced and innovative. >> really cool. i know we have a couple minutes left. what about tech that provides home comfort? >> two things in that category.
9:52 am
temperature set correctly. this is the lg art cool premiere. it is a duct free single zone air conditioning system with style and a lot of power. it's an ideal solution to heat or cool any room in the house. obviously getting colder. so we want to be able to control that. you can actually control this with a smart phone app as well with this amazing and it even works in negative 13-degree fahrenheit, giving you powerful performances in even the coldest of months with something called low ambient heating. seco have a good night night's rest. sleep number has a new bed. i love sleep number. own one myself. the new bed is called the it bed. it if you want to find out more. it is the best way, the smartest bed available that's going to help you improve your sleep quality. it has adjustable comfort. you can adjust the firmness on either side of the bed with the air chambers. you can see exactly how well you're sleeping right by looking at a mobile app or looking at the mobile devices to give you that sleep quality number. and it connects with all your
9:53 am
fitbit, map my run and more. it ships right to your door. go to their web site. the last thing to give you peace of mind in the home is making sure that you have software that protects your kids' devices and your devices from identity theft, viruses, not remembering passwords and more. and that's the macafee. it has intel technology built into it by intel security called true case. what that means, we no longer have to remember passwords, people. wean our facial recognition to be able to log in to any of our sites or apps. so check out the macafee live safe to get that protection and more. you can go to for that. >> all right. thank you for taking us through the list. happy weekend to you. >> man, i'm so excited that you told me it was friday and i didn't realize that it actually was friday. so i'm pumped about that. i'm also pumped about the web site. if you want more details. >> thank you so much.
9:54 am
fall, head to the web site right there on your screen. mario just brought it to us. right now shawn, back over to you. >> micah, thank you so much. remember to check could you out stay with us.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> coming up in three minutes is a great show, ladies of the view. >> you love those gals. >> they're amazing. abc's "convictions," she's going to be joining the lady. >> i am so excited for this season of snl. >> there is a wealth of stuff to talk about. >> you heard who is playing donald trump, right? >> no. who?
9:57 am
[ laughter ] i forget. >> by the way -- >> we don't watch snl. only replays. >> nyle dimarco taught us sign language for donald trump. it's the combover. >> bernie is that. and hillary clinton. >> there we go. it's an h and a c. i broke it down. hey, premiering sun round on the food network, this is fun. i love to bake. catch the premiere of "worst bakers in ameca all you have to do is substitute one thing and you can blow the whole deal. 12 disastrous bakes from across the country, including two locals, one of which is right here, carla. you'll see her on the show. they're being sent to baking boot camp and win $25,000 for their improved skills. that's on the food network on sunday. >> here is how you win. you be really good, but then audition terribly. >> yes. >> and then you become yourself again. >> yeah. >> really quickly, 13 action
9:58 am
the kids in las vegas are able to stay warm this winter. our sponsor tropical smoothie cafe. bring new or gently used coats to any of their locations. >> to find one, go to
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? let's go ? >> announcer: kick off the weekend early, cause "the view's" live. janet's baby bump. the first photos of jackson pregnant at 50. is this too late to start a family? plus, "snl" weekend update anchors colin jost and michael che hit the "hot topics" table. and star of the sizzling new series, "conviction," hayley atwell. ? let's go ? >> ann lighting up. with joy. sunny hostin. raven-symone. sara haines. and jedediah bila. now, let's get things started. ? we should go crazy too we should go crazy too we should go we should go we should go ?


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