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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  September 30, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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robbed at gunpoint is speaking out. why he fears for his family's safety. why he fears for his family's safety. plus... a good samaritan is being credited with saving a woman from becoming a victim. what this guy is accused of doing. and...... the man accused of gunning down a customer in a valley starbucks is back in court. what the d-a is now considering. but we begin with breaking news.... right now chopper 13 fast and first over mandala person has fallen and is in unknown condition. we're still working to gather more details and have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more information as it comes into our newsroom. pedro garcia, the man accused of killing a starbucks customer this past weekend was back in court today. a judge set his preliminary court date for november third. garcia is accused of killing 41-year-old aleksandr
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witnesses say garcia entered the store after his payment card was declined at the drive-thru window, and was arguing with khutsishvili before he was shot. the d-a is considering the death penalty. right now, metro is looking for this man. they released this surveillance video saying the suspect appoached a woman in a parking lot near nellis and bonanza... pointed a gun at her... and demanded her purse. it happened earlier this week. the woman scr and a person nearby yelled out to the suspect. the video shows him walking away... without any sign of the victim's property. if you recognize him... you're urged to call police. armed robber on the run this afternoon. police say two men robbed roberto's tacos near craig and rancho. they came in and ordered food. when the cash register opened... that's when they pulled out a gun. robberto's robbery 2-dte 9:35- 9:42 "the hispanic male with a firearm cocked one round into the chamber as he came up to
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andres islas, robbery victim 18:27:30-18:27:39 "es la segunda vez que me pasa y pues si se sienten algos siente miedo la familia." translation: it's the second time it's happened to me and well my family is scared. the pair made off with just a few hundred dollars. the clerk who was working wasn't hurt. right now a live look outside across the valley. another great day out there. but that could soon be changing let's check in with 13 first alert meteorologist bryan scoffield. bryan. lows 67 to 72. south winds up to 10 mph. .saturday...sunny. highs around 90 on the west side of the valley...89 to 93 on the east side. south winds up to 10 mph increasing to southwest 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon. .saturday night...clear. lows 65 to 68 on the west side of the valley...66 to 70 on the east side.
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today appointed two people to fill vacancies in the state assembly--and now--they'll help decide whether or not the city will bu in las vegas. stephanie smith will now represent district one -- and kyle stephens will now represent district five. the temporary positions could have a huge impact on clark county's future. susan brager, county commissioner 13:33:12:13 what is their accountability to the public? so asking the right questions and hoping you're putting the right person in that seat to make decisions that are really sometimes coming back to the county 13:33:23:11 in the likely special session in october... legislators will consider financing for the nearly 2-billion dollar football
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with new assemblyman kyle stephens. he says its still too early to make a commitment to any one decision regarding the stadium here in las vegas. 13 action news is bringing you more of our exclusive, one-on-one interview with las vegas billionaire and casino mogul steve wynn. our political analyst, jon ralston, sat down with wynn recently -- and conversation about politics certainly wasn't in short supply. at one point -- wynn, a registered democrat, made it unhappy with senator harry reid when it came to obama care. jon: harry reid did this. wynn: yes, i know. jon: you're disappointed in the toughest shot to make is the 7-10 split", you know the corner pins. i said "legislatively, you've achieved the 7-10 split. you just screwed the unions and management all at the same time." jon: did you say that to him? wynn: i did. jon: and what did he say back
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about government. we're friends, you know. i talk to him that way, he talks back to me that way. this was only a brief look into steve wynn's thoughts about the political landscape over the past few years of the obama administration. we'll have much more -- including his thoughts on the senate and presidential races -- tonight on 13 action news live at 5,6, and 11. and of course, you can see extended versions of the interview online at k-t-n-v dot com. it's your voice, your vote in democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be returning to the valley next week. the virginia senator will make a stop here in las vegas next thursday. he'll be in town urging people to register to vote before it's too late. nevada's deadline to register by mail is october 8th. you can still register online or in person unitil october 18th. peddling around downtown las vegas just got easier... 13 action news reporter parker collins shows us what just
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21:24:42-21:25:01 you can buy time in 30 minute increments you put your credit card in here and work off of this screen and then you can take one of these bikes there are more than 100 of them downtown in different locations and this is the first time something like this is coming to las vegas but other cities are already doing something like this take sot graham kahr, bicyclist 21:30:57-21:31:02 "i'm really excited about bike sharing downtown. it's about time, a lot of other major cities have it already." 21:25:01-21:25:08 there are more than downtown it starts today in downtown las vegas parker collins 13 action news. up next...a desperate search for answers. for a second straight day...investigators pouring over the scene of a deadly train crash in new jersey. but are they any closer to determining why the train was travelling at such a high-speed? plus... new details on that horrific kidnapping caught on camera. what the suspect was planning to do with the woman. and...remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast
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numbers.. the dow was up 165 points, closing at 18,308
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[ricky]quality top tier gas can help engine performance. hmm,wonder what that's like... [reporter]ricky,how does it feel to be a champion? [ricky]i can't take all the credit. this guy's performance on the road inspires me.
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[ricky whispers]you inspire me. [announcer]arco.quality top tier gas for less. releasing more details about what this suspected stalker was planning to do he kidnapped. the victim's sister told police the man said he was going to bury the woman alive. after getting her inside his etery. the woman says there was no door handle inside the car but she managed to jump out of the window and run for help. the man is now behind bars. happening now... the investigation into that deadly train crash in new jersey in its first full day.
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speaking with the engineer and other staff aboard the train. abc's ray raimundi is outside the train station with the latest developments. one of the two data recorders from the train... recovered the n-t-s-b as they attempt to get one step closer to answering why? at the center of the investigation... 48-year-old train engineer thomas gallagher sot - t. bella dinh-zarr / vice chair, ntsb "we will be checking records, maintenance records and employee records." nats - of video inside the station at the second data recorder located in the front car along with two video recorders... but a destroyed canopy...and mountains of debris making it difficult to reach. nats up of sirens of ambulance that rush hour horror happening right in the heart of the morning commute. hundreds injured...and that one by-stander on the platform killed today -- we learn more about 34-year- old fabiola bittar de kroon.. who just dropped off her baby
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train. sot - karlos agner / smart - start academy owner "she was in a rush, she went to the train - in a way i blame myself, cause i talk a lot and i could have spoken to her about other things" and amid the tragedy.. the story of a hero comes to light.. rahman perkins ran into the station when others frantically tried to escape. samaritan "i was like miss, i'm not gonna leave you. i'm not gonna let you -- if you're gonna die, you're not gonna die by yourself right close: "tributes keep pouring in for fabiola bittar de kroon.. meanwhile n-t-s-b investigators plan to be here thru next week. ray raimundi, abc news, hoboken new jersey." the problems continue to mount for wells fargo. you won't believe the illegal actions they took against military members and thier families. plus... a new warning this afternoon for drivers. why your car may not protect you in a crash. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news
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police video of a deadly officer involved shooting in el cajon, california. alfredo olango was killed by an officer on tusday after pulling an object from his pocket and pointing it at officers. he death sparking several nights of protest. a fun day at the amusement park experience for dozens of people left stranded on a stalled roller coaster in massachusetts. ( jennifer battles / mother ) "i was right down at the side grinding noise and the bottom of it the wheel thing hit the platform and it went up around again and it hit the platform again and they stopped it." ( jillian / passenger ) "then i got off and they left all the adults that were on the bottom on, because it was unstable,
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hours. no one was hurt. the theme park is looking into why the ride stalled. and in australia... several riders were stranded high in the air when a roller coaster suddenly stopped in the middle of a ride at sea world. investigators say a faulty sensor is to blame. no one was hurt but passengers say they were really scared while they waited to be rescued. flash flood watches and warnings continue from n carolina to michigan. downpours are drowning the mid- atlantic, and it's not over yet. abc's angelica spanos has the latest on the washout from new york. inches of rain are falling per hour in parts of the tri-state area. beaches are expected to take a beating, coastal flood warnings and advisories are still in place from virginia up to long island. nat pop floods washing through the streets in cumberland,
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nearly thirty feet of pavement on this road collapsed. sot: "people still trying to drive thru this mess" the now, still water stands as high as windows and doors on this home sot - chief anthony kelly/fayetteville, nc police "please don't put first responders lives and your own lives at risk" nat pop in virginia...the streets masked as rivers in old town alexandria. shops and restaurants closed as sandbags lined their store fronts. sot: "i was gone 35 minutes, when i left there was no water here and when i came back it was right at the curb" n and rushing water in michigan. cars struggling thru standing water on the streets of detroit. difficult for those behind the wheel. first responders doing their best with cars fully submerged. crews had to rescue dozens from the multiple rounds of rain in several states. meantime, all eyes are on hurricane matthew. it's gaining strength in the caribbean with winds up to 120 miles per a category
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tag: more rain and wind is on the way thru saturday. one to three more inches are forecast in the mid atlantic and great lakes. angelica spanos, abc news, new york (ad-lib toss) let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan tonight...mostly clear. lows 67 to 72. south winds up to 10 mph. .saturday...sunny. highs around 90 on the west side of the valley...89 to 93 on the east side. south winds up to 10 mph increasing to southwest 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon. .saturday night...clear.
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east side. southwest winds 10 to 20 mph. .sunday...sunny with increasing winds. highs 83 to 86 on the west side of the valley...86 to 90 on the east side. southwest winds 10 to 20 mph mph in the afternoon. .sunday night...mostly clear...windy and cooler. lows 54 to
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the east side. southwest winds 20 to 40 mph. .monday and monday night...cooler, gusty at times. mostly clear. highs 70 to 73. lows 53 to 56. night...clear. highs around 80. lows around 60. .thursday through friday...mostly clear. highs 81 to 84. lows 59 to 62. here at 13 action news we want all kids in las vegas to be able to
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underway. we're partnering with tropical smoothie. please donate gently used or new children's coats at any tropical smoothie cafe. to find a location near you go to ktnv dot com. thanks to the salvation army. they'll distribute the coats to families in need. and a big thanks to tropical smoothie cafe, a proud sponsor of 13 action news. wells fargo is in trouble again -- this time for illegally repossessing 4-hundred 13 cars members. the justice department says the illegal repossession took place from 2008 to 2015. the bank is supposed to get a court order before seizing cars from active-duty troops. wells fargo will pay 10-thousand dollars to each of the affected service members plus lost equity in the cars with interest and will have to repair their credit. a contact 13 consumer alert this afternoon. volvo is recalling about 127-thousand cars because of an
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it can leak water into the vehicles and cause air bags to malfunction. the recall involves 20-16 and 20-17 x-c- 90 s-u-vs, s-90 sedans and v-90 wagons. a drain hose may have been installed incorrectly and the moisture could prevent air bags from deploying in a crash and also affect the engine management system. 13 action news and 'dig this las vegas' are giving you a chance to win a 169- dolla where you'll get to take control of a 5-ton caterpillar and dig yourself into a massive hole in america's largest sandbox. just enter each day on our website, then watch 13 action news live at 11 to see if you win. dig this is a proud sponsor of 13 action news and is providing the prizes for this promotion. police departments across the country are looking for ways to better handle tense situations. "new technology giving officers more immersive experience in
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and even mass shootings. i'm todd walker, how much of a difference it will make coming up." you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first.
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california could have do to de-escalate the situation with alfred olango.. before opening fire on him earlier this week.. one police department has invested in a state of the art simulator to give officers better training in how to de-escalate and when it is time to use a gun. todd walker has a look at the new technology. in a time when split second decisions by police are being scrutinized more than ever.. the denver police department
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will help their officers make those decisions better.. especially when it comes to de- escalating a volatile situation.. robert white: 3:11 this is not just about shoot situations it's also about don't shoot situations :16 it is a nearly 360 degree simulator.. denver is the first large department in the country to active shooters.. or even mental health patients.. to try and de-escalate the situation.. or decide when it is time to use their weapon. rick kyle: 4:00 by increasing training we hope to develop and we will develop critical thinkers who are better equipped to make split second decisions in rapidly evolving situations :11 to see how it works.. and how stressful these situations can be.. denver police let me give it a try.. the first scenario.. a frantic woman says her husband is threatening their baby down the road.. i have a gun.. but the man isn't showing a weapon himself.. but he is threatening the baby.. the simulator lets me talk to the man.. 22:16 you can trust me just put
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plenty of options for how to make the man respond to my commands.. and after several minutes the man finally does surrender.. i never had to raise my gun. eric knutson: 23:35 when you start asking him questions he has to have a dialogue with you and it gets him out of where he's at and it slows things down so the more you did that the better things got :42 the through at once.. by myself.. i have to watch all around me for multiple shooters.. and then de-escalate another 38:23 you can put the gun off to the side and go look i'm not even pointing my gun at you why don't you and that's what you did why don't you do the same thing :31 it's new training everyone hopes will make a all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including creepy clown threats continue to plague communities across the country. what was said to one woman as she was attacked by a n...forcing several schools to cancel classes.
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unthinkable. what children were forced to do...if they wanted to eat.
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caught on camera viciously beating a young boy. plus... a community on edge after two


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