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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  October 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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today on "the morning blend," cool comedy, hot cuisine, the event serving up support for a special cause. young money, a financial guide for ma robbery alls. how families get a home for the holidays. a live performance to get you ready for the benefit as the blend starts right now. a favorite. good morning. both of them in one shot. my goodness. over the weekend their employees sent out hygiene kits to others in need. congratulations and great job to them. i had to go and get a hygiene kit to get on the discount airline i was on. everything had to be miniature because if it gets too big they charge you $100.
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nice review since you made it back alive? >> no, moving on. i'm shawn tempesta. >> i'm j.j. snyder. while you were in boston, i went to the third annual tyler robinson foundation at caesars. what a great night. the purpose is to raise money to support people affected by cancer. >> this is great. this is going to the same cause. >> and it's -- it was on the last night of september. september was pediatric awareness month. >> i love that. >> they do so many great things. so many people turned out, shawn. there is chris angel. oh, chris harrison. >> every chris in las vegas was there. who is that? >> yes, i know. right? >> anna. >> she is a model. she had a family member die of cancer. and oh, how much fun did i have talking to joe mccame, he was a blast.
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imagine dragons guys. i mean, good buddy. he showed up for the night. it was a really moving night. here is the thing that was so impressive. the imagine dragons are hometown band, not just connected to this event once or twice a year. they work for pediatric cancer all the time. every city they go to they meet with familied affected. i'm -- we're going to hear from them a second but check out trf doing. you will see so many stories about families affected by pediatric cancer. the goal is to go to congress and get more funding. >> about that much is going to pediatric. >> exactly. let's hear from the imagine drag objects. >> the more we get involved with it the more people are able to reach, the more people we get to meet and be inspired to go as much as we can. it's incredible to see how it has grown, and we're excited to watch it grow in the future. >> a lot of times it was like the sun and the clouds, because
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tour, everybody is tired, and we'll arrive to a venue and here is the family that we get to see that is incredible impact happen for their family because of the robinson foundation. and helps us renew our passion and our drive. >> very cool. >> great guys. >> first up this morning, it's food and laughs served up with a side of help. the cool comedy hot cuisineim suffering from scleroderma. >> and here with the dish on the special benefit is saville kellner. saville is a board member for the scleroderma research foundation. also called srf for those people who have a hard time pronouncing it. you're a patient. >> i am a patient. >> excellent. also joining us -- he needs no introduction but he's a
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>> i will. whatever that thing is. the event the day before is awareness of thousand say the word, because they don't know why they have no money. no one wants to give to scleroderma, maybe change the name. don't use the latin word for it. >> scleroderma. >> you got it. >> only three ties and you're a perfection. >> tell us all >> whatever. >> scleroderma. >> it's the second time we are doing it here. it's to raise wearness for scleroderma. hardness of the skin. your body turns to stone is what happens over time. the deadliest of all autoimmune diseases. we got some great shifts. not your usual rabbit chicken.
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great. we got bob segert singing two songs. and we got -- >> maybe don't start with that. >> also he's going to do -- >> i didn't want to see -- i didn't want to start with the gazillionaire doing the axe. we got the gazillionaire doing the axe. >> you're going to let this guy do the axe? >> he is brilliant or going to be the worst thing i've ever done. >> a lot of the finances are -- >> very aware of how much cost, like this is probably $75,000. so i am very specific with the axe. so i'll get the most amount of money. >> let's talk about scleroderma for a second. how many people does this affect and how does it happen? >> 10,000 people die a year. >> no kidding. >> we do not know the cause and we do not have a cure. the interesting part, and just to show you how difficult it is to diagnose, i was involved with a scleroderma research
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after six years i was diagnosed with scleroderma, which is generally a woman's disease, and african-american disease, so that goes a long way -- anyway. >> you said it. >> no. and i actually had the symptoms being involved on the board and i didn't realize i had scleroderma. so there are so many people out there that are going undiagnosed with all the joking aside, we want to create awareness, so we're putting the -- going to create awareness the day before the event to pronounce the name. it's an awful disease. 10,000 people a year die of it. and about 100,000 people are affected at any one point in time. >> my goodness. >> it's so great that you're doing this event. i know you have done it before. >> we don't want to -- we brought the gazillionaire to do it each year and he said no,
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>> we have some pictures. some of the stars that have been there, in previous years. >> yes. john mareh of course. of course -- >> john stomos. >> jay leno did it in las vegas two years ago. he did an hour and a half of stand up. >> wow. >> which is incredible. and bob segert's sister is on the board with us and he's involved with >> my goodness. >> so it's been tremendous, the late robyn williams used to do an event, all about talent. all about talent, with one sense. always do it at no charge. absolutely free. >> why did you look at him when you said that? >> well he's offered a percentage of whatever he raises in the axe. i think 85% of what he raises. >> but i was going to get more money from people.
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money there. you'll do fine. >> it doesn't pay for itself. >> exactly. >> the cuisine will be fantastic. i know you're going to be part of the axe. what are the axe items? we got incredible there is a home in france, which is going for two days for wine tasting. breakthrough beverage has been a big sponsor of this, so we got a lot of wine tasting things we're involved with. and, of course, we got vodka involved, jim beam, all of these people have come up and put up serious money. and after the gazillionaire we're going to be left with 40 bucks.
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>> the greatest show on the face of the planet. >> everyone here has seen it, obviously? >> several times. >> oh, you have? sorry. >> but i will -- i was told the first week i was here to go see it. >> you've only been there two months. >> guilt. i'm getting guilt. how can people get more involved? >> thank you. the easiest way to get involved is -- >> get tickets. >> go ahead. >> srf, or srfcchc for scleroderma research foundation comedy hot >> it's great having you. >> you're going to regret that because i'm going to be in the audience. i'm going to heckle you.
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october, the fun the gazillionaire, catch others. visit the website on your screen. you can call the number listed for more information.
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welcome back. weight loss is no easy task. and it can be difficult to actually maintain. transform your body by losing three to seven pounds a week and the most important part of all, keep it off. dr. kathleen nash with total transformation is here a long with sarah lopez. great having you both. >> how are you doing this morning? >> you're a chiropractor. a chiropractor that decided to launch a weight loss program. >> i did.
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tell me all it takes is cracking my back and i -- >> right. i would be retired. it happened because i was struggling with weight my whole life. so when i was 8-years-old i started putting on weight. i got through a top weight of 230 pounds. and it doesn't even look like me anymore. but what i would notice is every time i would try to lose weight, i would lose it, i would struggle but i would lose it. but i always gained it bk. so in 2009 when i ended up losing the 80 pounds for good i found out there were five different metabolic factors that if you don't correct them the weight always comes back and you're usually craving while you're going through the program. >> well that's what you don't want. >> that's what you don't want. >> you don't want to be craving. what are the metabolic factors? is this something we can just figure out on our own? >> the five metabolic factors. one of them is toxicity. the other one is being overfed
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>> you need somebody from the outside -- >> to let you know about that. a third one is training the hypothalamus, a part of the drain that tells us our set brain is where we're sitting. the fifth one is up to eight different lower imbalance here moons that if near not properly balanced you're going to have hunger, you're going to have craving. exercise doesn't work so nothing changes. and 95% of us will gain the weight back within a year. those are >> when people hear that they don't want to try to lose the weight. >> a lot of my clients say i saw you on the show or i saw you somewhere else, and it sounds like you were describing my life. it's very frustrating. >> no question. sarah, we had on in august, after starting dr. nash's program. what kind of results have you seen? >> last time i was here i lost 22 pounds, and 22 inches off my
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nine weeks of losing weight and 35 inches off my waist. and still going. >> look at the pictures. how proud are you of yourself first of all? >> i'm extremely proud. 40 is the most i've ever lost other any type of weight loss program so i'm already succeeding. >> and you have been documenting this. >> yes, i have. >> explain it. >> i have a blog that follows my very busy daily life, and you can find it on dr. there is a link to the youtube released every week following my success and journey. >> it's important that you mentioned that you have a busy life. that's one of the things that a lot of people make the excuse for. i can't do it because i am so busy, i'm -- not an excuse. you're living prove. >> yes. what we did is when we talk about clients as they're going through the program if they're telling us about certain struggles they're having or ways to make it work in their lifestyle, which is what we want, so if they can watch
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take care of kids, full-time school, part-time job, taking care of a disabled husband, and still manage to lose 40 pounds in nine weeks, 30 some odd inches around their waist, then you can do it, too. >> without starving? >> no cravings, no hunger and barely any exercising. >> that's the best case. >> yes. >> these results this isn't just like hash tag or star in the corner not typical. these are typical. >> these are typical the transformations that i've seen on my keeps are just crazy. like some of them when i see them in their final consult i don't even recognize them and it's the big crying session because they never thought i would be able to get this do. and here i am. and now i'm eating whatever i want. and the weight won't stay on. i'm still losing weight. and we document that, too. we have interviews with those people, do. you can see how small the body can get, just how lean it can get. not unhealthy but lean.
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eat enough food and the weight just keeps coming off. it's amazing when you fix these things. >> sounds like a dream. how do people get in touch with you and figure out the five metabolic factors and what we might be on the wrong side of? >> not everybody has the five met a bike factors. first step is to do an evaluation where i sit down and talk you through it, do the evaluation and see if 20 can help you. normally that's $50. if they mention that they saw me on "the morning blend" i'm going to reduce that fee down to $19. >> aweme >> very cool. so where are you located? >> so now we're in green valley. we're on the return comer of horizon ridge. >> so we can stop by and make that appointment first, stop by for the $19 appointment. if you can help us awe many so. if you can't, you'll tell us. >> i'm going to steer you in the right direction if i can't help you. at least you will know it's not a behavioral issue, it's not something that you can't have happen for you. >> questions will be answered.
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thank you so much. congratulations. 42 pounds. i need to lose 42 pounds. if you say that you saw dr. nash on "the morning blend," standard consultation fee normally $50, she will knock it down to $19. make sure you make that call today. if you want more information give her office a call or visit the website. still to come on "the morning blend," a live performance local, a special event, helping many find a home for the holidays. are you on facebook and twitter? you and everyone else. congrats. like or follow us while you're there, on facebook, give us a poke.
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managing your finances can be daunting. and today's millennials are the first generation to view money as a digital asset. so with countless emerging platforms, what's the best way to get a grip on your money? lifestyle expert chelsea krost joins us with her financial guide. good morning, chelsea. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm great. thank you. you're a self proclaimed millennial. what is most important to you when it comes to handling your financial life? >> i think i speak for myself, as well as the rest of this generation that we truly like things fast, convenient, and digital. and now we're thinking about finances. imagine our finances fast, convenient and digital. millennials are the first generation to ever think about money more digitally and less physically. millennials are shifting that
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finances, keep track of our finances, share and receive funds all digitally, thanks to our iphones today. >> yes. absolutely. and speaking of iphones, let's talk about apps. they simplified the use of money. not only personally, but sociallies, as we, am i right? >> totally. i mean, the average millennial has about five apps linked to their credit card and bank account. and i think that's only going to continue to increase as new apps continue to roll out and we learn about great ways to marriage our finances and keep financially fit. and i think millennials are digital natives, so it's very native and organic for us to utilize apps to manage our finances. >> tell us about the circle app and how it's used. >> well, circle came in handy for me not too long ago in
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girlfriends, and when you're out to dinner or drinks with seven girlfriends shall when you get the bill it's, you know, that's when it's like i don't want to do it. someone take it over. >> yes. >> because circle totally alleviated that inconvenience and made it more enjoyable where we literally just snapped payment to each other on the fly. so circle is a social payment app that is making it easy to share and receive funds. as simple as literally sending a text message or e-mail. all you hav circle. it's available via iphone or android. you link up your bank account, your credit card or debit card, and you can literally zap your friend or your roommate or your family member funds on the fly for free, and you can choose what bank account or credit card it comes from, and you can also see the funds that you're receiving on the fly. so it's a great way to organize all the miscellaneous items that add up, especially in las vegas.
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>> oh, yes. >> and it's especially for people who are traveling abroad or studying a broad. circle is available internationally. so it's changing the game here, because we're not just talking about u.s. dollars, now there is no fee conversions for the u.k. and the euro. the pound is in the u.k. and the euro in europe. you don't have to do the airport money exchange. that's a good one. fast, convenient, on the fly. >> it sounds convenient. i'm not a millennial, so i have to tell you my hesitation is what about the privacy and the security? >> okay. well i totally hear you with that, and i'm all about the security, as well. so two things. when it comes to circle, there are many social payment apps that kind of publicize transactions. i was sending payment to you, it would be publicized.
9:25 am
25-dollars. and that was awkward to me. circle is all private. nobody sees your financial business. so only the sender and the receiver see what money and who is receiving or sending the funds. that i like. when it comes to security, of course, there's a lot of e-mail verification that you have to go through to validate that you are indeed the person who owns the account. a few steps to go through. in addition to the circle only social payment app that is fdic insured. >> those are some words i would like to hear. thank you so much. for more information on the circle app and how you can get it, and get a grip on your finances just head to the website listed and you can watch the segment on our website, here at 13 "action news" we want to make sure all kids in las vegas are able to say warm this winter, so our annual coats for kids drive is underway as we
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tropical smoothie cafe, donate gently used or new children's coats. and special thanks to the salvation army for distributing the coats to families in need. and a big thanks to tropical smoothie cafe who is a proud sponsor of "action news" and this community project. for warm coats to warm home, up next on "the morning blend," daniel park performs. he's ready to go.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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welcome back. for over 25 years habitat for humanity has helped families call a place home. and help them continue their mission at the annual fundraiser home for the holidays, set for this friday.
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joining him daniel park, who will be performing throughout the night. good morning. >> gentlemen. >> good morning. >> well, what a big moment for celebration. this is your 15th annual event. >> absolutely. >> tell me about how many for the holidays and what we can expect this year. >> it's to benefit habitat for humanity las vegas which is a fantastic charity. we built 107 homes in las vegas. we got two more in production right now. 26 more that we're year. >> wow. >> lots and lots of things. >> that's a home every two weeks. >> absolutely. some of those are duplexes in hinderren so. so different things going on for us this year. one of our biggest things is unrestricted money that he with can use for the charity, which is why we have our event every year. the 15th time will be this year. and it's over in spanish hills. on friday.
9:30 am
and 9:00. amazing auction items this year. we got carrie underwood. we got a private jet to napa. and other things. there is going to be off the are the chais. we don't have the gazillionaire but i charge less. so that's what we have. but it's going to be a really, really fun event. >> that's awesome. obviously that's going to be -- we're going to see daniel park. >> yes. year, so they invited me to play again this year. >> if you haven't heard daniel he's incredible and just made our event last year, and thankfully he agreed to do it again this year, so it's cool. >> absolutely. >> daniel you have a few residencies in town. tell us about where you're playing. >> i play every tuesday at the blajeau. also play at the mandarin
9:31 am
23rd floor, a beautiful view of the strip. >> that's phenomenal. you're playing all these cool events and cool places. we want a little bit of a sneak peek of what we can expect at this event. what are you going to perform for us? >> i'm going to do a cover, brown eyed girls. >> for me? >> obviously. beautiful thing. take it away.
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>> that's great. thank you so much. fifteenth annual home for the holidays friday from 6:00 to 9:00. for tickets head to
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
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>> losing hear? try everything you can to bring it back? regrow back your own natural hair with no pain and no side effects. it's possible according to our next guest. here with more is lindsay kay, from laser med solutions.
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>> thanks for having me. >> explain laser hair therapy it sounds like something out of some sort of science fiction novel but this works. >> it is a noninvasive treatment, like you were saying. there's no pain, and absolute flow side effects. and what we're doing is using low level laser to heal the hair follicles. >> how is this working? >> we are applying laser energy directly to the hair follicle and this is stimulating the growth stage. we are increasing and blood flow back to the scalp and like i said we are going to stimulate the growth stage for you. >> i was reading up how this is done and how they came about this. and they tested it on rats or something like that and realized the rats were growing afros. how is it possible? >> the nice part about it, it is your own natural hair. you're able to be treated whether you're male or female, doesn't matter your age. what we check for is actually active hair follicles. and a lot of the time when you
9:39 am
there if that area, you still have an active hair follicle and we can still help. >> so essentially gets rid of whatever the blockage is that -- >> correct. correct. and i mean, everybody's severity will be different, and that's something we have to check in clinic, with an evaluation. you come in, we'll check to see if you still have active hair follicles. and we'll let you know how long it will take you to get the best results. >> how long does it take to get the results? >> the laser actually starts to take effect in four to six weeks. typically they're seeing the positive change in just the first few months. again, it does depend on your severity of hair loss, so that is something we can address in clinic with that evaluation. >> absolutely. we're taking a look at before and afters, and it's remarkable. the one thing, especially that one, i mean -- >> of course. and that patient right there did get better results than what was expected because you can see severity when he first came in. and you would take an initial look and think wow, we cannot
9:40 am
they have no active hair follicles. so sometimes you may think you are too far gone when that's not the case. the most important part is coming into the clinic so we can address it and see if you are the active hair follicles. >> who is good candidate? when it comes to hair loss a lot of the time when you see medication it's generally only for men. >> yes. now, this is something where we can of course, treat males. but we can treat females, which is exciting because don't a lot of options. it's very traumatic for a female to suffe and a lot of the times we are covering up with wigs, extensions, which could be further damaging to the their. so as soon as you notice any type of hair loss or hair fall out, you definitely want to do something about it because the sooner you catch it the better of a result we can get you with this. >> so i know that there's no pain. do you feel like a warming sensation or anything? >> it's a cold therapeutic lace he. there is no heat coming from it, but there is going to be no
9:41 am
heat. no side effects, so it doesn't really matter your medical history. if you're on certain medications, if you have certain health concerns, we can still treat you with this treatment. most people are going to be a good candidate. >> we're taking a look at the machine that you use in-house. this is not one of those, you know, $700 situations. >> no. we have in clinic treatment programs and we have home treatment programs. really depends on your lifestyle and what's convenient for y are doing a laser cap, which is you know a portable cap that they can use in the comfort of their home and it's nice and simple. >> so there is really options out had. >> there is options out there. >> if people want to take advantage of this you have a special offer. >> we have a special offer. you need to call us today. if you give us a call today we'll do that evaluation and consultation for free. so you can come in. it takes about half an hour. we'll check to see if you have active hair follicles and if we
9:42 am
>> and it's a lot cheaper than getting surgery. >> a lot cheaper, absolutely. and there's no pain involved with it. and you aren't going to cause any side effects. so again, it's pain-free for you. come in, we'll see if we can help you. >> just bring your work there, bring your laptop, go under the lamp. great having you. >> thank you so much. >> laser med solutions, they offer a free consultation and evaluation, in addition to a first -- free first clinical laser investigation for anyone who ca today only though. you got to call now. for more information on the latest technology, check out the website on your screen or call the number listed. now it's time for our sleep tip of the day sponsored by best mattress. our internal clock is sensitive to light, especially sunlight. when you see the bright morning sunlight it helps wake your body up. try opening your curtains in your bedroom or sitting out on
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start the day. for more information visit best they have locations in surrounding areas. they're also on facebook. the sleep tip of the day is sponsored by best mattress. a poster child for the perfect child it makes sense that rob lowe teamed up with crest. to help kids across the country have just that. let's take a look. >> actor rob lowe and his famous smile join crest to launch the healthier smiles project in new york city. he was happy to participate. >> i'm brushing all day long. i'm proud to be a crest ambassador to help them launch the crest healthier smiles project. i just finished raising two boys. i'm raising two men.
9:44 am
care is, and really more than nug i was shocked with the numbers. academics were a huge, important part of raising my kids, and kids with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school. and that's not okay. >> crest is donating hundreds of thousands of tubes to toothpaste to the school pantry program throughout the school year, beginning this month. lou can you get involved? >> take a picture of your smile, up load it to twitter, instagram, facebook, with the #healthier smiles project. and for every photo uploaded by october 31st, crest is going to donate five tubes of toothpaste to feeding america. so visit then you can learn everything else you need to know. >> a recent empty necessarier he shed light on what it's done for his marriage of more than 25 years. >> what's been great about it is that i like look over at my
9:45 am
i really like you. we used to -- that's right. we used to like to sing music and we would go out -- that's -- you're great. and you know, because for 20 years, it becomes all about them. and now it's starting to be all about us, like it was in the beginning and it's great. >> finally, the secret for staying so fit and fab. >> it's about your spirit more than anything. and connected, nonjudgmental, ambitious, holding on to that is way more important than maintaining a 34-inch waist. >> i like that guy. had a crush on him since the '80s. a great event to tell you about before we head to break. ninth bridge school is hosting their ninth bridge kid street
9:46 am
it's this saturday from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. downtown near the facility. rides, games and other fun activities are part of it. early bird tickets are available now. proceeds will benefit the nonprofit school. stay with us. we'll be right back. [cell phone vibrating] when the billionaire koch brothers call, congressman joe heck has been answering. voting with the koch brothers' agenda 85% of the time. giving tax breaks to big oil companies and the super rich, but ending medicare as we know it and forcing cuts to social security. taking care of the koch brothers may be a good call for joe heck, but it doesn't work for nevada's working families. senate majority pac is responsible
9:47 am
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sudden cardiac arrest claims 350,000 lives each year. here with more on emergency cardiac care is dr. julio panza, chief of cardiology at west chester medical center. joining him is drew arthur who survived at the young age of 35. good morning, gentlemen.
9:49 am
>> doctor, first let's clarify. what is the difference between a sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack? >> a sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart stops working as a pump, and therefore there is no circulation of blood to any part of the body. that's particularly important to or gons that are sensitive to the lack of oxygen, such as the brain. and a heart attack is when there is a blockage of the artery that suppli t heart itself. heart attack can cause a cardiac arrest, but not always does. and really two different things. >> now, cpr can be essential but why is it sometimes not enough? >> the reason it's not enough is that the most common cause of a cardiac arrest is an abnormal rhythm of the heart. and cpr by meaners chest
9:50 am
organs such as the brain by chest compression but it does not restore the normal rhythm of the heart. so the heart is maintained in a sort of standstill situation. and what you need to do is to try to restore what we call spontaneous circulation. and you can only do that by means of providing electric shock that converts and shall normal rhythm back to normal rhythm and provides the heart with the ability to the entire body. >> understood. thank you. now sudden cardiac arrest can strike at any moment. it can also affect any age group, am i right? >> that is absolutely correct. unfortunately so. >> now, drew sitting next to you is an example of someone it happened to quite young age. you experienced a sudden cardiac arrest at 35-years-old. >> i did. i just returned from about
9:51 am
country of maine, and was just at my desk on a monday afternoon and went to get up, and i went into sudden cardiac arrest. with for plea next thing i knew i woke up in an icu bed hearing the patient monitoring bells and dings, but what i found out had happened was that i fell back into my chair, working basically struggling through the cardiac arrest, and luckily for me fellow coworkers heard the so was i doing some kind of strange breathing or what was going on, but one of the coworkers knew the signs and they called the emergency response line. and that actually called a volunteer organization at our workplace who is ready to act in certain emergencies. and for me, the first responder began cpr immediately, while the next responder got the heart start aed, and after applying
9:52 am
normal heart rhythm. and as the story goes said i was ready to go back to work and feeling fine. >> wow. some true real life heroes. doctor, what do you think can be done to improve preparedness? for instance in the workplace like what happened to drew. >> right. so what can be done is for every workplace to have automated external defibrillator. they're simple to use. and for the workers to be trained in their use. the training is very simple. you don't need to be a doctor or nurse or paramedic, and usually a heart attack occurs not in front of a doctor. it's critical that your fellow coworkers are prepared to use the machine because it can be
9:53 am
much. drew, we're glad you joined us. thank you son. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> lead the way to save a life with emergency cardiac care solutions. log on to the website on your screen for more information. thank you so much. 13 "action news." they're giving away a chance to win a gift certificate to dig this, $169 gift tear 65 cat. enter each day at the website, then watch 13 "action newsto providing the prizes for this promotion. if you've ever seen the big, you know, big construction vehicles, they're your any traffic behind, get to ride one of them you'll see how cool it is. remember to check out you're going to see past segments, recipes and more. stay with us.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
9:56 am
a special edition of view your deal, benefiting breast cancer charities, today at 10:0. >> it is breast cancer awareness month. it kicked off this weekend. don't forget tonight, it's an all new "dancing with the stars" at 8:00. this is cirque du soleil. each dancer is going to be incorporating a dance from a different show. it's going to be fantastic. all of the vegas versions will be represented. watch the dances tonight. and see who goes home on the show tomorrow. >> how are they going to do -- that's going to be -- >> oh, yeah. >> good luck to you. also tonight a new season of spooky. and terrifying treats with a
9:57 am
and local is competing, one lucky winner will take home the grand prize of $25,000 at the end of the season. good luck to him. >> good luck to him. how exciting. >> make that money. >> last week we told you about -- they were celebrating a million -- the million flyer. their month long giveaways culminated with the grand prize winner -- >> such a great winner. the luc grandmother from california, was in town to celebrate her 65th birthday with her granddaughter, who also turned 21 just two days before. >> awesome. >> talk about a perfect winner. pamela tack home $1,000 pass and a special congratulations certificate from las vegas. >> congratulations. >> you and i are going to go down. >> bring it. >> actually, we're going to
9:58 am
gets down there first -- >> we don't need to compete. >> okay. >> let's just make out fun. >> i'll scream like a girl, like i usually do. coming up tuesday, absence
9:59 am
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>> announcer: start your week of rights right because "the view's" live. donald's bad weekend. the bombshell tax leak. his most outrageous speech yet. and how trumps got the "snl" treatment. plus, mindy kaling talks about her latest buzzed-about "mindy project." then sheryl crow's singing about the music superstars pitching in on her latest album. and you can save a life when you "view your deal." we've partnered with vendors for up to 79% off items that benefit the battle against breast cancer. your "hot topics" are right here with whoopi, sunny hostin, joy behar, sara haines, and jedediah bila. now, let's get things started. [ cheers and applause ]


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