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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  October 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> meet the real life stars from notorious. and make sure all kids have a warm coat. >> the morning blend starts now. >> it is thursday morning, taking a live look outside. >> rolling stones did a private show for a bunch of truckers. >> what? >> that was a great show. i'm sure they did it for a fee. >> norm has more details on that, and i read the article, no kidding.
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>> i love the smaller shows. >> maybe if i become a trucker i can go to the show. >> good morning. good morning. imagine the adrenaline rush of driving a race car. exotic racing. >> you laugh, but i do that last in the morning. >> david perisset and stephanie is here from susan g komen. >> tell us about exotics racing. >> it is at the las vegas motor speedway where you can drive the most beautiful cars in the world on a racetrack. in a controlled environment, you are right, there's no speed limits, but it is safer.
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it is an incredible closed course. this is not your run of the mill cars, one of the cars, there's only 250 on earth. >> they are very few of we are all touched by people fighting cancer.
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cancer. >> we race cars, there's no beautiful purpose behind it other than having fun. we wanted to give back to the community. we contacted the susan g komen for that. they are the best for that. >> it is an unlikely partnership. but it is great. >> we have a car in the mrit parking lot. we have a car to look at in parking lot. >> it is with a ribbon. >> what are we looking at? >> it is a porsche gt 3. it is made to be on the racetrack. for the whole month of october, we will have a pink ribbon. i have been driving this car two days on the road, and i have
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people appreciate it. >> this is the fastest the ribbon on the ground. >> let's talk about what you are doing in the valley, and how important it is to have the connection like this. >> it is. we raise money so we can give it to the organizations for breast help services. we couldn't do what we do because of the community. people want to do a great thing. when y racing and, it is for fun. that's what people want. they want to do something fun. and people who are going through breast cancer, they want to feel normal, and do something fun and forget about what they are doing. >> this is a great opportunity to reach a different community of people, who may not necessarily jump right into donating to breast cancer. but to go out and do something for fun and be able to raise
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>> absolutely. >> it is great to do in this month, breast cancer awareness month. >> david, you have gotten a lot of outreach in the community in addition to this. tell us about the other events you have been involved in. >> first of all, with the susan g komen we are giving dollars online. we did some special lanyards th we have to reorder them because everyone is jumping on them. because of the awareness we can raise for the awareness. and we will do social media around it. i think that's very important and we are very, very excited with the foundation to do that. we have done other things. we had an event with -- which a
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indy car racer in las vegas resident, this is him. he has a foundation to do some research about spinal cord injuries. we do a big event, every year we do a fundraiser for his foundation. this one is unique, this is the first paralyze person to receive a drivers license in nevada. and -- that was it is a first step, but important for the research. >> we have about 15 seconds left. you worked with goodie two shoes as well. >> we worked with them. >> it is great to have both of you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> get your race on. >> i want to get down there. >> during the month of october, each time you race, 5 dollars
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komen. and exotics racing is located on the las vegas speedway. or call the number listed frrpgz. >> they are the attorney and producer who inspired the brand new show two billionaires, spending millions to buy a senate seat for joe heck. smearing catherine cortez masto with ads called "bogus," "highly misleading," and "false." as attorney general,
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and helped nevada homeowners. and governor sandoval praised cortez masto's dedication to fighting sex trafficking. don't let joe heck's billionaires fool you. catherine cortez masto has always stood up for us. i'm catherine cortez masto
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. just a few weeks ago, we went inside the new show notorious with the stars and we have the real life people who
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we have mark geragos and wendy. >> do you like the introduce. >> she is the power house. >> you two are so interesting. you have had a relationship for a long time, and you are so skeefl in your careers. how would you describe your relationship? >> upsetting. >> that captures. >> no one makes m than mark, or makes me crazy like mark. >> it is a marriage. >> we gave birth to the term " "frinemies". >> you have worked but producing a tv show has been challenging. >> the biggest challenge is trying to keep her from hogging
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. other than that, it is a great. >> the biggest challenge for me, it is not real. everything else, i was a fact checker, and sourcing and now we can make it up. you can take the amazing stories that are already there and make them better. that's the most challenging part for me, i think. >> interesting. what it is like to see yourself portrayed by actors? >> well, we made sure -- one of the things in they had to be the best looking, youngest, brightest stars. >> fittests. >> we tested them out first. there were writers. >> you have been involved in high profile cases. how much are you contributing to the plot line? >> quite a bit, actually. we look over the scripts. but the irony of this in the premier episode, there's a place
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comes up, comes up to the house where his client is barricaded in and the swat team is out there and he surrenders. i was driving up to chris brown's house and the police had the police surrounded. and chris put his hands up for a promo for the show f >> exciting. >> wendy, you have so much experience as a tv news producer. what type of advice did you offer to piper? >> the sexing on the couch, she gave her a lot of tips. >> a lot of sex on the show. >> she is a blushing. >> [laughter.] >> piper i think would be a
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we are kind of alike. she is very organized and she can multitask. and i said you would be a good producer if she needs a new job. >> i had to go to cnn and sit in the control room and what happens during breaking news. she is -- >> we did the same thing with amy and others. we put them through good morning america. and amy t about 10 days. >> it is fascinafascinating. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> see mark and wendy's real life relationship come to live in notorious. catch it tonight at 9 on channel 13. >> thank you very much. time for our pick of the litter sponsoredby best mattress. >> they are hoping to find a home together. they are so cute.
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they hope to make that home yours. >> here to tell us about rocky and bambi, the adoption leader. she is a long time volunteer, and owner of rogue. >> they are so cute. what is their story? >> they are returned. because of financial hardship. >> they are a bonded pair. they don't do well separated. which one is the mom? >> mommy is here. >> she is a baby. >> they are both young. >> 7 and 5. >> that's not even middle aged for a dog this size. >> yorkie and the yorkie mix. >> we have had yorkies in the household.
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>> what is type of home that is good for this? >> a calm home. someone who had experience for yorkies before. they are calm for this breed. they are well-socialized. they are not released trained. they need to have free range of the home. >> other animals? they will do fine? >> they will do fine. they are with other animals. >> can socialize your dog. we want you to bring your dog and kids. this one is little bit more shy. this breed can be feisty. but they are calm. >> if we adopt these dogs, best mattress has been great to us at the morning blend and for people who adopt, you get a free dog bed. it has great support.
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are a bonded pair, they go beyond and get a second mattress. you can fit five of these dogs. there's a lot of room. >> you have a great event for the a spca. >> they have put together a rescue event, for the as 12-6. they will be doing hair cuts, discounted services, eye brow waxing, and threading, and discounted prices with 100 percent going to thaspca. we have connie breeze hosting for us. we have amazing entertainment,
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century and mark may nraed. >> this amazing event is free, there's something for everybody. we have a wonderful silent auction, and raffles, we'll have an enrichment scholarship. where people can come and they can donate to a specific dog and help them get some training, whether it is for mental focus, physical, to help adopted quicker. >> we are very, very excited. >> it is not hey, we are going to do this thing. you have been a volunteer for how long? >> my husband and i have been volunteering for five years now. it is close to our heart. we do videos on tuesday and share them on social media to help the dogs get adopted. >> we talk about the need for volunteers, you get no government funding.
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>> what do i do as a volunteer? do i pick up the doggy gifts on the ground? >> no, that's our job. all of the social media stuff. >> yeah. >> if you are not a fan on facebook or social media for aspca. your heart melts. there are so many ways that people can help out. if they are not ready to adopt, they can foster. it has changed we enjoy walking the dogs and bonding with them. it really -- it is not just for the dogs, it gives you a feeling like no other. >> it makes an impact on a dog everyday. >> last week's dog went home. >> right away. is there look at him. he is so cute. >> we are looking forward to this event. >> thank you very much. >> if you would like to adopt
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go to the shelter, north of russell at decatur, and a phone and website to call is on your screen. if you adopt them, you get the dog bed from best mass mattress. and they are the sponsor of our sleep tip every monday. >> it is a lot of fun, go to the event. >> you can like or follow us, vegas morning blend.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck. wrong for nevada. . >> get this; 56 percent of americans don't have withdrawal
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money in retirement, it is done by retirement services. >> it is an alarming statistic. here is nick strobelt and eric nimmer. they help us every week to prepare for retirement. we have explaining to do why we don't have the withdrawal plan in order. >> how are you? >> doing great. >> >> your accumulating for your future retirement. you want to take the money and reverse, you want to take withdrawals so it will last the rest of your life. i don't like to call it a withdrawal plan. we call it a spending plan. you have saved and worked so hard to use your money. finally you can spend it on what you enjoy in retirement.
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as long as you do it right, it can last your entire life. if you don't do it right, you get scared and can't spend with confidence. having plan is important. >> you don't want to hold on to it. but you want to spend it. >> why do you think 56 percent don't have a plan? >> it is over half of the americans. people don't have the confidence to spend in retirement. or a lot of times people -- it is a change of mentality. having the plan is the key, and having someone trusted with the plan. it is amazing what a plan can do. we have a couple in your office, this has been several years ago now, they had 20 thousand
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from their retirement to spend each year in edition to social security, and after they were paying taxes, they were netting 10 thousand of the 20 thousand. a simple plan, they didn't generate quite a bit. they were generating about 18 thousand. but after taxes they were able to 16 thousand of the 18 thousand. they were getting far more. >> they were getting far more. >> the catch phrase, it is not what you earn, it is what you keep. having a spending plan. let's talk about this. i have heard this a lot, four percent rule.
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>> talk about the 4 percent run. >> they looked at the cycle, if you take out 4 percent a year, your money should last 33 years. there's no guarantee that that is true going -- >> the past results don't prove that. >> exactly. >> if you know nothing else, go to 3 percent. it is not perfect. that takes place after you retire, and you are taking withdrawals, it is going to affect your retirement. >> if the market drops, significantly, is there a way to have the retirement, where it is all bonds and no stocks so you are not hit so hard? >> be more conservative. there are other alternatives
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the idea is to shift the mentality. we want to preserve principle. there are ways to ensure your income, no matter how long you live, it will pay you, 30-40 years. there's a way to over come the anxiety, i had someone in my office who saved a few millions a fraction of that and she was in her 70s. she thought she was going to run out before she passed away. it is frightening to see. we want people to spend their money, and have the confidence to do so. and we show them how to do it every single day. >> i spoke of my mother. i'm retired. i have saved.
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money. she feels like she should save. >> planning ahead, and seeing you, people can have a peace of mind. tell us about the specials you are offering right now. >> we are giving away to anyone watching the show a retirement plan, review, of spending strategy. if you have, if you are retired and you don't know how to s your money, so you can have confidence in your spending. there's no point in saving it all and dieing and giving it all away. we need to spend it and have a plan. >> i don't plan on leaving it. >> gentleman, great to have you. >> thank you very much. >> powerful information. if you are nearing retirement, you want to make sure you are in
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visit their website. >> they are putting down a plan, 900-8177. and visit their website as well. for more information, they are in henderson. >> let's retire. i'm ready to go. >> hey, go for the goal, and help others. it is community event to tell you about as we head to break. they are having their memorial sc it is a fundraiser for homelessness. for disadvantaged high school students. sunday 9 a.m. at tropical freeze
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i'm excited. >> the healthy go to information for a boost, tropical smoothie doesn't just provide you good nutrition but they have teamed up for the coat for kids drive. >> here are anne and ken. and joining us a major kelly potsler with the salvation army. good morning, guys. good good morning. >> coats for kids here at channel 13. it is underway now. tell us why it is to be apart of it. >> it is important for kids to keep warm. it is getting cold. people think it doesn't get cold in vegas, it does get cold. waiting for the bus. >> we want to make sure every
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>> it is great that they have tropical smoothie them. >> you have tropical smoothie that is everywhere, right? so, it is making the opportunity accessible of something that is very, very important. >> it is great. >> you are always involved in the community. which is great. how long has it been going on? do we know? >> we were talking about, probably 17 plus years. over brought in 20 thousand or more coats for kids. elementary school, junior high kids. that's a huge number. >> it is a great number. >> you were telling me that the drive is underway right now. you were telling me about november 5. >> that's the distribution day. our groel goal is to provide coats up to the angle age of 12,
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recognizing that we have to rely on the community as people step up. it is time to go through your closet, you know, kids grow. what can you do with that. it is gently used, it can have a new, important second life by sharing it with someone else. >> the kids can be 5 foot 8. it is not cute ones, the larger ones make a difference. >> you are giving them away in a shop-like style. >> we have racks so the that the families come in in the morning of the distribution, and get involved in choosing. you may only choose from a couple of things. the color, the size, and hopefully have room to grow for the little ones. it is a fun activity for us and
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let the parents be involved and serve the need to make the parents apart of providing for their kids. >> stop in tropical smoothie, you can't miss the box. you take a coat and place it in and then, like, i'm hungry. >> you have caribbean jerk and two banana boosts, they are great for breakfast. both great options. strawberry. >> you had the banana. >> i want to strawberry. >> so many options. meal options. people who can't eat healthy, there's no accuse. >> a ton of smoothies and food. a lot to choose from. >> you have something called a happy hour? >> we do.
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>> keep talking. >> i know. [laughter.] i know. >> you have a new app. >> we have a new app. it is easy to download. everyone knows how to download. you sign up and get rewards every time you get the little thing scanned. >> it is replacing the old punch cards. >> you can order ahead on the app and have your order waiting for you when you come in. >> this has there's cinnamon in it. >> you have supplement boosts. >> there's oats, chia seed, and protein in any of those. we have a chia max, which includes protein powder. >> sunday is the day to go wild. >> you get a free -- i'm sorry, free supplement in every smoothy. it is a chance to try out what
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>> retract that. >> one more thing as well, you are giving away free smoothies with the text club. they have great deals. and this is text club only members, here's the deal. >> text 95577 tropical, you will be entered into the text club. every week we send out a deal. we had one the other day for three for >> thank you for joining us. thanks for bringing the food. >> thank you very much. >> all the work you do at the salvation army. >> we have to fill that box. >> don't forget to donate, gently used or new coats at the tropical smoothie. go to our website to find one. and a special thanks to the salvation army.
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as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content
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. >> razors stubble, dealing with unwanted hair. >> get rid of it for good thanks to the latest technology. >> helping us get smooth. >> sarah lopez, and jessica valencia. >> worth part of the shaving. everywhere. it is not the immediate smoothness, it is few days later. when they become stabbing
9:40 am
ingrown hairs. >> it looks like you are 12 and breaking out again. >> who is the perfect candidate? >> we can service all skin types and all people, but for gray hair. the laser can't see if there's no pigment in the hair. pretty much anyone is a candidate. >> we were talking in the bathroom -- >> as >> -- we were talking about how hair removal technology has come a long way. what areas we can have hair removed from. >> any areas. i mean, the popular areas for the bikini line, under arms and for men, the back, the chin, and
9:41 am
their ears even. anywhere you have unwanted hair, you can do it. >> people don't want to inflict with whatever is going on down there. >> no. no. we have -- we have it all. >> that was very insightful. >> part of me realizeds, they don't want to get it down. >> good thinking. >> you see so many people, and bodies. >> we don't think twice about. we are there to treat the hair. we don't want you to be uncomfortable. we don't notice anything else but what we are treating. >> if you are lucky like me, i need a full body. >> [laughter.] >> they do it all. >> before and afters. >> there's nothing that shows
9:42 am
>> we have side burns. >> no kidding. >> that's a woman. that's a fair amount of hair coming off of her hairline. >> oh. here we have -- when you have this much hair, you have to have multiple sessions. but you can see significant reduction in hair. >> my procedure told me that is me. i wish i was that hairless, i would be happy. [laughter.] . >> and under arm. >> that's under warm. >> that's a woman i would love to have hair removed. >> the curves there, it is awful. >> i occasionally, you have to buzz your own stuff or you have like -- >> [laughter.] >> we talked in the bathroom. >> you have to have a weed whacker down there.
9:43 am
everyday. if you have sensitive skin like me, it is irritating to the skin, you have the ingrounds and the redness. with waxing you have to wait for it to grow it. with hair removal, you can shave in between, and you never have hair. >> it is like booking the appointment to get packed. you have to do it every week. >> it is 3-4 minutes a day. >> 3 minutes? >> you a >> how long for ladies? >> the ladies, we have 15 minutes in the shower. >> wow. 15 minutes everyday for your life. how many days of your life have you been shaving some >> someone will let us know. >> how much treatments are needed? >> it differs per client. we can 5-7.
9:44 am
you will get an improvement with the first treatment. it will continue to improvement. >> i did my lower back. it wasn't anything crazy. it was peach fuzz. i see a significant reduction. i have very, very dark, dark hair. i'm a perfect candidate. i'm happy with it. >> anything we should be worried about? >> it is easy. you want to keep the skin out of the sun. you don't the sun. you may have redness, for sun burned look. that's rare. other than that, it is pretty easy. >> this is a good time to do. >> we are offering 50 percent off to the first -- callers. >> everyone has unwanted hair and nobody wants it. >> first 20 callers 50 percent off a hair removal package.
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rates and specials. >> they are located in village square right there and port patch. >> there's the website on your screen. >> watch out. >> wait until that's done. 13 action news, and take this, they are giving you a chance to win a gift certificate. >> enter each day on the website, and watch news live at 11 to see if you win. they are a proud sponsor and
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politics should never come before basic health care, but that's the choice joe heck keeps making. women like me rely on planned parenthood for checkups and cancer screenings, but congressman joe heck voted ten times to take away their funding. heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shutting down the government... taking away access to lifesaving care... just to score political points. joe heck should be ashamed. women vote is responsible
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>> welcome back to the blend.
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kardashian's robbery. >> norm clarke is here. >> how are you? >> very well. >> let's talk about this. >> this is called -- because it is bringing together paul mccarthy, and roger waters the who. they think it going to be the top of all of the different places to come back, this is the place. this is the show. >> they are saying tickets, guess are going to be about 200 dollars. >> little bit pricey. >> many of them 2500 dollars. >> oh. >> they are going to reach, i
9:49 am
dollars. no, look, 100 million dollars. >> a whole lot of money will be made. >> i think it is fantastic. they are bringing the classic musicians back. really, that generation, the 60s, you can give them credit for this kind of experience. >> i totally agree. >> talking about my generation, [ singing ]. >> that the -- >> you got >> the band that was just here. the rolling stones. >> the rolling stones for the truckers? >> they came in and did 2-3 million dollars. they did a show. >> oh. it wasn't a charity event. >> it was for a trucking company. it costs 2000 to go to. it was here. and it was a warm up for the show.
9:50 am
tomorrow night. >> they are going out on tour in. >> they will be at the old cello as well. >> they are be back in town october 19, 20. >> we have to get into the kim kardashian thing. she got robbed. i don't know where her body gaud guard people are criticizing her. >> no body guards as you said. twenty minutes before the armed robbery, she's posting a million dollar ring. within 20 minutes, this had to be an inside job. you couldn't say to your side
9:51 am
that place. it was premeditated. >> somebody had a lot of nerve. and she fled the country right away. and now the french authorities they may file some charges. because she got out quickly. thinking she is in on it. >> what is happening? what is coming up? >> we have quite a surprise. ou is our star on november 6. it is a sunday. and the world series gets over earlier that week. and so -- >> the red sox thing, that will be great. >> if the dodgers make the world series he will come back with good insider stories. even if they don't win it, he will have great stuff.
9:52 am
author, who is a good friend of greg over the years, and helped greg right the hall of fame speech. we think it is going to be an awesome get together. >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> thanks, norm. >> catch the latest from normal on facebook.
9:54 am
>> time for your senior care moment. choosing an living community. do they give you a warm greeting
9:55 am
staff available 24/7. is there staff available? >> are there schedule activities inside and outside of the community? >> do they provide three meals and snacks? and do they allow the community to have pets. >> they are committed to great service and they listen with interest to the family members and visit the website on your screen. the senior care moment, sponsored by senior spotlight. the number and website to get your free guide to connect you with valuable resources. >> football is a pass time that the whole family can enjoy, and they have a line that youngsters can rock. take a look at the touch down styles. >> just in time for back to school and football season, the
9:56 am
line for juniors. we caught a behind the scenes looks with celebrity ambassador in new york city. it is easy to rock this look with your outfit. i have a skirt, and bomber jacket. this season, on and off the field, it is all about sports wear. it is not just for game day, for everyday. it is a conversation >> you have something in common. which is so cool. i don't remember a time when football wasn't in my life. all of my family being passionate about it. i was learning, and i said teach football to me. i want to know. the friends like the salt and peppers on the table. >> this is my new team. she is designing her own shirts. >> i'm getting ready to design
9:57 am
i want to go to the super bowl for the first time. it would be fun. >> daughter of kansas city chiefs, she is modeling the look. >> i am showing my passion for the chiefs. and be fearless in your own style, but wear it and you can incorporate when you go hang out with friends or go to spin class, there's something for everyone and every occasion. >> this outfit is great, i love the soft-touch t. and paired with the jacket and it can be worn by itself. you can wear it hiking or at the gym or at the at.
9:58 am
>> friday on the morning blend, the pink. >> before he hits the stage. he is a handsome man.
9:59 am
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? let's go ? >> announcer: get comfy because "the view" is live. celeb cyberbullying. why trolls attacked katie couric and what has chrissy teigen off social media and kid cudi comes clean. how the superstar rap per is getting real about a taboo topic for too many men. lady on the show whoopi can't get enough of. sela ward on what both candidates can learn from her new series, "graves." >> it is. ? let's go ? >> announcer: here come "hot topics" with whoopi, sunny hostin, joy behar, sara haines and jedediah bila. now, let's get things started. ? we should go crazy too ?


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