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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  October 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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yes. tuesday morning, taking a live look outside now at the strip. t mobile arena hosting the cirque de soleil touring show. it's inspired by james cameron's "avatar." we tic touring show. but we never really had a venue that was big enough to hold it. now we do. >> right. i saw the poster for that i didn't do. it looks really interesting. >> this is interesting me right now, dressed like this. you dressed like that. >> yep. i feel so casual and comfortable. >> i look jacked right now. >> oh, wow! come on, bro. what do they say in boston? >> swell, dude. welcome.
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>> i'm j.j. snyder. we're getting ready to work out today. >> they realized we weren't going to see them. >> we're look forward to cross fit. >> actually yesterday i was there, but accidentally. >> yes. they're in henderson right above saint rose parkway. >> they're right next to saint rose animal urgent care where i had to bring pesky yesterday because he's being a brat. >> wait a second. what's going on with my pesky? >> he hasn't really been according to my wife, who is freaking out. >> this is not good. >> do you think he knows the baby is coming? >> he laid his chin on her stomach. but he doesn't like -- he hasn't eaten since saturday. yeah, he's eaten some carrots and four treats a morning because i found out my wife gives him four treats a morning. so like maybe we cut that down to one. i brought him over, saw dr. joe.
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food smells fine. he might be sick of the food. then they weigh him. they're like he's two pounds heavier than last time he came in. so he's eating. he's eating more than he's sick of eating. >> i think he's anticipating the baby. i think he may be getting a little jealous. do you have a plan for -- have you guys consciously thought about how you're going to have to make pesky involved in the baby's routine and everything? >> sort of. kathy from the n us, take out the stroller and put it there so he know what is it looks like. she was right because like the first month the, like he wouldn't even walk near it. but now he's calmed down a little bit. >> there is a gal in my neighborhood who goes around with her baby in the stroller and then her dog gets to go in the little basket kind of underneath the stroller where the toys go. they love it. it's the cutest little thing. i always go oh, look at that little family. >> i have a smaller dog.
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as a man and as a man dog, i have to draw a line somewhere. >> you're a tough dad. >> no. he's not a foofy dog. they sit in purses. they sit in strollers. >> no, no, no. i know. i hear what you're saying. because dogs need exercise and so do kids. we're about to talk about that in cross fit. so that's a perfect thing. >> here is the deal, i have a gym membership. >> which is great because like i wanted my wallet to just be a hair thicker and now it is. so it's great. >> with the gym membership part? >> the actual card made my wallet thicker. obviously the money is disappearing from the wallet, so that's that. but i don't go because i get bored because it's like hey, here is a bunch of machines. have fun. it's like, i need someone to push my -- kick my butt and say do this. >> and that's why classes are
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i go to pilates in henderson. i go to yoga at town square, yeah. >> have you ever done town square in the city center? >> no, town square. i'm still getting my geography right. but then there is a town center drive. it's very confuse. >> you know what i mean, the whole foods. >> have you ever done the cross fit? >> i have done the cross fit, yes. >> i have not done the cross fit. i have friends that do it. they talk about wads. and i have no idea are. i don't know. they take pictures. >> i tell you what i liked about it. >> what i like about it -- >> any excuse to do instagram. >> if you go to a cross fit class, you get to post a hot picture of yourself because it's hard. you are going to earn it. what i like is it changes up all the time. and the best part is you're doing things that are going to help you in normal life. you're strengthening your body whether you're sitting at a desk or lifting that baby or lifting
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getting enough attention. >> two pounds heavier. >> maybe you should spend a little more time with your dog. just saying. just saying. all right. [ laughter ] >> let us hear from you about this. you can also -- we may read some of your comments on the air. >> we love getting your feedback. don't we? >> of course. sometimes we talk about it. occasionally. >> we ofteta we love it. speaking of cross fit, you know that it is truly all the rage in the fitness world. it's high intensity. it combines a lot of things. intervals, power lifting, running and more. and at cross fit silver state in henderson, people of all ages are getting awesome results from this workout. >> here to kick us into gear, speaking -- oh, my goodness. look at her changing gears. shannon scholten, the owner and level one crossfit trainer.
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trainer, ashley svendbye. great having both of you. >> good to be here. >> thanks, ladies. >> so tell us about crossfit. i actually took a tour of your place yesterday 'cause it's right next to saint rose animal clinic and dr. joe was yeah, come on in. really cool place, though. >> yeah. >> tell us about it. >> crossfit gyms are called boxes because they originated in basically sheds or garages. so nothing fancy about a crossfit gym. if you're looking for a lifetime fitness type of thing, that's not crossfit. we opened a couple months ago. we're focused on family fitness. so what crossfit is is high intensity, variable movements. all movements done in relatively high intensity that focus on changing you neurologically so you can function in normal life better and get stronger. it's for preschool, 85 years
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my stomach. >> i went like this. >> you guys are officially affiliated with crossat this time. tell us the difference between that and just being any old gym. >> in order to be crossfit level one or a crossfit box, you have to have an affiliation with crosses with fit headquarters, which means you take their training courses. you know their nutrition, their methodology, the way that they actually set you up for olympic lifting and functional movements and then certify you filiate and you're able to use their name. if you go to a gym that says they have x fit or whatever -- >> so you actually to have crossfit -- >> in order to be affiliated, you have to be legit. insurances, things like that. so we're legit. >> per too legit to quit. >> the workout, routines and kids, i'm not so familiar with crossfit gyms that have workouts for youngsters. tell bus that.
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of times we have -- you have a baby and the mom is like, i got to go lose weight, but they don't want to leave the baby at home, or they wait a year or two years. and their health suffers and honestly, the stronger that mother is or the father is or the family is together, it's better for the whole family unit. so our passion is to reach families, obviously individuals as well. but have a safe, fun environment for everybody to work out. so we have an upstairs area where we can do preschool. we do teens and we do adults that when you're working out and your wife is working out or a mom is working out, her four-year-old can work out instead of going to a gym where you put them in a kids corner. and they don't do anything. and so it's like why is it okay for to you work out but your kid just sits there? >> 'cause man, if i was working out when i was four, this wouldn't be a thing. but it is. >> there is never a bad time to start. >> never. >> i know that you guys really welcome all fitness levels because this is scalable.
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>> yeah. let's get into a warm-up. >> yeah. >> we're going to do a little warm-up. i'm going to guide you through a very small portion. 'cause sometimes our warm-ups are normal people workouts. we're going to be like one motion. we'll do the samson. you're going to pull your knee up and then i want you to go into a lunghe work with your hands above your head. stretch all the way to the sky. there you go. then i want you to take your left hand, right-handed, push your knee out like this. look up. then take it and reach up to the sky. >> that's good stretch right there. >> we're getting intimate. >> we would make you do eight of those and then go into something called an inch worm. all this is doing is opening up your hip flexors. it's basically, you're going to go down all wait out into a plank position. >> plank time! >> then bring your hands in to a
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pushup. you can either release your hands or not and then push yourself up, and walk yourself back in. >> is it true planks were developed by satan? i heard that they are. >> this is the real deal, man. >> yeah. >> let's talk about your background for a second. >> let's talk about it in a plank. >> adorable. >> get down here. >> so you're from boston. >> yes. >> you've been doing this for many, many years now. you're training on an olympic tell us. >> it started with power lifting and then from power lifting i kind of got interested in olympic weightlifting. from there i started doing strongman and then i found crossfit that kind of incorporates a little bit of everything. >> she's a beast. >> she is a beast. but this is it! she's from boston and hasn't said hardly a word! >> i know. >> there we go. wow. we got about a minute. >> let's do this. >> i'm gog have her show you how
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if you were a child or someone who is just starting, you're going to learn a dead lift first. this is basic functional movement. so she's gonna explain to you what she's doing. i want you to get on other side of her to see her body position. >> this is a bar right now. i have a narrower stance. my shins are parallel, my back is straight. i'm just going to drive my heels to the ground and stand up. boom. lock your hips. that's it. >> you're going to keep the ball as close to your body as possible. so you're going to try that that ball. let's switch it. you get the heavier ball. >> while we're doing this, you have a special offer as well. >> yes. so for crossfit silver space -- >> when i lift up, i want to use my glute, right, and my legs? >> right. >> what's the important thing to protect my back is keep it straight? >> keep it as straight as you can. >> and keep this really tight.
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in between your soda can. >> you were about to tell us your specials and i interrupted you. >> how dare you? so crossfit silver state has an offer, free fitness intro for anyone who mentions us on the morning morning, period. so you can come out. we'll do a workout for free. if you sign up and you do a six-month agreement, you actually get one month free. >> wow. >> you sign up for a year, you get two months free. yeah. and our kids package and punch card packages are literally the lest expensive the entire valley for preschool kids and teens. >> there we go. >> can we take this out with showing ashley do a lift? she's pretty impressive. >> can you toss these? >> yeah. >> of course you can toss these. >> ashley is getting ready. >> shawn! oh, my gosh. >> just go for it. here we go.
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>> 14! >> whoa. >> jerk it. >> oh, yes! >> well done. >> that is heavy. >> they offer free fitness intro for all ages. get one month free when you sign up for six months. two months free if you do the year. and if your dog needs dental care, bring them over action you get your workout in, it's lovely. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be i'm catherine cortez masto d i approve this message. narrator: 2013: joe heck votes to shut down the government, risking vital services for thousands of nevada seniors and veterans. but as federal employees like air traffic controllers worked 16 days without pay, joe heck continues to cash his paycheck... even as 244 members of congress refused their pay. joe heck says he deserves it. joe heck. he hasn't been working for you.
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s to build an economy that works for all of us, creating good jobs, expanding solar energy, and improving our schools. but with danny tarkanian, you can't escape the sleaze. tarkanian lost $17 million in a failed development scheme and stuck taxpayers with the bill. he even helped set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors. danny tarkanian's out for himself. dccc is responsible
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our pets nutrition depends entirely on their food intake. are pet parents really paying attention to what's in the bowl? joining us to talk about the benefits of a grain free diet and what we should be looking for on the label when feeding our furry friends is the pet
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hello, dr. ruth. >> hi. how are you? >> i'm great, thank you. okay. i have two beautiful rescue dogs. what should i be looking for when i feed my dog or if i have a kitty, my cat? >> well, there is three main things i recommend people look for when choosing a pet food. the first is to make sure your pet food meets the nutritional levels established by the association of american feed afco. the second is make sure you pick a brand that's made by a reputable company, one with a proven track record for quality and safety. and then the third thing is to look for a product that a dog or cat food that's made with quality ingredients. >> that's excellent advice. thank you. i know it can be kind of difficult when you're in the store or the pet store and navigating those labels. so thanks for establishing those
9:17 am
grain-free diet. tell me a little bit about that. >> well, grain-free diets are very popular right now because of the fact that there are many animals that actually have allergies or intolerances to grains. and for those animals being fed a grain-free diet can really help improve their digestive or skin problems that are due to those grains. >> interesting. okay. are these grain-free foods, i mean, will i find them the shelves? are they out there? are they available? my second question is, are they expensive? >> great question. it used to be that if you were gonna find a premium grain-free pet food, you had to go to pet specialty stores. and they were more expensive. but now adays the great thing is that supreme source grain-free pet food is actually available at local grocery stores and it's
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>> interesting. okay. so i know that when you change over a pet's food, there is this strategy to transitioning them slowly. do you have any advice if you're gonna switch over to grain free? >> yes. great advice. it is very important that when people do switch food that they do so slowly. you want to actually transition over a seven to ten-day period so that your pet does not have any digestive upset. >> it's interesting, you mentioned that some animals experiencing skin problems. i have a lot of dogs in my neighborhood in my life who have heavy allergies. do you think that this could benefit some of those animals? >> yeah. there is a number of different things that cause allergies. so allergies actually can be inhalant allergies or they can be food allergies. we know that many dogs actually have allergies or intolerances to grain, specific grains like
9:19 am
and rice. and so that's really why these diets have become more popular. i will say that supreme sort grain-free pet food is a complete and balanced diet. so it's something you can feed all dogs. but if you do have a dog that has an allergy to grains, it is something that's gonna really benefit them and you may see improvement in those digestive problems or skin problems. >> thanks for giving the heads up about this. it's very interesting. i think a lot of people are really paying a lot more at their pets these days. isn't that true? >> they are. that's a good thing. people love their pets and they want the best for them. and so it's good that people are paying attention. if people want more information, they can go to and read more about it. >> you feed this food to -- i believe you have a boxer. is that right? >> i do i have a boxer.
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dog that for years actually had off and on digestive problems and when i switched him over to supreme source grain-free dog food, those went away. that's why i'm a fan. it's also a family-owned company that really cares about quality and safety. >> thank you so much, dr. ruth. >> this little cutie is gilbert. >> gilbert is adorable! here is a look at my jack russell, tucker. to find out more about how to difficult your pets the most nutritious diet possible, head are you on facebook or twitter?
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welcome back to the blend. we all work hard to keep our credit score at a decent number. the number itself may not be as important as you think. now i'm totally confused. judah zakalik is here, peters and associates is here to explain. welcome back, sir. so much is being said about your credit score. everyone is saying it's so important. you have to make sure -- over 700, you'll be good. is there one credit score? >> no. there is hundreds of them. yeah. first of all, know >> why? >> because people need to make money. i guess people need to make money or there is different review processes for different kinds of credit. so for instance, a car loan or a home loan or unsecured debt. all these have different factors that they look at. >> so they're not all the same. >> they're not all the same. >> they all sort of factored in the same? >> no. some creditors, some potential lenders look at some credit scores differently than others.
9:24 am
others. >> so they go to different numbers? >> yeah. they go to different numbers. you've heard of the fico score. there is well over 60 fico scores. >> there we go. just in case if you would like to sing a song later. so there is different credit scores. they all are a different numbers like 850 might be good on one, but then the other one might go up to 1,000? >> it can range from 550 to 750 and some of those numbers, although they're different numbers, can actually mean the same whether you can get a loan or whatever your interest rate is going to be. >> there is a lot being said about the importance of a credit score. people are like you have to have a credit score over a certain number. this is the most important number of your life. is that the case? >> no. what's more important is actually the meat of your credit report. >> the actual report. >> 'cause the number is just like the number. >> the number is like anything. it's an index that kind of gives you a general outlook on how you are going to be as a debtor. but if someone is interested in lending you money, they're going to look more in-depth at your
9:25 am
have you been paying on time? how long ago did you have that derogatory mark? things like that. the meat and potatoes is much more important than the score itself. >> 'cause a lot of times they make you buy the credit score. but you can get an annual one on your own. >> yes. >> not free. >> no, it is free. >> it's free? >> but don't go to free. >> no. >> not free. >> just annual credit reports. the government web site, free and secure. you can get your credit score or the actual report from all three >> if you pay attention to the meat and potatoes, then all of a sudden the number will go higher if you focus on the issues. >> the most important thing first is to get out of debt. that's the most important thing. >> i do find, when you pay off your debt, your score goes up. i had a 560 and i had $800 in debt, i was poor as could be. >> that's a lot. >> it's a lot. wow. i had like no money. i paid off the $800. and it went up to like 660. >> right. >> i'm like wow. >> you can get better interest
9:26 am
can build your life. so i need people to understand that good credit is a good thing, of course. but credit is a tool just like anything else. sometimes good credit helps you save money. sometimes you need to sacrifice your credit to get out of debt so you can improve your contribute. it's like two steps back, take one step forward. >> i think people get worried when it's a bankruptcy. they're like i'm not going to be able to buy something for 20 years. not the case. >> not the case. normally a couple years. bankruptcy is not the only way to handle it. the first thing is understand yeah, you ha debt before you can start becoming financially stronger so more lenders will lend to you. >> if lenders aren't lending to me, what can i do? >> first, get out of debt. that's the first issue. second, you need to review the credit report to make sure it's showing up accurately. >> a lot of them don't show up accurately. >> a lot of lenders will -- yeah, have incorrect information on there or maybe it's intentional. maybe it's just by accident. but it's your job and responsibility to pull your
9:27 am
review it line by line. if you need help with that, lawyers can provide that help. we provide that help. there is other companies that provide that help. but if there is inaccurate information, we can fight it legally. we can get it removed free of charge. no charge to do it. in fact, we can actually maybe put some money in your pocket if they don't remove it quick enough. that helps you get out of debt, too. or become more credit worthy. so it's first important to review the credit report. clear up inaccuracies. things that are accurate ca be legally removed. so there is some companies that will advertise if you pay us, we'll get this bankruptcy removed or foreclosure removed. legally you can not do that. >> if you owe it, you know it. >> if they're being accurate, it's accurate. and if you're contesting it, perhaps you're committing fraud if you're not doing it correctly. so you have to be very careful. >> that could be expensive. and the other thing to keep an eye out for is the zombie debt. stuff that gets sold from another collection to another. and they open it like you just
9:28 am
seven years ago. >> it needs to be accurate. >> great having you. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you so much. you want more information on the services offered by peters and associates, or quote, unquote, the panda guys, call the number or visit the web site on your screen. they're also on facebook and twitter. 8108. that would be a -- 818 is a good credit score. calling all veterans, service members and spouses. bring your resume to vegas pbs's military job fair. it's tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at vegas pbs flamingo. employers include caesar's entertainment, 24 hour fitness, metro and more. if you want more information, go
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welcome back to the blend. it's that time of year again.
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costumes. >> no. >> time to order pumpkin lattes. >> pumpkin lattes are delicious, but no. it's time to get your furnace inspected. >> you're right, shawn! >> you weren't thinking about furnace, were you? >> that's my point. here to tell us how to get it done is our friend if alaska heating and air conditioning manager, chad dymon and ro good morning. >> good morning. >> we have shtick for you. top of the mind, because it's thinking, you know, i should get my furnace checked today. but the day it breaks, you'll wish you did. >> absolutely. >> tell us why it's so important. >> first of all, there is safety things that are happening. there is electricity and there is gas that's up in the attic. so i don't know what could go wrong if those two were not operating properly. we're checking the
9:32 am
doing what it's supposed to. shuts off properly if something malfunctions. that's basically what we're checking. >> shutting off properly if it malfunctions. what are some of the major issues that come up at this time of year, we're approaching winter. so we're really rebooting the system and making sure it's ready to go? >> i run no a lot of blower motors that go out, control boards, igniters, pressure switches, duct work falling apart. there is a lot of things we run into. >> how fast they mr. these new homes, especially the duct it were. >> yes. >> the thing about duct work, it's all behind the walls, right? >> yes. >> it's that problem you hope isn't there, but you really can't see it. >> exactly. >> the one thing with the furnace people assume furnace is always hot air. but it's working during the summer as well. the blower motor is helping the cold air get up there. >> yes. it's constantly going.
9:33 am
>> you definitely want to get it annually. make sure you check it at least once a year, 'cause we're also cleaning it and -- so it's more than just check to go make sure it's there. it's a pretty thorough inspection. it should take between 45 minutes and an hour to go through the system and check all the safeties and things like that. >> and what are some of the issues that come up when you do this check before winter? are there certain things that need to be replaced? are there filters involved? you can tell how much i know about this. but i'm the perfect idea. i'm the homeowner who do doesn't have a sense of what you're going to check. >> sure. sometimes it's something simple like it needs to be cleaned. other times we'll swap out a part. like if an igniter is starting to go bad, then it's going to cause the flame to be more sporadic and less efficient and then that can overheat other components and then -- so it digresses from there. >> there is an open flame in
9:34 am
you should take care of that. >> do you know what's going on with your igniter? >> and the fact that you guys are able to bend the crevice where is they are. you're the one going up there, right? >> yes. >> i don't know how do you it. incredible. >> so speaking of robert, i'm glad you brought him up. one thing about alaskan that is very notable is that you guys have amazing reviews online. really strong reviews. we have a screen shot, i believe, of your yelp reviews. and i went on to yelp and i was i found a review i thought was pretty interesting. this is by a guy named mike s. he's here in las vegas who happened to mention our friend robert here. here is what he said. he said, our service technician, robert h, could not have been more friendly, polite and professional. he was extremely knowledgeable and even helped to make sure we had a better understanding of what needed to be done. bravo. bravo. >> here is the thing, you know as well as i do, miserable
9:35 am
down your page and have five stars and five stars, you can't go to many businesses and have that safely happen on television. >> either that or they've got a lot of family members. >> it's really incredible, though. that's what you pride yourselves on. >> really fortunate to be surrounded by great people. we have the same vision for the experience the customer is going to have. and i wish i could take credit for it. i've got these guys are out hustling. you should see them in the summer time when it's 140 degrees in they're sacrificing themselves to get people comfortable quickly. >> there ought to be a medal for that. >> really quickly. you have a special offer. >> yes. we have discounted our furnace inspections down even in the face of the tuneups. we're going to do $59 for the furnace tuneup and during that we're going to do visual inspections on the ducts and make sure that everything is looking good in that regard as well. >> and they'll even take a look at your igniter. >> i love it. >> yes. >> take care of the open flame in your roof. >> thanks so much.
9:36 am
>> be one of the first ten callers and get a free air flow analysis right now and also winter tuneup from alaskan is just $59. for more information on alaskan heating and air conditioning, visit their web site, or call the number on your screen. they are on facebook.
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yes, it's a smelly, musky battle. the constant bat toll get rid of unwanted hair. but thanks to new technology, you can not only lose the hair, but get rid of it for good. >> yes. say good-bye to shaving and say hello to sarah lopez. she's the vice president and co-owner of phaze laser medispa. also joining us is the lovely assistants manager, jessica valencia. good morning.
9:39 am
>> good to have you back. >> hair removal, we all have it in the worst of places. we want to get rid of it. who is a good candidate? >> well, luckily our technology has advanced where we can pretty much take care of anybody that comes in and has unwanted hair. despite the color of their skin or their ethnicity. >> it didn't used to be that way if you have lighter skin, it would be more difficult. >> >> lighter hair at one point. >> darker skin or lighter hair. >> yeah. >> the whole range of people who really didn't benefit from laser hair removal. >> correct. >> that's changing? >> that is true. it changed a lot. it changed drastically over the last few years. >> cool. >> what areas are we treating here? >> what areas are we not treating? that is the question. >> i would love to hear. >> we're treating pretty much all areas with the exception of the nose and the eyebrows.
9:40 am
>> yes. >> ear hair is the worse. >> can we talk about men for a women. back of the neck i bet a lot of men would enjoy. >> 'cause that's the thing. a good hair cut goes o waste right away because right at the back of the neck, the little wispies start showing up. >> can i tell you a secret? i just -- i have a lot of baby hairs. i have a little bit of a -- i >> let's talk. another thing on women that this drives me crazy and it's not that dark, but it's right here. >> i did it here. >> i want to come just camp out at your spa for a few weeks and get it all done. >> just do my whole body. anything but this, you know. >> oh, yes. so how many treatments do you need in order to actually see the results from this? >> it differs from patient to patient.
9:41 am
your hair with every single treatment that you get. and differs maybe five to ten treatments, depending on the session. depending on the area, depending on the person's skin and their hair. but like i said, with each treatment you're gonna see a difference. your hair will grow back thinner. >> once it's done, it's like magnificent. when you do it yourself, the electric razor and all that and they start growing back n they stab you. these little hairs stab you for weeks. >> it's time consuming as >> it's so much maintenance. we have some before and after photos which i love to show because you can really see what you can achieve here. oh, my gosh! >> that's the area i was talking about. look how clean that looks. >> that's hilarious. >> with something right rite on the face, the face -- oh, wow. >> wow. >> abdomen. >> that's after just one
9:42 am
every treatment you're not always gonna get 100% the result you want. >> and look at that. >> that's a woman's armpit. listen, that is not a fun area to shave. >> it's the worst. >> it's not good. >> there is no shaver that fits that crevice perfectly. so it's a big -- >> crevice? >> try to get it at every angle. it's impossible. >> let's talk about the treatment itself. if we're talking like here and here, that's really sensitive. is it painful? >> well, there is a little bit of pain, right? how do you describe it to people? >> sometimes it's like a rubber band snap. sometimes it just feels like a little shock of heat. it's different for everybody. some people come in and they're not even affected. it's like they don't even feel and it's more sensitive for others. nothing that you can't handle. >> on a score from 1 through 10.
9:43 am
and the worse was a 2 and that was on my leg. right by the shin area. >> the two is the most pain you get when you eat a marshmallow. >> yeah. >> not much. >> it's not much. >> you also -- you have technology to help remove sun spots and pigmented lesions as well. >> it's the exact same technology for the hair removal. it's the same equipment that can treat age spots as well, or sun spots. and i believe we have one image for that. >> wow. >> no way. >> no >> that's an area, if you wear a v neck or anything on ladies, that's an area that gets so much sun exposure. that's incredible! >> attention and sun exposure. >> good point. you have a special offer we'll tell people about right now. ladies, it's great having you. thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. >> we have so much fun with you. the first 20 callers will receive 20% off their first treatment with the purchase of a
9:44 am
they're located in village square on west sahara. for more information, call the number or visit the web site listed on the screen. >> that's right. more to come on the "morning blend" in just a bit.
9:46 am
america first credit union is deeply rooted communities it serves. partnering with and supporting locally owned businesses here in las vegas. >> that's right. and here with more is nicole cypers, pr and social media manager with america first. also with us, lekisha hayes, who is being honored as our october give back winner. great having you. let's give her a round of applause. we'll speak to you in just a second 'cause i want to get into what you do. first of all, fall is like jam packed for america first credit
9:47 am
america first giving back in full force. >> we are. we just wrapped up our food drive last saturday. >> how did that go? >> it was great. all the food that was collected at all of our locations, we're donating to three square. so that food will be taken in and donated there. we have a lot of other things coming up. local things in the community, halloween activities, things like that, that we are going to be at and supporting. and then excited that we are going to be kicking off our warm the folks campaign again starting the first of we start collecting for that. and what we do is we collect money to pie shoes for economically disadvantaged kids in the valley. >> that's great. >> we partner with some schools and agencies here to be able to provide them brand-new shoes, selected just for them in their size and whatever age and gender they are. so if you have an opportunity to donate, look for that and make a donation so we can help provide shoes. >> phenomenal. >> i love that because shoes are your foundation. >> yes. >> nicole, can we talk for a
9:48 am
general? >> sure. >> i think there is a little bit of a myth. and i feel like maybe i have had this perception, too. that if you live somewhere like las vegas, that to be involved in a credit union, you have to be -- have a giant employer or be part of a bigger group. that's not really the case. what's the difference between a credit union and a bank? >> so in order to become a member of america first, our charter is a multiple common bond. so you can either live, work or worship in clark county, nevada, or you can, we do have select employer groups that if you work there, you can join the credit union and get membership. so there is those two options there. and i think the biggest difference between a credit union and a bank is that we are member owned. so our members are the ones who have a share in the credit union. and we're not for profit. we typically when you have that
9:49 am
lower fees and better interest rates for members who come in and get loans. >> the bank works for the shareholder, the credit union -- >> we work for the members. >> which is awesome. that's why i like credit unions. we have somebody here on the show for our give back. you are our october winner. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> and tell us, you're the director of something called star c d.c what is that? >> it achieve real success. it's a development corporation that is dealed indicated to going into communities that are in needhelping to uplift them by providing charitable services no matter what they may be. >> that's awesome. >> speaking of uplifting, i took a look an your facebook page before the show. it seems like you have so many positive messages up there. i know you're passionate about writing positive messages for young people. >> yes. >> you also is a very strong faith.
9:50 am
without god. i come from a background where i was one of those children oftentimes not knowing how we were gonna do things. but my grandmother left me one thing that was more valuable than anything in the world and that was to keep my faith where it belonged no matter what we call him, to know that there is someone in the higher beings that can always help when you you're in need. and to take that philosophy and bring it here on the earth and help all of those that would need that same help that i needed at some point in my life. >> that's phenomenal. incredible work. thank you for what you're d in our community. >> thank you for acknowledging that. >> with a large prize check. [ laughter ] >> i'm excited to be here today representing america first and be able to present this $500 check to you and just i wanted to tell you that it's been inspirational speaking with you this morning in the green room and you have so much to offer and i'm just grateful to have met you and to be able to give this award to you. >> yes. thank you very much.
9:51 am
about cdcr do we go? >> our facebook page starcdc or go on to our web site. that's also listed on the facebook page. we're here in las vegas community. >> all right. great. thank you so much for the great work you do. thank you so much for the great work you do. everyone is doing from work. >> exactly. >> except for me reading the prompter. nominate somebody for the give back award. america first credit union has partnered with us. if you know someone who deserving of that, go to "morning >> for more information, visit their web site. you can also find them on facebook and twitter. >> and remember to check out
9:52 am
we've learned a lot about how joe heck works. follow the money. he called nevada's foreclosure crisis a "blip" and took almost $700,000 from wall street, including some of the same banks who caused the crisis. and then there's money he's taken from payday lenders who charge 521% interest. heck co-sponsored legislation protecting their predatory practices. for corporate special interests. and that doesn't work for nevada. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ?? attention medicarer the content beneficiaries... living in clark county. call now and let unitedhealthcare help find a plan that may be right for you... like an aarp medicarecomplete plan insured through unitedhealthcare. it can combine medicare parts a and b... with prescription drug coverage and more...
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responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. marvel's agents of shield is heating up with the addition of the character, guest rider. joining sus actor gabriel luna who plays the super hero. what does it mean to be part of the marvel universe? >> it means that i'm now living in a dream come true and jeff lobe, when he called me and gave me the job, he said i want to tell you the three words that change people's lives sometimes. and i said welcome to marvel. it wasn't until that moment -- i had had the job for a day and a half at that point. but it wasn't really until then that it was branded into my brain that hey, dude, you are
9:55 am
the hulk and iron man and all the characters you grew up loving. >> your character, ghost rider, drives a souped up charger. tell me all about the car. >> it's amazing. the car itself has a 400 on the mood if the blower in fact worked, it would be like 1,000 horsepower car. but of course, that's highly illegal. so we can't really do that. it's great. robbie and the car, it's this whole other version of it that's really starting to take hold and people are really embraci. >> uh-huh. is your character inhuman or something else? >> no, he's definitely something else. they've asked me in the show, in the first four episodes and robbery always kind of gets prickly at the idea that they would think that he is an inhuman. and i keep asserting that my powers are derived from a little moment where i shook hands with satan to make things right.
9:56 am
to find out exactly how i got my powers because two weeks from now we'll be showing the origin story and showing how robbie came to be the ghost rider. it's one of the most visually spectacular episodes we've done to date. and i highly suggest you guys tune in. >> gabriel, we see your character ghost rider seeks revenge against a lot of people. do you consider him a hero or a villain? >> he does it compelled to. he's the host to this spirit that is just craves it. craves vengeance. and to those who spilled innocent blood, they can expect a finite deliverance of justice. >> a lot of people have been waiting to see your character. can fans expect that ghost rider's origin story will be told on the show?
9:57 am
we're in episode 4 now. next week is episode five and the following week we're all together going to finally see our take on robbie's origin in another mind blowing episode. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> watch gabriel heat up the screen tonight at 10 here on abc. >> thank you so much. you know what else is on abc? >> what. >> you're right here. hi. >> it was quick. >> you're so fast. >> dana perino. >> she has the world's most lovable dog. she has a huge thing on instagram with jasper. >> she's going to talk about her new book, too. plus will forte talking about the last man on earth today at 10 right after us. not the last month on earth.
9:58 am
that would be lonely. >> a lot of trouble. lot of headaches. >> what's coming up tomorrow? >> rock star will be sitting there.
9:59 am
10:00 am
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