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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 27, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, miles teller. science bob pflugfelder. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from alessia cara. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. thank you. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. welcome one and all.
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to you too, guillermo. when did you get back? >> this morning at 9:35. >> jimmy: guillermo was in chicago in chicago watching the cubs. right here wrigley field. how many drinks did you have last night? >> like, 12 shots. >> jimmy: people were buying you shots? >> guillermo: shots, beer, everything. >> jimmy: how many drinks did you tell your wife you had last night? >> jimmy: yesterday in chicago there's a local show called "windy city live". and on yesterday's show they had a special guest. >> oh, thank god the bell is ringing. we have a guest. who is at the door? come on out, mystery guest.
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live". [ applause ] ? >> jimmy: wow. look at that. [ applause ] >> jimmy: why don't you enter this show like that? you're like a mexican allen. i had no idea. >> guillermo: well, it was a lot of fun >> jimmy: i see. it was an interesting interview. i learned some things about you that even i didn't know. look at this. >> you're so famous now. can you even walk down the streets of l.a. without people stopping you. >> no, people are like that's guillermo, and i say hi, thank jimmy kimmel, he's a great guy. >> he is a great guy. >> because you were working at the parking lot attendant, right? >> yeah. i was a security guard. and jimmy decided to put me on
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he liked it and everything, you know, at the beginning i didn't like it, but now i like it. >> jimmy: i didn't know you didn't like it at the beginning. when did you start liking it? when you got the check for the first time? >> guillermo: yeah. checks and i meet a lot of beautiful women. >> jimmy: did you mention the part where you would go to sleep in the car in the parking lot and then we'd find you there? >> guillermo: yeah, when we went to commercial. >> jimmy: you had fun in chicago? >> guillermo nice. >> jimmy: you have fun everywhere you go. apple had a big announcement event today. that means it's time to stuff your old apple products in a drawer again. today they announced from here on out, all mac products will be fully charged forever. you'll never have to charge them again. [ applause ] >> jimmy: it was exciting for a moment, wasn't it? now they introduced a new mac book pro, and you can use the
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this is the second apple announcement in two months. it's not as exciting as it used to be. in a way they get hurt by their own success. they made amazing products with the computer and the ipad and the phones, but now unless they come out with a light saber, it's like oh, all right, whatever. we love the products, and we want them, and apple is now focussed less on what we're buying and more on why. >> you love your iphone. but you've had now you need something else to distract you from the gaping hole inside. introducing a new thing from apple. what does it do? we don't know. and honestly, do you care? just rub your hands on it. see? you're happy. now, but the darkness will find you once again. which is why we're also
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s. it fixes everything wrong with you yoo you, right? right. soon even this joy will pass just like everything else you love, leaving you empty, cold, and alone. with nothing and no one to hold onto. until the apple thing two. and two s and three s and of course, the apple thing pro. you'll buy every single one of them. and then you'll be [ screaming ] >> and none of it will matter. apple, the grave awaits us all. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's a hell of a new slogan. i don't know. we'll have to research that one again. we're now 11 days away from bringing a merciful end to the race for president. it's been going on for, like, four years, i guess. hillary clinton has plans for election night.
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party at a center in new york. it has a glass ceiling. if she wins, she'll have shattered the ceiling symbolically, and if she loses, that's how she'll kill herself and everyone in the room. if i was her, i'd have my election party at a trump hotel just to confuse him. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i'd host a party and talk about how beautiful the hotel was and then i'd lea this is a good moment. the trump family was on good morning america today. donald trump junior was generous enough to provide us with the unintentional joke of the day. >> don, there's a lot of talk about the possibility of you running for office yourself. is this more or less likely? >> it's a tough, brutal process, but there's also an element of being able to touch someone that way. i've seen my father do it.
11:42 pm
touching on a daily basis. >> i thought he did he didn't touch any of these people. >> jimmy: donald trump is involved in something amazing today. just when you think he can't top himself, he says he loves hindus. although there's a chance he's confusing them with someone else. i don't know. this is a real campaign ad. this is how it's edited. this is exactly what they put out. >> i look forward to working with prime minister modi. >> we love the hindus. we love india. i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> jimmy: you do? it's hard to imagine any part of that being approved, but mike pence saw that and his plane skidded off the runway today. let's watch the part where he speaks hin di again. okay, it's one sentence.
11:43 pm
is trump. but still, he couldn't get through it without an edit right in there. look at this. [ speaking foreign language ] >> jimmy: the guy who shot the video said trump said it 15 times. you would assume he got it correct after 15 times. i don't know. i don't speak it, so we went on the street to find people who do. we played the tape for them, and will those people who speak it understand what trump was trying to say in let's find >> we're going to play this clip of trump saying and tells what you think he's saying. >> okay. [ speaking foreign language ] >> what? can i have it again? [ speaking foreign language ] >> i have no idea what he's saying. >> how long have you been speaking hin di? >> since i was born. >> i have no idea what he just said. >> let's try again.
11:44 pm
i have no idea. i don't understand it at all. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that does not sound hindy. [ speaking foreign language ] >> sorry, say that again? [ speaking foreign language ] >> sorry. that's no not very well. >> you can't understand what he's saying? >> not at all. >> how's his accent? >> that was quite funny. [ speaking foreign language ] >> can i listen? >> sure. [ speaking foreign language ]
11:45 pm
ent [ speaking foreign language ] . >> this time, it is trump's government. that's what he's translating. that's what he's saying. he's saying this time it will be trump's government. >> why was it so hard to understand? >> because it was not clear. >> would it make you want to vote for him? >> definitely, no. i kind of hate him. [ speaking foreign language ] . that's like i ruin the world. [ speaking foreign language ] >> wow. >> jimmy: either way, this is historic, because this is the first time any group of hindus has ever endorsed a candidate who has his own line of signature steaks. cows, they're sacred and delicious. we have to take a break. when we come back, it's our annual halloween steal your candy challenge.
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hits edition this week in "unnecessary censorship." stick around. (cheering on tv) you may write me down in history, with your bitter, twisted lies. you may trod me in the very dirt, but still like dust, i rise. you can shoot me with your words... you can cut me with your lies... efulness. but still, like air...
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>> jim: show. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from alessia cara, science bob pflugfelder is here, and surprising news from the world of social media today. twitter announced they're shutting down vine. vine at one time was very popular. twitter bought it for $30 million a few years back. the idea of vine was posting videos about six seconds and watch them on a loop. it was like a tv channels for kids who forgot their rit lin. they were just punchy videos
11:51 pm
they started. videos almost like this. [ speaking foreign language ] >> jimmy: i'm not letting that one go for a while. so vine is done. the good news is halloween is on monday, and we still have youtube, which means it's time once again to tell your kids you ate all their halloween candy. everywhere i go, people ask me are you going to do it again, and the answer is yeah, we're going to do it every year until these dopey kids figure it out. it isn't hard to do. it's easy. >> no, my candy. it's gone. >> where did it go? >> mom and dad ate it. i ate it. i ate it all. >> mommy ate all your candy? >> i hate it. >> or you can do it in the car. >> i got really, really hungry, and i ate all your halloween candy while you were at school. >> how? >> what do you mean how? i ate it.
11:52 pm
again. now, go get a job. >> jimmy: little donald trump. i'm officially inviting you to take part in our sixth annual halloween candy youtube challenge. tell your kids you ate all of their halloween candy. record it and post it to youtube with this, hay jimmy kimmel, i told my kids i ate all their halloween candy. we'll put the best show next week. make it a halloween your kids will remember forever and ever. all right? so the nba season is underway. this is from last night. the thunder guard russell westbrook learned through sign language why their crowd is the best. inside the foul
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: just a traditional philadelphia greeting. it's why they call it the city of brotherly love. all right. now we go from obscenities that we have to blur. it's thursday night. and thursday nights we bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week. this is not an ordinary thursday. tonight we're giving you our favorite bleeps and blurs of all time because this is our 500th edition of this week in "unnecessary censorship." >> i told members of both parties that they must come up with a fair compromise in the next few days that can pass both houses of congress. and a [ bleep ] that i can [ bleep ]. >> you won the toss. you go first. >> [ bleep ] you, bob. >> i make my special announcement that i [ bleep ] my fist black [ bleep ] here. >> just ahead, how would you
11:54 pm
by tony danza? >> i'm going to throw it to you, but i would like you to [ bleep ] your father's [ bleep ] first, please. >> a country wide [ bleep ] fest. >> they are gagging on the [ bleep ] but not yet ready to swallow the [ bleep ]. >> i don't want to hear with the psychology aspects are, but i was a [ bleep ] sucker for so long i had to wear braces. >> the blue team is doin first part of their punishment. >> i really want to [ bleep ] hillary, i really do. >> i promise you the president has a big [ bleep ]. i promise you. >> i know it's cold outside, but i'm [ bleep ]ed up. >> i think i'm falling in love. >> name something everyone knows about abraham lincoln. >> he [ bleep ]ed his slaves.
11:55 pm
>> oh, yeah. oh, yeah, yeah, that even smell like letter f. oh, [ bleep ]. >> it isn't always for cookie. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from alessia cara, science bob pflugfelder is here, and we'll be right back with miles teller. what is that? man, i don't know. ask google! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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we've got a choice to make. jacky rosen wants to build an economy that works for all of us, creating good jobs, expanding solar energy, and improving our schools. but with danny tarkanian, you can't escape the sleaze. tarkanian lost $17 million in a failed development scheme and stuck taxpayers with the bill. he even helped set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors. danny tarkanian's out for himself. dccc is responsible of this advertising. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember. narrator: and joe heck says i have "high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." trump: you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i love war in a certain way. narrator: and heck? reporter: do you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i?
12:00 am
wrong for nevada. >> jimmy: tonight, he's the author of the "nick and tesla" book series, he is a teacher, and an explosion maker, science bob pflugfelder is here. this is the kind of thing science bob has in store. >> jimmy: whoa. >> there it goes. >> whoa. >> jimmy: oh, my god. >> jimmy: tonight, he brought tesla coil-powered gatling guns. so, this could be goodbye. then, she was just nominated for an american music award for best new artist of the year, this is her song, called "scars to your
12:01 am
next week on the show, the return of parents stealing their kids halloween candy, and we have an all-star lineup with jake gyllenhaal, jamie dornan, hailee steinfeld, kathy griffin, khloe kardashian, music from keith urban, kings of leon, alice cooper on halloween, and on wednesday night, a special post-cma show, with jessica chastain, willie nelson, justin moore, hunter hayes will perform via hologram and an all-country music edition of mean tweets. nashville next week, and want to be part of our live cma show there, go to for tickets. and you can see our show beamed live, in hologram form, at the cma theater, for free. >> jimmy: our first guest is a very talented young actor, you can see him beat other talented young actors up as the great fighter vinny pazienza in the new movie "bleed for this."
12:02 am
you. >> i don't know what to think. >> this is going to be close. >> 140 pounds even. >> yeah. >> jimmy: "bleed for this" opens in theaters november 18th, please say hello to miles teller. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: that's exactly how i weigh myself every morning. i assemble a group of people. i get into my speedo. was that your own or did costume provide that?
12:03 am
many liberties. that's something he did. he sent me a picture in the mail when he found out i was playing him. he tried to get the movie a couple years. it wasn't working. he sent me a signed photo of him in his boxers that side miles, stuff a banana in your undies if you have to make it look bigger. don't f up my reputation, kid, seriously, much love, pazz. >> jimmy: here's a character. this is a boxing comeback story, but not the usual one. >> vinny was a two-time world champion. had some kind of ups and downs. he had just beaten a guy to get a belt and was on top of the bok boxing world. gets in a car accident and breaks his neck. they say you may never walk again, you're not boxing again.
12:04 am
he started working out five days after breaking his neck, and which we didn't think that was believable, so in our movie, it makes it seem like it happened a month later, but in real life it was five days. he went down to the basement and started trying to bench press. he comes back a year later and wins the title and three more world titles, and it's like -- >> jimmy: he's a maniac. >> he's a maniac, yeah. yeah. i love the guy. so much respect for him, but he lacks that cautious chromosome. >> jimmy: you met him at some point? >> he sent me the letter and then i was like oh, man, but, yeah, i met him. i didn't meet him during the prep, because i -- i don't know. a, i felt embarrassed. i had to lose, like 20 pounds, and i had to get down to 6% body fat. >> jimmy: where were you for?
12:05 am
that i was in funny friends shape. so i could go -- because i was playing the funny friend in some movies. but i got on the scale and i was 188 pounds and 19% body fat, and by the time we started. >> jimmy: that's pretty much exactly what i weighed this morning. >> and there's nothing wrong with that. don't let someone tell you there's something wrong with that. >> jimmy: they can't measure body fat on it doesn't work. >> but you can look in the mirror and say this isn't pro fighter shape. >> jimmy: every morning. >> you're in phenomenal host shape. you look great. >> jimmy: was it fun? it seems to me as an actor, there are a few jobs that would be more fun than any other jobs, and playing a boxer and film seems to me like it would be one of the most fun things to do. >> yeah. it's brutal.
12:06 am
young actor, i have this romantic idea of -- or did, of being a boxer on screen, playing somebody like vinny who broke his nose, like every fight and was always covered in blood, but he was a warrior and honestly had so much heart in the ring. but it was very intimidating. >> jimmy: were you on a restrictive indicdiet? >> some guys have a cheat meal or day. i didn't do that. but at one point the diet was so strict, and there was a jolly rancher and i was staring at it. >> jimmy: what flavor? >> water melon. that's the one, and it was 15 call cally
12:07 am
>> jimmy: you squared off with a jolly rancher and you won? >> i did. >> jimmy: the movie came out great. >> and vinny won a belt at three different weight classes. so i had to lose 20 pounds, and then throughout filming i think i had two and a half weeks to gain 15 pounds back. then i was like all jolly ranchers. a giant bag of ranchers. >> jimmy: if you win an for the movie, which could happen, i hope you remember to thank jolly ranchers, and bananas while you're at it. >> jimmy: miles teller! "bleed for this" opens in theaters november 18th. we'll be right back with science bob pflugfelder.
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>> jimmy: our next guest is an elementary school teacher who understands that the keys to getting kids excited about learning are patience, enthusiasm and lots of explosives. he's the author of the "nick and tesla" science adventure books. please welcome science
12:14 am
>> how are you? >> all right. >> jimmy: you got a bunch of stuff again, and -- by the way, since the last time i saw you, you got invited to the white house. >> the white house science fair. what an amazing event. young people and innovation. it's a great event. no matter who wins the election, i hope they keep it. >> jimmy: i'm guessing you did not explode anything in the white house? >> no. luckily i was just a guest. >> jimmy: that was good thinking, bob. you're always very bright. >> i do what i can. >> jimmy: what are we going to see here tonight? what miracles of science do you have to present? >> let's start with physics. light travels, but it travels at different speeds. it travels very fast, but at different speeds through different objects. >> jimmy: i didn't know that. i'm going to be honest, i had no idea. >> it will travel through air at
12:15 am
>> jimmy: what if it travels to hawaii? >> it can do that at 186 miles per second. >> jimmy: that's fast. >> we can demonstrate. this is a pyrex test tube. it's a special glass. it can take temperature variations so it's used for labs a lot. >> jimmy: i have these at my house. >> right. if you take this, and we're going to put it in water. put it partially in water here. >> jimmy: okay. like, how much? >> so we can see it. the reason we can see it is because light travels at a different speed through water than through air which is in the test tube. >> jimmy: boring. >> now fill it with water. >> jimmy: all right. >> now we can see it less, because it's traveling at a closer speed to water, and so -- >> jimmy: still boring, though, bob. >> for the next part, you'll need gloves on. >> jimmy: now i know where it gets serious. >> take that. >> jimmy: all right. put these on my hands?
12:16 am
just need that one. we're going to take another one of these, and there's -- >> jimmy: okay. bend over. >> we got an aquarium. you can try this at home with your measuring cubs. this is an aquarium filled with cooking oil, like vegetable oil. if you take that and just dip it into the edge right there. and you can see, we can still see it. it's traveling through oil and then through air, but it turns out vegetable something different. dunk it in so it actually fills up with the oil, and then, see? it tends to vanish. >> jimmy: all you see is the bubbles. [ applause ] >> jimmy: hold on. >> leave that in there. >> jimmy: okay. you can leave that in there. you can take your glove off, if you like. we have a towel here. we can show that. i have a friend that works with
12:17 am
>> wayne. his name is wayne, we got a big -- >> jimmy: wayne made this? >> yeah. >> jimmy: he's the best, he really is. >> yeah. all right, there's a hidden surprise in here. if you blow hard in this tube -- >> jimmy: wait a minute. >> trust me. >> jimmy: what are you teaching these kids? this is not going to be legal until january, bob. all right. blow in the tube. >> we're going to p it, and what you'll get to see is it's filling with air and we can see the glass tube that was inside. back in. >> jimmy: wow. [ applause ] wow, wayne really did a nurl on this. that's pretty great. that's my breathe. >> you can see how air and oil travels through differently. in fact, if we go back to this,
12:18 am
>> jimmy: really? >> there's a couple surprises. you didn't know that but the whole time we had this hidden in there. >> jimmy: oh, man. this is in there that whole time. and this one is in there. >> jimmy: you son of a bitch. >> even one more. wait. okay, i'm not going to get that one. wait, i got it. there it is. refraction. >> jimmy: this is like the ending of "the sixth sens". you bored us for three solid minutes and came back to this. unbelievable how you pulled that out. >> come over. we have chemistry. now we're going to do a chemistry experiment. if you remember from middle school, you need three things for fire, fuel, heat, and you
12:19 am
>> jimmy: tequila. >> you need oxygen. i have a flammable chemical. it's called red phosphor rouse. air is 20 % oxygen. we'll see how it burns in 20% oxygen. these flasks are filled with 100% oxygen. we're going to burn it, see what it looks like in 20% oxygen. >> jimmy: how did you get it in there? >> we liquefied oxygen and put it in there it was kind of fun. >> jimmy: that's how he has fun. >> we're going to get it burning and turn it over. we'll see the difference. >> jimmy: okay. >> get ready. go ahead and light that. there we go. there it's going. remove the cap now over here. ready? >> jimmy: yeah. >> and carefully flip it over. right over there. that's what i'm talking about. look at that.
12:20 am
>> look here. >> jimmy: i like that. >> this experiment is done in in the 1600s. it goes way back, but they were trying to make gold. >> jimmy: were they successful? >> they were not making gold at all. >> jimmy: wow. that's pretty great. i like that. >> this is a closed chemical breakdown. either the oxygen will run out or the phosphor rouse, and then it will stop going. >> jimmy: is this dange >> we can leave it there. all right. great. all right. so the only thing better than physics is chemistry a when we put them together. that's what we have hear today. you know my favorite liquid cold liquid, because we've used it on the show before. >> jimmy: lemonade. >> no, liquid nigtrogen. i have something that looks like liquid nitrogen.
12:21 am
it's 321 degrees below fahrenheit. this is 260 degrees below farn thiegt. it will freeze the cells of your skin and kill them. here's what's great. if i take this layer thing here -- >> jimmy: i'm glad you're not with isis. >> look at that. that flame is about 3500 degrees, and below is minus degrees fahrenheit. there's another cool feature called the light and frost effect. when you put water on a hot skill let and it dances around, this is very cold. and so the floor compared to this is very, very hot. >> jimmy: guillermo, lay down. >> let's see what happens when
12:22 am
floor. check this out. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. and will that actually damage the floor? >> it's not even touching the floor. >> jimmy: you could show up at a party, instead of a bottle of wine, you could have that and when the door opens, you just go -- >> i got a little more left. >> jimmy: do whatever you have to. >> a little more. >> jimmy: wow. this is what hell is like. let's look at the instant replay so we can motion. science bob is a pyromaniac, if nothing else. well, we have a very big -- you built something huge and spectacu spectacular. >> jimmy: you can find more information about everything you saw here on bob's website, we have one more thing when we come back.
12:23 am
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>> we're back with science bob. alessia cara is on the way. what do we have?
12:28 am
voltage e llectricityelectricit. we're going to create a spark gap inside his. tesla coil creates high voltage electricity. if you push that little button, you can't really see it, but if you bring it near the metal edge of this table. >> jimmy: i should? >> that's okay. yeah. >> jimmy: now i see what's going on. >> if you touch it to just this wire here, we're going to create you can see a little spark in there. that should ignite the ethanol vapor and launch this like a rocket. >> jimmy: all right. good. >> whenever you're ready. >> jimmy: i'm ready. is everyone ready? here we go. >> that was a good one, huh? you can do the rest. >> jimmy: now i'm scared to do the rest. all right.
12:29 am
>> yeah. that's good. so -- >> jimmy: by the way, i want to mention to the younger audience, film was something we used to use, film canisters, to store weed, right? isn't that correct? >> i've been working on a project for you. come on over here. so this is a little bit different. we have got a bigger coil, and 315 film canisters. >> jimmy: awesome. >> here's how it's going to work. there's a chain reaction spark gap. ethanol is flammable. there's a little bit in each one. as we spin it, it will swing by, the spark will jump and send this off at once. >> jimmy: and kill everyone in the audience. [ applause ] >> that's the world first tesla
12:30 am
i got one for you too. there's a little handle there. start spinning it. nice, even pace. >> jimmy: i can't understand anything you're saying. >> there you go. crank. it doesn't matter which direction. >> jimmy: are you tell noing me crank it? >> yeah. >> jimmy: all right. >> time to power them on, three, two, one. yeah. >> all right. no. >> jimmy: wow, that was pretty good. lets see that again. wow, look at that. i got to tell you something. you must be so much fun to have
12:31 am
i mean, it makes me want to kick my other teachers. >> we have a lot of fun. >> jimmy: you can find more information about everything you saw here on bob's website, and we shall return with music
12:33 am
>> jimmy: i'd like to thank miles teller, science bob, and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. nightline is next but first, here with the song "scars to your beautiful," alessia cara! ? ? she just wants to be beautiful she goes unnoticed she knows no limits ? ? she craves attention she praises an image she prays to be sculpted by the sculptor ? ? oh she don't see the light that's shining deeper than the ? ? eyes can find it maybe we have made her blind so she tries to ? ? cover up her pain and cut her woes away
12:34 am
after their face ? ? is made but there's a hope that's waiting for you in the dark ? ? you should know you're beautiful just the way you are and you don't ? ? have to change a thing the world could change its heart no scars to your beautiful ? ? we're stars and we're beautiful oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ? ? and you don't have to change a thing the world could change its heart ? ? no scars to your beautiful we're stars and we're beautiful she has dreams to ? ? be an envy so she's starving you know covergirls eat nothing ? ? she says beauty is pain and there's beauty in everything ? ? what's a little
12:35 am
i could go a little while longer ? ? she fades away she don't see her perfect she don't understand ? ? she's worth it or that beauty goes deeper than the surface ah oh ah ah oh ? ? so to all the girls that's hurting let me be your mirror help you see a ? ? little bit clearer the light that shines within there's a hope that's waiting for you ? ? in the dark you should know you're beautiful just the way you are ? ? and you don't have to change a thing the world could change its heart ? ? no scars to your beautiful we're stars and we're beautiful oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ? ? oh oh oh oh oh oh oh and you don't have to change a thing the world could ? ? change its heart
12:36 am
we're stars and we're beautiful ? ? no better you than the you that you are no better you than the you that you are ? oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ? ? oh oh oh oh oh oh oh and you don't have to change a thing the world could ? ? change its heart no scars to your beautiful we're stars and we're beautiful ?
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, breaking news. rough landing for mike pence. his plane sliding off the runway of a new york airport. >> he was in a big accident with a plane. >> the turbulent campaign marches on. and inside the final 30. the trump tribe victory. >> in an exclusive interview donald trump doubling down this claim that the system is rigged. and melania reveals what she plans to do as first lady. >> plus juice made man. this man went from sleeping on the streets to running a chain of high-end juice stores. >> his darkest days as an addict and how he pulled hifls out of the gutter.


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