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tv   Las Vegas Good News  ABC  October 29, 2016 2:37am-3:07am PDT

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that happens right here in front of a live audience at the links prom nat in front of the high roller in the heart of the las vegas strip. let's give it up for you guys, our live audience. [cheers and applause] >> jeff: thank you for being here. love you. jam packed show for you tonight. first, i got one question for everybody out there. who is ready for the weekend? yeah, baby. we're all ready for the let's give it up for our house band. are you guys ready for the weekend? >> definitely ready for the weekend. >> jeff: you know what, what a week it has been and we were there to cover it all. >> caught up with several celebrities all in town to support cool comedy.
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important. guys like me that never heard of it before. let people know what is going on. >> i'm just performing a few comedy songs that have nothing to do with the political climate or the sadness of what we're going through. it's a rough time in the world and people could use some humor. >> tonight what we plan to do, our second time in vegas, we're going to raise a lot of money. we have the best show. we have the best monsters and the best hulk. i don't know if am. i'm bill belamy, the hot. >> my director may show up. got some money out of me. ha-ha. >> thank you all so much for trying to help us find a cure. thank you very much for giving us hope and for saving lives. thank you. >> jeff: the headliner of the night. >> going to be light and fun.
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>> we've been oy hiatus for this year. so we came out of hiding to do this. ?? ?? >> jeff: great night, great event. great everybody came out to support him. more with neon trees in a bit. we got a lot more show coming right up.
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? i told you i love you and there ain't no more to say ?? yeah, yeah, baby. >> jeff: and now time for lucky 7, your 7 best bets for the weekend in vegas. your last weekend to check out the zombie escape at the linq promenade through halloween night. haunted house looms large behind the wheel blaring alarms to warn humans of imminent dangerroom repleat with blood curdling sights and zombiees ready to attack.
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brittany is back at planet hollywood. after selling 1 million albums worldwide, taking vegas by storm with piece of me. en performs all her dance sons and tracks from later ambuhl. relive your favorite brittany moments ands dance the night away. beatles love is a high energy fusion of acrobatic dance and visual affect abe come sound track of you guess the i had the beatles. more than a tribute, it's a manifestation. beatles music and lyrics. these iconic songs brought to life by the best acrobats anddant of dancers in the world. and the brand-newest edition to the x-rated line of entertainment is x country.
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sexy. don't miss your chance to get in on the rally at hurrah's las vegas. caesar's palace. in veteran at the present time and daring show to open on the strip in years. combining cabaret and acrobatics in provocative adults only show. you won't beef your eyes or ears and that's your lucky seven, your seven best bets for the weekend in v >> vegas has so many great charity events. the weekend in vegas lites likes to provide exposure to these organization, through a segment we call give a darn. this feature was special for me as the man who organizes this convenient is a close personal friend. so great to be there and support the cause. this is why you should give a darn about scleroderma research foundation. >> brooklyn was the back drop to
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celebrity chefs, musicians and tv personalities served up talents to raise funds and awareness for scleroderma research. >> what you have to do is educate people. a lot of people don't know about it. obviously we do want to have a good time. we're not going to bring everybody's spirits downs. we want to make them aware this is something that happens to people and beats them up. an internal disease. you get weak. your inside out and it's daviding. but the upside is we are making some headway with medicine. we're making headway with treatment. and we're raising a lot of money. >> we're doing our best to make strides every day to can cure this disease so every person that comes can make a difference. >> the event organizers have both been affected by
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to have this event sell out the second year we've done it is spectacular. >> he's been amazing. when he found out i had scleroderma and found out it was a life-threatening disease, he was unbelievable. stepped up to the plates and the amount of money he donates to this is unbelievable. i couldn't have wished for a better friend in the world better than remembering. >> host and brought fun to the live auction that raised serious donation force the cause. [cheers and applause] >> first of all, i want to thank everybody. absolutely astounding how we got the energy going for a great cause. >> jeff: though everyone was there for a good time, it was important to keep the purpose in mind. >> life has a way and through
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to meet so many great people that i would never have known. too many to mention but one i would be remiss in not acknowledging this evening, my friend and fellow scleroderma patient, andy, who i first met in 2014. andy's incredible attitude and passion in finding a cue to this awfu andy messages of advice and encouragement. he should be a hero to all of us. to me a true hero. and i'd like to tell him that right now.
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exactly one month ago today, we lost andy. , we lost him to scleroderma. next year, we will do 10,000 more but i will say this, scleroderma can kiss my ass if it thinks we're going without a fight. >> half a million raised than would single evening. a special einvestment. to make a donation or find out more on the research foundation, visit our social media at the weekend lv.
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?? ?? >> yeah, yeah, baby. >> now the weekend in vegas brings you the live music minute. disco biscuits and green sky about bluegrass will be at brooklyn ball. at the cromwell, future and 50 crept. planet hollywood will have britney spears.
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harris deejaying. mandalay bay. boom box performing at the house of blues. and the t-mobile areinto will have five finger death punch and kanye west. the yard will have the original whaler and reed mathis. performance by develop in the downtown area, nightmare on 11 street at bunk house featuring the and 10 others. at beauty bar, you can catch the dillingeres skip plan and the big news recently announced, tickets on sale for the back street boys who are headlining at the axis theater starting in march and that's your live nation music minute. >> now, ladies and gentlemen, right here on the brooklyn bowl stage, neon trees.
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? here we go again i kind of want to be more than a friend. take it easy only i am afraid. here we go aga and play pretend. i want to get out of the lies. it won't sleep tonight ??
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? here we go again ?? ??
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?? ?? mr. chris on the guitar. mr. freddy campbell. mr. bradley on the drums.
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? here we go again. here we go again.
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yeah. >> jeff: everybody! >> thank you very much. >> jeff: stick around. we got a lot more of the weekend coming right up. >> if you wan everything going on in town, follow us at the weekend lv. ??
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?? ?? >> jeff: welcome back to the weekend, folks. now it's time for my personal favorite part of the show, our 60 second wedding. [cheers and applause] >> jeff: that's right. oh, yeah, baby. we all know that vegas is known for weddings, right, very efficient weddings. we take that concept one step further by actually marrying a couple live on stage in just 60 seconds, folks. by taking them from single and
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i've god a headache in just 60 seconds. now, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to meet our bride and groom? [cheers and applause] >> jeff: all right. come on out here. ladies and gentlemen, introducing matt and sarah. give them a hand you guys. you look great. matt on the right, sarah on the left if you'd be so kind. you two look fantastic. matt, stunning. how do you feel now, matt? very nervous. >> well we're all here by your side, aren't we folks? [cheers and applause] >> that's your cue. sarah, you look gorgeous. how are you feeling? >> thank you. i don't know how i got here. >> jeff: how did you get here? what happened today? take us through it. >> we were having dinner and then all of a sudden dennis rodman walks up to us and like just takes us out. we went and got fit for a tux. she got fit for a dress and we
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>> jeff: wow. only in vegas. was it fun? >> it was good. it was good. i tried on a wedding dress for the first time ever today and i cried. >> jeff: you cried a little bit. dennis help you get fit? he has great taste that d-rod. here's the way it will work. you are going to have 60 second for this entire ceremony to take place in order for the marriage to be valid. again, i am this is legit ceremony if you get through in just 60 seconds. now, how often is this? if you complete the wedding ceremony in 60 seconds, not only do you get custom wedding bands by michael minutedden diamond jewelers, you also get, wait for it, a three day honeymoon through the mexican riviera on carnival cruise lines. how cool is that?
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everything is a gamble, right? so in addition to reciting your vows in under a minute, max, you must find sarah's wedding ring amid 300 fortune cookies. inside one of those fortune cookies is sarah's wedding ring. >> i'm in it to win it. >> jeff: what do you think? can they do it? [cheers and applause] >> jeff: what is your strategy, man? >> i don't know. wow. those wrappers. that's a lot of wrappers. >> jeff: are you going to unwrap or smash? are you smash. let's get the timer up. ready? i wait for the ding and then matt, home boy, ready to rock. here we go, dearly beloved, we gather to celebrate the union of matt and sarah, mat your vow. oh. i love you. i love you. sarah. [. >> i only love you if you find
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go. seriously. >> do you take matt to be your husband? >> i do. >> do you take sarah to be your wife? >> yes. 30 seconds. sarah, jump in there too. get in there. 34 seconds. cheer them on, folks. cheer them on. this is for wedding bands and a 3 day cruise through the mexican riviera. you can do this you can do this 20 seconds. we're at 20 seconds. oh god. oh god. wait. come on. i kind of want to help too. i'm going to help too i think. let me see here. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. oh god. keep going. keep going. we're going to make this work. keep going, guys. keep going. come on, cheer them on, folks. cheer them on. oh.
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guys. it's not quite a michael eaman diamond ring. it's a ring pop and still legally binding. sarah is not happy. let's see. oopa! you know what, let's do it with the ring pop. we can work out something for the cruise. they really want to do this. >> i want a real ring. >> ha-ha. >> i want a ring. i deserve the ring, dang it. >> this is still a ring and it's delicious. matt, i think you should put this on sarah. ladies and gentlemen, come on, give it up. put this on. ladies and gentlemen, they're married. you may kiss the breeze. give them a hand. play them their first song. come on, fellas. first song as husband and wife.
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trying to hold back this feeling so long. and if you feel like i feel baby come on. come on. let's get it on. >> what's up, guys? oh my god. oh my good. right? right? how are you good. you know what, you guys ready for this? are you guys ready for this? >> what's that? >> james brown. >> jeff: all right. give it up ladies and gentlemen one more time for this couple. give it up for dennis rodman. you've been watching the weekend
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good night, everybody. ? get up get on up ?? ?? ?? >> jeff: i'm dancing with dennis rodman. >> are you guys ready? shake your bootie. ? shake shake shake ?? >> jeff: you guys breaking it down? all you, matt. ?? ?? ?? >> jeff: woo!
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can make every meal of the day, and find out how you can take advantage of a limited time never-seen-before "buy one, get one free" pro plus upgrade offer. >> i'm so happy to be back here with you! >> this is a phenomenon! it's the number-one infrared cooking device in the world! we personally know about the nuwave oven, okay, and how incredible it is, but for those of you out there that don't know about the nuwave oven yet, you are in for such a surprise! >> oh, you sure are. >> this is a gre what do you have for us? >> well, i have something i know you're gonna love. this is one of the easiest meals, healthiest, and most delicious -- one of my favorites to make in the nuwave. >> well, it's a nuwave oven meal -- we know it's gonna be good. >> that's right. okay, a bag of frozen chicken breasts. >> frozen? >> that's all you need. frozen. >> frozen? >> don't believe me? >> well, i do, but let's prove it to everyone else. >> i'm gonna show you how frozen they are. [ both laugh ] okay? >> that would be frozen. >> that would be frozen. all right, now i'm just gonna put a few right here on the grill. >> okay. >> as you know, i have three children.
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makes my meals easier, it makes them... >> better. >> ...healthier. then you just take some of your favorite veggies -- i happen to be using some carrots. >> love 'em. >> zucchini. >> especially in the nuwave. >> right here, just layer it all around your chicken. >> talk about a healthy meal, heidi! >> oh, talk about a healthy meal and an easy meal. and here are some potatoes. now what i'm gonna do... >> this is so good! >> i'm gonna just put a little bit of my favorite marinade. what i love about this, joe, is you've got your protein... >> right. >> ...from the chicken, you have your veggies, and you have your carb or your starch in the poto >> and you didn't defrost the chicken. >> nothing. >> you didn't preheat an oven. >> from frozen. >> can i start? >> put the top on. >> okay. all right, now the big question. >> mm-hmm. >> how much time will it take? >> 13 minutes. >> i'm gonna touch and go. >> touch and go. >> one, three. 13 minutes is all it takes in the nuwave oven! >> that's right, and i'm grilling the chicken, i'm also broiling, and i'm roasting at the same time. >> no other oven can do that. >> that's it. now take a look at this. we set up our time-lapse camera to see how the nuwave cooks these chicken breasts from frozen to fabulous
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>> we are done. >> it's finished, okay. all right, i'm going to just put this on a plate right here. >> oh, that's beautiful. >> now watch the way this piece of chicken cuts right here. >> that is so gorgeous. >> look at that. here you go. i'm gonna let you taste that. perfect. amazing. amazing. 13 minutes. >> mmm. that's the bottom line. >> it is. >> it's delicious. >> because i have two jobs, i'm always on the go. my main thing is grabbing something out of the f and i can have a healthy meal in minutes. >> by taking something from a frozen state to a cooked state very quickly and using the nuwave oven, you come out with a product that is safe for the consumer, great-tasting every time. you'll love it. >> i'm in heaven! [ laughs ] >> now, listen, joe, this is every meal of the day. >> all cooked in the nuwave. >> all cooked in the nuwave, plus more. we'll start with breakfast. >> you're doing quiche, eggs, and cinnamon rolls all together. >> here's what i'm doing -- cinnamon rolls, exactly, right on the top, the quiche and the


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