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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're messin' with my mind ? ? and fillin' up my senses oh here you come again and lookin' better than a body has a right to ? ? and shakin' me up so that all i really know is here you come again ? ? and here i go here i go ? [ cheers and applause ] ? if i should stay i would only be in your way ? ? so i'll go but i know
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? and i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ? ? bittersweet memories that's all i am taking with me ? ? so good-bye please don't cry we both know that i'm not what you need ? ? and i
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love you ? ? i will always love you ? ? and i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ? >> dolly, we love you to pieces.
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>> dolly, we will always love you. and i am so happy to present this willie nelson lifetime achievement award to the one and only dolly parton. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> wow! [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much, thank you lily, thank you all these beautiful girlfriends of mine. pentatonix, and congratulations to all the winners. what a tribute. i would have cried, but i didn't want to mess up my eyelashes. i was doing my best.
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a wonderful night for me. thank you for all of that. and now, for me to be receiving the willie nelson award, this is an absolute high for me. [ laughter ] having -- for willie to h high achievement award, he's had some highs that border on historic. but enough of that. i'm very proud to receive this, and they asked me to hurry it up. they're saying they're behind. but you're talking about a lifetime, right? anyway -- i know how this goes. and i'll make it as fast as i can. how about jennifer nettles as an actress?
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colors"? we're doing it again on november 30th. i'm so proud of you. i want to thank all of my fans and everybody for allowing me to see my little girl dreams come true. i have a few people i must thank. my uncle bill, and tess walker, and betty, and fred, and all the many people that have helped me in my life. i had a big speech, but they won't lete thank you so much for this wonderful award. have a wonderful evening. please welcome sharon stone. [ cheers and applause ] ?
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>> consider the mt. rushmore of male vocalist of the year awards that were awarded in just the first ten years. this year, the category puts the spotlight on five of our leading artists. these are impressive nominees. >> dierks bentley. >> eric church. >> tim mcgraw. >> chris stapleton. >> and keith urban. [ cheers and applause ] >> and this country girl is honored to be asked by the cma
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and it goes to the cma award goes to chris stapleton. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> this is chris stapleton's second win for male vocalist of the year. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> well, if dolly was still back there, i'd give her my time. but tonight has been, i've gotten to be a fan so much tonight. what a wonderful night, what a wonderful show they've put together. i've cried, and just watching everybody, and the music i grew
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and i want to thank everybody -- i love you too, sir. [ cheers and applause ] and it means so much to get to be a part of country music and country music, they're the best people in the world. country music people, all the fans. and all the people that make it, too. they're wonderful people, and i want everybody at home to know that. i want to thank my manager, all the guys in the band can't do it without them. they bring it every night. i want to thank my wife. i want to thank my mom, who's in the audience, and my little sister, my in-laws. everybody, i'm telling you, it takes a village. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> congratulations, chris stapleton. stapleton. coming up, brad paisley ? ? ? blame it all on my roots ? ? i showed up in boots ? ? and ruined your black tie affair ? ? the last one to know ? ? the last one to show ? ? i was the last one you thought you'd see there ? ? and i saw the surprise ? ? and the fear in his eyes ?
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> look at this. 50 years, everybody. we're one big crazy family. and here's the thing. we aren't promised tomorrow. but we are so blessed to be here right now. don't let this moment pass without realizing what we got to be a part of today. ? when i'm sitting in traffic some afternoon or bored to death in some waiting room ?
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? today ? ? you keep brushing that hair back out of your eyes ? ? it just keeps falling and so do i i'm feeling like the luckiest man alive ? ? today ? ? and i don't know about tomorrow right now the whole world is right ? ? and the memory of a day like today can get you through the
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? i know it won't always be like this life can change as quick as a kiss ? ? it's not over yet and i already miss today ? ? i don't know about tomorrow right now the whole world is right ? ? and the memory of a day like today can get you through the rest of your life ? ? and as the seasons change and time goes by ? ? when your hair is gray
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? i know for sure that you're gonna be just as beautiful as you are to me ? ? today ? ? bring on tomorrow i've got today bring on tomorrow bring on tomorrow right now the whole world is right ? ? bring on tomorrow because the memory
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? can get you through the rest of your life ? [ cheers and applause ] ? >> not only has she won this next award twice, but the record for the most awarded record in history fo for "fearless." please welcome back, taylor swift.
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>> hey, nashville. [ cheers and applause ] it's been almost 13 years since i came to nashville with a dream of being a songwriter and recording artist. i learned so much about what it means to be an entertainer from the remarkable artists in this arena tonight. that's just one of the reasons i feel so honored award and be a part of this historic night we'll all remember. these are the nominees. garth brooks. [ cheers and applause ] luke bryan. [ cheers and applause ] chris stapleton. [ cheers and applause ]
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and keith urban. [ cheers and applause ] and the cma award for entertainer of the year goes to garth brooks. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. very sweet. wow. it's cool.
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doyle, randy bernard, nancy, christy, rob, all those guys at william morris. laurie in the west coast, the road family, band, crew, i love you guys. you know i love you. the coolest touring mate you could ask for, the love of my life, i love you very, very much. i want to thank god, very, very sweet. thank you for a wonderful, wonderful run. can't do without the way they treat the people. if you had to wrap this up in one word or one name, ben farrell. sweet guy, people, tonight, this is what it's all about. it couldn't have ended better for me. i get to take you home.
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country music! [ cheers and applause ] >> here's to the next 50. good night! [ cheers and applause ] ?
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more than a century in the making.. as the cubs win the world series tonight in game-7. the whole thing unfolded..... like a hollywood movie... even going.... to extra innings. about the celebration. we are following live pictures here in the breaking news center. look at the sea of fans over wrigley field. cubs fans.. including thousands across las vegas.. are partying like they haven't.... since 19-08!!! -13- action news reporter.... mahsa saiedi is live at 'brando's'.... where cubs fans can say goodbye.... to the 'curse.' mahsa.
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still celebrating.. this went all the way to game 7....10 innings.. here's the moment the win happened: (take nat sot)(00-07 seconds) screams this bar was packed with cubs fans people were screaming, crying hugging each other... cubs beat the indians 8-7. indians w bottom of the 8th inning... then they tied things up.. but then the game was stopped by rain in the 10th inning chicago closed the deal. but boy was it tense ( take sots) (sot) my heart was pounding i thought we were going to lose it and i was getting a panic attack(butted) (sot) i'm from chicago i lived there for 44 years, i've lived in vegas for eight, and i waited my whole life for this (butted) (sot) very good series, you can't get better baseball than this (butted)
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for 24 years (butted) (sot) we finally wanted, we knew we were going to win the whole time it the cubs. mahsa adlib tag one of the stars who helped chicago win the world series is bonanza high school's very own kris bryant. well hear from his alma mater the world series is bonanza high school's very own kris bryant. we in just a few mintues. but... the world series had competition.... tonight. fans were torn..... between the big game and the big show.... on stage. 45-51 texas... texas...texas. "beyonce" and "the dixie chicks".....
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right here on abc. "the c-m-a awards" featured old-school legends.... and.... the new young names... but... the most emotional moment of the night..... had to be randy travis..... who made his first awards show appearance..... since suffering.... a massive stroke... in 20-13. the biggest winners of the night... carrie underwood..... picked up.... "female vocalist of the year"... and... chris stapleton won.... "the men's award". and... garth brooks won.... "entertainer of the year". and dolly parton received... if nashville is the capitol of all things 'country'.. then a lot of people would argue las vegas could be running a close second. bryan callahan is live outside stoney's to put a spotlight on the growing country craze in the valley. bryan. things are a little slow here tonight, because all the country fans were at home watching the cmas. employees are expecting the normal packed crowds again tomorrow night... as locals in the country genre say fans and artists are
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take sot todd michaels 102.7 the coyote :09 "you can't discount country or rodeo or pro bull riders, because they says he has been amazed by the growth of country fandom here. he says the next month or so will be massive... as not just locals but tourists ve the country scene to new heights. the lvcva says the three big rodeo and country events happening in the next five weeks will have a combined attendance of around the pbr world finals, the national finals rodeo and cowboy christmas are expected to generate more that $115 million in spending. those that market towards the fans say they can't wait to come back for cowboy christmas. take sot gene pipes sam houston knives :06 "if we don't make it this year, we will make it next year. we're trying to get it now or just late applying ." of course the new t-mobile arena is helping bring in the big name country acts. garth brooks has already broken
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reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. now to a breaking news update... multiple arrests and conflicting stories after protestors clash with new orleans police. things got rowdy outside a u-s senate debate at dillard university. one of the candidates is former k-k-k leader david duke. dillard is a historically black college. police tried to keep an angry crowd from forcing their way in. students say they were pepper but the new orleans police departmen says officers don't carry pepper spray. six people were arrested including one student. tonight.... the hunt.... for a sharp-dressing robber!!! police say.... the man was wearing a suit and tie..... when he robbed a bank... yesterday... near desert inn and mc- leod. investigators say... he pulled a gun on the angry parents packed the room tonight at agassi prep.. fired up over possible changes to the popular school.. including longer days..
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13 action news anchor christopher king was there as parents told a new york-based school where they can take those ideas. christopher. that school wants to take over agassi prep as part of a merger with democracy prep. but, as we saw tonight, parents don't want any part of it. :12:43/parent at podium "you may as well give them some county blues 'cause that's what you're tellin' them!" (applause) students..tell board members..they don't want their charter as a reform school. :15;06/female student "you're turning the school into a "you're turning the school into a prison." hundreds of people..pack the board at agassi prep. the overhwhelming majority..say "no" possible merger..with democracy prep..and the strict rules..they fear would follow. :17:30/male student "if you're making us silent at lunch- silent in the class-silent in the halls- that's not democratic." democracy prep..has a reputation...for..high academic standards..low tolerance for students..falling out of
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hours will be longer-good idea-or bad idea?" tiffany cole "bad idea." reporter "why?" cole "it's too much." tiffany cole worry..the new school would place too much emphasis on discpline..and not enough..on education. :28:02/tiffany cole/mom "the children won't learn much-and the school is just going to go down from here." :23:56 reporter "what do you tell parents who say the discipline may be too strict-we'e worried our charter school may be run more like a military academy?" democracy duffy says..her school sets highs have nothing to fear. :21:26/katie duffy/democracy prep "we don't find the discipline is too aggressive-it is a means of furthering academic progress." democracy prep says classroom hours may be longer. the staff may change. but their won't be mandatory saturday classes. the board could vote on the merger next month. live at agassi prep, ck, 13 action news.
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as a way to help underperforming schools... there's a proposal to convert them..... to charter schools. while c-c-s-d has not officially taken a stance.... they are pointing at two others schools..... where this program has not worked. 115332 louisiana the have abolished it tennessee they have bi -partisan legislation to abolish it 115340 if implemented... -6- schools statewide..... would be chosen..... between february and march of next year. another black eye for las a new report says their its are 4- times more likely to break down in-flight than any other airline. according to the tampa bay times.. allegiant jets were forced to make 77 unexpected landings last year for serious mechanical failures. the newspaper says allegiant acknowledged its planes break down too often.. and the company is changing the way it operates. "your voice... your vote" in the race for the white house... and... the campaign train continues to roll.... through southern nevada.
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north las vegas barber shop.... where she greeted workers and took selfies with customers..... who were in the middle of having their hair done. she later spoke..... at the "plumbers and pipefitters" training center.... on lamb boulevard..... where she was greeted.... by a huge crowd. there were so many people at the event..... an overflow location... was needed. lydia saulsberry "i voted on the first day early voting started. so you just wanted some extra inspiration anyway? i wanted her to know that she has got my 100% support." clinton's stop comes.... -2- days before.... early voting ends. donald trump's recent momentum is apparently.... carrying into nevada. when asked.... who they support in the presidential race.. -43- percent said.... clinton... while 46 percent said.... trump. libertarian candidate.... gary johnson had 7 percent. the rest said..... none or had no opinion. that same poll also shows... the senate race is a dead heat. democrat.... catherine cortez- masto had -47- percent. republican... joe heck was at -48- percent.
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the nevada democratic party is suing the trump campaign over alleged voter intimidation in nevada. in court today.. their lawyers claimed poll watchers trained by the trump campaign were engaged in a coordinated effort to intimidate nevada voters. trump lawyers deny the allegations and say their volunteers are trained to follow state law. a ruling could come by friday. tonight... a controversial banner.... outside a del taco... on tropicana and maryland... has been taken dow a sign supporting legalizing recreational pot.... had been hanging in front of the restaurant. college students we spoke to said... it made perfect sense.... for a -24- hour restaurant to support a measure.... that would give you.... the munchies! "people would come in their packed cars and they'd look faded and they would order a ton of food. like not even joking, $50 worth of food." we spoke to del taco and they say.... they never put the banner up. in fact...
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at the top of this newscast.. we showed you how local chicago fans were celebrating the cubs' world series title at a sports bar. but the cubs also have a lot of fans at bonanza high school.. where one of chicago's biggest stars played ball as a teenager. 13-action news reporter gina lazara has more on what kris bryant means to his alma mater. nats: "and batting for the chicago cubs....kris bryant! woooooo!! bryant! bryant! now this guy can hit! he's from from bonanza high school theatre students! nats: kris bryant go!! woo!! the group just performed this special edition of the 19-77 play.....bleacher bums. the group incorporated chicago cubs shining star.... third baseman kris bryant into the play..... because he is a 20-10 bonanza high school alumnus. michael bardocz, senior theatre student "when they hit the world series everyone was just
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been on kris bryant....all season long.... with the third baseman being a driving force behind the cubs world series run. torren brozowich, senior baseball player "a guy that good came from a school that i'm going to!" the current bonanza baseball players use bryant as their daily inspiration.... as they cheered him on during this breakout season. danny ruiz, senior baseball player "i try to push myself each be a mirror image of him...but it's hard because talent like that doesn't come often" bryant's former highschool baseball coach has nothing but fond memories of the 24-year old all-star. was a superb athlete....but an even better person. mike o'rourke, bonanza high school baseball coach "he didn't let his ability make him separate himself from the rest of the team like oh i'm better. that's definitely not kris" gina lazara 13 action news next on action news... it's a dirty dining... tri-fecta! 2:22 darcy stand-up tease: a restaurant that's a relatively
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walked in. check it out, coming up. plus.. right now car thieves are on the prowl for an easy score. find out which parts of the valley they're hitting the hardest.. and how you could be setting yourself up as a target.. and not know it. bryan adlib and before we got to break.. another live look at the celebrations happening in chicago.


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