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tv   Action News 11pm  KTNV  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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in on groups in portland. this.. as crowds grow in los angeles.. dallas and new york.. as demonstrators protest the outcome of the presidential election. and this image.. just coming in from atlanta which is seeing some of the largest demonstrations.. shows an american flag burning in the streets. 13 action news anchor.... carla wade is tracking.... the breaking developments.. police estimate more than 1-thousand people marched in atlanta for nearly six hours tonight. it started out as a small group in a park but grew as protesters march interstate--where they were blocked by state troopers. demonstrators then changed course and headed for the state capitol where they were met by georgia state troopers. while protesters did set a flag on fire--there were no reports of violence. in los angeles--hundreds protested in downtown--a smaller crowd than previous nights but l-a-p-d stepped up its presence with at least two
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preparing.... for dueling protests.... this weekend. more than... -15- hundred..... anti- trump protesters are expected to march.... on the strip.... tomorrow night. police are monitoring.... social media posts saying... counter protests.... by trump supporters are also planned..... in the exact same spot. in his first post-election television interview.. president-elect trump is opening up to "60 minutes" about the phone call he got on election night from hillary clinton. 138-155 so hillary called... she just said congratualations donald." in that same interview.. and says there are parts he believes are worth keeping.. including rules against denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. the full interview will air on sunday night. an update..... to some breaking news....
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roads have been shut down for hours..... near cheyenne and fort apache.... after a motorcyclist was hit and killed!!! 13 action news reporter..... mahsa saeidi was first on scene.... talking with people.... about what happened. mahsa.... such a loss... the 24th rider to be killed this year. a young man in his 30's. the crash happened all the way up the to that pole. but the bike ....came to a stop next to the median here ...about a thousand feet away. and evidence of how fast the motorcycle was going... we're told...a woman in her 60s.. was making a u-turn onto cheyenne... she crossed into the path of the motorcycle ... the rider had a helme... but he was thrown off the bike and died on scene. two familiar lessons --police say... drivers on the lookout for bikes... when you see that single headlight.. know the bike is closer than you think. riders... slow down. tag) we have seen several
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fearful the rider could be their friend. police say driver is cooperating. new tonight.. "the whole point of posting it was to make it go viral." just days after posting this video on facebook.. the teenager seen damaging the metro police cruiser is busted by police. now.. he says he was suprised he wasn't arrested sooner. 13 action callahan has more on the teenager's motive.. and why parents think more kids are recording themselves behaving badly. adam triplett says he told his friends to dare him to jump on a police car as they left first friday a week ago. it was one of three he damaged that night... he says he figured he was already going to get caught... so he decided to post the video on facebook. "i was like i might
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videos over the past year or so. "i think it is just a lask of respect for authority. a lack of respect in general, and i don't know where that stems from." triplett say he was worried about police as the video was being recorded. "i thought they yelled the police were watching. that's why you see me jump off, and then i turned around and there was no one there so i got on my intentions weren't to break the window." triplett ended up spending two days behind bars... after police tracked him down. "i hated it. it was horrible." other viral videos... showing teens doing dangerous deeds to get their 15 minutes of fame have led to similar events. many parents believe it is a lack of consequences that has teens pushing the boundaries. "i think they are doing it to get attention. and they think nothing is going to happen." triplett is now learning those consequences.. "at the end of the
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my part. prank in this video... got four months probation and had to pay for repairs to the vehicle. triplett will get a better idea of his punishment when he goes to court next week. several high school students..... involved in a car theft ring.... were busted.... when a party was broken up.... in centennial hills surveillance video shows... one person taking off.... when cops showed up. many of those arrested.... are in high school. they were made aware of the situation.. but so far... no disciplinary action has been taken. we're staying on top of breaking news.... third night of anti-trump protests happening around the country in portland anti-donald trump protesters were doused with gas after flaming projectiles thrown
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three protests going on post-election anger is spilling into classrooms across the country. today.. many schools sent letters home with their students after some disturbing scenes in classrooms and cafeterias. earlier this week.. some students at a michigan middle school were reportedly heard yelling 'build that wall.' in pennsylvania.. there were reportedly chants of 'white power' in a and in woodside, california.. this cellphone video shows a trump supporter at a high school being attacked by another student students fighting sot jade: and she said, 'you support trump. you hate mexicans." and in this video.. a teacher recounts emotional talks with students. sot from mic video: "scared, confused, betrayed, disconnected from the very vision of this country" that same teacher went on to say.. there has never been a more
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(parade nats) thousands of people lined the streets of downtown las vegas.... to honor the men and women.... who have served our country. our very own.... beth fisher and dayna roselli hosted..... "the annual las vegas veterans day parade". the city estimates.... about -30- thousand people... attended. unfortunately... several veterans were not.... apart of that crowd. the veterans for peace signed up.... to march.... but... organizers kicked them out claiming..... they were spreading.... a political mes peace and not war and not militarism, they decided we shouldn't be in their parade." metro was called.... and... one of the marchers.... was detained.... in the back of a police car. however... in the end... no one was arrested.... and everyone went home. we're racing into the holiday shopping season right now.. and that means a lot of people are beginning to make online orders. but a warning tonight from 13- porch pirates are the grinch
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(take pkg) (video surveillance cameras) we've seen surveillance video like this.. time and time again. bold thieves.. walking up to homes.. many times in broad daylight.. then running off with deliveries. in many cases.. they know your package has just arrived because they follow delivery trucks into housing developments. and if you're not home when it happens.. there's not a lot you can do about it. unfortunately, there's not much but it is the type of crime you (sot/sutton) have it sent to someone you know will be home, or ask the delivery service to have someone sign for it. and if you are targeted by a porch pirate.. and you have it on surveillance video.. social media is a great place to do your own detective work to track down
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social media, and there are people in the area who could also recognize the thief lt. sutton also has a warning for porch pirates- don't be suprised if metro decides to go with a few decoy operations.. so they can nail a few thieves red-handed. check this out... wild moments... as an officer launches into a window.... when a tr but... things really heat up.... when he tries.... busting the driver. plus... contact 13's darcy spears digs deeper into a potential danger on two wheels.. zipping around the valley. 22:35 darcy stand-up tease: they hold up traffic on our roadways. the people who drive them are often unlicensed and uninsured. scooters on our roadways--downright dangerous or necessary nuisance? coming up...
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at a traffic stop.... in philadelphia.
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driving with a handicap placard.... in his windshield. next thing.... the officer knew.... he was hanging on to the side of the truck as the driver sped away, plowing into a parked car. the officer draws his gun... but then... the suspect tries to run. during the scuffle... the officer's gun accidentally fires. nats - brown: you shot me! officer: no, i didn't. that man is recovering from his injuries... and... is facing criminal charges. the officer is on leave.... during the investigation. new at 11..a contact investigation.. scooters are stolen around the valley every day. they're also involved in deadly crashes.. and often operated by people who have no business being on the road. for more than a year.. contact 13 has been tracking scooters on valley roadways. tonight.. contact-13 chief investigator darcy spears asks,.. are they a necessary nuisance or downright dangerous? these images of 18-year-old maggie mortensen...
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hospital and seen her on a breathing machine. ... are burned in her mother's mind. : 58 marlene: i almost collapsed on the floor. left in critical condition with severe road rash, a fractured skull and a brain bleed, maggie is lucky. she and her boyfriend, who was driving the scooter, didn't die. contact 13 has documented far too many scenes of documented far too many scenes of mangled scooters and lost lives. the danger growing as more of these two- wheeled vehicles take over valley roads. fatal scooter accidents so far this year, which means, on average, someone is dying every other month. people crash on scooters about every other day with 175 collisions in metro's jurisdiction so far this year. 16:09 chuck callaway/lvmpd: on these vehicles you don't have to have a helmet and you also don't have to have insurance. so if you were to put your child on there with you... you'd be doubling down on danger. what's worse, scooters are often piloted by people who
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can't get a drivers license then they really shouldn't be on the road. take maggie mortensen's boyfriend, for example. 3:52 d : he never should have been driving that scooter? marlene: no. actually no. 3:40 darcy: did he have a drivers license? marlene: no. they gave him a ticket for it. metro has written 178 tickets to unlicensed moped drivers so far this year. 12:40 chuck callaway/lvmpd dir. of intergovernmental services: i think that's one of the biggest misconceptions is people think that--they've lost their license potentially in a dui or maybe they never got a license--but they think they can operate a moped on the license and that's not the case. all these vehicles at ewing brothers have been impounded because they were involved in duis, accidents, or they were stolen or abandoned. metro has seen 497 thefts this year. and according to the national insurance crime bureau, las vegas ranks number two in the nation for stolen scooters and motorcycles--second only to new york city. aside from being routinely involved in crime... 17:35 sen.
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feel like they're just a nuisance on the roads. but state senator mo denis says they're a necessary nuisance--cheap, fuel-efficient, easy to park, and... 20:22 mo denis: there are some individuals that no matter what, this is gonna be the best mode of transportation for them. denis co-sponsored a new law that took effect november first. it requires mopeds to be registered, inspected and get license plates. law enforcement hopes that'll make them and their drivers safer and easier to track, but like this. 22:40 honk and street nats with scooter slowing cars 13:54 chuck callaway: with an actual moped, since they can't go above 30 miles an hour, obviously they should stay on streets where the speed limit can't keep up, often disregarding surrounding drivers. 13:34 chuck: they have the potential to obstruct traffic, slow down vehicles and then other drivers get frustrated and try to cut around them and maybe cause accidents.
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no one knows that better than marlene stevens. 4:25 marlene: i don't think they have any business being on the road because of how dangerous they are. and what could happen to... like my daughter. darcy tag: we've got more information on the new moped registration law and a link to more crime statistics on our website at darcy spears, 13 action news. from contact -13- a warning.... about dozens of fake apps..... showing up.... in the app store... the apps seem legit..and appear to be from real chains.. like "dollar tree" or "nordstrom". but... some of them have malware in them..... that will steal your personal information. apple says.... they've mostly came from.... developers in china.. and... slipped through.... the review process. so... here's what you need to look for.. fake apps typically don't have reviews.. and... will have a recent "publish date".... instead of.... an "updated on" date. the store name..... may also be just a little off..... like "overstock inc".... instead of the correct name.... "overstock -dot- com." with prescription drug prices
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people are turning to candadian pharmacies-- a florida doctor says he recognizxed the need for cheaper drugs 15 years ago.. and created the canadian med store they fill your prescription by ordering from canada for a fraction of the cost. although this is legal-- the fda discourages it- calling it a "potentially dangerous practice" because the f-d-a cannot guarentee the safety of the imported drugs. 02-05 crashing nats some bizzare video out of where a deer crashed through the glass window.. on the way out of an 'american eagle outfitters store.' what's not clear is exactly how the deer got inside in the first place. based on the enthusiastic departure.. it doesn't look like the animal was hurt. these highs well above normal will subside and we will just fall into the above normal category for the weekend. highs will drop a few degrees on saturday compared to friday.
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that number to 77 on sunday. a few overhead clouds are likely through the day saturday, more sun on sunday. overnight lows will drop into the mid 50s each morning which is still warmer than where they should be. to start off the week highs will approach 80 for monday with nothing but sunshine across southern nevada. winds will pick up on wednesday to the windy category but those winds will bring in bigger we will drop those temperatures back to near 70 on wednesday with partly sunny skies. overnight into thursday expect some cold conditions in the morning with lows in the 40s. highs will even be cooler into
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of now is slight, but there is a chance we pick up a light shower in spots. some valley neighbors are still in shock tonight after some some disturbing letters we'll explain why.... the f-b-i is now getting involved....
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month in arlington heights, illinois. the surveillance video then shows two men run inside and steal a number of items.. along with some cash. the stolen pickup was later found in a nearby park. no one has been caught now... to a story.... "you asked us.. to investigate"... a spring valley neighborhood is hit with racist letters.... in their mailboxes... and... it's not the first time.... it's happened. a viewer.....
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even declaring that they want to keep the area.... white it has the name of the h-o-a managment company... but... they confirmed.... they had nothing to do with it. the f-b-i is now investigating... and... asking for people to handle the letters.... as little as possible.... so they can identity.... the sender's fingerprints some business owners.. fed up with the rising crime in the valley.. are now taking extreme measures to make sure they go home to their families. and remember.... to watch "good morning las vegas".... for all your latest news...
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valley are arming themselves.. in repsonse to more crimes against businesses.
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the owner says he carries a gun on his hip every day. he says one of his employees was forced to pull a weapon two years ago when when a group of men attacked him.. and tried to rob the store. 140722-140726 i do have a family...i would like to go back home and see my family.. police say they want stores owners to cooperate with the robbers and call them first.. unless they feel their life is in danger. yesterday.. a vendor inside a valley 7-eleven shot a gunman trying to rob the store. we'll be with a final look..... at your weekend weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after 13 action news. ((verbatim)) these highs well above normal will subside and we will just fall into the these highs well above normal
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highs will drop a few degrees on saturday compared to friday. we expect to top out at 76 to start the weekend and increase
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likely through the day saturday, more sun on sunday. overnight lows will drop into the mid 50s each morning which is still warmer than where they should be. 05-09 this isn't a look..... inside madame tusseuds, "the city of las vegas" tweeted out this video of our firefighters.... the internet trend has taken off in the past few weeks. michelle obama did it with the cleveland cavaliers.. and hillary clinton has her own version with her staff and jon bon jovi. that's our news for tonight.. but stay with us for jimmy kimmel live up next. and remember.. we're always on at
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- lin-manuel miranda. from "dr. ken," ken jeong and albert tsai. plus music from banks. and now, stay put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ? >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you really for everything. for those of you who served in our armed forces, happy veterans


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