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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  November 15, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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and out of the airport are suspended at this time. we have just learned the victim was a southwest airlines employee michael winchester and a son of kansas city chiefs long snapper. at one point oklahoma city police said there were possibly searching for a second victim. right now airports officils isolated incident and there's no threat to the public. they have shut down the airport and the surrounding streets we are staying on top of this and will keep you updated on air and online. we're also on top of a major developing story right now -- a utah high school rocked by fear today when police say a 16-year old student went on a stabbing spree injuring several others including himself. abc's lauren lyster reports --
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mountain view high school in orem, utah is trying to get back to normal today after one student - who officials say is new to the school this year - goes on the attack in a locker room as classmates are getting ready for p- e class. [[pkg]] ((nats crying)) tears and ambulances at this suburban utah high school tuesday morning -- the community responding to a terrifying stabbing spree breaking out just before 8 a-m nats: "i'm patients according to authorities...a 16- year old male student, a sophomore, stabs five other students in using the knife to cut himself. nats: "rescue 32 headed out and going to be transporting a patient from the locker room - 2 stab wounds to the neck all taking the suspect into custody. in the parking lot -- our a-b-c station live-streaming. nats: "kind of a strange scene here where school would normally be getting underway on a tuesday morning now it's just lined with fire vehicles police vehicles distraught parents waiting outside... nats: "it's not safe i'm transferring her ...
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stabbing at her own. sot: "i find it scary because now i don't think schools are safe anymore// like at any second we could be walking down the hallways and then some kid could just pull out a knife on you the school - facing hate the idea of metal detectors at schools//and yet kid safety is our priority"//"we have a larger community issue here and i'm not sure there's an easy will be working to sort through their statements as they investigate... lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. new at 3 -- a woman who beginning of this month has been found. police tell us kelly thorn disappeared on november 1st and authorities believed she may had been suffering from severe emotional distress. but again -- she has been found. today -- dozens of people packed a meeting to discuss what needs to happen if the raiders decide to call las vegas home. clark county commissioners approved a new sales tax increase to fund local police departments. sheriff joe lombardo gave a
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officers are needed on the strip... adding that it's no secret that the metro area is a target for terrorism. the department says it's expecting to lose about 170 officers a year to attrition. and it will work to hire 80 cadets for the next five quarters. we will have the latest developments from the meeeting on action news at five and six. right now one man is dead after police say he may have violated traffic laws while trying to cross the street at a busy intersection. chpp the scene near maryland and tropicana this morning. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston has more on the future of the driver involved. while we've been out here on scene-- we've noticed it does appear the man was close to a crosswalk when it happened-- right at that intersection. take vo but according to police-- the man killed may not have been following traffic laws. they talked with the driver responsible-- and some witnesses-- they all say the driver had a green light. they also say it appeared the
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but-- since the driver did have a green light-- even if the man was using the crosswalk-- he still did not have the ok to go from the traffic signals. take sot paul mccullough sgt, metro traffic before you cross a major roadway, any roadway, be familiar with your surroundings and what's going on around you before you take that chance marissa tag at this point in their investigation-- police say they dont plan on charging the driver involved in this crash. mk-- 13an. a 13 action news update on the the man acussed of it -- eric nowsch had a court hearing today. he is asking to withdraw his guilty plea... another hearing has been set, when his former attorneys and, possibly, his mother will testify. that has been scheduled for december 2nd right now a teenager is recovering after metro police shot him overnight. 13 action news reporter parker collins found out why the officer decided to use potentially lethal force. 14:47:01-14:47:24 this is a
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and cul de sacs take a look you can't even get out to charleston this way take vo at 14:47:06 police say because this suspect felt trapped he tried to run them over with his car that is when police started to fire at him eventually they did arrest the suspect after following him at several points in the valley he only had minor injuries and thankfully none of the officers got hurt take sot cristina carrillo, lives nearby 14:22:36-14:22:43 "overall since my parents have been here for so long we felt safe but because police say the suspect suspect in this case is only 18 years old near 95 and charleston parker collins 13 action news. happening today-- thousands of people in need will be getting help with vital services thanks to the annual "project homeless connect" event. people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless will be connected with different organizations that offer housing, job training, counseling, substance abuse treatment and other services.
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also today -- the iconic palms resort and casino is celebrating its 15th anniversary. the resort gained popularity after mtv's "the real world" was filmed there. the network also hosted the v-m-a's at the palms back in 2005. dozens of t-v shows have also been filmed at the resort over the years. earlier this year, station casions purchased the palms which will usher in a new chapter for the hotel. if you have holidy plans -- we have have some good news! up next one airline having a two day only sale with flights as low as 50 bucks! plus -- as many as 41 wildfires are tearing across the southeast right now. and one man is behind bars accused of arson...find out why police say he did it! remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and
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from contact 13 -- if you
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48-hour flash sale. fares have dropped below 100- dollars round trip on some routes. some one-way fares are listed as low as 34-dollars each way. the tickets are good for monday through thursday and saturday and march ninth. the two-day sale ends at 11-59 wednesday night. right now a factory in japan is struggling to cope with orders for rubber masks of president-elect donald trump. a factory spokesperson say they are working non-stop to catch up with a flood of orders to produce masks of trump following the u-s election. the factory is trying to produce as many as 350 masks a day, up from 45 before the election. the rubber mask emphasizes
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dollars. : new at 3 -- it's never fun to go to your car--and find a parking ticket on the windshield! but officials in tampa, florida came up with an innovative way to make you feel good about paying it! they launched a new "food for fines" program. the way the program works is pretty simple. you just come to the parking division office with a couple of food donations and for every can save one dollar up to 15 dollars off a 25 dollar ticket. right now dozens of large wildfires are burning across the southeast up next -- what officials say is their biggest fear right now. then later -- for the first time, megyn kelly opens up about what really happened with roger ailes and her relationship with donald trump!
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video of a manager taking his food from him. he says the manager told him guests questioned if he had actually served in the military. so he showed his identification papers and his military i-d to the man. :29-:35 "nats of arguing-- at that point in my opinion, he should have said sir.. i'm sorry. thank you for you i would have got up and walked out." the man shared video of the confrontation on facebook-- which got the restaurant's attention. he says officials from the company called him yesterday and apologized. they also told him the manager was put on leave. v a k-9 officer in south carolina has some much needed protection this morning-- and his new body armor has a special tribute to one of our community heros. 6 year old badger is the only k-9 officer in orangeburg. recently the nonprofit "vested
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service dog a 2-thousand dollar body armor. on the underside of the vest it says-- "in memory of k-9 nicky, las vegas metropolitan police." nicky was stabbed during a standoff in february. he returned to duty a month later, where he was killed in a shootout with a murder suspect. right now - dozens of large wildfires continue to burn across the southeast. eight states are battling the smoke and flames with north carolina and georgia hit th officials believe most of the fires are the result of arson and at least one person has been arrested so far. abc's elizabeth hur has more on what's next for the affected areas. raging flames.. tearing across the southeast.. have more than three- thousand firefighters.. battling 42 wildfires overnight.. all fueled by the drought in the south.. and many believed to be man-made. sot - gov. pat mccrory/nc: "we do also ask
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may have started any of these fires." at least one arrest so far.. including 21-year-old johnny mullins.. who warned people on facebook to beware of flames.. sot: "there are some forest fires here in eastern kentucky!" the aspiring weatherman later allegedly confessed he set the fire in eastern kentucky.. to get more facebook followers. the remaining suspicious fires.. are still under investigation.. in north carolina.. the situation so dire.. a mandatory evacuation is in place. sot - john cook, fire forecaster: smoke also prompting air quality warnings.. code red in western north carolina.. and orange in parts of georgia. sot - jim suttles, north carolina resident: "it just went in my lungs and i had to get out of here." sot - tim smith, north carolina resident: "i've lived here all my life, 65-years, never seen it like
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but i don't seen no rain in the forecast." tag: unfortunately, there is no rain in the forecast any time soon.. and the north carolina governor is even warning.. the largest fire may not be put out until march. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. happening today -- thanksgiving is next week and already the valley is starting to get into the holiday spirit! tonight ethel 23rd annual holiday cactus garden lighting. visitors will be able to take pictures with santa and taste chocolate. you can get a family four pack of tickets in exchange for a donation of an unwrapped toy or a non-perishible food item. you can also donate money for tickets. the lights turn on at 6:15 tonight... chief meteorologist bryan scofield will be there live! let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. a large, strong storm system
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big cool-down to the area. while temps will still run warm tomorrow in the mid 70s, we will see a push of cloud cover as the system moves in. also, expect windy conditions by the afternoon with peak gusts between 40-45 mph. the cold front will push in overnight and drop high temps to the 60 degree mark on thursday. the start to the day on thursday will be quite blustery and diminish as the day progresses. to our east by friday, temps will stay a bit below normal in the low to mid 60s. expect sunny skies in friday. high pressure will warm the area back up to the upper 60s and low 70s for the weekend and the start to next workweek. however, another system will start to approach the area
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and at this point it looks like we could have a slight shot at rain on monday. the system moves east by tuesday. happening today -- fox news anchor megyn kelly's the stores....and she's revealing it all! 048 it's a very personal's revealing it's been under an embargo! coming up -- we're bringing you some of the juiciest moments from the book and her
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you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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releasing her memoirs today where she's opening up about her alleged sexual harassment by former boss roger ailes. but she's also talking about her rocky relationship with president elect donald trump. abc's george stephanopoulos has a look at how it all wen d sot//megyn kelly august 6, 2015 rnc debate @ 21:10:40 on dmac nyu147831 - you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals it was one of the most talked about moments of the presidential campaign - megyn kelly versus then candiate donald trump sot/donald trump august 6, 2015 rnc debate @ 21:12:18 on dmac nyu147831 what i say is what i say and way you've treated me but i wouldn't do that [gfx] but a torrent of insults followed - trump calling kelly a "bimbo", "unprofessional" and "crazy" sot//donald trump cnn
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dmac gmem081115001 - you know you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever." sot//donald trump on this week dmac item gmem081015002 - i was referring to nose, ears they're very common statements and only a deviant would think focused on me that i became the story and, you know, you never want to be the story when you're a news person, you want it's revealing it's been under an embargo! the kelly file anchor reveals her encounter with the now president elect actually began 6 months before he announced his run gf claiming he began a campaign to "charm" her with offers of trips and personal notes and that trump offered other journalists " clearly meant to shape coverage." [end gfx] nat ap1604132083600 - i had a meeting with donald trump at nearly the same time kelly found herself again part of the story after former colleaugue gretchen carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against fox chairman roger ailes ailes denied the allegations but soon the network moved to terminate him
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harassment did stop and he was by never forgetting who she is and always settling for more up about her relationship with donald trump and what she thinks of him as president-elect. 2:50 listen there's no question....03:17 charming piece to him. she also spoke about her alleged harassment at the hands of roger ailes saying he tried to kill me three times. while president elect donald trump continues to draw criticism for his team choices president obama is taking his final trip overseas... hear what he had to say about
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toys. a new list of most dangerous toys just released and we'll have it for you -- next. and we're on top of breaking news in oklahoma city where we now know a southwest airlines worker was shot and killed at will rogers airport.
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all flight in and out of the airport are suspended at this time. . we now know the victim was a southwest airlines employee michael winchester and a son of kansas city chiefs long snapper. at one point oklahoma city police said there were possibly searching for a second victim. right now airports officials believe the shooting was an no threat to the public. they have shut down the airport and the surrounding streets we are staying on top of this and will keep you updated on air and online. to our political coverage now -- donald trump's white house is shaping up - and his decisions over who will stand beside him on his team are under fire. this as president obama's final trip overseas is overshadowed by questions about the new president elect. abc's maggie rulli has more


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