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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this is his youngest... at 11, the full story plus the father's reaction as he watches that video for the first time. if last night's wind didn't get your attention.. maybe round-2 should do the trick. the mercury is about to take a nosedive across southern nevada.. but how low will it go? 13-first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield is in the weather center with more bryan. friday will be off to a cold start across all locations of southern nevada and arizona. in las vegas the overnight low, or morning temperature will be 41. clear skies though out the day will allow the sun to warm up a freeze warning is in place for western clark and southern nye county (including pahrump). also for central mojave county (including kingman).
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involving a man who police say used candy to lure children. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin read through the arrest report and joins us with details. stephanie. many of the details are too graphic for us to tell you about, and others are simply disturbing. the report says jose azucena in his apartment complex, that they knew him as david, and that he offered them candy. in one case... the report indicates a victim says he took her into his apartment,, where he tied her up and taped her mouth shut before sexually assaulting her. police say he also told victims he would harm or kill their parents if they told anyone. victims told police he also had them watch pornographic videos on his phone with him. police arrested azucena for kidnapping, lewdness with a minor, and sexual assualt of a victim younger than 14.
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a shooting..... at a valley apartment complex overnight has one family afraid..... this is a look...... inside the apartment behind the one.... that was shot up. bullets ripped through the walls and into their kitchen..... leaving the mom..... living inside the apartment with a horrifying thought of..... "what if?" 20:11:01-20:11:06 "that's the first thing i thought of what if my kids would've been in that pantry? what if my kids had been up?" (butted to) i'm not finna subjct to that." fortunately... no one inside the apartment was shot. police are now looking.... for the shooter. new at six.. would you want your child reading this? this is what a henderson elementary school teacher assigned to students.. and it has some parents furious. 13 action news reporter david schuman is here to explain why they want the book removed from class. david. the book is called bad kitty for president. a chapter book...more than 100
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system. page 76 is where the issue starts. talking about the money in a campaign -- it says "a billion dollars! holy %#@$" 13:51:34 "it's supposed to be "s-h" word." fenix ohman reads these symbols... and his mind jumps to a word that needs a bleep. they're in "bad kitty for president" -- a book assigned in his third grade class at james i gibson elementary school. pages later...there are the symbols this time -- he thinks the f-word. 13:53:17 sonya derossi, fenix's aunt "my reaction was of complete shock. i've had 4 children in that elementary school. my job as a parent is to keep my child innocent as long as i can but if i'm fighting the schools what chance do we have?" 13:05:53 nick bruel, author of "bad kitty for president" "she can take offense but honestly i'm not entirely sure what she's taking offense with." that's the books author...nick bruel. he believes the symbols are vague and unharmful. read as a bleep word or not
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13:46:27 amanda knapp, parent "i think that parents nowadays are way too sensitive and that exposure teaches children and if your child knows not to use those words, it shouldn't be an issue." fenix knows not to use bad words. he read the page out loud... 13:50:41 "presidential campaigns can cost more than a billion dollars." ...and skipped the symbols entirely. 13:52:07 fenix "because i'd never seen any bad words in bad kitty for president until i got to this page." his aunt says she would rather be safe than sorry. to teach that to them in third grade. they're going to find out on their own. we don't have to hurry it up for them." fenix's mother says the teacher told her the book would be pulled from the assignment. the school district says it reviews all formal complaints about this kind of thing -- but nothing's been filed for this book. steve? parents of students at culley elementary school are breathing a sigh of relief tonight after it went on a brief lockdown. it began when officers started chasing a stolen car and the suspects suddenly took off on
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so the school was immediately placed on lockdown. caught in a nearby neighborhood. steven strombotne, suspects caught in front yard 15:32:39 i was surprised, hoping they weren't in my backyard, i saw the officer here with the 2 kids 15:32:51 all four suspects were arrested. police say they are all under the age of 18. a construction project this weekend is going to hae completely shut down.... in both directions!!! 13 action news anchor..... yasmeen hassan has a look at a place..... you'll want to avoid.. and... how to get around.... the problem spots. a mom says.... a clark county judge.....
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all wb lanes blocked.
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a mom says.... a clark county judge..... ripped her family apart!!! video leaked from the courtroom shows... a heart-wrenching scene. contact 13..... chief investigator darcy spears.... is on the case. calling this a case of bullying on the bench. there's no doubt custody disputes are emotional and life changing... show court video ...but could a judge's actions and words directed at a 12 year-old girl make things even worse? 2:41 child can i please see my momma? please? judge annie stop! i've already discussed this with you. it won't do any good. you're just upsetting yourself. the dramatic video gives us a
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court that few see and fewer will believe. :30 welthy: my daughter was not listened to, her voice was not accusing this judge of crossing the line. 7:43 marisella: disrespect, unfairness... butt to 10:50 i don't think she's fit for that bench. she's hurt too many famlies. :22 (video 3) annie can i please see my mom? jh you already saw her. she just left. annie you don't understand. i love her. please don't do this to me. darcy 10 pack tag and it doesn't end there... in our contact 13 investigation, you'll see how the judge threatens this little girl with what sounds like jail time. that's tonight on 13 action news live at 11. an attack on campus at of unlv. we'll explain happened.. and why some students are now reluctant to walk alone tonight. and.... with one major high-tech company halting operations.... here in nevada... many students looking to enter
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are concerned! how clark county is putting their fears.... to rest. and count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast and first and only on 13 action news. we'll be right back.
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crime alert.... in their e-mail today... telling them to keep an eye who may have attacked a girl... on campus. 13 action news reporter.... marissa kynaston has the details... from police. take vo students on campus on edge today-- after police say-- a girl was attacked tuesday night. they say she was walking to a campus parking lot-- when somebody grabbed her by the shoulder-- then hit her in the back. luckily-- she did get away. but now-- police are sending out a warning to other students on campus. take sot jessica hernandez unlv student 14:14:59:26 i kind of
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14:15:09:28 marissa tag these emergency phones are scattered across campus-- all you have to do is press this button and help will come. we'll put more tips on our website-- ktnv dot com. thousands of tech jobs could be leaving southern nevada. see how students here in clark county are preparing for a future that apparently won't include faraday future. plus... an officer under investigation.... for something he did on camera what happened .....just moments after this.... that could end up costing him.... his job.
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face during an arrest. the woman's boyfriend says they were in the process of moving when officers tried to arrest the woman on an warrant. she reportedly told the officers it was a mistake and
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administrative.. pending an investigation. it was supposed to be..... a billion dollar economic engine.... for north las vegas... but... as we first told you yesterday... "the faraday electric car plant" is now.... on hold. 13 action news reporter..... tom george has more..... on how students hoping for similar high-tech jobs are moving forward! tom lead in well if those high tech companies are willing to come to the valley, students here are ready. theyre even getting all the hands on training t theyre only in high school. sot some people just think that high schoolers are just dumb kids just getting passed. but in this classroom... nats these students are already ahead of the game... sot we started on these little circuits and now we're soon going to be moving to these giant machines. sot electricity is kind of fascinating... so. southeast career technical academy... working with college of southern nevada to start students on electrical and manufacturing classes early .. giving them college credit... and hoping to market them towards high-tech jobs across
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supposed to be faraday future.. but the electric car company that was planning a billion dollar expansnion has put that project on hold.. it's a setback... but one experts says is an isolated case... sot electric cars is a very risky and a very competitive business so just because they can't make it doesn't mean the whole issue is put to rest. state projections are still confident the manfacturing sector in the valley will grow... and colleges are banking on that happening... sot we would not have done this had we not believed that there's going to be a demand for this kind of a skilled workforce. speak... sot you'll be ready though? haha yeah, sooner rather than later for me. i like it that way. sot now this program has been so successful, they're expanding to more than 100 students next year. in henderson, tom george, 13 action news. air quality warnings are in place right now across north and to make matters worse.. 9 new fires were reported today. 45-thousand acres have burned.. just in north carolina. wildfires in the southeast are rare this time of year.
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conditions across much of the country.. and it's keeping firefighters busy in what is supposed to be their quiet season. --jennifer smith / national interagency fire center: "it's just dry the forecast they've provided and the drought conditions are going to continue throughout the country and hopefully we'll get the snow pack that we need but they haven't forecast that we're going to receive that kind of wet winter."-- investigators say many of the fires right now in the southeast are human caused.. and may even be arson. friday will be off to a cold start across all locations of southern nevada and northern arizona. in las vegas the overnight low,
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clear skies though out the day will allow the sun to warm up the temperature to 64 in the afternoon, still a few degrees nye county (including pahrump). also for central mojave county (including kingman). because morning lows will be so chilly, checking your 4 ps is a good idea! pipes, pets, plants and people! any exposed outdoor pipes should be wrapped and insulated. outdoor potted plants and pets should be brought inside for warmth. in las vegas we are not going to freeze but elevations above outlying typical cold areas might by friday morning. by the weekend, high pressure will take over again and mainly sunny skies and light winds will be common. high temperatures look to rise but only to the upper 60s and low 70s. monday may bring a small chance for rain with the approach of a new disturbance but models are not all on the same page just yet. but this system will help keep our temperatures in the mid 60s. parents put their child's life
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from contact 13 tonight... a new study..... that's breaking down which
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fake news on facebook outpaced legit stories leading up to the election.. i'll show you just how much.. and the fight to keep you from being duped. and.. don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming.. video on demand and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store and in google play.
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year"..... for its promise of bringing long-range electric driving.... to the masses. at an estimated price of -30- thousand-dollars.... the bolt will be less than half the price of the only other cars..... that can go more than.... -2- hundred miles..... on a single charge..... the tesla model -s- and model -x-. the tesla model -3- won't be available..... until the end of next year.... at the earliest.... while the first bolts are due in showrooms.... next month. good news for parents tonight... chances are..... the booster seat you're using for your child.... is doing its job. today... "the insurance institute for highway safety" released results..... from its latest round of
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received.... the top rating of "best bet." that's a huge improvement..... since they first started safety testing.... -8- years ago. it means.... the booster seats provide..... a good seatbelt fit for children..... ages -4- to -8-.... in almost any car.... mini-van.... or s-u-v. and.... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers.... any weekday.... between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is.... everyone's heard the expression 'don't believe everything you read'.. and it's turning out to be more true than you might realize. "the now's" todd walker takes a closer look at the growing problem of fake news online. --looklive pkg full=-- journalists like myself have been howling about fake news on facebook for years.. but now we know just how bad it got.. a buzzfeed analysis shows that in the last three months of the campaign.. the top viral fake stories got
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stories.. combined it took off in august.. which happens to coincide with when facebook got rid of its trending team.. which would filter and choose the top trending stories.. here are some of the biggest offenders.. a story that that claims wikileaks confirmed hillary clinton sold weapons to isis.. here's a big clue that something might not be reliable.. it uses lots of caps.. and promises a bombshell.. this site.. ending the fed is responsible fake stories.. and it only came online a few months ago.. how much reach do these stories have? --vo-- some trump supporters are boycotting pepsi because a fake story alleged the c-e-o told trump supporters to take their business elsewhere.. the c-e-o never said that.. she congratulated trump on his win.. but did condemn the ugly rhetoric of the campaign. --on cam-- and a journalism professor has published this list.. which continues to grow of not
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satiracle or just clickbait sites.. facebook and google within the last few days have said they will now work to combat fake content.. for the now, i'm todd walker. buzzfeed estimates fake news on facebook was shared.. liked or commented on more than 8.7 million times in the 3 months before the election.. compared to 7.4 million for real news. all but 3 of the top 20 fake news stories were anti-clinton a lot of interesting names.. including some former rivals.. could end up in the administration of president-elect donald trump. next on 13 action news live at 6:30.. find out who showed up at trump tower today.. and how the vice-president elect is already reaching across the aisle. and... strong winds yesterday..... brought cooler temperatures today... why things are about to get.... even worse... tonight. everyone he came in contact
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the scene of the crime..... is inside.... a luxury manhattan apartment the trump transition team is denying reports of infighting.. as we get a better idea who could find high- level jobs in his administration. but first... there's a chill in the air... a the mercury is only going to continue to plunge.... into the weekend!!! 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield is tracking the cold front moving through. friday will be off to a cold start across all locations of southern nevada and northern arizona. in las vegas the overnight low, or morning temperature will be 41. clear skies though out the day will allow the sun to warm up a freeze warning is in place for western clark and southern nye county (including pahrump). also for central mojave county


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