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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and las vegas finally knows the name and logo of our new nhl team. after months of the name game... here it is... "the vegas golden knights". tonight.. it means our new hockey team is a big step closer to dropping the puck on their inagural season next year.. and begin their quest for the stanley cup. 13 action news reporter... bryan callahan is live..... outside..... "the t-mobile arena".... as fans of all ages..... get into.... the team spirit. bryan. there were thousands of excited fans packed into the plaza here to see the golden knights logo were more excited then the youngest fans that now have a hometown team to root for. nats moments after the vegas golden knights made their presence knows... fans were rushing to become part of their kingdom... and embracing the city's new sports identity. "i think the team name is cool." "the logo is awesome.
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family was among the thousands in the crowd anxious to see what name and logo team owner bill foley chose. foley saying he was astonished by the turnout that had fans filling the nearby parking garage to get a vantage point. "unbelievable, unbelievable." the milton's say they were ready to support the team regardless. "it is going to be great for our community, and it does give our kids a team to look up to." mike milton says since the second las vegas got a team his boys couldn't "both boys all of a sudden wanted to play more and more. so they played all summer." the greyson and kellen will embrace the game even more. "hope my favorite part is passing and scoring." foley obviously hoping his players do a lot of that as well. the celebration isn't over yet foley saying he plans to hold another unveiling to show off the
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those dates haven't been set yet. reporting live outside t-mobile arena bryan callahan 13 action news. merchandise for the new team is flying off the shelves.... tonight.. down at..... t-mobile arena... hats and beanies are already... sold out. we caught up...... he could..... get his hands on!!! 115-119 i'm going to be a die-hard fan, i'm a huge hockey fan 137 it's going to take time..they did really well with the logo on the team gear.... by shopping "n-h-l on-line". hoodies range from.... -60- to - 80- dollars. and... hats and t-shirts will run you... $25 dollars. 07-12 music playing...booing nats not everything went off as slick as ice. you could hear the crowd booing after a video of the team's journey wouldn't come-up on the jumbotron.
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but.. you can still see that video on the golden knights website. if you can't get enough.. we have some extra digital content on including a timeline of hockey in las vegas... and it began long before the vegas golden knights. breaking now.... one person is dead..... after a shooting.... near twain and nellis.... just hours ago. a single shot fired... and... a man found lying in the street..... is all metro.... has to go on.... right now.. 13 action ne carla wade is live... on scene with more.. carla.. police say the victim is man who appears to be in his 20's or early 30's. witnesses say they heard just one gun shot. someone called police and two good samaritans who also heard gunfire rushed outside and discovered the victim lying in the street. they performed c-p-r on the man until first responders arrived know what led up to the shooting or a motive. a witness saw a dark colored sedan driving away going west on nellis. if you have any information
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stoppers. an update now on a story we're following closely. according to the owner of a smog shop near sahara and eastern.. the holding up an employee has been arrested. the technician at jiffy smog says the gunman got away with his phone and some cash last saturday. new tonight.... "they can do whatever they want to me, i've faced cancer, i've looked at in the face, i can handle it, but these are my children." only on.... 13 action news ... a bishop gorman mother speaking out... after her son is suspended! this..... after the varsity football player..... refused to stand.....
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13 action news reporter.... mahsa saeidi live in studio... with why he did this... and.... reaction from the community. mahsa? tricia ... the family shared .... just some of the letters of support ...they've received. that teen says ... at first ..bishop gorman ... was his dream school. but then slowly... things changed. protest "homecoming week." bishop gorman school pride ... in every corner of their house! "these are the spirit shirts." but now -- "this i had to take off the car." trying to be strong." kicked off the football team ... put on a disciplinary contract so severe .... she had to pull him out. "i'm incredibly protective of my kids." the trouble started at the gym... during a veteran's day assembly. "i did not think anyone saw me." dylan says -- inspired by the 49ers' colin kaepernick -- -- he too choose not to stand during the national anthem. "i did this, i prayed to god, i said god, you know, we need you
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lost his grandpa ... a veteran. and also quietly protesting --- he says -- because as a minority -- he feels unsafe post-election. but in a statement -- the private school said it came down to respect. "i have the utmost respect for veterans." "they're making a huge huge sacrafice that not many people are willing to make." "kiss, love you." most troubling to this bi-racial devout catholic family -- they say -- despite the divisive election ---there were signs... hats... and shirts. "(people had political things at the school?) yes. the school." "they were saying things like, we got our country back." dylan says that made many of school... he loves.... a better place. "i wish that they would be willing to listen, and have some compassion." in addition to be kicked off the football team -- dylan was banned from appearing on the school's tv program. he was assigned to write essays ... apology letters ...and enroll in counseling.
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different school. mahsa saeidi, 13 action news. tonight... we're getting results..... for people.... who say... they've been living without hot water.... for -3- months.... at "veterans village". it's an update to a story..... "you asked us.... to investigate". just hours..... after we questioned.... the owner.... about why water has been immediately.... to install... a new water heater. he says.... the complex.... is in the middle of a major and.... they've had plumbing issues. just in to 13-action news.. thieves target a valley family for their christmas decorations. if you look closely.. you can see the men walk-up to the house near cactus and jones.. unplug the mickey and minnie mouse decorations and haul them off. tonight.. ashley leach says the thieves took more than decorations. ashley leach decorations stolen 20:58:38:16 i did it morally for the neighborhood and the neighborhood children and i feel like they just ripped out the christmas spirit.
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video so she can get her decorations back. "you ask... we investigate".... "if they saw it maybe they felt a little shamed and that's why they took the steps so immediately" action taken..... after this video.... of a pit bull..... trying to hide from the rain.... goes viral!!! just hours..... after 13 action news..... exposed concerns..... over treatment of the dog... changes are being made!!! 13 action news reporter...... gina lazara is digging deeper..... into what's being done.... for this animal. gina... neighbors feel a little bit at ease tonight now that the dog dog house..... but they say the barking and the extremely long hours outdoors --- have not improved. this is the video that caught the attenton of thousands of you over the last 24 hours. a pit bull....hiding from the rain.....under any little bit of shelter he can find. nats: "hey! kiss kiss" the dog's neighbors say -- it's a frequent sight. mike burke alleging the dog is left out for two to three days a time....comfortable calling
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good boy" but tonight -- mike and the neighbors are a little more hopeful. mike burke, neighbor "now they have a dog house for him. that was the big thing" after our story aired.... mike says the dogs' owners went out and got him this water dish....and this little dog home. mike burke, neighbor "if they saw it maybe they felt a little shamed and that's why they took the steps so immediately" but it's not all raindbows and butterflies. nats of barking despite meeting clark county regulations by having shelter an mike says the barking and the excessive number of hours the dog is left outside --- still have not changed. mike burke, neighbor "that goes on all night long" ralph mansch lives down the road from the dog. he calls himself a pit bull guardian --- running his own rescue here in las vegas. ralph was close to confiscating the dog after he saw the video last night. but now....he says....he will give the owners a second chance. ralph mansch, "pit bull guardian" "if he's willing to make the changes to make it
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not -- he is not afraid to take those drastic measures. ralph mansch, "pit bull guardian" "if that's what it takes that's what i'm going to do" mike and his wife knocked on the dog owner's home for the 13th time answer. they've left notes and asked them if they can help take care of the dog. but to no avail. gina lazara 13 action news. word tonight from donald trump advisor kellyanne conway is.. the president- elect does not plan to pursue an investigation into hillary clinton's private email server that's a 180 from a campaign promise to put clinton behind bars. trump says it's not something he feels very strongly about right now. the president-elect dropped by the new york times earlier today to meet the staff and talk with reporters 'on the record.' according to one reporter.. trump said he felt he'd been treated unfairly during the campaign but wanted to improve his relationship with the paper. he also said he is trying to distance himself from the
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developments.... on that school bus crash...... in chattanooga, tennessee.... that left -6- children dead. for the first time... we're hearing from a parent.... of one of the young victims. 1:00-125 and i finally got the word... there was nothing i could do. johnthony walker is in jail.... charged with.... vehicular homicide. police say... faster..... than the posted -30- miles.... an hour limit. pole.... wrapping around a tree. investigators say... walker had just been an another accident... two months prior. an update on a deadly waterslide accident in kansas.
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plans to shut down its 168 foot slide after a 10-year-old boy was killed during an accident this summer. the verruckt had been promoted as the world's tallest waterslide. investigators are still trying to determine exactly what caused caleb schwab's fatal neck injury. some incredible surveillance video from a high-end jewelery store in new york. watch as it takes two men only seconds to ransack the place after smashing several display cases with hammers. police say they got away with 300- th watches. held hostage.... in their own neighborhood... people in one part of the valley say.... their once.... peaceful streets... are now being over-run..... by rowdy kids!!! surveillance videos..... around "silverado place" shows teens out..... at all hours of the night. ... the teens have destroyed the pool.... played with security cameras and even keyed.... one of their cars. metro has talked.... with their parents... but... neighbors say...
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the hoa doesn't do anything the cops don't do anything the parents obviously won't do anything.... yeah kinda screwed the h-o-a says.... the damage left behind is racking up.... a pricey tab... that could fall... on homeowners. charleston a lot of hunters around southern nevada are expressing their disgust over the discovery of 8 dead deer.. left to rot near mount charleston. the department of wildlife says no meat or antlers were taken.. leading them to believe the animals were killed illegally by poachers. the deer were discov 3- week period in september. the hunters we spoke with say poaching is the ultimate violation of the spirit of the sport. 14:13:58 landon gallegos, hunter "why would you do it? there's no point in doing it...just to kill." a 3-thousand dollar reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest. dating app robbery a warning tonight about online dating apps. batlimore police say 3 suspects.. using them to lure men to rob them. police say they're using apps
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set up dates. it's happened 3 times this month.. and the suspects are often carrying a gun. fortunately.. the robbery victims weren't seriously injured. from contact -13- retailers are working hard..... to roll out the deals.... before anyone else!!! and now... "cyber monday"... kicks off... at midnight... on friday... for walmart. . so... what are the best deals??? phones... and toys.... the number crunchers recommend..... waiting until.... thanksgiving and beyond. use tools like.... camel camel camel..... which automatically alerts you..... when prices go lower. and... "price blink" flags.... the best deals... when you shop. more than... -7- hundred thousand mini-vans are being recalled.... tonight.... because the sliding doors could suddenly open.... while it's moving.... because of a latch issue. it affects.... the toyota sienna models.... made between..... 20-11 and 20-16. the company doesn't plan on notifying.... owners of the problem.... until mid-january.
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heinz is issuing a recall.... on it's gravy! hundreds of jars were mis- labeled.... as heinz pork gravy... but... might actually contain.... a different gravy.... that contains milk and soy... in it. if you have the product... you can return it.... for a full refund. just because something looks nice on the outside doesn't mean all is well on the inside. that's something 13-action news chief investigator darcy spears sees all the time in her dirty dining reports.. and it's what you're about to see right now. leticia's cocina ne tule springs looks lovely. but the popular, upscale mexican restaurant known for its freshly made food got stung by a 32-demerit c grade... including food that was not so fresh. 9:58 darcy: they noted that a lot of stuff was held past its seven-day shelf life, so technically expired tamales, birria, beef, cauliflower. expired food always makes people cringe. 10:31 leticia: and we revisited that and we went through training and all our staff now
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or not, it goes. inspectors also found a fly swatter on a food storage shelf and clean equipment stored in dirty containers. 13:46 leticia: the staff is just kind of getting a little too complacent and it's my job. the biggest problem at leticia's was food at unsafe temperatures including crab, sour cream, ceviche, tamales, guacamole, vegetables, shrimp and corn. 9:24 leticia: we closed. we took everything out. she says the walk-in cooler went down. you c picture, save for some food debris on walls and shelves. when inspectors arrived, it was filled with uncovered food subject to contamination. 12:08 leticia: obviously the lids weren't there and pico de gallo they had just made it and they wanted to cool it and unfortunately, we missed that part. they also missed a kitchen fundamental. 10:59 d: they noted improper handwashing. that's one of the basic things that can spread foodborne
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leticia: oh absolutely! and i tell you what--when they walk in, it is nerve- wracking, and i even get so discombobbled. leticia said the c grade hurt the whole staff. 12:50 leticia: it's devastating! everybody works very hard and believe me, this is the bread and butter of many. and we take it very much to heart. so much so that it seems they tried to hide it. inspectors left the c grade clearly visible on the wall, but a few days later, a customer posted this picture on yelp showing been taken down and partially obscured from view. leticia says they've changed procedures and retrained the entire team. as for her customers... 13:22 leticia: my message is that i am so sorry and this will never happen again. our two imminent health hazard closures were both at the jw marriott on north rampart. the lodge bar and pantry were shut down for having no hot water. at the pantry, inspectors also found tong handles touching crackers--which contaminates the food.
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was clogged. darcy tag: the marriott lodge bar and pantry and leticia's cocina are all back to zero- demerit a grades. darcy spears, 13 action news. 2-3 seconds of water gushing a ruptured water main...... triggered a massive geyser this morning.... in los angeles. the water actually shot over some buildings..... including the hollywood historic hotel.... on melrose. several nearby properties were also flooded.... by the water... no one.... was injured. high pressure is coming back to the southern nevada region today! this means sunny skies will be common along with temperatures ranging between 62 and 67 degrees. luckily, winds will be mild; ranging 5 to 15 mph out of the southeast with no gusts expected. mostly sunny skies will continue through saturday with a weak
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the northeast. this means the back end of high pressure which will allow cooler air to be filtered in from the north. by thanksgiving, high temperatures will range between 60 and 65 degrees and just about hold there until sunday. by sunday, a front passes over head and clouds will build along with a breeze. temperatures will drop a little further; ranging between 58 and 63 degrees into monday. 13 action news.... "the nevada highway patrol".... and "findlay toyota"
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10- and -20- dollars..... during "the 13 days of giving". we officially kick it off.... friday... we will have donation bins all over the valley.... including... here at h the complete list is at.... k-t- n-v -dot- com. he planned to rob a convenience store.. but he had know idea what he would be going up against. sot - simon mellor, owner, simon's market 16:29:29 i figured, i'll give it a go and happened next. and... could our n-f-l dreams.... be slipping away... what big hurdle could potentially keep the team..... from moving to las vegas!!! a would-be armed robber.....
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when the store owner fights back. on the video... and... jumps in to take the man las vegas. today.. the oakland mayor announced a las vegas. today.. the oakland mayor announced a framework deal to keep the raiders in california. the group is being led by former raiders star ronnie lott.. build a new stadium to meet some of the demands by team owner mark davis. "i've met with them dozens of times over the past year and so now to have something come up at the 11:59 hour, i mean i just dont see it as being realistic." it's also worth noting.. this oakland deal between the mayor and lott's group.. not the team. we haven't heard much lately about hoverboards catching on
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of guys in south florida. up next.. hear what one man had to put out a fire.. caused by..... a burning hoverboard.. and... he got some help.... from a swimming pool. a florida home..... nearly burned down.....
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a man living in the home said... he thought he heard gunshots. turns out.... his roommate's hoverboard was on fire..... and.... burning through a mattress. so.... he waisted no time..... throwing the bed into the pool... below. it was like some roman candle fireworks if we weren't there the whole house would have burned down. the consumer product safety commission recalled hl because of faulty batteries. the government warns... no one should buy a hoverboard.... with a "u-l" label. the f-b-i has closed its investigation into child abuse allegations against actor brad pitt. the complaints were first made after an incident involving one of pitt's children on a private jet back in september. actress angelina jolie filed for divorce a day later. she's seeking full custody of the couple's 6 children. we'll be right back with a final look at your wake-up
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for this edition of 13 action news.... live at -11-. next.. and remember.. we're always on.... at k-t-n-v dot com... and... on the k-t-n-v mobile app. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel 13.. good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live? red special. tonight, bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, kristen bell, dj khaled, neil patrick harris, halsey, herbie hancock, and the killers. and now, ready or not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are here on a special night, you are here and you are watching our second annual red benefit show. tonight, we've teamed up with bono from u2 to assemble an


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