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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  November 23, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good wednesday morning. one day before thanksgiving. we're taking a live look outside right now at the very busy mccarron airport where holiday travel is in full swing force. man, did you see the line up outside >> yeah. busiest travel day of the year. >> it is. there are a whole lot of people. and not only that, but my boss mentioned to me yesterday that las vegas is one of the top destinations for thanksgiving travel. >> of course. >> so like it's happening. >> it's happening, baby. >> yes. >> it's happening. >> it's happening in more ways than one. there are so many things happening. first of all, a baby announcement. on the "morning blend." >> right there. collins eric, shawn tempesta's
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shawn and marsha, they're happy, healthy. >> they're happy, they're healthy. this little guy was born in the middle of the night and mother, father, and baby are all doing well. we wish them the best. look at that. look at that little guy. >> adorable feller. >> you will note he has quite a bit of hair. >> shawn said on facebook, of course, shawn always making self deprecating jokes. my baby already has more hair than i do. a new era. >> congratulationses to shawn and marsha. >> a lot of things have been happening the last 24 hours. >> yeah. >> a lot of excitement. here in town and also on one of our favorite shows, "dancing with the stars." last night it was the finale, laurie, youngest ever. >> 16-year-old girl. >> look how happy she is. >> but i mean, i could have called this one of the she's an olympic gold medalist. she's absolutely exceptional.
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well as extreme leetlented. >> yeah. >> almost unfair really. when you think about hartallented and how coordinated she is, so fit. >> it's true. >> she equated it to winning a gold medal. she was on jimmy kimmel and that's what he said, i would not want have wanted to be on the show with you. >> yeah. >> because how can you compete with that? >> no. no chance. >> she did a great job. let's talk about the big announcement that was made holy >> everybody is talking about vegas golden knights. we finally have a logo and a team name. and people are talking. they're not afraid. to express their feelings. some people love the names. some aren't as thrilld about it. what do you think? >> i got to be honest with you. so when they first announced it, i was watching it live on tv. my first reaction was, really? golden? like i don't know. to me, i guess because i just came from california, i kind of thought he was golden state
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is the golden state. then as i thought about it a little bit more, i started to like it more because i thought of the vegas committeation and gold. gold is strong. you were telling me it's not the las vegas golden knights. it's vegas gold knight. >> he wanted to take the las off because he felt vegas is how the locals referred to the team and the name of the city. and with four words in the name, not as catchy. >> here at doing poll. 2300 people have given their opinions on our facebook page. 53% hate the name. 47 love it. >> we'll have to keep track of it. sound off. >> either way, we have a team! >> bravo! >> if we win, everybody will be cool with the name. >> that's right. we want to hear from you about this. are you happy with the vegas golden knights? share your comments on our twitter and facebook pages. and you can also the links on "morning blend" com.
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on the air. >> that would be awesome. >> hey, guys, beat the holiday bulge before it starts. you've heard of laser hair removal. tattoo removal. but did you know you can also laser off unwanted pounds? the new phase lairs medispa has the very latest in fat reduction technology. >> joining us now sarah lopez, vice president and co-owner of phaze laser medispa. good morning. >> good morning. >> hi! >> how are you? >> welcome back. >> thank you. thank you. we're so excited to announce -- we've been announcing, skull amsure is one of the more advanced technology when is it comes to body sculpting. and there is a lot of different options. i actually wanted to address one of the main questions that we get, whether it's during the consultation or clients that call and want to know the difference between cool sculpting and sculpture. >> yes. two different procedures. >> two different procedures. very similar.
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same. so we're kind of glad about that because we don't want people to choose based on cost. that should never be the case. do your research. see what is more suitable for you and your lifestyle. so to answer that question, cool sculpting uses more of a freezing method. hence the name, cool sculpting. sculpture we use heat to destroy the fat cells. the reason why that's so important is because of the side effects. with cool sculpting, it's like a suction cup. so we describe it as a not only is it cooling and freezing your skin, your muscles, your nerves, as well as injuring the fat cells, with that comes swelling, bruising, a little bit of pain and soreness, versus sculpture. there is no down time. the applicator lays flat on the skin. you feel a little sore like you worked out and a little tender.
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go work out, drink plenty of fluid and no side effects with that. this is the reason why we chose this. >> very interesting. your body actually breaks down that fat. take us through the procedure a little bit. we have some pictures here of sculpsure. so this is the device that goes -- >> correct. she has four applicators on her. there is that are placed on her abs. again, it's just on the skin. there is no suction. there is nothing of that nature. just lays flat on the tummy. that's her area of concern, so that's where it was placed. the treatment is 25 minutes. within just one treatment, you get 25% to 35% fat reduction. >> this is one treatment here. >> yes. >> is this before and after photo. >> yes. this one here, they focused on
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>> the bra fat. >> we don't know how else to describe it. the little folds. it takes about two to six weeks to see results from the first treatment. we destroy it with the laser and then you allow the body to eliminate it through the lymphatic system. >> it doesn't hurt at all? >> it doesn't hurt at all. >> it's like a miracle. >> you feel a cooling sensation throughout the procedure. and if you too tender at the time, we control the settings. so that you have a very enjoyable -- >> if you're feeling it's working and you want to -- >> if you want to, it really all depends on the individual. so if you want to crank it up a little bit or you want to reduce it, we can definitely modify the setting. >> you see surge over the holidays? >> exactly. >> probably in two weeks you'll see a surge? >> or january. >> right. we really year round, to be honest, because sometimes
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you can't get rid of that stubborn fat. and so people come in yearlong and definitely for the holidays and we're offering some great specials now. now is the time to come in and get that treatment done. >> specials and you have a grand opening coming up. >> we do. we have a grand opening december 8. so we'd love to welcome everybody to come. please come. take a look at our beautiful facility and there will be plenty of drinks and food and a great time. >> we talk about your toy drive? >> yes. yes. >> tell us about it. >> we have a toy driv started last week. it's gonna go all throughout the month of december -- november and december until december 8. we're gonna collect toys and give them over to the saint jude ranch. >> phenomenal. >> which actually i met through you. >> there we go! >> yea. >> real quick, do you have special offers? >> yes. black friday. come in, receive 50% off any treatment, whether it's hair
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care, sculpture. >> awesome. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> good luck with the grand opening. >> thank you. >> again, the black friday special at phase, receive 50% off packages for hair removal, tattoo removal, skin care and sculpture. phaze laser medispa officially opens december 8. they're in village square on west sahara. for more information, call or visit the number and web site on your screen. still to come on the "morning blend," a picture bo boys ii men. we chat with the four-time grammy award winners then. you're watching the "morning
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the holiday season is upon us. and wouldn't continue nice to
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stress? here to help us do just that is victoria borton vice president for lifestyle products and services at aarp. thank you for joining us, victoria. >> thanks, glad to be here. >> so listen, for many of us, one of the most stressful things about the holidays is hosting. whether it be just a few people or some of us have our entire families in our house. do you have any advice on how to get through that without being overwhelmed? >> absolutely. so the most important thing t remember is to enjoy it. you're spending time with friends and family, but if you do have guests, make sure the pantry is full. your fridge. you've got easy snacks available, the bar is stocked. do a little cleaning every day so you're not waiting 'til the last minute. and if you have overnight guests, one tip i like is a couple days before hand, stay the night in the guest room. you may find i want to update these pillows or i need extra
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stray cobweb in the ceiling. >> that is excellent advice. i'm going to take you up on that as well. can we talk about shopping lists? sometimes it can be overwhelming. the stores are so full this time of year. do you have any advice for how to avoid stress when i'm doing my holiday shopping? >> yes. it's really about setting your budget and putting your list together. we still have plenty of time before the holiday so get these lists and budgets. if you are going to brave the malls, make sure you've got water and snacks with you so you're not a tired, hungry shopper. and mix it up with some online shopping as well. and you can go and get some early ideas at aarp we put together a holiday section with great gift ideas. >> i love the advice about bringing water and snacks on a shopping trip. i will add to that by saying
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>> exactly. exactly. >> i know you have some other great resources for holiday shopping. could us? >> absolutely. so at in our holiday section we've got great savings from top brands in a variety of categories. so whether you're shopping for a fashionista, travel enthusiast, you'll find great ideas in catego jewelry. we've got travel gear, fitness gear, electronics. we even have meal delivery services. so maybe you just outsource the whole meals. but you'll get great ideas and fantastic savings. if all else fails, we have a great gift card shop as well with hundreds of brands to give someone you may not know or to have extra gift cards around for some unexpected gifts that you may need at the last minute.
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suggesting reach out, get some help. like it takes a village to host a holiday, right? >> absolutely. you've always got a dishwasher in the crowd. don't go with the crazy menus or a new recipe. it doesn't have to be perfect. stick with the favorites. get people to help you out. they want to. but most importantly, they just want to spend time with you and you with friends and family as well. >> i love it. great advice. we'll go back to what you said in the very beginning is make sure that you any final advice on how to really grab on to the essence of the holiday, which is spending time with family and enjoying the moments? >> i think it really is about not being perfect and be sure to take a little time for yourself. my favorite is spa services. but get a little extra workout in. drink plenty of water. but it doesn't have to be perfect. just enjoy it. >> thank you so much. this has been a very fun conversation.
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now to take on the holiday season. where could we go for more information? >> for more information please visit for great gift ideas. and sign up for our e-mail. you can get them delivered right to your e-mail box. >> victoria, thank you so much. for some of the best holiday resources and find out how to reduce and avoid all the stress of the holidays, visit the web on your screen. each week the panda guys of peters legal advice on our show. they say if you want to keep your home, short sale should be your last option. they add, most people who qualify for short sale programs or even short sale and stay programs will also qualify for a loan modification and possibly a balance reduction. let the attorneys at peters and associates help you find answers. the panda guys are located on south decatur at flamingo. to learn more, give them a call or visit the web site listed. you can also find them on facebook and twitter.
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there is an amazing new technology that can change the way you see yourself in the mirror this holiday season. with the holidays approaching, we all want to look our best as we attend parties, get togethers and family gatherings. fortunately, our lifestyle expert scott defalco is here to show us an easy way to get rid of undereye bags and wrinkles. welcome, scott. >> j.j., get ready to be wowed again. the first time i came here i know it blew you away. it's just been picking up so much momentum all over the country. plexaderm is where it's at. you just are going to be amazed at the results. >> it's awesome and such an important area of our face. it really shows if you're tired, yes, if you're looking a little down. it shows under your eyes. >> yes.
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look, i'm excited about this and i'm a guy because guys deal with this just as much, if not more than women because they don't wear make-up. their bags can get even bigger. i brought a video to prove that. we used a man in this video. i call him richie. you remember him. >> i remember richie. >> my good buddy richie bags. what you're going to see overt next three or four minutes is just incredible. he obviously he's got some issues going on under both eyes. he's rubbing the both eyes. we're coming back in real time to show you how quickly it works. in four to five minutes, it's completely gone. >> amazing. tell me about the product. what is it made out of? how does it work? >> it's funny. people are so interested in the technicalities it, most people will just say, does it work? they're really interested in how this product is so effective. first of all, it's derived from sill indicates in the shale rock. it's in this formula. researchers -- i carry that all over the country with me just to show people this.
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in this shale rock. researchers and scientists have been work ago very long time on this. that's why it's so good. but what it does basically is that when you rub it into your skin like you saw richie do, what happens is that the molecules in the formula, they weave together and as it dries into your skin, it actually tightens your skin, smooths it out in that area, so it creates this nice invisible line, smooth contour under your eyes and also, even though it's specializes in the eye bags, it works on your forehead lines and crow's feet. >> oh, i believe i have a few of those. >> these are things -- gravity sucks, jj. we've talked about this. >> it does. >> it he affects us all. everything droops and sags. and we got to counteract that. this is a way to do that. it's completely topical, no injection, no doctor visits. >> that's good thing and it seems to work really quickly. >> within ten minutes, most people five minutes, the results are gonna take police and again, getting into the technicalities
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what this does over time. people can relate to this when we bring up collagen because people will go and get collagen injections for this very reason. >> yes. >> so they're familiar with that. and what happens is that the collagen is responsible for the cell structure in your skin. when you're younger, it's all nice and smooth. but over time, it degrades and when it degrades, that's what causes the bags, wrinkle, the sagginess and a lot of people will go to the doctor. they'll get -- i don't know about you, i hate needles. they're painful. plus really nobody wants to go through that. so this is a way to counteract that. it's completely topical and like you said, it works in minute. >> it's something that is really interesting is to see before and afters of people, because nothing proves a product like before and afters. i believe we have some video and images. >> yeah. we have plenty. here we go. that really says it all. we can talk all we want. but look at that. the bag is completely gone. that's a guy. this is a woman right here. you know the funny thing is
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try to rub these areas with make-up, it can make it worse sometimes. >> it does. i'll tell you why, because you actually just cake make-up on to the skin and it makes it look even more wrinkly. it's amazing issues some of these results, it almost looks like it's a little balloon and then it deflates. >> it takes the air right out of it. again, the technology is so advanced and here is another great thing about it. there is other products out there that do this. and they've even shows. but they say that the results from their products are two to three hours. and i was like, well -- >> thousand this last? >> six to eight hours. so this is gonna get you through your whole day or if you're out on a date. >> something you do in the morning. >> yes. i'll take you through the morning. you're getting ready. here is what you want to do with plexaderm. first of all, you'll put it on a clean, dry face. i'm sure you were probably going to ask me about make-up because women deal with that and men, like me in front of the cameras.
9:24 am
clean dry face, put the plexaderm on just like you saw richie do, who we'll come back to in a second. then what you'll do is put the plexaderm on and wait about ten minutes. there he is right there. >> there he is. >> look at that. j.j., it's halfway gone. we're just coming up on two minutes. i was in the room. >> that's amazing. >> i was in the room with the executives, we were all nervous. and after two minutes, we were like oh, my god. wait in another couple minute. what are the specials today? the "morning blend" viewers? >> yes. for the "morning blend" viewers, call the 1-800-number on your screen, or go to we have a 40% off buy two, get one free. plexaderm. we also want to suggest maybe you'll get this because it's an oilless based moisturizer, which you want president obama put on after thes -- you put that on. and then you put your make-up on.
9:25 am
>> incredible. should we check back with richie? >> why not? we showed him at his worse. it's gone. >> we were amazed and we did the other eye just so people know we didn't send him out looking like that. >> thank you so much. it's such a great holiday gift as well. >> it really is. >> give your loved one the gift of bright eyes right now. plexaderm is offering 40% off. and you can take advantage of this buy two, get one free promotion. for more information, head to on your screen. thank you so much, scott. >> thank you. >> all right. now before we head to break, live the life of a true las vegas high roller. tour five of the city's most over the top hotel suites for an experience money cannot buy and best of all, to offer -- it's all for a good cause. it's for the junior achievement. you'll see a one of a kind penthouse designed by lenny
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head to the web site on your screen for more information. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream...
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it's official. the holidays are here and who could use a little extra spending cash? grab that cigar box full of old coins and head down to nevada coin mart. neil sackmary can turn your junk into cash. >> that's right. he's a legend, folks. legendary, iconic neil sackmary. >> great to be with both of you. i can't thank you enough for being here. tremendous. >> absolutely. big things are happening tomorrow. tomorrow in the newspaper. >> yes. >> a lot of neil sackmary. >> so here is the thing. i posted a thing on -- never enough. whatever you're doing enough, you always want to do double.
9:29 am
journal. i have four full page ads in the review journal for the holiday gift guide which goes out to hundreds of thousands of people. every single person that gets the las vegas review journal will see my ad four times. it's a big -- >> i'm sure it is. >> right. so then we have the party this weekend, which is tremendous. 92.3, 97.1. we're giving away $50 every nine minutes and 71 and $50 every nine minutes and 23 seconds from 11:00 a.m. until 3 p.m it's tremendous. we're gonna be -- so many people are coming that we're gonna be giving money to you for turning your stuff into cash. we laugh and joke. we did before. we went on the air. shawn's baby, we're very excited. we did the hypnotic trance because it's so exciting and people get excited when they come and see me!
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recognize. that i'm talking to you and that you need to pick up the phone. or you need o stop drinking the kaupp of coffee or put down the doughnut and immediately come in and see me. you haven't seen this. but let me tell you. when i'm on the "morning blend," people come in and they go, let me tell you, i put down my cup of coffee and immediate lead got in my car. >> wow. are they waiting for you? there is a line? >> every single time i get back. last saturday we had 61 phone calls for people that because they had a question. if you have a question, the phone number is on your screen. you need to pick up the phone because everybody's got a question. >> i've seen you in your element. i've been to nevada coin mart. it's amazing to see people come. they really want to learn. you have the signs behind it. you have the top of the line materials, all the best equipment. so people know you're not messing around. >> 100%. i have three 55-inch monitor attention. when you come into nevada coin
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pause we are here for the community. we are premiere sponsor for the 3 days of giving. they filled the car with toys. >> we're so happy! >> it's tremendous. people are loyal to nevada coin mal and i show that loyalty to them because i'm there to see you every day, 365 days a year. >> i want to mention, we're proud of how many toys you've already collected. >> tremendous. >> you are doing a really good job. people can come by nevada coin >> yes. it's tremendous. people are bringing so many gifts. we got know three drums. they gave us one. we filled it up so fast, that now we have three. so it's tremendous. >> another thing people call and ask a lot about, especially with gold prices the way they are right now, is gold. >> gold. >> i got some gold for you. speaking of the hockey team, we would like to hear your take on the vegas golden knights. >> neil sackmary buys gold, silver and costume jewelry.
9:32 am
the thing is the misnomer is this, if i was to say to you, you have costume jewelry, you'd say it has no value. if i was to say to you you have silver jewelry, you would go it's a white metal, very little value. if i was to say you have gold, you would jump in your car and immediately come and see me because you say i have a lot of value. so when it comes to name, it's a name of strength. other metals, even though they might have that, do not show the world strength. goldlw >> so you're a fan? >> big fan. i'm a big fan of hockey. >> you know what? we can all embrace that name a little bit more. >> glazer's. let's talk about that. sell $200 or more, you get a $50 gift certificate. we were talk being that before. a lot of people go in there and take pictures of me with my full size cutout. it's tremendous. neil sackmary buys gold, silver, costume jewelry, coin, collectibles, rolex watches, broken or not.
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so when you want to sell a diamond, we've been buying so many diamonds, colored diamond, yellow, brown, green, any kind of diamond. any shape, any quality. certified, not certified. doesn't make a difference. you need to immediately stop what you're doing and come and see me. >> day before thanksgiving? i'm feeling it. >> here we go. get ready. >> this is the preday hypnotic trance. i am talking to you. you need to listen to me. my name is neil sackmary. you see me on the "morning blend" 358 times. and when you come and see me, i will provide you cash. put down the cup of coffee. stop what you're doing. really, stop. stop what you're doing and listen to me. neil sackmary buys it all.
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but i'm just telling you, bring in everything. >> it pains me, but you've got to stop what you're doing. nevada coin mart can give you a big return on what you don't want anymore. for more information about them, visit their location on jones just north of flamingo. you can call or visit their web site. we love you guys. >> still to come, "morning blend" getting in the christmas spirit. boys ii men coming up in a bit. stories on what makes this valley a special place to live if you just click on the positively lv tab under sections. from special reports to deals at restaurants and more, check out the web site for your insight into las vegas.
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the holiday season is upon us and everyone wants gadgets this year. we're going to give you a heads up on how to shop for the most innovative and best technology toys. joining us now to talk tech and trends for the holiday season is gadget girl jamie sorcher. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? and j.j., you are right, it is a tech feast this season. it is the biggest season ever for gadgets. 68% of u.s. shoppers, according to the consumer technology asci a tech gift. that's 170 million people. so if you see a tech gift out there you like, i would say get it. buy it and make sure you've got it. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. i know you're really on top of the trends. can you share some of the trends with us for the season? >> definitely. connected devices are one of the biggest trends. and that's what i have here today to show you. i'm gonna start here with the nick's play wi-fi cloud photo frame. these let you share and enjoy your favorite memories with
9:38 am
instantly. we like to take photos. but they gather virtual dust. now you can upload from your computer, smart phone, i know, or social media like facebook and instagram. you can create play lists, add captions, and with ten gigabytes, you can display up to 25,000 of your best images. as you can see, the frames are stunning to look at. they're pretty. and they come in a range of sizes and colors. that's great gift for anybody on your list. >> jamie, i got my mother one of these for her birthday this summer. i thought it was so personal. and it's very highly rated. love it. >> absolutely. that's exactly who is going to get this gift because i have one that i've been playing with and that's exactly who is getting it is my mother. hopefully she'll plug it in and not touch it. because i don't want her to disrupt anything. >> that's what i have the password for my mom. i'm like don't worry about it. i'll handle it. >> that's right. i'm going to go in, plug it in and that's the gift for her. and then another connected
9:39 am
& noble nook tablet 7-inch. and it thank is the most affordable nook ever. and i'm gonna tell you the price in just a second. first of all, this is a lightweight android tablet. it's got an lcd, 7-inch lcd screen, front and rear facing cameras, blue tooth, expandable memory. quad core processor. super fast. you have full access to the google play and nook stores for millions of apps, books, movies and tv shows. this is couch potato stuff here. you can just hibernate all winter and you can personalize it for up to six different users. you will definitely want to head to your barnes & noble of the it's 49.99. you can order now and pick it up on november 25. >> what? >> i know. that's an insane price. that is a great gift really for anybody on your list. >> you know what jumped out -- for me about that? let me interject. i would love to travel with that. it's such a great size for in the carry-on. >> yeah. you make an excellent point.
9:40 am
it's lightweight and again, that's perfect because you can have access to all these different things to keep you busy. a great device and the pricing is really incredible. good for you and one for someone on your list. and then for the whole family, the grand piano, cgp 700. why not hit a high note this holiday season? this is easy to use. i know, i had president obama put a pun in there. to. it's got a built in 550 built in tones. 200 rhythms, easy and it has a -- at the center, you can see the casio touch. so you're gonna feel in command of your performance, which is very important. and it also has a 88 note scale hammer action keyboard to give you that real feel, the same touch and response as a concert grand piano. and then if you're into hover boarding, surfing, kayaking, you're an adventureous girl, you
9:41 am
okay. so this the vivitar 794 action cam. let's you shoot full high definition action video and it has a 120-degree wide angle lens. it's compact, lightweight. perfect for outdoor use. comes with the waterproof casing, the helmet mount. and, of course, built in wi-fi so you can immediately upload to all your social media networks and share with friends and family what you've just done because you've got to be able to gladiator about this stuff. there is more information on all these gadgets on my web site. >> jamie, like music to my ears, thank you so much for your great suggestions. love them. >> absolutely. happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you, too. for more information on the cool tech toys jamie just shared with us, check out jamie's got a >> thank you, jj. before we head to break, do you know someone who truly makes a difference in our community? you can recognize them now with
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get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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health insurance is important for protecting your health and financial future. navigating health insurance to choose the right plan can be crucial and difficult. here to answer some of these biggest questions we have when picking a healthcare plan is america's family financial expert, lek and dr. omar latif. great having both of you. >> thanks. great to be with you today. >> thank you. >> great to be with you.
9:45 am
finances. what do consumers need to think about when choosing health insurance and try to make it work out financially? >> it has a huge impact on your finances. even one broken leg can cost $7,500. and currently in the united states, medical debt is cited in almost half of all bankruptcy. so it can take a huge toll. so some of the things you need to look at right now is number one, look at your budget honestly. when you're doing that, consider your premium, your out of pocket expenses, and your deductie. you're looking at all of this, then you can help make the best decision for the health insurance plan that you're gonna select. >> absolutely. open enrollment is a good time to think about our healthcare needs. why is now the best time? i guess in june a lot of us don't have the option to really change, do we? >> i can tell you as a physician, having health insurance is linked to better health outcomes and the reason for this is your preventive health is covered. so getting your annual physical,
9:46 am
cancer screening, this can help your doctor pick up on small things before they become major once. let's say you have heart disease. we have nurses that can work with you to make the right lifestyle choices to stay healthy. >> fantastic. obviously open enrollment now, there is insurance nuances. my open enrollment starts today. and my employer, not mirror at the tv station, but the radio station i work at, everything has changed. the plan i had is gone. we're starting everything brand-new. what are some of the nuances we should keep an eye on? >> well, absolutely. i think one of the things that you need to look at as well as others is what's coming up in the next 12 months in your family? because that will depend on what kind of plan you're going to get. for example, are you welcoming a child into your family? do you need reconstruction surgery or something like that? because when it comes to options whether you're securing your own plan or whether you're looking
9:47 am
qualified and eligible for medicare, it's important to look at some of the different options that are available to you. another thing that you might be qualified for is some of the viewers today is the whole idea of financial assistan. so there are insurers such as that can help you, as well as application assistor, navigators or brokers in your local community. they can all help you pick the you and your situation. >> absolutely. that's why there is more than just one option because everybody has different situations. doctor, i know that anthem is really stepping up as far as helping consumers get the care they need and helping to figure out exactly what it is that they should be looking for in a plan. tell us how they can get more information. >> let me speak as a dad before i speak as a doctor. make use of technology. that's very important.
9:48 am
connect to a physician 24 hours a day using live help online. if my son spiked with fever in the middle of the night, i can get advice from an expert rather than me trying to do it myself. >> awesome great. having both of you. thank you so much. we discussed a lot today. we'll send people to the web site so they can learn more. thank you so much, guys. >> thank you, shawn. >> if you want to learn more about open enrollment and how it can affect you, go to enrollment. j.j., over to you. >> 'tis the season for holidays parties and pop-ins from friends and family. here with advice on how to turn am the meet had zest to injure holiday, entertaining expert is here. welcome. what is your best advice for holiday entertaining? >> my advice is have a theme. have games. make sure that everybody gets together and plan ahead so you can enjoy your own party. >> what about holiday beverages? >> keep it simple. i like a signature cocktail or punch. i love to cap off a wonderful
9:49 am
coffee. a true bean to cup experience, a new automatic is my personal bury at that. it makes the perfect coffee from whole beans with a press of a button. >> what else do you like to serve? >> family traditions, but i think -- and one that i don't ever mess with is my classic green bean casserole made with dell mon i love treats from frito-lay. pretzels in chocolate and peppermint. lay's wavy potato chips covered in chocolate. >> thank you. it all sounds delicious. entertaining expert, thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
9:50 am
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we've been talking about it all morning. boys ii men and their new animated christmas special. >> that's right. j.j. and i got the chance to sit down with nathan and wanya morris yesterday. take a look. >> four time grammy winning r and b trio boys ii men are getting animated this holiday season. this friday the snowy day premieres on amazon prime. it's based on the 1962 children's book by ezra jack keith. >> that's right. joining us now before the premiere, nathan morris and wanya morris. hi, guys. >> what's happening? >> so you guys are getting animated for the snowy day. >> yes. we are animated. >> cartoons. great outfits.
9:53 am
it's all good stuff. >> i understand you wrote a new song for the special. can you tell us about that? >> the song is called "snowy day," which is the title of the actual book and video now. and it's a very diverse song. talks about the snowy day and the holidays and things like that. it's a three-part acappella which is really rare for us because we normally do a lot of musical stuff. we want to do keep it simple. wants to do try to create a melody that was very conducive to w us. and one that you would sing when the story is over. it's one of those songs that when it goes off, hopefully you'll be singing the snowy day theme. >> the melody is very catchy. the story line is very compelling. it actually teaches kids -- it's not holiday season is not about just gifts and what you can give. it's about family and spending time together and true love. >> how do you guys come up with the idea for the song? did you work with a producer?
9:54 am
a few people. and again, it was more melody driven than anything. we know watching a lot of these animated cartoons and things like that the key song is always important. being part of a lot of disney stuff that we do every year, we understand that the melody is what drives it and not only is the animation great in this book, we feel like the melody kind of makes it all go over the top. >> there is so much great talent narrating t longhorns fishburg. did you get to work with any of them? >> we did our part in the studio. went in and sang the songs and created it. and we are just happy to be part of a great cast. we're definitely in good company. >> this is great. you're get us in the mood for the holiday season. we love your holiday music with boys ii men. do you guys have a favorite
9:55 am
>> yeah. i like silent night. but i like joyous song. i think that's a great record written by shawn on the christmas interpretation album. it puts it all in perspective for me. i love it. >> you guys are so busy or on the road. you're here in vegas at the mirage. killer show if you haven't seen it, by the way. what are you most looking forward to this holiday season? >> hopefully getting home and getting some rest. >> yeah. >> sleep is good. sleep will >> unfortunately, i'm working somewhere. >> pretty sure. >> so much fun talking to you both. thank you so much. happy holidays. the "knowy day" holiday special premiers this friday on amazon prime. man, that's a catchy song. >> yeah. >> those guys were cool. >> they're awesome. they're philly boys. where i grew up, everybody loves boys ii men. freaking out all the time. >> they're been laying down
9:56 am
>> the show is great. >> yeah. i haven't seen it yet. >> we're gonna go. >> you gonna take me? >> we are. i thought you meant you and i are bff's 'cause we've had a week together. >> yeah. it's been a lovely week. >> thank you so much for stepping in. >> you make it so fun. >> amazing. >> there will be more to come. but while we waited for baby tempesta, who has arrived! collin eric. >> congratulations again to shawn a >> yes. absolutely. a healthy baby boy. >> have a great thanksgiving, jeff. >> thanks. you as well. >> are you going to do any cooking? >> i am not. cooking on crutches, that would be extremely difficult. i'm the most bachelor dude. >> there is one thing you can make well. what is it? >> breakfast. i make a mean omlette. >> omlette? >> that isn't really cooking. >> that takes skill. you're talented. >> what about you? are you seeing family? >> i'm going to be with a massive group of family. it's gonna be like all family
9:57 am
>> nice. >> yeah. >> going crazy? >> i try to do little meals like all throughout the day and ending with pie and then i have to have pie twice. you got to have pie twice. you know. it's all about the pie twice. >> you can laser it off the next day, right? >> i keep my weight off walking my dogs. walking my dogs is what i do. >> great to have you guys here in studio with us today on the day before thanksgiving. >> absolutely. yeah. and the golden knights, hearing -- >> the golden knights. >> they're here. i loved hearing the neil sackmary story and validating the name with being strong. so can't wait to see it. it's very exciting time in las vegas. >> that was a good perspective he had. today on the view, if you're looking for a great pie recipe, speaking of pie, jeff, martha stewart has you covered. that's today at 10 right after us. what a perfect day for her to be on the view. >> yeah. absolutely. coming up, thursday on the
9:58 am
with what? crash course in what to serve with your turkey day feast. >> very important. are you a red wine or white wine? >> red wine all the way. love it. any red wine. >> i like prosecco myself. >> all right. >> bye, guys, have a great
9:59 am
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