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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  November 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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? so make it everything ? ? you want it to be ? ? it's yours and it's mine ? ? it's a great day to shine ? >> ah, yes, it's turkey day. hello, everyone. thanks for spending the morning with us. hopefully everything is cooking, you haven't burnt anything yet. >> no, and hopefully you went to the store and bought everything you're going to need for today. >> yes, otherwise if you go right now, it's gonna be very busy. shawn tempesta, hello. >> that's true. i'm jj snyder. how'd you do with your thanksgiving shopping? >> generally what i do, i just pull the old glaziers deal. >> yeah. >> we go to glaziers, it's an awesome situation. you put in an order, they make everything for you, and it all comes in situations and you just -- it's like, hey, turkey, just put it in for an extra two hours. done, it's beautiful. >> nice. >> i have not had to do -- i did the turkey from scratch thing once. >> oh, man, that's serious. >> not worth it. >> you have to prep for that. >> not worth it, i can't do it. >> well, i am lucky to be spending thanksgiving with a lot
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mom, who's still really the matriarch of thanksgiving in my family. >> oh, man. >> and she does everything. well, actually, i was gonna say everything from scratch except that she insists that you must get a pumpkin pie from costco. >> pumpkin pie is delicious. >> yeah, but costco. >> let's talk about the pumpkin -- the pie myriad cause you got your pumpkin, you got your pecan. >> oh, yes. >> which is, you know what, every time i go to any single holiday thing and there's a pecan pie, most of it's still left over. >> people don't eat it, but really, that's the best pie. >> is it? >> and i would say -- i'll take a third slice of each and some whipped cream and go to town. >> apple could be take it or leave it. if it's made from scratch and it's really good and it's got that nice sugary awesome crust. >> oh, with a little cinnamon. >> phenomenal. >> yeah. >> if it's that store bought stuff, i have no time. i have no time. >> well, that's the case with a lot of things. >> but pumpkin pie, it's just good. >> isn't it good? >> pumpkin pie, just a little dollop, boom. something to eat while you watch your uncle and your aunt argue
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it's all so much fun during the holidays. >> i know, i know. how's the family dynamics in your house today? >> oh, it's so bad. >> what's it gonna be like today, shawn?tempesta in italian means storm, so it's usually somebody gets their feelings hurt. >> a little fired up? >> it's a very italian, very loud situation. now here in las vegas, because a lot of that italian fiery stuff is over there. here it's been very peaceful. generally no politics, but back over there, oh, oh, oh, man, no. there's one person that leaves >> oh, no. >> all the cousins. we take it over under like who's the one that's gonna be hurt? is it gonna be uncle? is it gonna be grandfather? is it gonna be --. >> i tell you, it's tricky cause you think, oh, it's the holidays, but sometimes it gets a little contentious when family gets together. i'm gonna be with my mom i mentioned, my aunt joan, and my cousins, house full of cousins, and we, after we have a meal outside, which i love dining outside on thanksgiving. >> awesome, not everybody can
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>> i didn't grow up dining outside on thanksgiving, so that's a huge treat, but we're gonna -- we did this last year, we're gonna have a tennis match. yes, no, we're gonna play tennis, so we're all about the game playing, and it gets competitive in my family. >> interesting. >> yeah,yeah, yep. >> find out if she has a black eye tomorrow, we'll know what happened. >> oh, wish me luck. >> there we go. want to hear from you about this, what are your thanksgiving day traditions? you can share your comments on our facebook and twitter pages. you can find links to those at comments live on the air. >> and why not? she's a little country. she's a little rock. siana king has been performing in las vegas since she was 16 years old, and you may know her from her single, "girls rule". >> and she was here on the morning blend stage earlier this year. she's back again to prove it once again. miss siana king, how are you? >> i am great. how are you? happy thanksgiving. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> it's great to have you here. >> oh, it's so great to be back. >> you're gonna be digging in a little bit earlier.
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a little bit later. nice. >> oh, yes. >> so introduce us to the band first of all. >> all righty, so over here on guitar we have got the amazing mr. bernard buswell -- bernard! >> bernard. >> we have on base jay yasgin. >> hey, jay. >> and bruce, who actually just joined us a little while ago. we got bruce honniball. >> handsome man might i add. >> how are you? >> loving the hair, it's good. >> and his drum kit, ah! >> takes a long time to load up. >> that is serious. >> yes, and finally? >> and of course we got mike anderson, my second guitar player. >> awesome. >> beautiful. mike, what do you think, you a pumpkin pie or pecan pie guy? >> probably both. all: both, both, both. >> okay. >> there's no -- nothing wrong with being a pie -- fan of all pie. >> aficionado. >> so let's talk about you and your music and how you got started. how did this whole thing start for you? >> i moved out here when i was six years old, and i started
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i want to say like 13. >> wow. >> when i was in eighth grade, i joined a group called show choir, and it's the group that gets up pretty early and you sing and dance and do all these songs together, and that really inspired me to do something and make me want to become a singer, so i want to school of rock, las vegas west. >> oh, cool. >> on flamingo, right? >> yeah. >> yeah, absolutely. >> yeah, that's where i went and i went there and i met rob cornway. he is actually the drummer for "the saints of las vegas" right now. >> oh, yeah! >> he plays with ben vesket. they've been in here a couple times, and he introduced me to brett who introduced me to my manager mark, and it just took off from there, and we've been doing so much. >> wow, you found your passion at a really young age. >> oh, yeah. >> that's so cool. now, you've played at a lot of the venues around town. >> oh, yes. >> so what are some of your
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>> fremont is definitely one of the higher ones on the -- >> the crowd is gonna be eclectic. >> yeah, yes, the crowd at fremont -- you never know who you're gonna meet. that's the thing. you get people from canada, you get people from, you know, across the seas. you never know who you're gonna meet. >> and then you're like playing for naked spider man. you never know. >> yeah, you never know who the entertainers are there. >> you coming up as well, don't ya? >> i do. we have one two days after thanksgiving. >> okay. >> november 26. that is actually at the hard rock live on the strip. >> awesome venue. >> we're gonna be on the third stage, and we're on the big stage there. we're bringing in a country line dancer. she's gonna be giving line dancing lessons for free, for free. >> i am so ready. >> she's ready, she's dancing
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>> i can take you. have you been line dancing? >> i have not been line dancing. >> oh, shawn! >> oh, my goodness! >> i'm from the east coast. what do you expect? >> no, it's a great time, i'll have to take you. >> oh, boy. >> yeah, seriously. we're all gonna have to go. >> they haven't found a cowboy hat that can fit my head yet, true story. >> oh, well my head's really small so i have the same problem. >> i see we're where going, opposite ends of the spectrum. a few more shows in december as well, right? >> yeah, we have a december 3 and december 8. those are at the house of blues inside the cafe area. that's actually for nfr. >> awesome. >> so i' to that. >> it's gonna be a great crowd. >> best view in town too i have to say. >> yes, yes, best food. oh, they have really good food. >> oh, yeah. >> eat between sets, it's a solid. >> also, "girls rule" was your single that really put you on the map, but you have a new single. >> we do. >> it's just come out. tell us the name of it. >> it's called "zip zero nada nothin". >> wow. >> oh, that's fun. >> all right. >> i'm very excited about this one. it's definitely upbeat just like "girls rule".
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a message. us girls have to be, you know, very strong, you know, women in this industry. >> yeah. >> kind of have a struggle, yeah, so we try to get the message out there, you know, be strong. if you mess with us, you're gonna get nothing. >> sorry, sorry, guys. you're gonna perform for us now? >> yeah, we're gonna play this single, are you guys ready? >> take it away, siana king. >> thank you. ? music ? ? you had your love ? ? but you never even knew it ? ? you had a heart ? ? then you went and blew it ? ? bet it all on some ? ? one night stand ? ? i never thought you were ? ? that kind of man ? ? i ain't gonna let it slide ? ? this time boy you're gonna ? ? pay the price ?
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? when it comes to love ? ? you're flat broke and busted ? ? i play for keeps, honey ? ? i ain't bluffin' ? ? you get zip zero nada nothin ? ? ? ? just sign your name on the ? ? dotted line ? ? take your old bass boat ? ? but this house is mine ? ? cough up the ? to the cadillac ? ? hey that ain't your style ? ? baby too much class ? ? 'cause you're running all ? ? over town ? ? and this is what you get ? ? for foolin' around ? ? you get zip zero nada nothin ? ? when it comes to love ? ? i'm flat broke and busted ? ? i play for keeps honey ? ? i ain't bluffin' ?
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? whoa ? ? ? ? when you add it all up ? ? you'll be scratchin' ? ? your head ? ? you had it all ? ? but all you got left is ? ? zip zero nada nothin' ? ? when it comes to love ? ? you're flat broke and busted ? ? i play for keeps ? ? honey i ain't bluffin' ?
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? ? ? nada nothin' that's right ? ? ? ? ah, honey, i told you ? ? ain't getting' nothin' ? ? ? ? it's all mine ? ? ? >> yes, that was fantastic. >> gorgeous. >> oh, thank you. >> great job, guys, thank you so much.
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>> thanks, you guys. >> see siana king live at house of blues december 3 and 8, 10:00 p.m. and check out her additional performances in december including a show at hard rock live that's happening on saturday. wow, man, she's got a lot going on. >> oh, yeah. >> check we'll be back.
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? music ? >> oh, yes. as you're in the i kitchen this morning prepping your thanksgiving feast, you know all those hours of hard work will pay off when you're munching, but your family gathers around the table to share a meal and make new memories, and our next guests are here to tell us how that very scenario is also true of retirement planning. abe ashton and nick strobelt, they're southern nevada's retirement brothers. they are here from ashton strobelt. >> here they are. good morning, guys. >> gentlemen. >> good morning. >> happy to be here. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving.
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thanksgiving. >> did you bring the stuffing? >> got a guy full of stuffing. my brother's right next to me. >> increase my belt size here. >> what are you most looking forward to today? >> food. >> yes, but which -- which food? >> i actually like cranberry sauce so i like -- >> you're the one. >> i'm the guy that tonight at midnight has already got the stuffing, turkey, cranberry sandwich. >> that's the best part. the warm rolls, get some rolls, throw them in the microwave, so not even looking forward to the meal this afternoon as much as i am tonight at about 1:00 in the morning, and then the tums that will follow about 3:00 a.m. >> ah. >> so that's kind of -- well, that'll be our cycle. >> all right, so we're talking food, we're talking thanksgiving feast, and this is a perfect analogy for retirement planning. >> let's hear the perfect analogy. >> okay, this is my theory. >> write this down. >> you don't just throw a thanksgiving -- i'm having like 14 family today. you don't just throw a thanksgiving feast together. this started, you know, this has been in the works for weeks, the planning.
9:16 am
family do that though. >> but it doesn't turn out so well. >> doesn't work so well. >> yes, so just like a retirement plan, you need to plan ahead. think forward. >> that was such a great analogy. >> yeah? >> it is a great analogy, except for in our place by the time we get done cooking the meal, the whole family hates one another, so that's where it becomes a food fight. you cut the carrots the wrong way, you overcook -- no, but at the end of the day, when it comes to preparing what you would call the perfect thanksgiving meal, it takes sometimes weeks of preparation and assigning out people to help with certain things. if you've got a sister or a family member or sister-in-law or brother-in-law that does the best sweet potato casserole or somebody else that does the best stuffing, you're asking those people who specialize in something to bring it, because if you want to have the perfect meal, you ask for the help from the people who know what they're doing. >> know what you're good at cooking. also, whatever you do, don't wait till the late minute. >> don't wait till the last minute, and so we feel that same way like you mentioned about a retirement plan which is get the right people to help you with the right components, right?
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the last minute. start putting that retirement feast together right now by saying, hey, i want to have an income stream that will not ever stop, that will last me the rest of my life. who are the best people to help me with a retirement? i want to have a tax plan so i'm not paying more in taxes as a retiree as i did as a working individual. i want to have the right person. i want to have an estate plan. i need to have the right attorneys to help me get estate plan, my trust, my wills and things set up. that's all part of this retirement feast that we're talking about, and that's what we help people organize. so we may have the tallest hat chef organizing the different specialties to make it happen, but it is very possible to make that happen. >> how far in advance should you be kind of putting everything together and being prepared? i'm assuming if you're hearing this and you haven't, now. >> exactly. >> of course, of course. >> for thanksgiving, two to three weeks. for retirement, five to seven years at least. a lot of people like to get a head start ten years before retirement so they have everything in order by the time they say to their boss that today's my last day.
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course start with the first job, right? if you're 21 years old and you have a retirement plan or an option at your work where you have a 401k contribution or maybe there's a match or something, yes, start putting the money away, but it's okay just to set that in autopilot and just have it pull out of your check every single month, but as far as actually organizing the retirement plan, this is what the first year of retirement is gonna look like or the first one hundred days of retirement will look like. that plan should happen within the decade before retirement, but we should all be contributing, even if we're not planning on retiring till 30 years or 40 years from now. start chucking that money towards it. >> glad you mentioned the 21 year-old with the 401k cause generally when you're that age, you're switching jobs quite a bit. there's a lot of forgotten 401ks out there. how do you bring a 401k from one employer over to the other? >> we call those orphan retirement accounts, because what happens is you leave one employer, you sometimes can roll that over into a new 401k, sometimes there's not a new 401k at the new company you're working for, and those become a traditional ira and people -- i mean, there are tens of millions of dollars forgotten about in retirement dollars that people
9:19 am
>> oh, wow. >> there's free money out there, that's the crazy part, so there is a way to consolidate those iras into one. roll them into your 401 or consolidate them into your own retirement plan to help later on in the future. >> it also makes them easier to manage. if you have three, four, five different jobs throughout your career and you're managing five different accounts, it makes it very difficult so consolidating them just keeps it organized and you have more control over your money. >> and i would bet you guys can help people do things like that like roll together different iras without losing a lot of money or paying a lot of fees. >> yeah, in many cases they can make money on the rollover. sometimes there's some bonuses, there's some incentives that will help people get them into one account and we can maybe even have them further ahead than where they left those last policies, those last accounts with. >> awesome. gentlemen, great having you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> all right, so if you're in that category and want to start cooking, grab a pen, write this e-mail down. it's if you want to send them an e-mail, no one is at their office today for obvious reasons, but they'd love to help
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and let them know what they can help you with. they'd love to. again, that's you can also learn more about ashton strobelt by visiting their website
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? music ? of the litter sponsored by best mattress. it's a story about a boy named buffy, a miniature poodle and shih tzu mix who's eager to love after recovering from extreme neglect. >> that's right, and here with more on buffy's story is our friend cathy jong. she's the president of the nspca, a beautiful no kill shelter. welcome and happy thanksgiving. >> same, thanks for having us. >> buff just yawned. >> oh, the buffster. he probably had the turkey, the triptophan. >> could very well, the
9:23 am
>> that's right. >> tell us, how did he get a girl's name? >> well, that -- i think like shawn said he's buff-fee. >> oh, buffster. >> yeah, buffster. >> i'm looking, i mean it's tough to confuse. >> it's more like an adjective for him. >> got ya, he's buff. >> i like it, it's like boy named sue. >> it's a great story. >> exactly, it's a great story, but he came to us -- he ran out of time at another shelter and when he came to us, he was a matted mess so we got him all shaved and we got him a dental done and now he's just little boy. >> adorable. >> absolutely. he's 11 years old, but he doesn't act like he's 11. >> acts like a puppy. >> he wants to run around, he wants to play. you know, there are perks to adopting a senior dog. i mean, they don't -- they're done eating sprinkler heads, they're done chewing on the couch. they just want to hang out and chill with ya. >> absolutely. how about with other animals? >> he's good with other animals. reportedly he's great with cats, but we have not cat tested him yet, so -- >> you really have to cat test, like you have to test your own cat sometimes. >> well, you have to test your
9:24 am
i mean, i know my cat would give my dog a run for its money so, you know, sometimes it's vice versa. >> yeah. >> hi, buff. hi buffster. he has such a great face. >> he has a great, great smile, doesn't he? >> he kind of has a young face. oh, look at that little boy bark. >> he just looks like a six month old, honest to god. >> oh, absolutely. you know, he has little markings like a little pot belly pig. he's really cute. >> a little pot belly pig. >> a little pot belly pig. >> oh. i have such a special place in my heart for senior dogs. >> senior dogs are great, great dogs. >> they are. they're so loving. >> and, you know, it's important to remember that when you get a puppy, there's so much to come along with a puppy. there's the training, there's the chewing, there's the constant, constant -- >> the pee pads. >> yeah, the pee pads, the activity. you have to keep their mind stimulated, but when you get a senior dog, they're -- you know, they're just ready to chill out in life, and they just want a companion and someone they can hang out with. >> look at the big floppy ears. so cute. >> he's the perfect little holiday present waiting to come home with somebody. >> yes, yes, absolutely.
9:25 am
>> exactly. >> speaking of holidays --. >> yes, well, when it comes to food for holidays because we end up -- when the food's on the table, we see the pets, they're kind of begging for stuff. it's almost undoubtedly somebody will take a little bit of the turkey, try to feed it to the pet. not a good idea. >> not a good idea. it's okay to give them something. like i give my dog a little treat for thanksgiving, but i'll give him some potatoes without the butter and the gravy and everything else. >> because there's a lot of pitfalls. >> there's a lot of pitfalls. dogs can't have gr can't have the sugars in the yams, they can't have onions. all of that stuff is fatal to an animal. also, if you're visiting somebody's home, if you don't know what that dog's diet is, it's probably best not to feed it without talking to the owner, because even if you want to slip it under the table, you know, you don't know if the dog is on a, you know, a no turkey diet and can only have fish or whatnot. >> and if you're doing it and uncle joe's doing it and shawn's doing it -- >> exactly. >> -- and then the dog ends up with a sick stomach. my husband has a famous story of
9:26 am
getting up on the table when everyone was out playing a game. >> oh, no. >> and eating the entire thanksgiving ham. >> oh, no. my goodness. >> yes, so you got to watch what you leave out. >> the entire ham? >> yes. >> you have to watch what you leave out and also the turkey bones, if the dog gets ahold of the turkey bones, they can splinter in their mouth coming in and going out. >> wow. >> so that can also be a fatal thing so just watch your animals during the holiday season and not just the dogs, the cats too, cause a cat sees it and they're pretty agile and can get on the kitchen countertop and eat the christmas ham also. >> absolutely. >> cathy, i would like to guess the dog's weight. we feel like we're pretty good at it. >> okay. >> and, okay, i think that he's probably 11? >> yeah, probably about 10 or 11 pounds. >> yeah. >> wow. >> absolutely. so he's just a little thing. >> he's very snugable. >> yes. >> yeah. hi handsome. >> before this, jj was a carny and she could guess the weight of anyone that came up to the booth. she did it as a living for many years. >> she kind of failed at it because she's guessing the dog's weight and not a person's weight.
9:27 am
this little one here, you're also gonna get a complimentary dog bed from best mattress. >> yes, absolutely. and i always like to say the cover comes off and it's washable, which is very important with some animals. >> already making stuff at home. i love it. >> yeah, that's right. >> if we want to find out more and adopt him, where do we go? >> come down to the shelter at 4800 west dewey drive. of course, we are closed today but we'll be open our regular hours tomorrow. you know, tomorrow is black friday so come on down, we'll be there as well. >> awesome. >> look at this little guy. he has the cutest spots. >> oh, he's so cute. >> oh, someone com adopt him this weekend. >> he loves this bed already. >> thanksgiving dog. >> i'm looking by the way, i don't know how you confused him for a girl. i'm just gonna throw that out there. >> he's all boy. >> it's great having you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> if you'd like to adopt buffy, head on down to the nspca shelter on west dewey drive. that's north of russell at decatur. a website to visit and phone number are up on your screen. >> and don't forget if you adopt her, you're also gonna get -- or him rather, you're gonna get that complimentary dog bed from best mattress.
9:28 am
blend and they partnered with the nspca for the deal. they're also the sponsor of our sleep tip of the day featured every monday. >> one more shot. look at that little guy. look at him.
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? ? >> w officially in full swing. >> yes, they are. >> yes, and we have so much to be thankful for including for many of us a little bit of time off. >> not today. >> but not for our next guest. he works 365 days a year and he's working it today. >> because frankly neil has never heard of a vacation. not one. >> yes, this is true. neil sackmary joining us now along with two guests: rebecca horcek. is that right? >> horacek. >> oh, horacek. close enough, very tough name, of las vegas review journal. also with us is sparks from
9:31 am
>> what's going on? >> how are you guys? >> very good, thank you. >> happy thanksgiving first of all. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> yeah, happy thanksgiving. >> if you're wondering, you're at home and you're eating that drumstick and you're saying, hmm, i wonder where neil sackmary is today. where is neil sackmary? >> neil sackmary is at the store like every single other day, 9-6, 365 days a year. it's tremendous. now, i know that a lot of people don't come out on thanksgiving, you know, because they're with their families and stuff like that. we try to help some families in need, you know, th store or something like that on the thanksgiving, but right after thanksgiving is when everybody goes and does shopping. >> black friday. >> and things like this and so everybody needs a little extra cash for the holidays. >> for sure. >> and when you need extra cash, gold, silver, costume jewelry, coins, or collectibles, i buy it all. and i'm really honored to be with them, both of them because what we're doing for this holiday season is absolutely tremendous.
9:32 am
about this. i mean, we have rebecca here from the rj. >> yes. >> what's happening here? what magic has occurred? >> so today in your paper, you've probably seen if you're a subscriber, if not, go up and pick up a copy. we have the great big book of savings coming out today. >> oh, yeah. it's the heaviest rj of the year. >> yes. this is definitely our, you know, biggest paper of the year and so we're topping that with the great big book of savings, which is a chance for the local community and our smaller advertisers to have an ad in the busy thanksgiving day paper. and with that we're also giving readers. >> wow. >> so if you go out and pick up the rj, there's gonna be a scratch off, and it'll tell you whether you're one of our ten $1,000 winners. >> nice. >> yes. >> wow, we have scratch offs in vegas. never thought i'd see the day. >> yeah, no, it's tremendous and nevada coin mart, i have the four inside trunk pages, which is the exact middle and then the two outer ones and so it's really tremendous. you're gonna see it.
9:33 am
in there? >> well, it's a real big secret, and that's why you got to go and you got to get the review journal today because what you're gonna find is that it's really, really a magical moment what was captured. >> i love it. >> magical. >> neil, i love you so much. >> so that leads me into comp, again, what we're doing cause this is part of our holiday weekend -- >> when i think magic, i think comp. >> -- with review journal and then also with complete lotus broadcasting. >> absolutely. >> i like that. neil, check this out, we are giving away $50 every nine minutes and 23 seconds while we're out there at nevada coin from 11-3 basically. >> wow. >> 11-3, we're doing it from 11-1, comp is gonna be there. nine minutes and 23 seconds, boom, $50 goes out the door and then from 1-3, 97.1 the point's gonna be there. every nine minute 71 seconds -- >> which is actually ten minutes and eleven seconds. >> yeah, you're rounding up. that's fine. >> whatever.
9:34 am
door there from 1-3 there. >> that's fantastic. >> so fun. so all people have to do is call, right? >> just have to come there. >> stop on by. >> and close to $1,000, close to $1,200 i'm gonna be giving away in four hours. you need no obligation. all you need to do is show up at the store -- >> wait, so you're giving away his money? >> yeah. >> that's awesome. >> giving away neil's money. >> wow. >> it's tremendous, and it's gonna get people there for the holidays so they have money to go christmas shopping. >> this is great. wow, you're like santa. >> yes. >> exactly. >> oh, yeah. >> 13 days of giving here at channel 13. you're a part of this as well? >> yes, 13 days of giving. i couldn't do what i do without the morning blend and channel 13. a huge -- one of the premier sponsors in the 13 days of giving. it's absolutely tremendous. nevada coin mart does so much for the community. you know, it's really, really important because everybody else is really in it for themselves. this is a way for us to give back to other local businesses
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traffic to the store, which essentially makes the store more money so they we can give more things back to the community and keep it on a referring cycle. >> that's fantastic. >> you mentioned people coming in to get a little extra money maybe for holiday gifts. is this a busy time of year? it seems to me really logical. >> tremendously busy but the thing is that what makes the business is having partners. you know, by us having partners that are really into the same exact thing, lotus broadcasting and also the las vegas review journal, we all have similar goals. we all want to make this holiday season really, really exciting, we want to save money for the big book of savings, and we want to get people out from the radio station to get money for their christmas shopping so it's a win win situation for everybody. >> absolutely. glaziers, still have that deal with them? >> i do. mr. g, mrs. g, and billy, they're fantastic. if you sell $200 or more, you get a $50 glazier gift certificate. i can't thank them enough for everything they do for me.
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mart, see our ad on thanksgiving day and then on saturday, it's tremendous from 11-3, we're gonna be giving away tremendous amounts of money, no obligation, just come by and see us and don't forget to get the newspaper on thursday because it's gonna be really great. >> absolutely. this is -- i mean, this has to be the heaviest rj of the year. >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. >> all those deals you're gonna be waiting in line for, you'll find them in the rj today. >> yes. >> how are things at bs in the morning? >> oh, it's awesome. >> actually, you guys were silver, right? >> living it up. yeah, silver. >> best of. the radio dj. >> we got stickers. we got stickers. those are -- that's a hot commodity. those best of stickers. >> that's fantastic. >> do you enjoy these live events? i imagine it's fun meeting your listeners. >> oh, well, when i'm giving away other people's money, right. it's the best thing, yeah. >> it's great having you. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right, this saturday from 11-1, tune in to 92.3 -- comp 92.3 the rock station and then from 1-3, you can listen to 97.1 the point. they're gonna be there at nevada coin giving $50 to
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say ten minutes or so. >> yeah, ten minutes. >> a lot. visit nevada coin mart today and every day. they're located on jones just north of flamingo. you can also call them or visit their website,, and don't forget to ask for a pen.
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? ? >> welcome back to the morning blend. does your home need major repair? do you need to sell quickly for cash? our next guest, lathe lavada, real estate expert, investor, and real estate broker for first time -- first prime reality group is here to show us how he can buy your home for cash in a snap. here with more, lathe himself. lathe, great having you back my friend. >> thank you. >> so let's talk about this, what types of homes are you buying from sellers? how does this whole thing work?
9:40 am
that sellers need to sell quickly. >> okay. >> generally the homes need massive repairs and the seller's facing some sort of hardship. a good example is a divorce, a relocation, a job loss, they've inherited a home due to a family member passing on or something like that. >> and it's not something they can sustain, they just want to cut their losses? >> that's right, they just need to get out quick. >> so why would a seller then choose this route as opposed to maybe playing the realtor game? >> again, the homes that i buy generally need thousands of dollar seller can't complete them. >> so it's the type of stuff that might not pass inspection. >> right, so an investor like myself is pretty much the only one who can come in, afford to buy those homes, fix them up, put them back on the market for sale. getting a loan for these types of property is challenging if not impossible. >> that's the problem, yeah. >> and most home buyers don't -- they don't want to buy these homes and they can't. so that's where a real estate investor like myself is beneficial to come in and buy
9:41 am
>> so you actually do go in there and fix it up? >> yes. >> but you have the money. you don't have to worry about the lender saying, you have to get this and this and this fixed in order for the money to be there. you're just paying in cash so you can take care of it on your own? >> right, that's exactly right. >> got ya. does the seller have to pay any real estate commission or no? >> there's actually no real estate commissions on the homes that i buy, and i pay all the seller closing costs as well. >> it's just a two party purchase at that point? >> that's right. >> there we go, very simple. how fast can you purchase a property, because a lot of people need it like yesterday. >> right. i've actually purchased homes in three days before. >> no kidding? >> yeah. >> it might not always be in three days but what's the average would you say? >> it really depends on every situation. every seller, every home is unique, but if the seller does need to close quickly, i do have the ability to do so, so it's based on the seller's situation and their time frame, not mine. so we make sure that we're answering the needs of the sellers. >> of course. if a homeowner is watching right now and they're wondering whether or not they should
9:42 am
cash, what's the process? how do they get the ball rolling? >> well, the best way is to call my offer for -- my office for a no obligation cash offer. >> okay. >> i have a three step process. the first step is just give me a call at my office and we'll do an evaluation, make you a cash offer. the second step is to go ahead and agree upon a purchase price, sign a purchase agreement, and the third step is then go ahead and close the sale at a third party title and escrow company so you can get your cash profits. that's important because a lot afraid that they're not gonna get the cash. >> it's not the up and up. >> exactly. so everything is done through a title and escrow company. and they're insured to get their cash profits that way. >> it's like the typical purchase without having to sign all the mortgage stuff or at least for you. >> that's right. >> that's a lot easier for you. i can assume that homeowners that are using this program, they're pretty thankful that this exists because if you need it yesterday, trying to sell it the old fashioned method and having to get things repaired and stuff like that, that can take eons.
9:43 am
situation we had was a gentleman who had cancer and he needed to move very quickly back to chicago in order to go through his treatment, and was home was in disrepair. he had a lot of belongings on the property and, you know, i told him, i said, you know, we can make this very easy for you. you know, we'll buy your home. we don't care about the condition. you don't have to make any fixups, no repairs, and we'll give you the cash. we actually did close that one in three days. >> wow. >> yeah, and he was able to move on, get his treatment. he left all of the belongings that he didn't want. i told him leave all the belongings you do not want in the property and then that way we'll go ahead and take care of them for you, and he was just able to take what he wanted, leave the rest, and we closed and he's very happy, very happy. we actually just closed on that property yesterday. >> wow. >> yeah. >> no kidding. well, you already have the dumpster so, yeah. you don't need it, leave it alone. >> actually, we closed on the sale. we fixed it up, put it back. it's already closed, yeah. >> oh, wow. he's fast. lathe, it's great having you, my friend. >> same here. thank you. >> all right.
9:44 am
your guy. (702)476-2000. again, the number's right there on your screen. 476-2000. you can call for a guaranteed quick and easy no obligation 24 hour cash offer. his website is also listed right there. jj over to you. actually, never mind, it'll be me. hey,, there you can find so many great stories in what makes the valley such a special place to live. just click on positively lv tab under sections and find special reports, deals at restaurants, the whole shebang. stay with us.
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9:46 am
? ? >> from turkey to green bean casserole, we know what dishes make up a thanksgiving meal, but what are the right types of wine
9:47 am
here to tell us is expert wine pairing gentleman kirk peterson. >> hi. >> yes. >> cheers. >> he's the beverage director with butali and bostianich, a hospitality group. good morning. are we cheersing? >> we're cheersing. >> i love this. >> when i pretend like i know what i'm doing, i go like this first. >> yes. >> but i have no clue what i'm doing. that's why you're here to help. >> you're supposed to say what you smell. >> i smell wine. >> you'd be correct. >> thank you, better than i thought. tell me about your role of beverage director -- what does beverage director do? >> so basically i'm responsible for the beverages, so we have four outlets here in las vegas and i make sure that people have delicious things to drink. >> nice job to have. >> wonderful. so we will all be sitting down to a thanksgiving dinner, many of us this afternoon in just a few hours. >> certainly. >> what are some of the pairings that you recommend? >> well, so i brought a kind of a lineup to suit many different tastes. realistically the thing about wine pairing and especially the holiday meal, the holiday meal
9:48 am
dinner is kind of a disaster from wine pairing standpoint. >> yes. >> if you were to be served a thanksgiving meal like in a fine dining restaurant, we would give you all the food in courses with the wine to pair with the individual things, like green bean casserole and sweet potatoes would not come at the same time as turkey, because they're different. >> yeah. >> so, i mean, the flavor of wine is readily apparent. i think one of the things that maybe is a little bit more difficult for people to understand from a wine pairing standpoint is that some of us use actually a lot of the structure of wine to pair with your food. from sparkling all the way down to sweet have two things in common: one, they're all very high in acid, which is very important. acid makes you salivate. the more you salivate, the more you're able to actually detect the flavors in your food. >> oh, wow, okay. >> and the other important thing -- >> and so all wines are not highly acidic? >> not all wines are highly acidic. >> but one you would pair with a meal would be? >> correct. >> okay. >> so some very well regarded domestic styles of wine like cabernet sauvignon is oftentimes done in a very ripe style, which
9:49 am
acid is lower so while it may be, you know, very explosive and impressive in terms of its flavor in isolation, sometimes when is you pair it with food, it becomes a little bit cumbersome at times. >> yeah. >> oh, that's interesting. does that mean you actually want kind of a younger wine? a wine that was harvested when the grape was not as ripe? is that what you're saying, to pair with food? >> perfectly ripe. it's a bit of a balance. like you would want it to be, like, you want to actually have wine that was harvested at the exact perfect time. >> at the right time. >> yes. >> what are we drinking right now? >> this is so lambrusco is a little bit of a maligned style of wine at this point because a lot of people remember the '70s and '80s, lambrusco was exported from italy to the u.s. and it was made in a very sort of like sweet, wine cooler kind of style. >> then people kind of got -- >> then people kind of -- taste changed and that kind of went out of fashion. realistically, real lambrusco never went away, it just kind of stayed in italy. this is what you would really
9:50 am
it is a -- it can be dry, off dry, sweet. this is a drier style but it's made as a serious wine. it's red wine that's sparkling, and it also has -- the other significant thing about the structure of these wines is it's almost entirely devoid of tannin. tannin's that thing that kind of makes the moisture suck out of your mouth. >> yeah. >> that's one of the things that tends to clash with a variety of dishes. >> i have to say you have a very elegant hold on a wine glass. you have experience there. are we gonna play a little game? >> we're gonna play a little game show here. here's the situation. we're gonna show a picture of food then we're gonna show the wine that goes with it. you need to help me try to be somewhat, you know, smart. >> prepared, yes. >> i have big words. smart. >> i will throw smart right at ya. >> all right. here we go. first picture, what goes well with a green bean casserole? >> okay, so i would say there's probably two things that go very well -- well, three things that go very well with a green bean casserole. >> okay.
9:51 am
the champagne. >> okay. >> ah, champagne. >> cause champagne goes with everything. >> yes. >> it goes with jj. >> it goes with everything. >> if you really don't know what else to bring -- >> yeah. >> -- what else so drink, just drink champagne. you'll be fine. >> yes. >> so that's like the king of all this essentially the wines. if you're gonna bring one, that's the one to bring? >> absolutely. >> and my personal recommendation is get a brute because the roses can be really, really sweet for some people. >> sometimes. i mean, the sweetness level and the color are independent of one another, but there's a bunch of crazy french language on the front label so. >> very good, just my opinion. >> if you find something you like, run with it. >> what would you recommend next? >> okay, yeah. here's the next picture and it's a sweet potato. >> sweet potato. >> sometimes with marshmallows. >> yeah. realistically i would say you want something that has some ripeness to it, but probably not a fully sweet style of wine. i'd go with a domestic pinot noir. >> awesome, very cool. >> pinot. >> we have one more picture to
9:52 am
brussels sprouts. >> brussels sprouts. >> the kids favorite, yes. >> so i mean, realistically, you want something with a little hint of green to it, so you on the white side, have a lovely chardonnay here from france. they kind of invented that. pretty tasty and then here we also have one of my favorites, this is actually from a northwestern part of italy. it's barbera, a very like supple, sweet cherries, sage, very food friendly one. >> very cool stuff. >> you know what, this has been very civilized having you here, and i think, t speaking with you, i think it would be really nice actually to slow thanksgiving down and have it in courses. >> there we go. >> that might be really nice. >> let's do it. >> we'll start a trend. >> and drink more wine. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> sir, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> remember to check out the, you're gonna see on our website past segments, facebook and twitter links and recipes and we'll have a link to this gentleman here as well. is right there. we'll be right back.
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>> 13 things to do this week is sponsored by the south point. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. if you're full of turkey and looking for something to do with the family, we've got some great suggestions for you. the ice rink at the cosmopolitan is open now. each year the boulevard pool area is transformed into a winter wonderland with ice skating, fire pits, s'mores and special winter beverages. there's even snow. the ice rink is open to all ages over the age of two and nevada residents receive a special discount. glittering lights is also open at the las vegas motor speedway. new displays for this year's drive through spectacular include the unwelcome tunnel, which is a tribute to "how the grinch stole christmas". a two story pirate ship at the yo ho ho digging for gold display. you can drive through the holiday attraction in your own vehicle or ride a special santa tram. if you want to see the full list
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do they have difficulty cooking? has their appetite diminished? any of these warning signs may indicate a need for home care services. for a full list of licensed home care providers in southern nevada, contact spotlight senior services las vegas, and they'll send you a free senior services living options guide for southern nevada or you can download their free mobile app on your smart phone to have instant access to the spotlight guide any time you need it. you want to get it, you can just go to the app store or the google play store and select spotlight las vegas. they'll connect valuable resources, programs, and services that will improve your quality of life. the senior care moment sponsored by spotlight senior services guide. you can call the number on your screen or visit the website to receive your spotlight guide connecting you to the valuable resources that will improve your quality of life. did you like all the whip cream? >> i did, yes. thank you for that, shawn. i will get you back. >> it's the least i could do. we hope you enjoy your thanksgiving holiday. >> have a great holiday, everybody. >> we're off tomorrow. >> oh, we are. >> yeah. >> that's right. we will not see you tomorrow.
9:58 am
>> yes, and we'll see you monday. >> have a second piece for me. >> please. see you later.
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