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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 24, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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time to have your pie and great holiday videos too. on this happy thanksgiving, "right this minute." >> drum roll, please. >> it's one man's turkey day pride and joy. >> just look at that bird. >> but see the moment his golden masterpiece flames out. >> there it goes. there's the fire. a little girl gets something to be thankful for. >> she just turned 4 years old. >> why that best gift ever. time to first snow of the season. >> this is making me cold. >> how old man winter moves that's ice water many those veins. we're breaking down the best on the web, including the foolproof secret to a moist turkey. >> this is so good. >> see the hardest system possible to solve a thanksgiving dilemma with a little help from
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thanksgiving day. what is the most important part of the meal? >> turkey legs. >> turkey. oh, wait, what am i thinking? >> being thankful. >> okay. everybody at the table, shut up. >> it's thanksgiving. >> we can get this party started because it is the turkey. unfortunate unfortunately, the turkey is not exempt from fails. turkey is in the oven. ready to check it. maybe it's time to come out. this fella's got h g just look at that bird. >> the problem is, the foil. you need to have something solid. >> oh, no. >> yeah, it's really full with juice. >> it's going to fold in half. it's going to spill and ignite. >> put us out of our misery. >> it's a thing of beauty, guys. >> for now. >> here it comes. there's the fire.
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close the oven now. >> close the oven door! >> well, i will give this guy credit. he did not drop the turkey. well done. >> well done for him, not so much for these folks. >> did they punt it into the oven? >> what you see is the aftermath. all over the floor. the turkey is sitting without a pan. >> i hear laughter. at least they're getting a kick out of it. >> the folks in this video, they're going to be digging into succulent fried turkey. >> too much oil. >> this has been done before. >> he's lowering it in. >> too much. >> you see that oil bubbling up. >> we got a flame. we got a flame. >> oh, no.
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too much oil, dry grass, and here you have the perfect disaster. >> greg. >> i see that down there. >> it wasn't that bad. it could have been worse. they went and got the water hose and put the fire out. the person in this last video is pretty comedy too. he's got a hammer and a knife. >> well, that went south quick. >> nailed it. >> wow. >> and lost half the knife. >> now they have a tiny cleaver. >> so family, what did we learn? >> don't ever cook, ever. >> yeah, just skip thanksgiving. >> hello, boston market. as soon as leaves start changing colors, we lose our minds. >> because it's lovely. >> especially in this case. in new york, they fire up the drone, get that camera rolling and just send that camera up so
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fall colors that are on display. doesn't matter what angle, if they're looking straight down, from horizon to horizon, all these different beautiful trees and the colors. as the chlorophyll starts working. >> i grew up in the new york/new jersey area. every time i see it, i miss it. such a fabulous time to be in that area. >> i've only seen like the red leaves on tv or on the internet or like a fake leaf you buy in the store. i would love to see that in person. >> you buy fake leaves in i'm kidding. >> michaels. >> this time of year is always kind of weird for us in the uk. we get all these american tv shows. always talking about fall. it's awesome to us. in this next video, i kind of understand it. >> wow, it's really fall here. >> oh, so that's why you call it fall. it's kind of snowing, precipitating leaves. >> this is the perfect time. you run out into the yard, there's a gentle breeze, run around the yard and try and catch leaves, see how many you can catch.
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>> i would love to be sitting on the back deck with some cocoa, waiting for the snow. the good thing about thanksgiving is not the meal. it's remembering that we have to be thankful for things. now, in the uk, they don't celebrate thanksgiving, but this little girl has something to be thankful for. this is leah. she just turned 4 years old. this video was shot on her birthday. she went to spend the night at grandma's house. when grandma her mom went outside and said, hey, dad's not coming home until tomorrow, but he sent you a present. you see, dad works out of the country, hasn't been home for two months, so there she is in her bedroom, opening the box. >> what do you think it is? >> her mom is trying to point out where she should go. climbs on the bed and tells, mom, push it. >> it's too heavy, darling.
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look, around the front. come around the front. pull that tape off. pull that tape off. open the flap. open it. what's inside? >> so she follows mom's instructions. >> life-size barbie. here we go. >> mom convinces her to get that one piece of tape she was focusing on. >> all right. go open the flap. >> daddy! >> this was a pleasant birthday surprise for little leah. >> come here. >> daddy! >> happy birthday. >> yeah! if you've watched "right this minute" long enough, you might know that the name is synonymous with cold. >> oh, yes. this dude. >> i love this guy. there he is.
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norway. swirling his liquor, just enjoying the cold weather. this guy must have ice in his veins because none of this seems to bother him. >> i'd be shivering. >> he just shook that tree all over his body. >> that's just the beginning. he looks at his outdoor trough, scooped off the snow, and -- just going to cut away the ice there and take an ice bath. >> dude, his man parts must be up inside he won't see them until spring. >> jumps out of that bath and straight into the snow. that wet is just going to make the snow freeze to you. you can see it on his bathing suit. >> yeah, his nipple could cut glass by now. >> i don't know how he does it. i guess it's just a different sensibility, if you live in norway as opposed to the southwest. >> snuggle up, nick. this is cold.
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closed captioning provided by -- 97% had firmer-looking skin at two weeks. love it. gold bond. i have a trifecta of surprises on this thanksgiving that all parties involved are so grateful for. this first one we are about to
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that this couple is having. >> extra turkey for next year. >> and what they've done is they've lit a candle inside one of the pumpkins. eventually, a very unmistakable color will show, revealing the gender. baby number one is going to be a girl. two more to go. dad doesn't have to be too worried, right? blue. >> tied now. the tie breaker coming >> funny you say that. no, it's a girl. even though at first it does look like blue smoke. >> faked us out. >> dad now probably getting concerned. three women in my household. there's one chance to get a boy. come on. >> oh, my god! >> three girls.
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new york. we are about to learn the gender of baby number two for this couple. >> so it's a girl. >> no, this one stays blue. baby number two will be a boy. they already have a daughter. congratulations to you guys. you get one of each. obviously not as easy for everybody else. >> what's behind door number three? >> oh, i will show you. this couple is actually letting us in on their entire process. they go in for the where they are going to find out the gender of the baby, but the doctor finds out, writes the gender of the baby on a little pumpkin. she puts it in a brown paper bag, which was then put in that pumpkin that someone else carved out for them to eventually carve a heart out of. inside is -- >> a girl. >> congratulations to everybody. 2017 is going to be a busy year
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dog likes turkey too. >> do you want turkey? you like turkey? [ barking ] you know, what's the worst part of thanksgiving? chewing. it slows you down, man. you have all this great food. the turkey, the sweet potatoes. you have to load it up and chew. get all the flavors together. >> you have to taste it, duh. >> that's the point. >> but now you can taste it and you don't have to chew. >> imagine you're with your family, the whole family. it's thanksgiving. all of them. huge table. everything you can ever imagine is on that table. all that food. all right. now go like this and put all that food into a blender. then you blend it up and you drink it.
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way to celebrate thanksgiving dinner on the go. >> they got it all ready. getting themselves some bread, some mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans. season it up a little bit. get it all together. he smells it. >> smells good. it actually smells like a petting zoo. >> so preston takes it back in to sample. >> i was thinking it was going to be a little worse. it wasn't so bad. >> apparently it's not so bad. now it's red's turn to make a shake. that's when we realize that one key ingredient preston >> preston made his, but he forgot the number one ingredient for thanksgiving dinners. >> he forgot to put turkey in the thanksgiving smoothie. he returns the favor. gets everything else, beans, everything else going in. gets it all mixed up. >> oh, that one looks disgusting. the other one almost looked like a berry smoothie.
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>> your eyes. >> oh, you're going to make me vomit. >> he's trying to ruin thanksgiving. >> so i guess what we should say is chewing is okay. someone's knocking at the door. >> oh, look, home delivery. >> why this gobbler is no ordinary guest. plus, rich ferguson is here to help you pull some holiday dinner pranks. >> first, we start with the cranberry sauce. >> feast your eyes on the tricks sure to add some fun to thanksgiving. >> yeah, yeah, real funny. now pour me a dang glass of wine. electronics doorbusters! you guys are hot, and you ?u...hdtv?, you look great! well i mean... everything looks amazing on you, you are 4k! doors open tonight 6pm. my cold medicines' wearing off. that stuff only lasts a few hours. or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. guess i won't be seeing you for a while. why take medicines
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i had no idea you could have relationships with turkeys. i'm talking about actually having a turkey as a pet. you see that there's a turkey outside knocking. >> oh, look, home delivery. >> you're so evil. it's a pet they take care of, they do not eat. they've learned if it knocks on the door, it gets a >> heard a rap, rap, rapping at the door. it was a turkey instead of a raven. >> i almost don't want to show you the next video, but i'm going to anyway because it's adorable. this is a little chick. >> clearly these folks are investigating a lot of time in this year's thanksgiving. >> we will raise you. then we will eat you. >> oh, my goodness. fortunately these people have a heart. in fact, this is a rescue
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from? >> probably from a farm. probably being raised for thanksgiving meals. these people decided not today. and this one is actually getting a pet. i do mean that quite literally. >> its eyes are closing. deeper, deeper, lower, lower, right under the beak. >> these guys have a turkey farm, but they said this particular turkey, something about it just captured their heart and they kept it forever. with gravy and mashed potatoes. sorry, birdie. >> they don't speak english. they don't know. thanksgiving. rich ferguson says that's the perfect time to execute some friendly family pranks because everybody's in the house together having a good time. he had some that i think a lot of people might want to try. first, we start with cranberry sauce. >> what you're going to do is get a can of this jelly
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popular on thanksgiving, and a box of jell-o. >> once you buy it, take it out, refill it with a dark red jell-o. look what it looks like after the jell-o solidifies. it looks like cranberry sauce. when people slice into it, no. >> that's not a prank. that's dessert. >> he also has another use for that jell-o. look at that jell-o in that wine glass. >> brilliant. i can see a few people in my funny. yeah, yeah, real funny, now pour me a real glass of wine. >> prepare your turkey, put the stuffing in, once it's baked, take the stuffing out. >> then take an unopened bag of stuffing from a box, stick it inside the turkey, and present it at the table. >> then he says you're supposed to pretend you followed the directions. the directions said put it in the turkey. >> by that point, charity will have flipped the table. >> this is a great way to introduce maybe the new wife or new husband. say, they were in charge of the stuffing. >> throw them under the bus. >> there's one more that people may want to try.
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order pizza. >> secretly place an order for 20 pizzas, but do it just loud enough so people overhear you. what you do is you already have a cousin or another friend who's coming to the party later knock on the door about 20 minutes later. act as if that's the pizza delivery. >> because there's not enough fights on thanksgiving already. >> if you want to see every prank he has online, go to our website, and click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. happy turkey he's showing us the foolproof way to make the perfect turkey. >> one cup of celery, one cup of carrot, a dog. >> he said dog. >> see why this method is pure thanksgiving magic. >> oh, i'm people come from all over the world looking for big black firday deals. plus -- a massive pie pick up at one marie callender location.. the numbers are in the
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and -- a thanksgiving robbery at a subway station.. and a happy ending that you'll hear about only on 13 action news. we hope to see you soon on this busy thanksgiving afternoon.
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have an appetizer. >> i want a taste. bye-bye, turkey.
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?? everybody's looking for that foolproof way to have a nice mot that's what everybody wants. make it easy. well, here's how you do it. okay. simple enough. we need a few other things. >> now for the stuffing. we'll need one cup of celery, one cup of carrots and a dog. >> hey, dog? >> dog is not on the menu.
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>> oh, i'm so happy right now! >> he's making the dog work for it. >> no. >> if you've watched the show enough, you may have recognized that's joseph from joseph's machines. he likes to make very complicated machines that do simple tasks. this is so good. >> he got all of it in there. >> turkey stuffed. >> half a pound of soften it by putting it under your dog for five minutes. now massage the butter into the turkey. let's roast it. >> all right. so we've got the butter, the stuffing is in. time to roast. but you don't want to be one of those people constantly checking on the turkey. enjoy the people around you. enjoy your guests. here's what you do. >> ow!
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>> stop it now. get out of here. >> in every way, get out. none of it's going to work. >> that's it. that's all you have to do. those are the simple tricks to having the perfect turkey. enjoy your thanksgiving weekend, everybody. we appreciate you joining us today. check out or
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thanksgiving.. dinners done and now the focus is on holiday shopping and snagging some black friday deals. but...if you think fighting mall traffic is hard.....try flying thousands of miles. more and more international tourists are making their way to las indulge in some world class shopping. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston has the story. thanksgiving has become a family tradition. take nat anything from mall for others-- not so much. take sot the only reason we're here is because it's open at 9am and not while we're eating and for a few-- theyve made thanksgiving into a shopping vacation. take sot yongling liu, visiting from china it has a good deal, i can buy something very cheap officials with the las vegas north premium outlets say a from china (where you guys from) china tourists-- who make their way to las vegas for thanksgiving-- for one purpose. to shop.


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