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tv   America This Morning  KTNV  November 25, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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our experts labelling it extremely dirty and they say what's inside can cause pneumonia. >> it kind of looks like maybe a swamp. >> reporter: this is what was growing inside your humidifier. >> oh! >> reporter: and because you're a nurse, you know what that means. >> yes. it means my kids are not safe, which is very concerning. >> reporter: bottom line, experts say you have to clean humidifiers every day, emptying and rinsing the base and letting it air dry before refilling. and every week you should clean it thoroughly according to the manufacturer's instructions. gio benitez, abc news had, new york. >> so the good news is you have gio at your home in a tight henley, the bad news is you have mold. >> it made me nauseous to see those images. i would be shocked and appalled that that was in my house. >> we reached out to the manufacturers, and they emphasized cleaning instructions. >> you're calm. the cleaning instructions are so critical they are on the base in big letters.
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weekly. please. do it. coming up -- >> can you just have gio come back in the henley and not have to deal with the mold? >> stay focused. "world news now" continues
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well, now that the turkey's been picked clean, you're lacing up, ready to do battle at the mall or online. joining us this morning with innovative tips on getting the best black friday deals is personal finance expert, vera gibbons. good morning. >> good morning. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> same to you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> black friday, set to go -- >> pack your patience. 137 million shoppers expected to shop over the black friday shopping w first tip, time your purchases. it is a good day for electronics, the laptops, the flat screens, you want to hold off on things like clothing, beauty products, and shoes ideally until cyber monday when you see extravagant deals on the items specifically, and that's when you also see site-wide deals of up to 60% off. so it's really important that you time your purchases. >> and the key is not necessarily to time your purchase for 8:00 a.m. on friday morning. you can wait a couple weeks,
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>> do the research to see price points and when. for example, toys, people buy all sorts of toys, but actually the best time to buy toys is towards the middle of december. so if history is any indicator, you want to hold off on buying those toys unless you're in the market for a super hot white had hot toy that's flying off the shelves. hold off and wait until, you know, the final weeks. >> good tip. i'm a creature of habit, and i always -- just going to az and that's it. really, you have to know where to buy. >> well, it gets more confusing every year. i think, you know, people want to know, like, who got what, what price point, when is it going on sale. are the door busters going to be available in store and online or just in store and just online? so it's important people use deal sites like, really helps you figure out with who has what. and you can buy directly from the bfa ads. >> it has got confusing.
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gifts. >> they overlook other things on sale. people hone in on the electronics, tvs, but there's good deals on other things. for example, walmart has vacuum cleaners on sale, very attractive prices on dyson. i might buy one myself. really about prices on vacuum cleaners, other home goods, kitchen apply wranss. don't overlook other things and just focus on electronics. >> but it's not often apple puts stuff on sales. >> not often. you have to get from a third party. >> yeah. when you see a deal, and it's 60% off, you gravitate to it, but you have to go through -- >> well, the average savings on black friday is 39%, so if you are doing better than that, that's good.
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product because it's on sale. you want to look at the ratings and reviews, e-opinions, amazon, consumer reports. what r people saying about this particular product? and i would say that in addition to using the deal ag agree gators, go to price grabber,, just get the best possible price that you're not missing out on anything. >> okay. i'd also, while out there, and you're shopping, and you're saying buy with confidence. what does that mean? >> shop with confidence. in other words, do your research. >> oh, okay. i thought that -- >> just don't go out there and blindly and try to deal with crowds. you'll be trampled. know what you want, who has it, what time it's on sale, and, boom, bang, out of there. or shop from the comfort of your home. >> all right. buying with confidence meant having an american express with no limit. >> oh, well, what -- >> this card will go through. thank you. >> thank you. >> we thank you for joining us, happy thanksgiving to you.
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let's end this. ? interesting. i'm learning all things kendis this morning. >> yeah, so she'll never come back. >> no, no. >> so many americans, by the way, as you know, take advantage of the long holiday weekend getting back in touch with nature. >> oh, yes, nature lovers. keeping the distance from wildlife, no matter how cute and cuddly they look. here's abc's serena marshall. >> reporter: it's the ooh and awe of adorable baby animals. but what happens when you meet a bambi or a thumper in real life? >> most people want to react as if they would to a lost dog and kitten, bring it in the house, love it, shower it with attention and make it feel safe. >> that was at yellow stone with a baby bison. >> it's fine for a puppy or kitten, but that act of human affection can cause serious,
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>> here at the wildlife center, they have animals rescued from squirrels to black bear cubs. >> why not give them a bowl? >> a great question. because we want them to learn how to forage. we don't feed in a a bowl. but scattered, and they have to find. >> reporter: nearly a third of the fawns kidnapped. >> people don't realize a young fawn is normally alone during the day. if you find a fawn alone, it does not need rescued or saved. the mother is actually put it there to rest while she's gone off to forage and she'll be back in a few hours. >> reporter: the goal here is to keep them afraid of humans, their natural predator. get too close and she should always go scampering away. >> when people, even if they are well-motivated catch an animal and think by petting it, holding
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down, but they are not a puppy or kitten. they are wild animals. petting it, stroking it, holding it, talking to it are stressful things you shouldn't do. >> teaching the animals and visitors to let wildlife stay wild. >> you got to admit, they are cute. >> they are. they're very cute. >> but? >> but they are still wild animals and it's important to remember that, best to leave them wild. >> important to have a healthy respect. >> for their space, yes. >> we're invading their territories. >> oh, yeah, i see sharks and i'm like, deuces. >> you don't put a shark in the back of the car, though. that was the story, right? >> well, that's the news this half hour. follow us on facebook at
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plus, a thanksgiving miracle for one california family. a missing mother is found three weeks after being abducted. and a rescue mission is underway for a hiker in red rock. we have the latest. good morning las vegas! i'm ... and i'm xxx.... the time now is ... let's get started with 13 first bennett... ((ad-lib)) we are still on schedule for a cold front to interact with southern nevada by saturday night into sunday. rain chances are holding between 40% and 50% for las vegas with snow looking to fall 6800ft and above; ranging today, mainly sunny skies will be common with highs between 60 and 65 degrees along with light winds. between 10 and 20 mph but by sunday evening, gusts will reach between 35 and 45 mph. with that being said, highs starting sunday will be in the monday night .


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