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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 29, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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ditch the misery. let's end this. we're back with a happy holiday tradition from sweden. the burning goat. a large straw goat is constructed for every christmas at the center of the town there, but it never last too long. obviously, it has become somewhat of an unwelcome tradition that someone burns a large structure to the ground before it is dismantled. this year, it lasted less than a day. merry christmas, sweden. >> that's terrible. an american holiday tradition this year is now one for the record books. >> after record breaking cyber monday sales, the deep discounts are being extended, you guessed it, into cyber week because they had to give you another deal. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: a cyber monday for the record books. rather than rushing to stores, shoppers racing online. overall, sales expected to top $3 billion. amazon experiencing its best
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>> this is the day when you see site-wide sales. >> reporter: still going 60-75% off at the children's place. 50% off at banana republic, gap and old navy. plus, more sales ahead. >> it's actually better to wait to buy things like toys, tools, hardware, gift cards until the middle of december. so if if you can wait, the prices are better as we get closer to christmas. >> reporter: and shop like a pro by clearing your internet history to be sure you're getting the best deal. plus, double-check promo codes on-sites like retail me not to get additional discounts on top of the special. it's a great time to shop travel deals, there are tickets to shows and vacations packages up to 70% off. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> so tempting, wow. coming up, staying safe while jogging alone. >> before and after work hours now dark, what every woman needs to know before the solo run.
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after this from our abc
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welcome back. the case of that cal welcome back. the case of that california mother and other cases allegedly abducted while jogging alone has many women now thinking twice about lacing up and hitting the pavement. >> there are steps you can take. to keep yourself safe. here is abc's becky worely. >> reporter: she was just out
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heavily battered. and it is confirmed -- >> reporter: 34-year-old sherri papini says she was snatched by two attackers while running near her california home. the mother of two missinger for three weeks before escaping. >> when you run alone, you're vulnerable. >> reporter: this summer alone, this 30-year-old strangled on a trail she took every day. vanessa marcott murdered on a path behind her mother's house. and alley ruther shot and killed in bad all three women simply out for a jog when they were attacked. >> it's just you, and you don't have any protection. >> reporter: sophie lemaer is the founder of tough cookies, a jogging group founded on the theory on trails and roads there's safety in numbers. >> no one's going to attempt anything when you have a group. you can relax, enjoy the run, focus on the workout, and not be constantly on the lookout. >> reporter: what happens if you can't run with a partner? we talked to safety expert jared
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how to protect yourself on the path. first, ditch the headphones. >> the earlier that i can hear somebody approaching me or that i can see somebody approaching me, then i can respond in a way that's going to give me a better chance to get away to someplace safe. >> reporter: next, avoid baggy clothes and ponytails. >> opt for clothing that's form fitting that doesn't have a hood and opt for hair in a side braid or a low ponytail or tucked up and underneath your cap. makes it more difficult for somebody to grab ahold of you and drag you into the bushes or take you down to the ground. >> reporter: finally, be prepared to fight back. taking even one self-defense class can seriously increase your safety. you learn how to be better prepared, to pay attention to your surroundings and so listen to your gut. you also learn how to fight back effectively in the worst case scenario. >> reporter: beckry worely, abc news, california. >> great reminders. coming up, cuba after castro. >> how the death of the foremaner leader has cubans looking to the past and the
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vers mega support. ? tuesday morning as you look at this time lapse video of a giant banner being unfurled, a former cuban president fidel castro ahead of his funeral on sunday. >> many are looking forward with a fresh hope. abc's david muir was there this weekend witnessing those winds of change. >> reporter: the images coming in from havana. the cuban people lining up at the plaza de revolution to respects. fidel castro would address people for hours. but so many cubans we met look to the future, too. we asked this man about the u.s. president-elect. he tells me no one knows. we have to wait and find out.
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will continue the thaw that pr. the teenagers, they tell me the relationship with the u.s. right now is very good. they, too, now waiting. we witnessed that thaw already beginning. our journey back beginning at the havana airport where we learned we would be boardinging the first commercial flight from havana to miami in decades. first flight. >> am i the first to get one? >> you're the first. >> the inaugural certificate. >> a pin for every passenger. >> the american flag and cuban flag here. the first flight from cuba to miami. this is the american airlines flight. you can see people in the terminal all taking photographs and videos because this is a historic moment for cuba.
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door of the plane, the cuban flag on the american airlines jet. you can see the cuban flag outside the pilot's window there. the entire crew extremely excited to be a part of the flight. as well as the passengers back in the terminal capturing it all. >> another airlines will be doing the same, united and delta soon. >> it's interesting to see the remembrance, memorializing of fidel castro in ca. here in this country, of course, celebrations of the death. it's a contrasting picture we'll continue to share with you, of course. that's the news for this half
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motorcyclists are demanding change at an intersection in the south west that they say is a death trap! "i just wam wam wam wam on his face" an elderly woman trys to fight off a robber who she says was trying to not just rob but scam her! it's something that's happening to multiple women in the valley... breaking right now.... over 70 people are confirmed dead after a plane crashed in colombia late last night. but just minutes ago...authorities confirmed they found a 6th survivor of that crash.... officials found the man under the fuselage of the plane.... the charter plane that took off from an airport in bolivia was carrying 72 passengers and 9 crew members...including players from a brazilian soccer team. among the survivors are at


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