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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 29, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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it's november 29th, time for great viral videos "right this minute". some dicey moves by daredevils have you wondering why would anyone do this with trains? the new video that proves danger is no deterrent. a sticky situation for a squirrel. >> stuck in a yogurt container. >> how a kind soul goes the distan >> true confession goes viral. >> i just charged my mother's credit card $733. >> the story behind an online shopping scare. >> got to cancel this order. >> we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web, including big soap trouble for a guy after his buddy's
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waste the time? >> ready? >> see the upper remedy involving a stiff upper lip and power drill. >> that was disgusting! >> having fun throwing around a football, bang! now your finger is in a weird position. if i can do this with a football, why would anyone do this with trains? this first viral video, i believe from russia, something is a little funny with this train. see it yet? >> shoot, that's a kid. >> wait a minute. no, that's not how you ride a train. >> boom, either way. >> that is so dangerous and stupid. >> you think that's dangerous and stupid? you can see they've gone higher, raising the roof, so to speak. train below them stops, they slip themselves down. down on top of this train. >> raise the roof from inside of the train, not on top of it.
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well. >> don't do this. >> you could be a stunt person. you could go to hollywood, you could get paid for it. >> yeah. you can do this without breaking the law. not done yet. got another video. this one also from russia. you see sitting there minding his own business at the subway. got his face covered. looks a bit dodgy. lace up shoes. >> he jumps. >> yeah. >> come on. >> talking about this, this is just ridiculously dangerous, but i have another one. and i will tell you what. the biggest suspicion from charity's comments when you said nice kicks. they are really nice kicks. in fact, they are very deliberate of issues. also afterwards if you notice, the other clothes he's wearing are also. okay, more than that. >> adidas.
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named after the guy who founded the country. >> we're in america now, doesn't matter. >> there's more. the other one is the camera shake to make it look amateur. looks deliberate. watch the way the camera looks. i'm trying to get my camera sorted. most of all, look at the layering. i think they are separate shots. watch it again. i don't think it's real. >> let us know what you think. head to something stuck in the chimney. it's not santa. the people in the home where the chimney is thinking maybe a falcon, but simon has his ideas. simon my imaginary boyfriend from wildlife aid in the uk. he starts looking in the chimney and you see the tail feathers. >> looks like an owl. >> it is an owl. gets his camera out. gives it a look-see.
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carefully and pulls it out. >> that was so sweet and gentle. almost too easy. getting too good at this. >> sleepy. hi, how are you doing? that owl was in there for three days, so they took it back to the hospital they have and discovered he is a she. >> nothing wrong with her from being skinny. >> they fed it for two days and then released it back into the wild where it belongs, because that's their goal with all the animals, back into the wild. this is an animal rescue that reminds you to pick up your trash. how many times have we seen this? poor creatures get their heads stuck in a yogurt container. right here we have a squirrel who, obviously, has not missed too many meals. he eventually catches up with
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this was posted to our "right this minute" facebook page. i have to say, good reminder don't leave your trash out for animals to get stuck. it's not often you can look at a tornado and say, oh, isn't that beautiful? look how cool that is. but in a case like this where this tornado is over water, otherwise known as a water spout, you can. you can sit back and realize it's a cool phenomena of nature and not a destructive force. >> as long as it stays over there. >> and i off the coast of eastern spain in the mediterranean sea near a tourist resort. >> that is actually gorgeous and looks asymmetrical. sometimes they tilt one way or the other. that looks like art. >> meteorologists did confirm this being a water spout and they say it was the largest they've seen in ten years. they caught it from multiple angles by a number of different people. >> everyone looking out the
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gopro. >> they'd be right. >> that would be pretty cool, but looks like in this case everybody stayed out of the way of this water spout. you can see in this video there's some people down on the beach getting a good view of this. >> that is -- wow, high speed winds picking up the water. >> if you're a fish watching the show, shut up, calderon! blew my house away. >> all your cowards out there, you're about to feel real bad after you see this video. a ten-year-old girl is about to jump. how old are you? >> ten. >> ten years old. she is in the arms of a professional base jumper. in this case she's doing a rope course. she invited this 10-year-old girl to do the job with her.
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letting her do it. >> they start putting the harness on both of these ladies. >> watching the skepticism on charity's face. >> they are ready to go, strapped in securely. >> they are not just pushing a 10-year-old. >> figure it out. amazing things. >> i feel this might be the only way i'd do this kind of jump if i was a 10-year-old girl. >> no. i would be a 10-year-old girl. >> three, two, one! >> holy mackerel. >> her eyes were open. >> they were. >> she was not like this. she was not hiding her head. her eyes were open. >> i'm pretty sure.
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>> sky diving. >> really no chance this girl doesn't grow up to be some sort of professional extreme athlete. >> nice job, baila. it's a wild encounter on the road. >> oh, my god. no way. >> see what happens when snakes start flying. and this pup's got a strange attachment. >> and it's >> why you don't want to mess with her special sardine can.
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riding on the highway you never know what you'll see. i'm just grateful people record everything so we can run it back. this woman is driving down the highway eating her soup. >> and driving with her shin? >> and driving with her shin. she doesn't have her hands on the wheel at all. people are saying this is just negligent, she could have put herself and other people on the road in danger. >> big time. we're "right this minute." we see how things like that change. you don't have your hands on the wheel, you disaster waiting to happen. >> the woman was doing it all in fun. >> this next video is dash cam footage in australia. >> oh, my god. no way. >> that drops the snake. >> we were just talking about this at thanksgiving dinner. there was an australian at my thanksgiving dinner and he was talking about how the birds of prey will take snakes, bring
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them to kill them. >> like australia is not only a danger to snakes, they are going to get dropped on us. >> kill the driver or the snake? >> oh, my god. i cannot believe we were just talking about it and now here it is on camera. >> give it to the driver for not swerving off. >> i have bugs hit my windshield. australia, snakes. >> no big deal. >> there is no relationship more beloved between a human and their pet dog. what's the equivalent for a dog? sardine can. and it's adorable. the can is empty. this sweet little puppy doesn't like to let it go. >> this is my squishy and i will take you wherever i go. >> exactly. >> finally the other dog in the house -- look at the look on her
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treats and toys and things like that, or give a piece of trash. >> also adorable to some people, and i emphasize some. raccoons getting takeout. there's a takeout window. they come in the house, they get like a choice of options. >> they will be around for a long time. >> okay. >> men, because men w boys. so that's why you all do this. >> ready? >> ahh! >> it's the sound, like the dentist. >> toe and a drill. together. >> did he stub it, all kinds of pressure and blood built up underneath? >> there's drilling. you can see the nail dust building up. >> ahhh! >> that was disgusting! >> the thing just popped open like a trunk of a car.
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disgusting. we were tipped off to this video by one of our friends. this is his buddy jay, this was taped recently during steven and his friends' annual turkey bowl. they play an annual football game. this guy ended up smashing his toe. didn't realize it was smashed until after the game. steven luckily had already left before this happened. >> how did this was the right way to approach it? >> they decided why go to the doctor, why waste the time? we're just going to do it ourselves, because men, you see that they managed to very carefully drill right through the nail and all the stuff comes squirting out. >> that nail's coming off. >> yeah, it is. >> whoever owns that power tool, that's all yu going to think about. i remember the time i drilled into his toe. >> going to need a new toe after
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in fact, they have been steven's friends sings they were babies. you see in the pictures all the milestones they've shared together. rescuing a big lost dog. >> looks like the paw might be broken. >> see how they find her owners next "right this minute." and still to come, it's time to mix it up. >> what are they doing? >> yeah, what am i watching? >> the story behind the art you wot off of. plus, dude uses a box for a bright idea. >> buried alive. >> what happens when he's deep
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promotional considerations
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sometimes the art isn't necessarily the finished product. it's what it takes to get to the finished product. >> what are they doing? >> what you're watching is artist annette labinsky basically mixing her paint. what she's done filter on. you're seeing half of the video reflected on itself on the other side. does that make sense? >> yes, also looks like frosting. >> it does. she's taking her paint. she calls this one ink swamp thing and as she mixes the paint with her knife you get these really oddly satisfying images. here's a different one. i'm not sure exactly what medium this is. this clear liquid mixed with green stuff. she called it metaphor fa sis.
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>> same mirrored image. another one here called creatures of the night. this one you get to see more of the night. see that reflected glaze there? that's her pink knife and she scrapes and mixes her colors together. >> those are creatures of my appetite. i keep thinking all of that is frosting. chocolate chip, frosting, sugar, cakes. >> looks like caramel, but now a medallion or something you can wear. >> that's what's fun about art. what you see in it. this is merely paint. coming for the win, you can see right here, has himself tape, scissors, cutting himself up some boxes. >> of course, of course, got to be a box sport. >> you can see taped it up, sticks it in the back of his mini, drives himself into the middle of nowhere. starts digging himself a hole. >> this guy has built himself
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>> as you can see, i'm not kidding, he's digging himself a hole. box inside the hole, starts crawling himself in and suddenly his girlfriend has buried him inside this box. the challenge is he's going to spend an hour bury the alive. he's looked into it. >> i read somewhere online you get three to four hours in a normal coffin. this box is twice the size of a coffin. i'm pretty confident one enough oxygen in here to last. >> feeling pretty confident. he googled it. >> how's he pass the time? >> facebook. >> no reception, but does have his phone and it's got games on it. >> perfect time to play solitaire. >> later starts worrying about air. >> why, why did i do this? less time in here, but the air supply. >> panic starts setting in.
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don't panic. panicking is bad. using so much air. >> after a very convenient cut. >> i can see daylight. >> he comes up. like he's born again. now there is not in my opinion a 1% chance any of this actually happened. >> even without those cuts, the weight of the dirt on top of the box would have caved it. >> right. cardboard boxes suck. >> it's shocking to me how many people are going to actually believe this. >> alex just had an accidental online shopping spree. >> i accidently charged my mother's credit card $733. >> you better get that refund
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>> how, why, what? >> see the hilarious moment as we're going beyond the fire line to show the damage left behind. plus -- activists at u-n-l-v are getting ready to fight one of president elect donald trump's campaign promises. the push to make unlv a "sanctuary campus".. a move that would protect undocumented immigrants. and -- a freeze warning.. issued for las vegas. that's right winter is here. temperatures.
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so we don't overeat. the calories, let's just say more than 2,500. some of us need some not so smart things when we were children. but there's always that one time that stood out and you're like oh, my goodness, how did i survive this? i think this is going to go in her top tep. >> i accidently charged my mother's credit card $733. >> you better get that refund before christma >> every girl in the world has just a basket filled with things they don't necessarily need, palettes and stuff they want. yeah, i had things i want, $733 worth of things that i want. >> yeah. >> like the online cart. i do that, too. well, i'll put it in the cart so i don't forget about it. i don't actually buy it.
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card to see how much was on it. there wasn't anything on the card and the order went through. >> that's why you never save your credit card. >> so, i texted my mother and now we wait. either for my death or a really good makeup haul. i just e-mailed customer support. listen, this is marsha's account. this is damn near fraud. home girl, you have to cancel this order. cancel this order. there's not only going to be a credit card fraud case, there's going to be a homicide case. marsha's going to get me. >> i love this kid. >> girl, what you want from sephora? i got marsha's card. teresa, you better cancel this. >> not only did her mama not kill her, my daddy would have dragged me for this.
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it's her christmas present. $733 worth of makeup. >> if i accidently bought a $700 worth of something on my wife's credit card, i'd be dead. >> $733 worth of things that i want. >> perfect example of ask for forgiveness. >> my bad. >> home girl, you have to cancel this order. thanks for catching our show today, everyone. has a ton more content.
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tennessee.. turns deadly. officials confirm.. three people are dead.. and many more are in danger. more than a dozen wildfires are raging across east tennesse.. destroying more than 250 buildings. the fires have forced thousands to flee. some evacuees had to drive through the flames to get to joyce/evacuee: "we just watched a building go down in flames to the right of us and then we and i don't know who it was, but i thank him so much." the flames are turning one of the area's biggest tourist atractions....dollywood....into an orange armageddon.....smoke and ash filling the streets...luckily, authorities report no damage. the fires were fanned by- strong wind speeds of up to 60 miles per hour -- and the


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