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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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today in court... she says the suspect, willie worthams, mouthed the words "i'm sorry..." sot while he was saying he's sorry i was just visualizin if there's a vehicle slamming into him at 115 miles per hour. a crash that took two sons... and tore a family apart.. sot i want justice... so sorry just don't cut it for me. tom tag willie worthams' defense team was granted a contuance... so he'll back in court in january for a preliminary hearing on dui and reckless driving charges... his family didnt want to talk on camera... but did say t for the victim's family as well.. tom george, 13 action news. new developments on a heartbreaking tragedy unfolding in east tennessee.. where more than a dozen wildfires have now destroyed more than 250 buildings and homes. the town of gatlinburg is being hit especially hard. 3 people have been killed.. and the out-of-control flames have forced thousands to flee. some evacuees had to drive through the fire to reach safety. joyce/evacuee: "we just watched
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and i don't know who it was, but i thank him so much." the flames are also turning "dollywood".. one of the area's biggest tourist attractions.. into an orange armageddon as smoke and ash fill the streets. luckily.. there are no reports of damage. the fires were fueled overnight by powerful wind gusts of up to 60-miles an hour.. and the worst drought in the southeast in a decade. this just in--a huge explosion in k this happened just north of kansas city international aiport. the fire lit up the sky from miles away. fire officials say a gas pipeline in the area ruptured. so far flights and traffic around the airport are not affected. gas in the area has been shut down so the fire can burn itself out. . 305-311 we've got a death trap here. we've got a death trap. warn your neighbors...warn everybody that you can got a
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13 action news.... after a terrible accident.. and tonight.... we're working to make sure..... the area is a little safer. a construction superintendent and an attorney..... were on the phone with us..... first thing this morning..... after our story aired..... last night. so... we sent contact 13.... investigative reporter..... stephanie zepelin out to rainbow and oquendo.... to catch up with them. she joins us live with more... stephanie... two men you heard from last night are concerned about this.. an asphalt sidewalk....well since that story they've put in this white stripe pkg construction is never anyone's favorite thing in the valley. and this motorcyclist believes more could have been in this area under construction to prevent his terrible accident. 00.25 the cones and barrels that were put there after my accident are all gone again 29 so the next guy coming down through there, riding at night, you can't see it 33 lb but the company doing the project takes
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with the arguments put forth in this video by attorney stephen stubbs. 00.37 it's all shadows, there aren't any lights 38 las vegas paving has no say over whether there are lights.... and as for the cones,, general superintendent clark webster says they get hit by cars and they try to replace them 14.48.38 and that's just a temporary solution 41 when we walk away from here in april, that's not going to be any different than it is today 46 comes won't be here 48 cw clark says asphalt sidewalks are common around the county....and are generally changed to concrete eventually. also, rainbow northbound was only one a his's expanded since but the stripe is brand new....whe asked the attorney for las vegas paving if it had anything to do with our story. 14.51.06 safety is a big concern 07 it's been brought to our attention that there was a safety issue 10 we came out here and we addressed it 12 jb and that's not the only thing they will be looking at. 14.51.41 there are instances where we run across an incident very receptive to our suggestions 54 57 we will talk
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one of the things they will be asking the county is if they can paint the curb or even make it reflective to make things safer. live at rainbow and oquendo, soc local law enforcement is speaking out..... and.... stepping up safety procedures..... after targeted police shootings.... across the country. in just over a week... there were -5- police shootings.... across the country. an officer in san antonio.... was laid to rest. there were also police shootings..... in saint louis and detroit... and... in many of these cases... departments say.... their officers were targeted. in the wake of all this... it's always hard for our local officers... to leave their families.... at home. ltn alan davidson, nhp 22:53:20:11 they're a big part of our lives, just like any other family, when we go home, but they know when we leave that we may not come back, and that's part of what we signed up for 22:53:30:04 law enforcement say...
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for officers safety. it's possible unlv could join the list of universities around the u-s offering a 'safe haven' to students in the u-s illegaly. 13-action news reporter parker collins has more on a petition being circulated.. to make unlv a 'sanctuary school.' (from p-11pfr trump roundtable ) cnn video/trumps hits clintom :02:30/trump "that wall will go up so fast your head will spin." president elect donald trump made many promises during his campaign... one is striking a chor john davis, unlv student 21:01:26-21:01:32 "they should be more than welcome to come here because you know everyone comes to america to pursue happiness." butt to conrad pilapio, unlv student 21:21:29-21:21:41 "i value my citizenship and i think to accept illegal aliens in any form cheapens the value of my citizenship and that would just be horrible." illegal immigrants played a huge role in the race for the white house... now hundreds of u-n-l-v students and teachers are trying to protect them. anita revilla, associate professor at unlv 22:38:55-22:39:01 "everyone
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out of pocket." faculty helped write this petition... it's addressed to the president and provost. standup 19:13:23-19:13:33 i've been getting a lot of mixed reaction about this petition on campus but one of the professors who helped write it is telling me she's been hearing more and more about intolerance and even hate speech here at unlv 22:39:27-22:39:37 "i'm horrified i'm annoyed and i'm upset i'm angry and i'm hurt and i can only imagine what they're going through because not only is their education at risk but also their livelihood." if accepted-- the petition has some real power. action for childhood arrivals is taken away... the letter asks the university not to turn in any undocumented faculty members or students. letters like this one are showing up on campuses across the nation. at unlv parker collins thirteen action news. a look at temperatures across southern nevada right now.. and we're seeing colder temperatures in the mountains.. and it's about to get a lot
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overnight. let's go to 13 first alert meteorologist karla huelga to find out what that means for slowly exiting east and the breezy winds will taper down through the rest of the afternoon. however, it will be a cold night with our first freeze of the season expected tomorrow morning. a freeze warning will be in effect tomorrow morning from 2am-8am for central and northeast portions of clark county. the warning does include the las vegas valley with overnight lows between 31 and 37 expected. a lot of journalism students at 'rebel yell' anymore. but that doesn't mean the campus newspaper is going away. find out why it's getting a new name.. next. and.... scumbag scammers.....
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to rip off their victims..... for hundreds of dollars!!! and count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast and first and only on 13 action news. we'll be right back.
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it was too controversial 13 action news reporter marti glaser explains the reasons for the change.. and why many students think it's a good idea. on page 4.. youl' d find the new name of unlvs student newspaper. say goodbye to rebel yell and hello to the scarlet grey free press sot sot and since this school boasts about diversity it was a good move on their part. the rebels nickname, has come under fire recently from some students and faculty sot with this past electionit kind of
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are not as united as we thought that the country was . who argue they are racist symbols of the confederacy and slavery. sot a platfrom to say what we have to say so the change comes after months of discussions by the newspaper staff to help unify the university fontjacob lasky is papers arts and think its a good idea that we switched to it just to reflect more of our diversity of our campus and our staff sot its faces financial problems... and still has to figure out how to solve those to keep printing. marti glaser 13 action news . some thieves are targeting the elderly.. right out in the open. 002527 002533 i feel like i'm the dumbest person on earth...
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plus... construction is going to tie up.... one busy area of the valley.... for almost all of december. where you'll want to avoid...... from now until the end of the holidays.
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should be ashamed of themselves for!!! they're targeting..... grandmothers. can you believe that? that's not even.... the worst of it. the thieves are organized..... working in a gang... and... hard to stop. 13 action news anchor..... lesley marin spoke to our crime and safety expert who says..... las vegas is a hot spot..... for the gypsy thieves. they're scammers...that make their way into las vegas just as quick as they take off... very quickly..and they'll work an area...and then they'll vamanos.. even police have a hard team keeping up with them... "they are roma gangs also known as gypsies that infultrate an area and their very devious" 13 action news spoke to atleast seven woman who have been the same the same area.. near nellis and sahara.. standup 155628 155638 one of these women was targeted right outside of this dd's discount...the scammer says
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her tires...nothing was wrong but she paid him hundreds of dollars 13 action news crime and safety expert randy sutton...says these "gypsies" have target vegas for centuries. many times hes says the gang is made of of multiple family members...always changing their identies. 040725 040732 there are literally generations of scam artisit that get taught and an early age how to seperate marks from their money. it may be too late for jane akin and her six friends... 002527 002533 i feel like i'm the dumbest person on earth... but sutton says it's easy to ?? sutton says...don't agree to anything with anyone you don't know.. and if that doesn't work call for help..or lock yourself in the car. 152240152244 id go inside the store and ask if somebody could come check it for me. 151657 151701 i don't trust construction starts december 4th between durango and rampart.. and it's expected to last through january. road crews will be working on several different projects at once.. so expect delays..
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and a reminder.. 13 action news.. the nevada highway patrol and findlay toyota are asking you to donate a new unwrapped toy valued between 10 and 20 dollars during the 13 days of giving. you can find donation bins at findlay toyota.. nevada coin mart and other valley locations. all gifts will be distributed by the las vegas rescue mission to families in need. and just today.. the gang at capriotti's donated 140 toys. became very infectious within our organization. and before you know it, it literally took 48 hours to 72 hours and we had hundreds of toys that our employees had bought and we only have a team of 20 people. so we were able to do all this with just a small office. it's that easy! this saturday..... to celebrate "the 13 days of giving".... "the nevada highway patrol"..... with the help of the clark
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will be at.... the n-h-p southern command.... collecting toys..... and inspecting your child car seats. they also have..... a limited number of car seats and booster seats to give away... plus... they'll install them.... for you too. that's all this saturday..... starting at -8-a-m.... at the n-h-p southern command.... on sunset... near decatur. there are donation bins all over the valley. you can drop off donations here at our studios.. along with nevada coin mart.. las vegas paving and n-h-p southen command. there's also triple-a southern nevada and findlay toyota at we want to thank findlay toyota.. nevada coin mart and zippy shell.. who are all proud sponsors of 13- action news and our 13-days of giving. our current storm system is slowly exiting east and the breezy winds will taper down through the rest of the afternoon. however, it will be a cold night with our first freeze of the season expected tomorrow
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warning will be in effect tomorrow morning from 2am-8am for central and northeast portions of clark county. the warning does include the las vegas valley with overnight lows between 31 and 37 expectomorrow will be a y day with highs in the mid 50s as we will be between systems. thursday, high temps will warm it won't last as our next system will be making its way into the area. this means another cool down to the low/mid 50s on friday with low end windy conditions and extra clouds. the system exits by saturday morning and we will gain a few degrees and see more sunshine, however the winds will still be breezy. we make our way to around 60 on
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will be back to breezy as yet another system starts to make its way into the area. by tuesday we'll be upper end breezy and highs will drop by about 10 degrees to the low 50s, with mostly cloudy skies.
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election has given them even more reason to fight for a 15-dollar an hour minimum wage. and.... we're learning more tonight...... about the man behind an attack on the campus of "the ohio state university". what police are revealing.... about his backgrou from contact -13-...
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than usual... this holiday season. the retail association of nevada estimates.... spending... will grow by... -4- point -2- percent.... this year... and top..... -4- point -5- billion dollars... for the first time. and... that outpaces.... national estimates... with spending growth estimated at... -3- point -6- percent. some of the country's most... financially stressed residents... live in north las vegas!!! that's according to... wallet-hub... which compared...... the - 1- hundred and -50-... largest u.s. cities. they looked at a number of factors...
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and savings habits. north las vegas... came in at number... -1-47. at the top of the list... as the most financially fit... san francisco. dozens of people gathered on the strip today to join the 'fight for 15.' they want nevada to 4 other states where voters recently approved ballot measures to raise their minimum wage to 15-dollars an hour. similar protests were held in cities all over the country today.. including fast food employees and airport workers. kumasi aaron has more on the demonstrations.. and what organizers op happen next. at fast food restaurants across the country, protests take nat: "people in front of mcdonalds" and arrests. take nat: "people in front of mcdonalds" all a part of the fight for 15 day of disruption, a demand for workers to receive a starting pay of $15 dollars an hour, roughly 31,000 dollars a year. take nat: "11:54-56 "the reason we are fighting is because we have faith." luis castillo took part in the protests, mainly
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close to home. he's an airline security worker, a job he's had for the last 19 years. he worked a second job with an airline for 17 years. still, he struggles to care for his son and elderly mother. luis castillo / airport worker 12:23-34 to be able to support my kid and my mom i would need somewhere between 48,000 to 55,000 just with the basics not with the luxuries and unfortunately i'm doing about 20,000. that's after working anywhere from 40 to 60 hours a week. castillo says it's not enough. but it's about more than the money. luis castillo / airor 08:29-39 to have the medical expenses plus expenses for my kid we actually have no family time because i have to be at working as many hours as i can to be able to support them. castillo says for many years he worked with no raise, forcing him to work seven days a week at two different jobs. luis castillo / airport worker 11:39-44 there was no rest you feel normal at the beginning main reasons why he's fighting to see wages rise. luis castillo / airport worker 09:51-10:04 we are not asking
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something that is dignified for the families that they can survive just for the basics. take nat: "protesters" fighting not only for better pay... take nat: "protesters" but for a better way of life. for the now, i'm kumasi aaron. radicalized with ties to isis. that's what the fbi is now saying about the man who carried out a frightening the attack on the campus of the ohio state university. next on 13 action news live at see why police say the attack could've been much worse. plus... good news for casinos.... here in las vegas... why they're raking in..... millions of dollars more than last year... and... why it's a good thing for everyone.... in southern nevada.
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tennessee..... affecting thousands of people.... killing -3- and forcing...... evacuations for residents and even tourists..... at popular tourist spots.... like dolly parton's.... "dollywood." at least a dozen people have been injured.. as authorities are now going door to door to assess the damage and make sure everyone is okay. abc's lauren lyster explains why the next 24 hours are critical for firefighters. [[script]] nats: "you can see the damage that has been done in this area right here" today -- a first look at destruction left in the unforgiving fire's wake and the grisly discovery that it claimed three lives more than 100 structures lost or damaged in this tennessee town..including the mayor's home... new sot "my house is gone - my business of 31 years is gone//it's a devastating time for us" 13:13:25 ((audio transition)) ((social video in gma)) overnight... nats gma :55 "oh my god it's so hot" these raging flames devouring the terrain ...motorists fleeing as residents were ordered to evacuate in the town of


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