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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 30, 2016 1:37am-2:08am PST

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ain't playing games. he's the texas law hawk for a client who -- the new holiday ad to remind you of your rights. >> how's that, santa claus? >> i don't know. i don't answer questions without my lawyer. >> snowboarding with a drone in st. petersburg. what happens when cops fail to see the beauty in it. and a little impromptu proposal. >> here's the big moment. >> how some innocent bystanders get a ringside seat to rejection. >> i can't marry you. >> oh, shoot! oh, look, a hippo in the roadway. brace for impact, everybody, because that's exactly what zika had to do when he was traveling from kruger national park from south africa into mozambique. >> wow!
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the truck, but took a nice bite out of it, too. check out this picture. >> that is why they are known for being the most dangerous animal in africa. they kill more people than anything else. >> you could see the damage. here he is with his family. he's just thankful nobody was seriously injured. he says the truck has damage to the front and he couldn't open the door, but it could have been worse. >> adults are smiling. the girl is like we are not smiling, we are afraid. at the chinese alligator national nature reserve. the alligators were outside in temperatures have gone below freezing, so they are being temporarily moved to a residence area, but they had to go into the mud and find these creatures, collect them, rinse them off, then put them into the truck. >> that's really kind of sad they didn't dump them all out.
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like wheat products. interesting thing, there are more than 12,000 alligators in residence in the reserve. they didn't have to get all of them. they were looking for the ones that were 1 to 2 years old. again, this is the breeding program. >> st. petersburg in russia. >> in winter. >> gorgeous. >> look at palace square all decked out in winter white. isn't it a beautiful place to -- >> bingo, my friend! you have been on the show. drone up in the air and a nice mercedes suv in the middle of the square and start towing around their snowboarding friend. >> you know what, i know this is fun and pretty, but this is russia and cars are involved. is everybody okay? >> everybody is going to be fine. in fact, they waited until very late at night so there were no
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look at that wide open space. it's like they built this square to snowboard in. then right back to the square. >> they are doing this with a permission or under the nose of the vehicle? >> why would you ask about permission? >> because russia. >> six minutes into the stunt, russia shows up. there's the police right there. the posters say they had about six to seven minutes of snowboarding fun until police not only told them to stop, but got out their ticket book, as well. >> what are you writing? >> for a number of unspecified fines. either way, they got some good video out of it, posted it. they just made history. authorities in istanbul, turkey, went through this
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they are just collecting. whatever, no big deal. just old bread, toss it out. the problem is, as disgusting as it is -- >> feeding it to people? >> indirectly, nick. what they were doing is grinding this old bread into flour and selling the flour to other businesses for them to use in their recipes. >> so they were spreading it all over the place. making rid of the mold and the rot and the yuck. >> not only that, look at the way the bread is. it seems to be on the floor, it's disgusting and old. you can even see them handling the flour in one of the shots. >> all the pieces you ate. >> when there's one bug, there's a family. >> yeah. the good thing is, authorities were notified.
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employee tipped authorities off to get back at the employer. and thank goodness that somehow they were tipped off, because now they were able to shut the business down. they are not going to allow them to open back up in these conditions. it's nasty. you feel like your day needs a bit more -- i got you covered. >> yeah! >> texas law hawk! >> it's the texas law hawk! >> we've had him on the show. for those that don't know, he's an attorney based in texas and produces some of the most ridiculous commercials out there. and this one is no different. >> thanks, santa! oh! yeah! ho, ho, ho! >> i don't know about this.
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makes you stop and watch it. doesn't matter what he's doing. when you need a lawyer, who's the first name you think of? this guy! also does give legal advice. elf buddy minding their own business. >> looks like christmas is lit. >> what we have here is a step by step guide how to get on the naught >> i don't know. >> i don't answer questions without my lawyer. >> you don't mind it i take a look. >> might as well. >> what we should say is -- >> because that's going to work better. >> right. if you say that and the cop says -- >> i'll search him anyway. >> how about no. >> yeah, we see how that one is. what you should do -- >> calling my lawyer.
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up, call the lawyer. who are you going to call? brian wilson! >> that's right, nick! >> how many do you know that will turn up on a zamboni? brian wilson the law hawk, that's who! >> happy holiday! a s.w.a.t. team is called to the scene. >> ten people get out of this van covered in black, they've got their guns, they are going inside of a store. >> why this one is an epic fail. >> pretty gutsy police work. balancing at its highest. probably one of the most thrilling you'll ever see and the one that will take your breath away the most. >> i can already see it. >> this one will definitely have
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some situations call for you to get going in a hurry and some don't. this is one of those ones where you want to hurry up. we go to russia. what we have here is a s.w.a.t. team. i know that first guy doesn't look like he's in s.w.a.t., but then ten people get out of this van covered in black. they've got their guns. store. they've got a call. there's a man expected of being holed up in there. then they walk in. see this is where being in a hurry might have helped them. window is opening. >> oh, no. >> my goodness. they are inside acting all tough and the bad guy's out the window and on his way. >> that is believed to be the suspect. only person to see this guy escape was basically the older gentleman smoking a cigarette wondering what's going on.
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>> no word on if police have caught up with the guy in this incident. in this next video, these guys maybe would have been helped had they hurried up. also in russia. these two show up at a bank, they are masked, and you see all the people in the bank looking around like uh-oh, because one guy is armed. see this guy with a sawed-off shotgun. one guy takes an employee into the back, the guy with the gun decides i'm going to intimidate everybody. >> everybody is ignoring him. not >> shots up into the ceiling. >> what you don't hear is the fact he hit the fire alarm. he's confused, what do i do. his buddy comes out. they walk out. these two were later caught by police. just a short time before they had been in a cell phone shop. he said i saw what they looked like, officers, and i thought
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it's a super short bike ride, but probably one of the most thrilling you'll ever see, and the one that will take your breath away the most. >> i can already see it. this is fabio in austria. he's hopped up on this railing in cold, snowy conditions. >> icy, icy conditions, nick. >> slippery. >> starts driving his bicycle austria. it's about 650 feet tall. >> no, i would get nervous cycling. not on the railing. i mean, just across it. nerves of steel. >> and what if he realizes in that moment that he's afraid of heights? >> this is just an incredible display of precision and talent done in a really, really
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from austria over to new york, where this group of guys have been thinking about doing something for years. finally on thanksgiving day they got up very, very early and pulled off their dream, going where they are not exactly supposed to be. going into the water park. off-season water park with all these giant things to play around on. but guys look up at this and think, what? they had about two hours in this park before -- >> security guards got them. >> getting out. >> somebody spotted them and said, hey, get out of the park! >> never actually see any security guards. as soon as they heard somebody, they took off down the slide and left the park, but it was a
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another mannequin challenge, but this one -- >> see the scenario unfold and hear the story behind it. >> oh, my gosh. you're right, this gets you in the gut. >> and a unique gender reveal. >> in this case he enlisted the help. >> when an elephant reveals a
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promotional consideration provided by -- guys, the mannequin challenge, wildly popular online. we've seen a number of those
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here's another mannequin challenge, and this one is a punch in the gut. the beginning, a lot of solemn faces, people looking on towards a house, see the ambulance in the background. once the camera moves inside this home we notice a police officer comforting a young boy. once the camera makes its way past the family photos, the scenario of this mannequin challenge really begins to illuminate itself. >> you're right. this get you in the gut. >> the whole video portraying the very, very sad and effects a heroin overdose can have on a family and community. >> this video has been viewed more than 90,000 times. it's gotten lots of traction online. man who put this video together, thomas worthington, he works with the sheriff's department in kentucky and if it seems very, very personal, there's a reason for that. joining us "right this minute"
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his son adan. hi, guys, thanks for helping us out today. >> hi! >> thomas, tell me why you put this together and why it's so personal for you. >> well, in february my cousin jerry, he passed away due to an overdose, and i've been wanting to make a video since then. and the mannequin challenged popped audiotape eni figured, trending and will catch on a little bit better. the police, they have to deal with this every day in our town. >> what has the response from people been and what do you hope to accomplish with this? >> for the most part it's been a good response. quite a few messages where they want to use this video, made a few people go get treatment. pes and a lot of them are good
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situation. >> your cousin jerry was very close to you. you guys were best buddies. now that you've made this and seen the positive responses that people have had, how does that make you feel? >> makes me feel good. makes me feel like he didn't die in vain. >> how does it feel for you to see what your dad's done, the attention that it's getting? >> it feels good to put out awareness of heroin. >> there is no doubt that baby gender reveals have taken over the internet and in this video he enlisted the help of the zoo. we are revealing the gender of a human, but they set up a box with treats for the elephant inside, and so now the elephant, all it has to do is pull on that leaf that you see there, the palm leaf, and we are going to
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nothing happens. we still don't know the gender of the baby until the elephant keeps playing with the box. finally it takes it completely off the hook. and it's going to be -- a boy! >> now these days football is making quite the appearance in everybody's yards. this time they are using football to reveal the gender of the baby. doesn't know what he's doing, they are confused like me. they are going to break that ball that has powder inside, revealing the gender of the baby, and -- >> spike it. >> he punts. >> the ball crashes on the ground, it explodes and pink powder revealing it's going to be a girl. >> a girl! >> yeah, congratulations, everybody.
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pop the question, but -- >> i can't marry you. >> why not? >> you do not make enough money for me. i am so sorry. >> oh, dang! wow!
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the padlock, the first line of defense for so many fences out there. but this padlock has been put into the line of fire of a jet. this from the cut in half youtube channel. it is remarkable. how quickly and easily this stream of water cuts right through this lock and barely makes it move at all. >> nice little butter. >> these water jets are typically used in heavy industry for cutting metal and fabrication, things like that. in this case it's demonstrating how powerful it is. >> that's why i like it, because
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genuinely want to see. >> they show you what's inside. you can see all the different parts. all there. >> didn't stand a chance. >> now i guess what we've learned is if you want to break through a lock, carry a giant water jet. >> focus doesn't quite work. adorable snow day. ?? >> good old rich ferguson, he's back at it. >> met my girlfriend here at this restaurant a couple years ago. it's our anniversary. i'm really nervous today. i'm going to propose to her. >> going for the love magic now.
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with people because he wants them to know he's about to pop the question. here's the big moment. she walks up. he hugs her. >> sweet, they are experiencing love, endless love, right in front of them. >> i just wanted to see if you might want to spend the rest of your life with me. >> i can't do this. >> oh, dang! >> wow. >> don't put him on blast like that. all you got to say is no. >> turns into such an awkward moment that all the people looking on are something. look at your phone, turn your face. just don't look. >> run it back. guy in blue, he's having the biggest reaction. watch how he fixes himself. what happens, how did it go? >> greatest prank ever. >> oh, prank. i was starting to really feel bad for rich. >> i wanted to tell you, but --
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>> in this instance she breaks some news to the brother. >> how can anybody laugh? >> they don't. they fidget awkwardly. you want to be any other place than there in that moment. >> i can't. >> the guys at the bar, uh-oh, uh-oh. stops dead in her tracks. >> if i don't move, theyan see me. >> look at that, it's okay, bro. other women out there. don't worry about that one. you'll be over her in a minute. >> i'm actually into women. i love women. >> that's okay. >> i'm fine.
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that's our show for today.
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? dish nation ? >> welcome to "dish nation." we have to say hi to all of our friends in atlanta. hey, atlanta, what's up? >> hey. >> hey. >> well, later in the show
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for howard stern after howard stern said what he said about porsche, so we're going to hear what those words are, and they are good ones. also, cathy griffin has a brand new book out, and she has a few choice words for john hamm and ellen degenerous.xd first, beyonce has a new line of ugly christmas sweaters. >> she can't do anything ugly. she is so hot. >> you are absolutely right because look at these "ugly christmas sweaters." they're not ugly at all. >> that's nice. that's an insult. >> the only thing ugly about them is the price. $60. >> $60 for i slave all day. you didn't slay at all. that's not a slay, honey. >> i wish they would make bath toys with her on it, and i could dry off with beyonce. >> her stocking has lemons


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