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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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michael slager looked into the jury's eyes and told them that at this very moment when he started firing at walter scott in the green shirt, he felt afraid for his life. >> i fired until the threat was stopped. >> reporter: scott was unarmed and is clearly seen in the cell phone video running away. prosecutors say it was murder and made slager stand up and hold a tape ruler to show jurors how far scott ran, a whole 18 feet before slager started shooting. slager is claiming that scott grabbed his taser in a fight before the cell phone recording. >> i saw that taser coming at me, coming at me like this. >> reporter: but he now admits that scott didn't run away holing it. people in the courtroom shook their heads as slager struggled to describe this, why he picked up the taser from this location and moved it closer to scott's dead body. >> was it because i was placing my gear? i can't even answer to that. >> reporter: slager told jurors he was not trying to plant evidence, but outside the courthouse in the blake neighborhoods where he once worked, they don't believe it. receive osunsami, abc news,
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tiger woods is a day away from returning to competitive golf. he's been on the sidelines for 15 months dealing with a variety of ailments, but he's in a tournament tomorrow, he has 14 major championships to his name, and now he says he's ready to go at it again. >> i've been away from it for a long time. i've been away from golf at periods throughout my career and i care about what i do out there. i want to win. and i want to place the ball in the correct spots. >> he also admits he's a little bit nervous about getting back in the action. for the this weekend's tournament, he'll be using the putter he used to win 13 of his 14 majors. >> hopefully it brings him some good luck. and the obamas have hung their ornaments at the white house for the last time. >> first lady michelle obama
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decorations. the theme is the gift of the holidays. special decorations celebrate military families and the white house tree is hung with gold ornaments honoring gold star families. there are also large replicas of the first pets bo and sonny there, as well. >> of course. you can't celebrate christmas without the pets. the tree, by the way, 19 feet tall. big one. >> that is huge. she -- they were a bunch of volunteers yesterday, holding parties at the white house for them. and michelle obama said she continues to be impressed by people giving up their team to be there at the event at the white house. >> on to the sweets now. there's a ginger bread white house, 150 pounds of ginger bread. >> oh, my gosh. i might almost eat that. >> i was going to say, a big devour it on christmas. >> while mrs. obama gives you, like, the stank eye, nope, you know how many calories that is? >> that's not how it flies in my house. everyone would be just chomping down. all right. coming up, we will meet with a group of workers in an auto parts plant who hit it big on the powerball.
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"world news now" continues
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hd-5-1490 ? if i had a million dollars i'd build a tree fort in our
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>> great song. if only it was a reality. it is, though. for a group of 20 factory workers in tennessee, they no longer have to worry about if. now it's when they will get the money. >> they'll find out if they had a million dollars what they'd do because they've been playing the lottery together faithfully for years, and now it's paid off big time. here is abc's linsey davis. >> see how you did. first number down tonight is 21. >> 21. 37. 44. 16! and i was screaming! >> reporter: they call themselves the tennessee 20. >> check my e-mails, we won. we're just -- i mean, i was almost passed out. >> reporter: these employees of an auto parts manufacture in tennessee have played as a group for years.
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jackpot? $12.7 million each. >> last night, my check engine light came on, and i thought, well, you know, i don't have to get frantic about that now. >> reporter: they are still pinching themselves and still staying on the job, at least for now. >> right now, i'm not planning on quitting. i'm planning on staying there. i may change my mind, but -- >> reporter: several million reasons that might change her mind. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> good for them. >> yeah. my new cousins. >> i like the nickname, the tennessee 20. >> the tennessee 20. >> by the way, they'll be on "gma" later on this morning. so we'll get to hear from them firsthand. apparently, they used to buy $120 of ticket and every saturday. >> and $12.7 million, not bad at all. >> they consider themselves a family work 24 hours shifts sometimes and on top of that, they go on vacations together. i thought you and i spent a lot of time together. >> yeah. >> maybe we should go on vacation together. >> well, we do trips together, but we're broke. >> oh. >> we're not like the tennessee 20. >> maybe if we win the lottery we can. >> if we had a million dollars. >> in the meantime, we'll go
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ditch the misery. let's end this. a secret santa project has overtaken an entire country. >> and the little boy who lost his swimming goggles. here's abc will gantz with two truths and a why. good morning, will. >> good morning, you two. the trut sometimes, especially when you meet your long time hero. just ask kya, a shiba inu in orlando, flori toy is a plush santa claus. when the owners brought her to their local mall for pet photos with santa, christmas came early for everybody. john tweeting kya's holly jolly reaction to meeting her idol. and forget rocking around the christmas tree, this is rocking around the internet racking up 90,000 retweets and 150,000 likes since posted.
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adorable. next, let's unwrap a truth from new zealand warming the grinch's holiday-hating heart. over 2,000 new zealanders are participating in a country-wide secret santa project. starting ten years ago, the present swap is run by the new zealand post. they're assigned a twitter user you can follow to get to know better and then buy a present and send to the new zealand post forwarding it on to the right place. i don't work in the north pole, but i bet they have the world's highest per capita population on the nice list. finally, why can't little aiden find what he's looking for and more importantly, why is it the cutest case of lost and found ever? he was enjoying the day at the pool when he stopped to ask his sister to help him find his goggles. the problem? well, take a look. >> what are you looking for? >> my goggles. >> where are they? >> i don't know. >> you don't know where your
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>> no. >> i thought you had them. >> i did. >> what -- >> oh! >> oh! >> my goggles! >> that video has been retweeted 31 nous times since it was posted and for good with reason. i looked a lot less cute when i can't find the keys in my hand or the sun glasses that i'm already wearing. i mean, come on, you guys can feel my pain, too, right? >> of course. >> oh, amen. we -- i've done the sunglasses thing quite a few times, but especially anyone who works an overnight shift has done that way more than the rest of the normal people. >> the weird part is when you're in your car and you're like, where are -- where -- where is my car? >> you try to get in the wrong one, you ever played that game? >> oh, yeah. >> everyone looks at you like
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homicide just south of summerlin. metro just briefed us about the incident that took place late last night near durango and flamingo. we were told two people were arguing about the custody of their child--- when an unknown man intervened and shot and killed the woman's ex- boyfriend. police say the suspect took off in a black sports car... and still hasn't been found. nor the child were hurt in this incident. and breaking overnight... we got new information about a homicide in the southwest part of the valley that happened about an hour earlier. police tell us a father shot and killed his son. officers were actually on another call near rainbow and windmill when they heard three shots... around 8-30 last night. we're told they ran to the area where they heard the shots coming from... and that's when they say a man


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