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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> ? it's a great day to make it everything you want it to be ? ? yours and mine, it's a great day to shine ?? >> good wednesday morning, everybody. we're taking a live look outside right now towards the new york, new york jets, you might wonder why. >> go on. >> today, the rockefeller center, the other n lighting up their christmas tree. so exciting. >> yeah. for the first time on november 30th. >> they've never done this on november 30th before. >> we're officially here. >> we have a tree on set. >> we do. we've taken quite a few selfie in front of it. i love the holiday spirit. tomorrow we start december 1, now it's officially here. so exciting. not as stressful as the second
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do. a week or two of relaxes and enjoying the music. all the festiities and parties. >> if i could get my mom out of the way. >> is she hard to buy for. >> she is. she has a lot of things. i le the music is starting to play on the radio station. >> everywhere, throughout the mall. >> rudolph the red nosed reindeer. >> i love christmas music. there's one specific christmas cd that we always play. it's funny, because i can't find it online anywhere. my parents found an actual cd. i don't know what to do with this. i can't play this anywhere.
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drive for this holiday season. >> everything is digital now. >> i still have a cd player in my car. i can still play a single cd in my car. >> i have a cd player, in vegas, it's jammed with travis clougher's cd. he was on "the morning blend," and i popped it in, and i jammed it, and it's been jammed there for like three years. >> isn't that funny? >> i think of you every time i want to play a cd. >> thinking of new york, we started out on. i saw the rockettes. i lot of holiday shows. i saw them one year, and it was spectacular. that gets you in the mood. the ultimate holiday show. i heard you saw a show last night? >> i did, i went to a very cherry christmas. it's fun when all of the performers. great name. from a lot of these performers, they do a special holiday show. human nature, givers a reason to
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>> how was the show? >> i forgot how talented he is, as a straight-up singer. he shows that off. it has nothing to do with characters, he stands there and sings. >> any new puppets? >> man, there's a trump santa actually, which, without getting -- it's very funny. and the puppet itself is so clever. the reaction he gets. he's got the hair >> oh, my gosh. that's hilarious. >> very funny. we want to hear from you about what your favorite city is to spend the holidays, vegas, new york, share your comments on facebook and twitter. >> it might be your hometown. please do reach out on social media. we may read some of your comments on the air. jeff, all this time, we've been thinking we're sitting here
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home not getting much sleep. i think he's been playing hook can i, and he's been out doing something fun. >> wow, oh, oh. let's see where he is out having such a ball, and why he didn't invite us. >> there's a chill in the air. perfect time to go ice skating. we're here -- i know you're calling this the rock rink. i'm going to call this red rockefeller center. >> i love it. it rolls off the tongue. >> tell us wh at. >> we have our ice rink set up. we opened on november 11th, we'll be open through january 15th. we partner with ice rink event, they do phenomenal ice rink. we have music playing. bring the family, a date, and make it a fun night.
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y -- >> they're closed christmas day, if you have questions, call our concierge. >> running through january 15th. if you're past christmas, you can get skating in. >> you can come on out and have fun and enjoy the outdoors. you can rent skates here. >> correct. we have a variety of packages, there is no time limit. you can enjoy the night. >> it's rink, you get so much going on. >> rock rink is one of the programs we have. we'll have santa through christmas eve. we have our nightly parade that's returning, friday and saturday nights up until the week of christmas. and it's at 6:00 p.m. every night on park center drive. >> fantastic. i know this is a pet-friendly environment here. i know you're having photos with santa. could maybe the pets have a photo with santa? >> absolutely. we love pets.
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dogs. we do paws and claus on tuesday. his house is at macy's promenade. >> you're doing stuff for hanukah, too. >> we'll do three nights of hanukah, the 27th through the 30th. menorah lighting. >> while you're here downtown summerlin, a couple shops. want holidays, you even have gift cards. >> we do. downtown summerlin gift cards, all of the shops, you can come down here and get shopping done early, grab food at our fabulous dining restaurants, and enjoy the season. >> there's a lot to enjoy. people want to learn more, where do they go? >>, or call the concierge.
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>> thank you, shawn, i'm hungry, and i want to go ice skating. >> i cannot skate like that. >> who did they have down there? did we not video? amazing. >> do you skate? >> i skate all right. i'm a better skier than i am an ice skater. i love the whole experience of it. >> yeah. >> what about you? >> ice skating is one of those things that i love to do so much, and i'm so bad at it. i'm awful at it. >> that's fun. >> it's silly. i'm going to go out and tear up the other knee. >> you're good at so many things, you can ride a dang unicycle. that looks like a lot of fun out there. they have a holiday parade. >> legit. not an amateur parade. it was incredible. >> they're going all out, and the santa was very handsome-looking. he's straight out of the north
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i'm going to go down on a tuesday night and get the pet photo, with santa. >> very cool. >> i'll send it out as my holiday card. >> still to come on "the morning blend," how we can help local
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with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day we took an already great lineup and made it better. >> welcome back to "the morning blend." do you have too much stuff? maybe it's time you do something about it. our next guest has storage and moving solutions that could work for you. >> here to show us how to clean up our lives is ceo brian lindsey. good morning. great to see you. i was telling jeff about it before the show.
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you do. i described it as a portable storage solution on wheels that's climate controlled. >> bang! that's a pretty good description, jj. we are indeed portable storage and moving. by portable. we come to your house. no moreriving a sketchy storage facility. we come to you. we come to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day, we've done loading of zippy shows at 1:00 in the morning, 5:00 in the morning. once it's at your home for two or three days, when we load it, we bring it to our climate controlled storage facility. from there, we can move it anywhere in the nation, or the valley, or simply store it until you want it back. >> the climate important in las vegas. >> you nailed that. climate controlled in our environment is absolutely critical. yeah, it's called this morning, but think about july and august when it's 115 outside. probably 130 in the containers.
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inside. >> that's great. you hear horror stories, people pack up things in a storage unit, and they're ruined. >> things like furniture, electronics, you never want to store that outside in our climate. not all of the storage and moving companies do that. we're 100% inside and climate controlled. >> you and i spoke about my move from los angeles, you're national, you're more than just in las vegas, zippy shell. >> we're in albany, texas, if you're in vegas, and some reason you want to leave, who would want to do that? we will send you there. we're a national company. >> frankly, do people ever use it just to get things out of
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storage unit. >> that's a great question, jj. often what happens, people use this for staging, they'll want to sell their home. the realtor will say we've got to declutter. we'll send a zippy shell over, we'll load it up, that goes, that goes. we'll take it out, clean up the house. it sells more quickly and a better price. >> a lot of people can use that. >> seriously. >> a lot of factors. you're a proud giver. >> now it's time to step back. after the holiday season, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to have a freshly wrapped new toy for hanukkah, christmas, the holidays, we are so proud to partner with you guys, with the las vegas rescue mission, the nevada highway patrol and
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transportation for the drive. >> we have been receiving a tremendous amount of toys. i was out at toyota monday, a tremendous amount of toys. we're going to be filling up zippy shells. there's rudolph. a shoutout to rudolph. we're going to be filling up a lot of zippy shells. and we need a place to keep these toys. >> are you storing the toys, as well? >> we we're going to bring it to our climate controlled storage facility. store it for you guys. when everything culminates on december 7th with the caravan rescue mission, we're going to be providing the transportation. we couldn't be more proud to be part of this. >> it's great. excellent. >> real quick. the storage, obviously, is so important, i think something that people don't realize is the packing and loading of the services you offer. that's a key differentiator.
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packing and loading. our main competitors, they don't offer the packing and loading. we do. it's a full service moving solution. also, our storage unit is designed differently. it is a steel cage that sits inside the trailer. why is that important? because air flows through the cage in storage. there's never any moisture build-up, humidity build-up, et cetera. finally, we're significantly less expensive than our competitors. on average, and finally, and this is most important to us, we're much more highly reviewed. if you're incredibly bored tonight, yelp. this morning, i checked, we have 26 reviews. each and every one is a five star review. >> you have a special offer for our viewers. >> i do. if you call, and you mention "the morning blend," we will
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services. >> awesome special. thank you so much, and thank you for helping with 13 days. we like to ship zippy shells. call and mention "the morning blend," and receive 50% off. the number is on your screen. and $50 off any service with zippy shell, for more information on zippy shells, visit their web site.
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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>> welcome back to "the morning blend." many of us take the ability to drive to the grocery store, work, or a doctor's appointment for granted. here in the valley, many seniors have no means of transportation.
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transportation foundation was created to assist local las vegas seniors in getting to where they need to go. and here to tell us more about the foundation, and how you can get involved, doc carr and gene jacobson. welcome, guys. >> thank you very much, jj, pleasure being here. >> it's fun to have you. you mentioned you watched "the morning blend." >> absolutely, and our seniors do, as well. we interact, and i least 12 seniors a day unless i have an intake. and many times it will come up in conversation about "the morning blend." >> neat. tell us about the foundation. >> the foundation was set up, we realized we had an issue with -- right now we have 350 on the list to get to appointments, grocery stores, et cetera. even a part-time job.
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security, which is extremely limited for them. we find philanthropist donors. we in turn find the donee. >> you're officially a charity that people can trust to contribute to. >> that is correct. >> and your big need is for >> we need vehicles, we have 350 plus people on the list. and we have never advertised for those seniors. >> no kidding. >> they have seeked us out. >> it's so important, it's vital, not only for people to get to their medical appointments, groceries. these are the basic necessities. it's so important for seniors to get an active life. >> precisely. >> to keep connected. >> precisely correct.
9:21 am
realize just how important it is to have that flexibility of transportation. >> and now, gene, we haven't heard from you much. >> i'm here for the adventure. >> well, we're on, buddy. what has your experience been like? >> it's very enlightening. i have a very compassionate desire to help people in need. years ago, and this actually came about in the last year, or so. i was fascinated by the fact that seniors actually were helped by other than our government. >> yes. >> so, we put out there everything we can to try to have donations, maybe of any type of donation that we can utilize to benefit the seniors. >> certainly. because we're talking about
9:22 am
security. they might be having an income of what per month? >> the average statistically is a little over $1,000. our seniors are below that, unfortunately. 733, 800, very, very limited income. >> so we're talking about real need here. once you take the cars, you make sure they're drivable. >> road worthy. >> what about things like insurance and gas? >> the only thing to be concerned about with the organization is that they're able to register the vehicle, and they're able to insure the vehicle, and we take it from there. >> this is brilliant. i would imagine being on today, you're not only asking people to contribute, consider donating their vehicle, which could be a tax write-off? >> it is an absolutely tax write-off. you're in the fourth quarter right now, and anyone who were to donate at this point in time,
9:23 am
off on their taxes. >> and you're speaking to seniors out there in need, they can reach out, as well. >> we highly encourage them to contact us. and i will personally -- i try to personally talk to each and every one over a period of time. the executive director, which is the founder of seniors in need of transportation foundation is carol hall. and she, unfortunately, had an automobile accident, and she can't be with us. >> oh, my goodness. well, thank you, doc and gene. i'm going to finish off holding up a photo of a senior who received a car. >> that is correct. >> this is a beautiful thing. >> this is karen o'brien. and the donor, or philanthropist is mr. goreham, a fine gentleman. he was moving, and we went to california to pick up the vehicle. >> you're doing great things.
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number, or visit the web site on your screen. and thank you. >> thank you, jj. husbands, fathers, grandsons, inlaws, friends, start your victory lap now. emmy award winning technology, mario armstrong put together a list of the best holiday gifts for us men. good morning, mario, what's going on. >> good morning, jeff, how are you, to you and all the family in vegas. i've partnered up with awesome brands, dude, and we have amazing gift ideas for the guys. i'm going to start first with something you'll appreciate, too, being in the business of media. it's very hard these days to get really good quality audio recorded from the mobile device. this handles all of that and then some.
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microphone. high quality audio on the go, their free app gives you a ton of features. it's easy to share any audio that you record. perfect for the guys who want to capture concerts, maybe their own band, maybe a podcast, sporting event, or maybe good life moments and get great quality broadcast level stereo quality. i've been testing the mic. it's insane how clear the audio you can get from this and how powerful it is. next up would be wearables. big for guys. i'm wearing the awesomest that will hit the stores. samsung gear s-3. this smart watch looks incredible, is incredible. super smart. two different models. the frontier is a rugged model also connected with lte, always on, you can send and receive calls, get text messages, alerts, your calendar, a lot
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is great. military grade durability. you don't have to worry about weather or drops. and you can personalize the watch band and faces with thousands of choices. and it's compatible with a lot of android smartphones. if you have one of these watches, and have you it on. it's easy to shop, because you can use samsung pay by using your wrist to tap and pay and go. and built-in gps. they thought of everything. >> so what still popular? >> yeah, man. big, jeff. this is really fun for even the young dude in the family, from ages 8 and up. from kids to adults. they've love this. there's an advanced mode and beginners. the air hogs helix race drone.
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it has a crash resistant frame. you don't have to worry about it breaking, or blowing up anything in the house. >> i got one of these for my brother. he was -- niece and nephew, they fly it around and love it. >> it becomes addictive. i've seen people create courses and obstacles and games that you can play with them. i think it's -- a lot of people think drones are a singer multi-player fun with a drone. next up, a cool and unique gift. great for pop culture fans that love comic books and games. think of avengers, deadpool, walking dead. if you have a guy or kid in the family that loves that, this is a monthly subscription where you get a box of goodies every month with a new theme. they are one of a kind
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popular brands. the product is actually called core crate. once a month, this box comes through that person's home with a whole new theme and whole new set of collectible items. the value is usually $45. you pay $25 a month to have that sent out. the last two items, one is for the mechanic in the family. home depot has you covered with the husky uve tool set. 60-piece. the longhand -- handle repurchases, hard to reach places guys are going to love this, whether you're fixing a lawn mower or your car. >> this is a great game for
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clues, this is escape room, the game, by spin master. the thrill and challenge of the real escape. the web site has got all the deals. >> you heard it there from mario. just for men, back >> i want that tool set. before we head to break, a quick reminder to get your nomination letters in for walker furniture's home for the holidays program. as in past years, the search will provide 30 recipients with an entire house of new furniture and make their holidays brighter. nomination letters must be received by sunday, december 4. send to larry at walker
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>> welcome back to the "the morning blend." two of the main men of t awesome event are here in the studio. >> welcome neil sackmary, this toy drive is in full force. >> tremendous. >> what has been going on this week? >> well, so, the thing is, it started when we had our partner meeting the other day with zippy shell. and we decided don was giving us
9:33 am
going to be doing. and we already filled up the car that they took back, and i already have two...that are full. it's tremendous, everybody is coming into the store and dropping off. you know, not everybody can afford a lot of money. but everybody can afford a $10 and bring one gift. >> jeffrey, neil sackmary had more toys before the toy drive even >> really surprised. constantly raising the bar, giving back in the community. >> now take a photo in the store with my full-sized cutout next to all of the toys. it's the greatest thing ever. >> jj: john hit on something you and i spoke about. not everybody has a lot of extra cash hanging around. some people do. but we're talking about how -- what price point of gift? what are we talking about here?
9:34 am
if you have to do less, that's okay, too. but, really, we do that so that people can feel like they can do a lot more, not just help one child, but for $100 you're helping five children at that range, five, or six, or even ten. >> talk about the mission. >> i thought i was here to be neil's sidekick. he's been off to a great start. >> jj: that's the way we all feel. >> actually, before i talk about this, jj, if i can say we've been together a few times for the 13 days of giving. and every time, you're having a blast. and it's been fun. and i appreciate you bringing that fun into that. because the need is serious, and the people that we're serving represent that serious need. giving and sharing and helping children should be fun for all of us to be able to do that. it's fun for the rescue mission to have that privilege and responsibility to serve those in need. thanks for bringing the fun to it. and everybody that's been bringing in.
9:35 am
generosity of giving, but generosity of spirit. everybody talks about how much fun it is to shop for kids. and maybe they haven't done it in a while. >> jj: that's the spirit of children is fun. we all can participate in that spirit. >> go, have fun, maybe it's been a while since you've shopped for a little kid, go and have fun and bring it to the location. >> jj: speaking of having fun, jeff was playing with the mr. potato what's been your favorite gift. >> candyland. we have three or four. there's a lot of drop-off locations all around town. nevada highway patrol, the dealership, ktnv. >> it's very important. i wouldn't be here without the support of what we do. and so being a part of what it is that we do is just a small
9:36 am
needs to get $10 and get one gift and bring it to nevada coin mart, open 365 days a year from 9:00 a.m., to 6:00 p.m. 4,000 square foot building, can't miss it on the corner of jones and flamingo. do something good for the family that needs. and when you come into nevada mart, i'll buy it, gold, silver, costume jewelry, and part of the money we do helps us do things with tremendous oan like the las vegas rescue mission. >> talk about something as simple as a 10 or $20 gift, the impact. >> we'll see at our big distribution, probably 1,500 children, and before the season's over, another 1,000 that we'll be able to reach out to help and work with other partners. and these are families that may not even know where their next meal is coming from or where their shelter will be next week, and we're helping on a daily basis with food and shelter.
9:37 am
steps beyond their thinking on that level. for us to be able to provide something normal, special, a way to celebrate, makes a huge difference in those family's lives as they're trying to get back on their feet and hold things together for their family. >> jj: when you're talking about a 10 or $20 gift, what age group? >> zero up into young teens. i know ktnv has on their web site, a place where you can make a financial towards gift cards. zero to 12, anywhere in there, all ages that will come to us. >> thanks, guys. >> your a wild man. >> bring everything to the nevada coin mart to sell, stop what you're doing, put down the cup of coffee and bring in every single gift that is brand-new so that we can help every single family in las vegas, john said 15 to 1800 people, bring them
9:38 am
trance. >> stop, and get a trance of your own. he's there 365 days a year. bring a toy for our 13 days of giving. toy drive, head to nevada coin >> and while you're there, check out >> jj: click on lv tab. deals at restaurants, and more.
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>> jeff: welcome back to "the morning blend." just in time for the holidays. phaze laser med spa is opening in village square next week.
9:41 am
for guys just like me. >> jj: and joining us now is sarah lopez vice president and co-owner of phaze laser med spa. >> good morning, happy holidays. >> jj: did you have a great thanksgiving? >> i did. >> jj: yay! >> i ate a little bit. >> jj: i did, too. i have like a little bit of an extra layer after last week. but, grand opening next week, tell us all about it. >> yes, we're so excited. we have been open for about two months now. we have a grand opening event, we're welcoming everybody to come over, tickets for the facility. we've designed it, it's beautiful. and it's very inviting for males and females. >> jeff: tell me about -- of course you think of these services for women. also for men. the same service you offer? or different things? >> definitely the same.
9:42 am
losing fat. you have laser hair removal. many different areas. >> jeff: guys generally. >> but that is a big one. that can save a man a lot of maintenance. when we designed it, we really had men in mind. a lot of these spas really catered towards even just the way it's decorated, pink and white, and very feminine. we wanted to make it to where men feel comfortable. you have your own room with a big screen tv, you can watch your sports while you're getting hair removed. >> jeff: i'm going to have to check it out. >> jj: that's insightful. i've been telling people for a couple of years, i've noticed when i get my nails done.
9:43 am
they are open and unafraid to go in. >> i brought my brother in. he saw that girls actually like it. i don't need to go with you anymore. as soon as you get comfortable, and that's how we want men to feel when they come in. everybody needs to be groomed. everybody needs a little bit of help here and there. >> jeff: you have to take care of yourself. let's talk about this time of year. a lot of people say we're going to wait until new year's resoluti now? >> new year's resolutions are great. they're short-term goals. and why put something like your health and your wellness in the back burner when you can start now, especially your health. that's not something that should be seasonal. it should be a life-style. we have the wrong attitude when it comes to our health, and we'll start new year's, and sure, we have a lot of holiday meals left, but, that's fine. you can indulge here and there.
9:44 am
you're saying, december is a good time to put time into yourself, a stressful, busy time. a great time to invest in sculpture. that's what comes to mind for me. this is such a popular procedure. >> yes, it is. and basically what it is, anybody that needs help reducing a little bit of fat around whether it's the waist, the flanks, anywhere where we can fit the applicator. it reduces treatment. and... >> jj: it's amazing. you don't have this problem, jeff. we're seeing someone get it on their abdomen. you can use it on your upper arms. >> definitely. very popular amongst women. you put it under the arms, you have a little bit down here. and it's very helpful. there's absolutely no downtime, the treatment is 25 minutes. and so as soon as you're done,
9:45 am
your day. >> jj: the results are amazing. we have before and after pictures. another guy. see, jeff. >> he worked on his abdomen. you can see there's a significant reduction. >> jeff: how long would something like that take to achieve? >> with every treatment, 25 to 35% fat reduction. you start seeing significant results anywhere between two to in between each treatment there's six weeks. >> jj: we have one more pic. that's that love handle area. >> there it is. >> jj: real quick, sarah, let's talk about the toy drive. you're so passionate. >> i told you, last time i was on here. i met them through jeff. so, thank you, jeff. i heard their story, i was moved and touched by it.
9:46 am
we plan on doing it every year, we hope every year it gets bigger and better, so we can gift toys to the children that are there. basically it's just come over, and bring a toy, an unwrapped toy for kids of all ages. and, we have multiple drop-off locations. we have two businesses that have offered drop-off locations. >> jj: all in village square. thank you so much, sarah. phaze laser opens december 8, located in village square on west sahara, call the number or visit the web site listed on your screen. >> jeff: do you know someone who makes a difference in our community? you can recognize them with our give back award. >> jj: click on the give back and fill out the form. one lucky person will receive $500 from america first credit $500 from america first credit d where the holidays are about joy again.
9:47 am
xx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays
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>> jeff: welcome back to "the morning blend." higher education doesn't have to be out of reach. our next guests are here to show us that there are options, whether you're looking to attend yourself or planning for your child's future. >> joining us spencer stewart, and sheila salehain deputy treasurer for college savings and prepa morning to you both. >> good morning. >> jj: thank you for being here and talking about higher education. you were both attendees at a conference called "education pays." >> this was to bring the business community and the higher ed community about the need to improve work force development. we brought a number of folks from the higher education community, business community,
9:50 am
and so, our discussion today is one of four discussions that we'll be having with you over the next few weeks. >> jj: good, excellent. >> jeff: talk about the power of high education. >> absolutely. higher education today is a catalyst to change people's life, not just people, but whole communities, as well, which is why education in nevada is so critical as globalization, as technology improves, it's the work force that becomes such a critic community, and for the state. >> jj: certainly, tell us about some of the programs that you have at western governor's university. >> wgu nevada is a fairly new option for those in state looking to complete their degree. it was created with governor bryan sandoval in june of 2015. we have four academic colleges. across all of those four colleges, we have about 50
9:51 am
>> sheila, talk about making this affordable. >> the state treasurer's office we have 529 college savings, tax advantage ways to save for college. they work similar to a roth ira. after tax money, when you put it in your earnings grow tax deferred. and when you use it for education, it is tax exempt. we offer six different programs. we have a program for every family. prepaid tuition, you basically can lock in today's tuition for tuesday tomorrow. you can use that program nationwide. so basically you're taking control of rising tuition costs, as well, we have other 529 programs where you save your money, invest it, and again, it's tax exempt when you use it for higher education. i know education is expensive.
9:52 am
have a bachelor's degree, you can make up to a million dollars in a lifetime compared to someone with a high school diploma. >> jj: i'm glad you brought that up. when we invest in a college education, our child's college education, we assume that it's going to pay off later as a career. >> absolutely. >> jeff: talk about why it's so important this time of year. december, we're looking towards new year's resolutions and planning for next year. >> exactly. with time, there's no better gift than the gift of education. basically is a gift that last as lifetime. and we can also, with these plans, they're very flexible. you don't have to be the parent of the child that you open the plan for. you can be an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent. we have many different plans. we have college information night december 7. families can come out and learn more. we have matching grant money, similar to 401k, if your
9:53 am
matching that we match dollar for dollar. don't want to leave that free money on the table. >> jeff: december, we're focussed on giving, and the gift of education is the ultimate gift. it's important to put a little money aside. a wise woman told me for every dollar you save, it's a dollar less you have to borrow. sheila told me that, thank you. >> jj: it is. it is the ultimate investment in the future, isn't it. wgu specializes in online programs, as well. >> that's right. we are wholly online, and competency based, based on the premise that not all students are the same. we all learn differently. so, if one comes to wgu nevada with a certain amount of knowledge and they can demonstrate mastery in their course area, then they can
9:54 am
the average with us is about 30 months. >> jj: that's excellent. sorry to rush you. you do have a special offer. >> we do. two things. college information night on december 7. every family that attends, we will fund the first $15 in their college savings account for their child or children. we have a contest with prepaid tuition if you enroll by january 31, you can win up to a year of free tuition. >> jj: to learn more, attend the college savings information night on december 7, or visit the web site on your screen.
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advice. according to them, despite what anyone tells you, second mortgages home equity lines of credit and hoas can and do flows -- foreclose your homes. what you can do to stop the foreclosure. let the attorneys at peters and to learn more give them a call or visit the web site listed, you can also find them on facebook and twitter. and jeff, coming up today on "the view." >> jeff: the ladies are rocking with tom ford, he'll discuss whether he has plans to dress our future first lady. >> tom ford makes great stuff. >> jeff: he does.
9:58 am
>> jj: you probably know all the shops doing your show in the flamingo. >> jeff: i walk to work. i walk the strip, and it helps me keep with the buzz of what's going on.
9:59 am
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>> announcer: phones down and heads up 'cause "the view" is live. could this woman end the trump presidency before it begins? candidate dr. jill stein is live in "hot topics" to reveal if her recount could change history. plus, mariah's bizarre diet. the only two foods she eats to stay in shape. will the ladies find this hard to s and red hot designer tom ford tells the ladies why he wouldn't dress melania trump or hillary clinton. hump day "hot topics" are here with whoopi, sunny hostin, joy behar, sara haines, and jedediah bila. now, let's get things started.


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