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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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to blame -- as thousands are forced to flee. plus... a major announcement from president-elect donald trump. what he's planning to do with his business interests. homicide and... an argument between parents turns deadly -- when a gunman decides to intervene. but we s developments coming out of those raging wildfires. today brings a new death toll. 7 people have now died and several families are still searching for missing loved ones. search and rescue efforts are continuing this afternoon. firefighters -- continuing to put out flames and bracing for the possibility of spot fires after a terrifying 24 hours -- that left at least 2-hundred 50 homes and businesses destroyed more than 14-thousand residents and tourists have been forced to flee to nearby shelters.
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do. i mean, you sit there, you're expecting to come on a vacation and then find out that you can't get back to your family." investigators are still trying to determine how the fires started -- but say it is likely caused by people -- but won't say whether or not it was arson. a 13 action news update this afternoon. authorities have now recovered the two black boxes from the plane carrying a brazilian soccer team that crashed i initial reports suggest the plane had electrical problems. but investigators are also looking into an account from one of the survivors -- that the plane ran out of fuel right before it was scheduled to land. 81 people were on board the airplane when it went down. 6 people mangaged to survive the crash. and this just in... more changes are coming to the las vegas strip. wynn las vegas and encore will begin charging for valet
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beginning in mid-december -- it'll cost you 13 dollars for up to 4 hours. 18-dollars up to 24 hours -- and another 18 for each additional 24 hours. as of now -- self-parking will still be free. all this comes on the heels of yesterday's announcement by caesars -- they'll start charging for valet at select hotels december 19th. starting next year -- they'll start charging for self-parking. right now -- police are looking for someone they believe -- shot and kl right in front of his own child. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston has more on how it happened. a fight over a child-- ends with one person dead-- but now-- police are calling the shooting random. police say it started with parents arguing-- possibly over custody. that argument spilled into the parking lot-- where a third person walked up and got involved. but thats when he took out a gun-- and shot the father-- while the child was waiting in
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take sot carlo concepcion, neighbor 14:41:52:05 it started off with some arguments, lasted a good hour, then it went quiet, we thought he argument subsided, but the next thing we knew there was a loud bang marissa tag police say the child who saw the whole thing happen is still with his mom and grandparents right now-- cps was not involved. mk-- 13an. we-re getting our first look at the man accused of shooting and killing his son in the southwest part of town. this is 49-year-old michael officers were on another call near rainbow and windmill when they heard three shots -- around 8-30 last night. we're told they ran to the area where they heard the shots coming from. that's when they say gardenhire came out of an apartment and said he shot his son. police are considering this an act of domestic violence. responding officers have a plea for anyone having family troubles. 3:51 "please call somebody... friends, family a pastor... someone didn't have to lose their life" 4:04 gardenhire has been chareged
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weapon -- and is said to be cooperating with investigators. new information right now... on a fire that broke out in an apartment near las vegas boulevard and pebble last night. firefighters now say -- one person had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. no word on what may have caused the fire. the las vegas valley will be tonight with some areas into the mid 30s. make sure you protect the sensitive plants and bring the pets inside! after the chilly start we keep it cool in the afternoon but similar to last few afternoons with highs into the mid 50s. friday we notice winds with lows into the upper 30s to mid 30s in the valley. slightly warmer this weekend with highs near 60.
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president-elect donald trump continues to fill out his cabinet -- after he takes over the white house. trump tapping fellow billionaire wilbur ross as secretary of commerce and goldman sachs executive steve mnuchin (mah-new-chin) as treasury secretary. mnuchin (mah-new-chin) said the trump administration's first priority will be taxes.
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states and the personal income taxes where we are going to have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan trump also announced on twitter -- that he's leaving his business empire to focus on being the nation's 45th president. however -- trump did not provide any details about how he planned to separate from his businesses -- though he said legal documents were being prepared. a bizarre -- road rage incident caught on camera. you what believe what cause rampage -- sending two men racing to the safety of their car to try and keep him away. steve wolford adlib remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first.
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the dow was up 2 points -- closing at 19,124
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on scene after a deadly police shooting in kansas city, missouri. officers opening fire on a
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to grab an officers gun during his arrest. no officers were injured. our 13 days of giving is underway right now. today it's taking over the 13 action news lobby. that's where we find 13 action news anchor steve wolford. steve -- how's it going out there? 13 action news, the nevada highway patrol and findlay toyota are asking you to donate a new unwrapped toy valued between 10 and 20 dollars 13 days of giving. donation bins are at findlay toyota, nevada coin mart and other valley locations. for a complete list, see ktnv dot com.
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the las vegas rescue mission to families in need. this saturda to celebrate the 13 days of giving, the nevada highway patrol with the help of the clark county school district police will be at the nhp southern command collecting toys and inspecting your child car seats. they also have a limited number to give away, plus they'll install them for you too. that's all tis saturday starting at 8am at the nhp southern command on sunset near the 13 days of giving. there are donation bins all over the place to make it easier to drop off the toys. of course you can drop it off at our station. but there's also nevada coin
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a couple more drop off locations-- triple-a southern nevada and findlay toyota at the valley auto mall. and of course we want to thank findlay toyota nevada coin mart and zippy shell. they're all proud sponsors of 13-action news and the 13-days of giving. a california woman shocked to see another woman doing this to her car... caught on camera stomping on and vandazlizing her car for hours on a busy street. doing to put a stop to it. plus... a warning about the dating dangers you can face online. instead of love -- millions of woman are becoming targets of sexual harassment. how one woman is now fighting back. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first.
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in the u-k was all caught on camera it started with two trucks crashing into each other. both men get out of their trucks - fighting and punching each other. then the man in yellow gets back in his truck -- and rams into the other truck several times. but it doesn't end there. the other men lock themselves inside their truck -- and
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of the truck -- before taking off. no one was injured. new video out of los angeles that you just have to see to believe. a woman says her vehicle was vandalized for six hours while bystanders watched and took pictures. a security camera caught somebody carving letters into the paint -- jumping on the roof and even ripping off the grill. and there were plenty of witnesses 122-128 they would come by... and just take off. finally called police and the woman was taken into custody. police say they believe she suffers from a mental illness. severe storms in the south turning deadly. nearly two dozen reported tornadoes tore across four states -- destroying homes and a daycare center. those storms are now moving
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a-b-c's elizabeth hur has the latest. ((nat)) "lightning.. wind!" heavy wind.. ((nat)) "heavy rain.. lightning.. woah!" rain and fire.. ((nat)) "go! go! go!" wreaking havoc across the south.. ((nat)) "there's the tornado right there. alabama.. the storms.. devastating and deadly.. with home after home leveled.. and thousands left without power.. ((sot)) man2: "thought it was more damage in mississippi.. but.. no one killed. ((sot)) man: "we're really lucky that nobody was hurt here tonight, you know, it could be the other way." in tennessee.. ((sot)) don armando: "i'mappy that we still have our restaurant." ((sot)) roy rogers, business owner: "no one expected this!" authorities blaming the deaths there on both mother nature and the wildfires.. ((sot)) tn fire presser mayor: 8 new fires.. before rain arrived.. which officials say helped but
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((sot)) tn fire presser chief greg miller: "we are experiencing some small mudslides and rockslides because there is no longer that foliage that is holding everything together." the storms.. on the move and threatening new areas tonight.. but the damage.. done.. homes and cars burned to the ground.. hundreds still in shelters.. and the fire chief saying their work won't be finished.. for quite some time. elizabeth tag: fortunately, officials in tn say the worst is over with more rain in the they can return home. let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into the mid 30s. make sure you protect the sensitive plants and bring the pets inside! after
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afternoon but similar to last few afternoons with highs into the mid 50s. friday we notice winds increasing into the windy category with highs into the low in the las vegas. sunshine will be around with a few clouds as well. we will cool off again friday night into saturday morning with lows into the
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in the valley. slightly warmer this weekend with highs near 60. another major cool down could be moving in early next week. online dating apps have changed the way we date. but these apps have also
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harassment. according to the pew research center -- nearly half of the women who date online -- have been harassed. vulgar messages sent to women like "i want to get you accidentally pregnant" -- and others too obscene to repeat. sot dr go 10:52:24 rj: do you think sexual harassment on dating apps have become the norm? mg:i think it's become a unhealthy part of the dating app world butt with mg: you feel afraid you feel that you mg: you feel afraid you feel that you can't go out into the cyber world without being harmed now one woman is fighting back -- creating the instagram page "bye felipe" -- to publicly shame harassing suiters. she also started a petition on "" -- to put a stop
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pictures on social media. were learning more about the kidnapped california mother -- found alive after going missing for weeks. investigators now furious with her husband. the disturbing details they were hoping to keep secret. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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abc's kayna whitworth is in california with the latest , the terrifying details of sherri papini's alleged kidnapping coming to light... among her injuries - police now say she was branded... a message burned into her skin sheriff: i would think that that's some sort of either an exertion of power and control and or maybe some type of message that the brand contained. kayna did they say something? or was it a symbol? sheriff: it
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message grfx her husband keith described an agonizing three weeks in which his wife was tormented physically and mentally? telling gma "...she weighted just 87 pounds and was covered in multi colored bruises, severe burns, red rashes, and chain markings. her signature long, blonde hair had been chopped off... " sheriff obviously a very sick person who may have wanted to not only to cut it off but to change her physical appearance?but also to authorities say the 34 year old stay at home mom was abducted while jogging near her home in redding - a small town in northern california where she lived with her husband keith, an electronic salesman, and their two kids. grfx 22 days later she was discovered in restraints on the side of a highway 150 miles away. mary ellen o'toole/former fbi agent releasing this victim after holding her for a pretty
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it just doesn't. because it really does increase the risk level of the offender exponentially. grfx according to the fbi, in 2015 there were nearly 85,000 missing persons in the us - over 18-thousand of them "involuntary abductions" and only about half of those victims ever returning home alive. right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... no charges for the officer who shot and killed a north carolina man. why prosecutors say the officer acted lawfully plus... new information on that horrific attack on the campus of ohio state university. what we're now learning about the suspect.
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his economic team -- as he makes a major announcement regarding his business empire.


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