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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  November 30, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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his economic team -- as he makes a major announcement regarding his business empire.
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information about the suspect in that violent rampage at ohio state university. what they've learned about his ties to terrroism. but first... prosecutors in north carolina have decided not to charge the police officer accused of shooting and killing keith lamont scott back in september. scott was shot while stepping from his parked s-u-v outside his apartment. police say he had a handgun and ignored commands to drop it. scott's death days of protests in the city of charlotte -- and questions about what led law enforcement to kill the the 43-year-old --who was medicated because of a brain injury. a-b-c's lauren lyster has more on the decision. the oklahoma police officer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed black man is set to stand trial for manslaughter.
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trial. now we're hearing from officer michael slager about the moment this video of this incident made national headlines because
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a-b-c's kenneth moton has the latest from washington. donald trump...legally cutting ties with his billion dollar company. the president-elect made the announcement on twitter that he'll "leave his great business order to fully focus on running the country." nats the business separation to avoid conflicts of interest comes as trump fills key economic posts. secretary of commerce...fellow billionaire wilbur ross. treasury secretary...goldman sachs executive steve mnuchin. sot steve mnuchin we're gonna have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan, we're going to incorporate the child care program, so this is, this is gonna be a tremendous boost to the economy mnuchin who promised to focus on the american worker praised trump's
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factory jobs in indiana, vp elect mike pence's home state. sot mnuchin called them and said we want to keep jobs here...i cant remember the last time a president did that trump is expected to release the details of the deal in indianapolis thursday. it's the first leg of his thank you tour which ends later in the day in cincinnati, ohio. nats applause trump is still trying to decide on a secretary of state...sitting down for dinner with contender mitt romney who once called trump's white house chief of staff reince preibus on fox news. sot reince preibus when he makes the decision, it's the decision that's best for america regardless of background (kenneth standup close) trump's team hinted he is down to four secretary of state finalists...romney, senator bob corker, former cia director david petreaus and former mayor rudy giuliani. as for trump's business, house democrats are calling for a congressional hearing to examine his conflicts of interest. kenneth moton, abc news
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at ohio state university. law enforcement revealing -- abdul artan wasn't on their radar before monday's attack. police say artan bought a knife at walmart that morning -- but don't know if it's the one used in the attack. deputy chief mike woods / columbus division of police: "we know the time of the attack. we also know we have some footage from osu university about where the vehicle was. but it's that time in between the purchase and the arrival on campus that we're trying t authorities say it's still too soon to say the rampage that hurt 11 people was terrorism. but they confirmed today artan may have been inspired by isis and a former al-qaeda leader. the clock is ticking for protestors fighting against the dakota access pipeline. the army is giving them until december 5th to leave -- but their promising not to budge -- even through the winter storms.
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will start blocking supplies from entering the campsite. the governor of north dakota says first responders will no longer be helping those that choose to stay in the freezing temperatures. members of the standing rock sioux tribe are fighting pipeline construction -- claiming it will hurt their water supply and run through sacred land. the company behind the project insists its safe. (energy transfer partners ceo kecle warren) "this pipeline is being built where two existing pipelines exist today, that were built through your state in we've not disturbed any historical sites." two-thousand veterans are planning to go to standing rock next week -- at the time of the deadline -- in order to protect the protesters. a brazen theft has a security guard in hot water this afternoon... after a pot of gold goes missing. only it wasn't a leprachaun. you won't belive what the guard was doing when this thief made off with more than a million
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with 1-point-6 million dollars worth of gold flakes from an armored truck. the guard left the back of the truck open while he went to get
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the suspect didn't hesitate -- swiping the 86-pound bucket and taking off down the street. our 13 days of giving is underway right now. today it's taking over the 13 action news lobby. that's where we find 13 action news anchor steve wolford. steve -- how's it going out there? 13 action news, the nevada highway patrol and findlay toyota are asking you to donate a new unwrapped toy valued between 10 and 20 dollars 13 days of giving. donation bins are at findlay toyota, nevada coin mart and other valley locations. for a complete list, see ktnv dot com. all gifts will be distributed by the las vegas rescue mission to families in need. this saturday to celebrate the
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help of the clark county school district police will be at the nhp southern command collecting toys and inspecting your child car seats. they also have a limited number of car seats and booster seats to give away, plus they'll install them for you too. that's all this saturday starting at 8am at the nhp s sunset near decatur. findlay toyota, nevada coin mart and zippy shell are of course you can drop it off at our station. but there's also nevada coin mart las vegas paving and at
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locations-- triple-a southern nevada and findlay toyota at the valley auto mall. and of course we want to thank findlay toyota nevada coin mart and zippy shell. they're all proud sponsors of 13-action news and the 13-days of giving. let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into th make sure you protect the sensitive plants and bring the pets inside! after the chilly start we keep it cool in the afternoon but similar to last
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50s. friday we notice winds increasing into the windy category with highs into the low to mid 50s in the las vegas. sunshine will be a few clouds as well. we will cool off again friday night into saturday morning with lows into the upper 30s to mid 30s in the valley.
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"stranger things" and "orange is the new black" -- are available. in today's healthy living -- as donald trump's cabinet comes into focus... we'll take a look at his choice for the new health and human services secretary. what it means not only for obamacare -- but for you and your family. and remember -- chopper 13 bringing you breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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trump's pick for the new health and human services secretary -- representative tom price. mike sacks talks one-on-one with former secretary kathleen sebelius -- about how this could impact your healthcare in the future. sot: tba mike vo: donald trump's picking representative tom price to head the department of health and human services suggests the president-elect intends to
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to repeal and replace the affordable care act - or obamacare. 13;18 - 25;17: i don't think there's any question that rep price has been one of the most vocal critics of the affordable care act. he voted against it, he's voted to repeal it over 50 times. mike vo: kathleen sebelius oversaw the massive health care reform law's implementation as president obama's first h-h-s secretary. so what does she think about the prospect of a successor committed to undoing all her work? 6:34;38 - 7:01;58 it isn't about me or about the president of the united states. it's about the people i met all the parents of a cancer-surviving child who now said to me i know my daughter will always have health insurance, she won't ever be denied, the people who can pay for an operation or can get a mastectomy once they get a cancer screening who were worried in the past that they wouldn't get screened because they couldn't do anything about it. mike vo gfx: price's own 242-page bill lets insurance companies give young, healthy
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price's plan is just one of many congress could consider when trump takes office. 3:47;11 - 4:05;02 up till now it's been very hypothetical. let's do this, let'sbill. looking at real people who are actually hurt by this plan, having a doctor lead hhs and then suggest that people should get less health care and not better health care i think becomes very complicated. mike on cam: price surely disagrees with sebelius on what a replacement plan would bring, and if confirmed it'll be up to him, president-elect trump, and the republican- controlled congress to pre prescription will be a better fit for the american people. for the now, i'm mike sacks. the drug ecstasy could have benefits for people suffering from p-t-s-d. now the -f-d-a is moving forward with a large scale study for using ecstasy as a prescription drug. the study is the final step before the f-d-a could legalize the drug. it all depends on the results of the study. if they're favorable -- ecstasy would be available to patients as early as 20-21. we'll be back with a look at
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and before we head to break -- a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup. at 8 -- the goldbergs at 8:30 -- speechless at 9 -- modern family at 9:30 -- black-ish at 10 --
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a local non-profit is calling for all ccsd schools to be sanctuary havens for undocummented children. is this the right move for las vegas schools? then later.. all new on 13 action news live at 6.. a shift in power for clark county schools create a parent advisory board that will shape the future for ccsd. what that will mean and who will now make the decisions, tonight at six. the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into the mid 30s. afternoon but similar to last category with highs into the low to mid 50s in the las night into saturday morning another major cool down could be moving in early next week.
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us for judge judy up next. don't forget -- we're always on at ktnv-dot-com and on our mobile app. we'll see you back here in 60- minutes for 13-action news live
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>> announcer: a pet parrot attacks. >> judge judy: how large is it? >> about this big. from nowhere, the bird came and latched onto my face. it was on there for a good 10 seconds or so 'cause its beak was dug into my skin. >> announcer: now this roommate... >> judge judy: how did it become detached from your face? >> announcer: singing like a canary. >> i literally had to pull it off. i kind of threw it down to the ground. i looked down at my hands, and i saw blood. and i then i also could feel blood dripping from my face.
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the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 18-year-old anna thompson is suing her former friend 21-year-old breanna jusola-macko for medical bills and pain-and-suffering, after breanna's parrot viciously attacked her. >> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 149 on the calendar in the matter of thompson vs. jusola-macko. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat, please. >> judge judy: ms. thompson, how long have you known the defendant? >> since i was 14 years old. >> judge judy: and how old are you now? >> i'm 18. >> judge judy: how long were you living with her? >> about two months before the incident occurred. >> judge judy: how did you come to live with her? >> well, i was having some family issues, and betsy reached out to me via facebook, offering


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