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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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"each of us know our own little area of expertise like any team, whether it's a football team and you're on the defense or the offense, you have your area of experience." lisa says mom and so i know it's difficult to make time to come to things." it's a challenge for sure...but just like we teach our kids...working together is the name of the game. 15:41:55 petrie "i'm really looking forward to this idea of being able to see things from another perspective." david schuman, bonanza high school "parents not on the committee will have a chance to have right now... police need your help finding this man who they say may be responsible for a shooting in a mobile home park earlier this month. his name is max cook. metro would like you to take a good look at him. if you see him.. do not approach him. police say he's armed and dangerous.. so call metro right away. we-re getting our first look...... at the man accused of shooting and killing his son..... in the southwest part of town!!! officers say...
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michael gardenhire came out of an apartment..... and said..... he shot his son. responding officers have a plea for anyone.... having family troubles. 3:51 "please call somebody... friends, family a pastor... someone didn't have to lose their life" 4:04 gardenhire has been charged..... with murder with a deadly weapon... and... is said to be cooperating.... with investigators. someone.... they believe.... shot and killed a father..... right in front of his own child. police say.... it happened..... near durango and tropicana with parents arguing... possibly over custody. that argument spilled into the parking lot..... where a third person shot the father..... while the child was waiting.... in a car. carlo concepcion, neighbor 14:41:52:05 it started off with some arguments, lasted a good hour, then it went quiet, we thought he argument subsided, but the next thing we knew there was a loud bang police say... the child is still with his mom
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to disappear. caesars entertainment now says all of its strip properties will charge for parking. 13 action news reporter gina lazara spoke with one expert who says he's suprised this didn't happen sooner. brenda and lee flannery chose to stay off strip this time....for their annual las vegas trip. lee flannery "we're probably gonna spend $1000 ourselves the next two days" hoping to save a few bucks....especially with all the paid parking happening on t brenda flannery "i don't think we should have to pay for parking.....its've already paid for the hotel which they charge you an arm and a leg on some nights" first mgm properties... now caesars entertainment. all 8 of their strip hotel and casinos will start charing for parking december 19th. scott roeben, "they saw that there didn't appear to be any lasting damage for mgm so they are kind of jumping on board" scott roeben is a las vegas expert. he's the founder of the popular blog vital vegas dot com...
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success....and was actually missing out on quote free money. scott roeben, "they're in the middle of this bankruptcy....they're trying to get out of that...this is just cash that was left on the table and is found money" scott says it's a profitable change that doesn't take a lot of time and energy for the giant company. and he says soon enough --- the complainers will stop complaining and just suck it up and pay. scott roeben, "every time something like this happens...people say this is the last one..i'm never co ever so it's not actually true" gina look live tag: caesars entertainment says self parking will still be free if you have a nevada drivers license. mgm still has free self park for locals but that is supposed to end of the year. gina lazara 13 action news. and.. new information on another parking related charge. the wynn las vegas and encore will start charging for valet in a couple of weeks. it will cost 13 dollars for up to 4 hours.. and goes up after that. self-parking at the wynn and
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for now. new at -6-... vegas golden knights owner.... bill foley is speaking out..... after news surfaced...... that the u-s army is looking into the name of the franchise. the golden knights..... is also the name..... of the army's.... longtime elite parachute team. foley said... in an e-mail to e-s-p-n...... the name was based upon nevada...... being the largest gold producing state in the country.... and.... the golden tones.... of the las vegas strip. he says.... use of "the golden knights" is from the army golden knights.... just as..... "the new york rangers" are distinctive from "the texas rangers".... or.... "the arizona cardinals" are distinctive..... from "the st. louis cardinals". right now... the damage is severe.... in northern alabama and south tennessee. nearly two dozen reported tornadoes..... tore across -4- states... including a new twister..... just outside of atlanta. "there's the tornado right there. let's go! let's go!" in alabama... the storms.... devastating and deadly.. with home after home....
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thousands..... left without power. the death toll now stands... at -9- ... with at least.... -6- injured.... including children. temperatures across the valley are heading down again tonight. 13-first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield is in the weather center to tell us.. how low will they go? bryan the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into the mid 30s. make sure you protect the sensitive plants and bring the pets inside! after the chilly stat afternoon but similar to last few afternoons with highs into the mid 50s. new at six... everyone needs a little help from time to time..
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from time to time.. even the people who help others. that's why one big company spent the day making sure a couple of non- profits can get their work done. 13 action news reporter marti glaser has the story. nat we at nv energy are more than just keeping the lights on and today they proved just that own fleet. nat 061628 to 2 very well deserved non profits . transition services - provides work for more than 400 people with developmental disabilities - (font: sally rothfuss- executive director ) 055316 we have 6 locations and we have an aging fleet of vehicles - 055321 and they're already .... looking forward to putting their new set of wheels to good use... nat 055536 we are going to go pick up sometabe tops at ikea and then we are going to dispose on extra long light
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getting out of our building . 055550 building together souther nevada (font :bob cleveland, building together southern nevada) 060446 we do critical home repairs for vetrans senior and disabled people in the las vegas valley060452 and with the help of their new addition- 060532 its a relief for us not to have to go and rent a vehicle to not have to transport on it. 060542 the goalfor both non-profits ... is that money once spent on renting vehicles -- can now be help people. web ...... ( at the end of the year ..... cleveland says they still have a waiting list of about 1 holiday season . some help.. but thanks to something new.. he's a little better off. and... it's a push for change. the move..... could make schools in southern nevada.... a safer place.... for your children. and count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast and first and only on 13 action news. we'll be right back.
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nicole wilfinger pleaded guilty in august to statutory sexual seduction and sexual conduct between a school employee and a student. wilfinger was arrested in april. according to the police report.. the victim was monday.... we introduced you.... to "ozzie the giraffe".... living in a sanctuary and the only giraffe... in the state of nevada. but.... we told you.... he needed your help..... and... you responded! in just the -2- days since our story... -2- thousand dollars has been donated.... to help ozzie.... to continue to live here.... in southern nevada. fear among many people...... following the election of donald trump is leading to
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how they're looking to make our schools.... a sanctuary.... from president-elect trump's..... proposed policies. and.. tragedy strikes a cirque du soleil show. more on how a show technician was killed.
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moments before a show in san francisco. a technician died after he was sending shockwaves through a crowd of ticketholders.. waiting to get inside. "shock, i'm i can't drive, i can't believe this happened that somebody in the show is injured ." the "cirque du soleil" show
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and runs through the end of january. ticketholders to the canceled show are being reimbursed. the news also reminded many local cirque performers and fans of a tragic accident 3-years ago.. when a cast member fell to her death during a performance of 'ka' at the mgm grand. 'ka' went dark for several weeks after the tragedy.. and revamped the show to make it safer for the performers. a local non-profit is taking to keep children safe at school. the "rogers foundation" is pushing for all c-c-s-d schools..... to be sanctuary schools...which means...they would not turn in.... any student that's in the country.... illegally. 13 action news reporter.... tom george is live.... at cashman center... with more. tom. what this plan would do is make all schools all the way from kindergarten through college sanctuaries for any undocumented students. since donald trump was elected
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ensure that students will be about their students safety under a trump administration and are glad schools might take matters into their own hands the schools have to. the schools have to protect the people put in their charge - children are there responsibility they can't wait for no outside help from people like donald trump now we did reach out to ccsd. right now it's not clear whether they'll actually listen to the plan and if so how they 13 action news.. the nevada highway patrol and 13 action news.. the nevada highway patrol and 13 action news.. the nevada highway patrol and findlay toyota are teaming
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and 20 dollars during the 13 days of giving. all gifts will be distributed by the las vegas rescue mission to families in need. this saturday.... to celebrate "the 13 days of giving"... the nevada highway patrol..... with the help of "the clark county school district police"..... will be at the n-h-p southern command..... collecting toys and inspecting your child car seats. they also have a limited number of car seats and booster seats.... to give away... plus... command.... on sunset.... near decatur. there are donation bins all over the valley. you can drop off donations here at our studios.. along with nevada coin mart.. las vegas paving and n-h-p southen command. there's also..... "triple-a southern nevada" and "findlay toyota"..... at the valley auto mall. we want to thank.... "findlay toyota"... "nevada coin mart" and "zippy shell"..... who are all proud sponsors of -13- action news and our
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the las vegas valley will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight with some areas into the mid 30s. make sure you protect the bring the pets inside! after the chilly start we keep it cool in the afternoon but similar to last few afternoons with highs into the mid 50s. friday we notice winds increasing into the windy category with highs into the low to mid 50s
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vegas. sunshine will be around with a few clouds as well. we will cool off again friday night into saturday morning with lows into the upper 30s to mid 30s in the valley. slightly warmer this weekend another major cool down could
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rain is helping firefighters in tennessee tonight against those devastating wildfires. we're getting a closer look at destruction.. as rescuers search for more victims.. and survivors. and.... identity theft has become one of the most prominent crimes..... in the -21-st century... you may be surprised to find out... where nevada ranks... against the rest of the u-s!!! and.. don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming..
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it's free in the app store and in google play.
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on, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show...
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a new study... from "wallet-hub"... looked at several factors. when it comes to security-freeze laws... for a minors' credit report... nevada ranks.... as the worst state... we ranked -6-th... for fraud complaints... and... -8-th... for the average amount lost... due to fraud. topping the overall list... washington d-c. employers expect to hire... fewer people.... in 20-17. a survey.... "d-h-i group" found... -56- percent of hiring mangers... expect increased hiring levels... in the first half of next year. sounds good... but... it's actually..... a -6- point drop... from -6- months ago. and... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers... any weekday... between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. we're continuing to follow the
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out of tennessee.. where 3 more people have died in the wildfire near the towns of gatlinburg and pigeon ford. tonight.. thousands of homes have been evacuated while crews clear roads to rescuers can reach homes.. and make sure everyone else made it out alive. todd walker is in gatlinburg. nat fb live 17:37:33 i was doing a facebook live video :34 and i was trying to get people out :36 a cop for 11 years in gatlinburg.. luke walker new a bad situation when he saw it.. 17:37:51 firs about was getting everyone out of gatlinburg there were still restaurants open there were still bars open :56 i ran into them get out :58 he's now living at the evacuation shelter.. waiting to go back to his home which did survive.. but he knows why so many didn't.. 17:36:49 there's roads where you have to go a mile out of your way to get 50 yards up the hill :55 to find some of these fires to get to some of these places :59 - standup-- we are just north of gatlinburg, tennessee.. getting into some of the hardest hit areas from this
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i've vacationed here plenty of times.. this is the terrain people were having to evacuate out of.. --------vo----- homes and cabins built on steep, steep hills.. ----standup---- it's hard enough to drive a small car or suv around here.. much less a fire truck.. ----vo------ in fact we saw some trucks just a minute ago coming through to mop up hot spots.. 17:39:27 you head up up up and there's a hairpin turn where if you're driving a big rig it gets stuck :31 -mudslide these homes didn't stand a chance.. the trees are so dense.. the houses are on top of each other.. torching some houses.. and completely saving others 17:36:59 you can see fires from the street on the mountain that you cannot get to at all 17:37:02 ----standup top hill---- firefighters were not prepared to battle something like this.. and this is just one street.. there are hundreds if not thousands just like this all over..
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severe weather may be the only thing..... slowing down protests in the streets of charlotte.... tonight... next.... on 13 action news... live at 6:30.. why prosecutors decided not to charge an officer..... in the shooting death.... of an unarmed black man. and.. find out why president-elect donald trump is stepping away from his business interests.. and more rumors about who he
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gather in charlotte, north carolina. this after the prosecutors declined to press charges
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it was back in september that downtown charlotte erupted in violent protests after video showed scott gunned down as his wife pleaded with police. severe weather is moving through charlotte--police say that seems to be keeping many protesters at home. abc's lauren lyster has the latest from charlotte. script: the officerin shooting death of keith lamont scott was caught on his wife's cell phone... don't shoot him he didn't do anything -- drop the gun and it ignited protests in the city of charlotte... nats world news protest the district attorney announcing why officer brent vinson - accused of shooting scott -- will not face criminal charges. sot: he acted lawfully what he saw was a man who had drawn a gun when confronted by police, exited a vehicle with the gun


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