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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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police are calling operation lucky charms. detectives say this man actually stole a pot of gold worth more than $1.5 million. >> do you think he knew it was a bucket of gold at the time? >> i think he believed it was of value. it was in an armored truck with armed guards. >> take a look at the video. of the incidents from late september. it happened in new york city's diamond district. the barrel taken out of the back of the vehicle when one of the armed guards turned his back. >> so it's gold flakes, what would somebody do with that? >> it would be melted down, and put into cubes and sold. >> reporter: the barrel nearly 90 pounds. so heavy, the thief had to keep putting it down. police say so far, they believe the end of the rainbow for this real life leprechaun may be florida. >> the armored car company is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the stolen
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linsey davis, abc news, new york. brazen. coming up, a new chapter in the battle between leah remini and the church of scientology. >> hear what she's releasing in her bio series. you're watching "world news now."
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? it has been a long painful road for leah remini in her on going battle, of course you know, with her former religion, the church of scientology. >> she's been a crit church she left three years ago. now she has a new series for a&e, but the church is firing back. here's abc's dan harris. >> what you're about to see sheds light on the truth of what's really going on with this church a church i promoted, defended and believed in most of my life. >> reporter: her battle against the church of scientology reached a whole new level tuesday night with the first
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leah remini, scientology and the aftermath. >> i hope that this project at least validates your pain is real. >> reporter: the series follows former members of the church and tells their story. remini's fight against the church in which she was raised began when she quit three years ago and then escalated last year with the release of her book "troublemaker" in which she described her life within scientology. >> i really did believe that i had one up on everybody because i had this scientology thing. >> reporter: the church said her book was a pathetic quest to get publicity. as for her new show, the church insists her new show is full of lies and doomed to be a cheap reality tv show. >> she needs to move on with her life, instead of pathetically exploiting her former religion, her former friends, and other celebrities for money. >> remini tells the hollywood reporter, they were trying to stop this show from happening.
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name. >> when you stop [ bleep ] with people's lives and families, i'll stop too. >> reporter: remini is demanding $1.5 million from the church, a response to the horrific letters they sent her. also in the interview, remini claims back when she was starring in the cbs sitcom, "king of queens" tom cruise and the church urged her to call her then boss, les mnv chief executive officer of cbs corporation. she said, i got press to call les moonves at cbs to try and get a 60 minutes report squashed. she said she made the call, but he refused to intervene. we reached out to cruise and cbs for a statement and they did not respond to our inquiries. i sat down with an interview with her last year, and in which she described the power and the allure of the church for her when she joined as a child. >> so for a kid, looking around, comparing herself to other people, to be part of a faith
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save -- >> to save the planet. >> that must have been a big deal? >> yes. because scientologist view children as spiritual beings, you're not treated as a kid. you're given a lot of responsibility. your ego becomes extremely inflated. >> remini says her new show is about families that the church has torn apart, something she says she knows too well after losing a best friend to the religion. the church of scientology says, in a statement to abc news, it's sad that she wishes to exploit for money those who tirelessly worked to help her when no one else was willing to tolerate her behavior. adding that she needs to stop blaming the church. dan harris, abc news, new york. coming up, we'll show you what's been called the latest extreme sport. >> would you try this, bike balancing? how about 65 stories high. >> now you have me. i'll do it.
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happened" straight ahead. you're watching "world news now."
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ort. ? time for another edition of "this happened." >> some interesting and bizarre stories that caught our attention, like this one. pack your dramamine for this one. >> i guess we can call this bike balancing. this is a man named fabio riding his bike on a railing that happens to be 65 stories up on an austrian dam. one of the highest dams in europe, by the way. he rode 650 feet across it. >> the video lasts for three minutes that he's doing this. amazing. this is all for a contest called gopro world contest. it looks amazing, but i should point out, when you look at the
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there was a guy walking next to him with a rope that was tethered to him just in case. it still doesn't mean i would do it. >> so if we tether you and i'll hold the rope -- no? >> i wouldn't even walk like this with -- tethered. >> i think we have a new segment coming our way. >> i think we've tried that. okay, not too many people can say they bowled 900 one day. but shaun osborn can say it >> shaun was on a roll last week, when he bowled three, 300-point games in a row. shaun said he couldn't believe it, and never thought it was possible. before this, he was just your average league bowler, doing it for fun. >> i'd say he's no longer just your average league bowler. he said he's starting to believe a little bit more every day that he's good. how amazing this feat is. people have been bowling since 1900. this has only happened 29 times, and never before in texas where
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that's impressive. >> congrats. and if bowling isn't your thing, maybe chess is. we have a new world champion there. >> after three weeks, it came down to just two guys who were locked in the back and forth battle of high-speed tiebreakers. they were stressed out. in the end, two-time world champion magnus carlson won his third title yesterday after he defeated the russian challenger here in new york. >> magnus looks thrilled with his win, which came on his 26th birthday. so he gets to take home most of his $1.1 million gift. not a bad birthday gift. >> not at all. i'm sure conor mcgregor is jealous of how he celebrated. and finally this happened. a british lad has a new best friend. a wild fox. >> henry hoffman was walking around london when out of nowhere, this fox appears, didn't want to let go of his bag. at one point it cozies up to him and falls asleep while he's petting him. >> the fox ran off after being
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just ended less than thirty minutes ago. we have the latest. and it's the third homicide investigation in 24 hours for metro and they are still looking for multiple suspects. and the final escaped inmate from california is captured. and now the sheriff says more may be arrested in the coming days. 1:13-1:15 "it's unfortunate that we're out here again.." right now-- metro is investigatng and this morning they're searching for multiple people on the run. they believe two men and a woman in a red jeep cherokee drove up to a home, and at least one of them opened fire. the male victim was hit once in the chest. investigators think the shooting was drug related. good morning las vegas! i'm ... and i'm xxx.... the time now is ...


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