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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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just ended less than thirty minutes ago. we have the latest. and it's the third homicide investigation in 24 hours for metro and they are still looking for multiple suspects. and the final escaped inmate from california is captured. and now the sheriff says more may be arrested in the coming days. 1:13-1:15 "it's unfortunate that we're out here again.." right now-- metro is investigatng and this morning they're searching for multiple people on the run. they believe two men and a woman in a red jeep cherokee drove up to a home, and at least one of them opened fire. the male victim was hit once in the chest. investigators think the shooting was drug related. good morning las vegas! i'm ... and i'm xxx.... the time now is ...
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alert meteorologist greg arrived for the valley! until 8am, las vegas will be under a freeze warning with city wide temperatures mainly hitting a range between 28 and 32 degrees. the center of the city should just above that; coming in around 34 degrees by 7am. please make sure to warm your mainly sunny skies will be common throughout the day with highs ranging between 52 and 57 degrees. luckily, wind will be mild through the day ranging between calm and 5 mph. as for the next several mornings, las vegas will be just ab warning criteria. saturday. no rain chances are expected 40s! sunny skies return for monday then falling to the breaking right now...
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standoff that lasted through the night. the standoff in tacoma ended just minutes ago. police shot and killed the suspect who was barricaded inside an apartment with two children. the 8-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl were not harme an official with the tacoma police department gave an update late last night... and was very emotional. everyone here appreciates... we have a job to do the slain officer's body was taken by police escort from the hosital and was transported to
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now looking for a new place to stay after a destructive fire at their home. firefighters say they got multiple calls about a house up in flames near agate and gillespie last night around 7- 30. you can see from these pictures most of the damage was contained to the garage. crews are still looking into the cause. no one was hurt. sentenced-v a former math teacher will spend at least two years in kept a journal on her cell phone detailing the encounters with the -14- year-old boy. junior high"...when she was arrested. police say she was also a friend of the victim's family. police have identified the man charged with killing his son. he is michael gardenhire. police say they were on another call around 8:30 tuesday night... when they heard 3 gunshots and ran in that direction. that's when they say gardenhire came out of an apartment near rainbow and windmill saying he shot his son. police indicate the father and son were arguing before the
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for the person who shot and killed a man in front of his child. it's a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. investigators say the man was arguing with his ex about the custody of their child when a stranger intervened and shot the man. we talked to a neighbor who heard it all unfold. carlo concepcion, neighbor 14:41:52:05 it started off with some arguments, lasted a good hour, then it went quiet, we thought he argument subsided, but the next thing we knew there was a loud bang the child and mother were not hurt in the shooting. wildfires in tennesee have claimed another life. family members confirmed that alice hagler's body was found in her cabin in gatlinburg. they put out an impassioned plea for help on local t-v--saying the last time they spoke with her --- she said the house was on fire and then the phone went dead. and take a look at this powerful photo from tennessee... these firefighters are taking
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their own homes in the blaze. thousands of people have been ordered to leave.. and more than 150 homes have gone up in flames. investigators believe the fire was originially started by a person. this morning...... singer dolly parton is pledging to help each and every one of those families who lost their home! "the dollywood foundation" will donate.... a thousand dollars. a month for the next -6- months.... to victims. the country star's theme park was mostly spared... several cabins on the grounds were destroyed. california is now in police custody. detectives got a tip that rogelio chavez was staying at a friend's house... so deputies got a warrant an moved in... swat was requested once they realized someone was concelead in attick, play all 10 seconds chavez was the last of four inmates to be captured after they escaped from a san jose jail on thanksgiving.
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mosques in the united states receiving threatening letters. the threats, which began in california, have now expanded across the country. the latest being in rhode island at the evergreen islamic center. "when i first saw it, i was a to what hitler did to jews, and now this donald trump is going to do to muslims. so this was really bad." so far there are no leads on who wrote these letter. the signature at the bottom reads "americans for a better parking is becoming a heated topic here in the valley.... and one more casino is following ceasars and mgm by charging for parking. and tornados sweep across the south, and a severe weather warning is still in place. when is it expected to let up? and what does the national weather service have to say about it?
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the wynn has followed caesars and m-g-m...
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servi december. it'll cost you-13- dollars for up to -4- hours. and... the price goes up the longer you stay. as of now... "self-parking" at the wynn and encore will still be free. people we've talked to say paid parking on the strip will prevent them from going there. but the founder of vital vegas dot com--- doesn't think that will be the case. even though paying f is something that is relatively new... he cites a recent report that shows gambling on the strip is actually up. and he believes soon enough, paid parking will just become routine for most people. scott roeben, "every time something like this happens...people say this is the last one..i'm never coming back! well vegas is busier than ever so it's not actually true" caesars entertainment says self parking will still be free if you have a nevada drivers license. m-g-m also still has free self
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this month. some people around the valley say they're concerned about the future of undocumented students with donald trump in the white house.. and now.. a non-profit group is getting involved. the rogers foundation sent letters to k thru 12 schools across clark county.. asking them to become sanctuary schools. that means they wouldn't turn-in undocumented students to immigrations authorities. sot mos from 6 pm the schools have to. the school have to protect the people in their charge. children are their wait for help from people like donald trump. this is not a new trend... earlier this week, we told you about a petition going around u-n-l-v--- asking that it become a sanctuary campus as well. neither c-c-s-d or u-n-l-v have commented. still more questions than answers in the case of the california missing mom that was found alive what the sheriff has to say about shari papinnis description of her captors.
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overnight. what the protesters are
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where tornadoes have killed at least five people. one twister in mississippi carved a path 300 yards wide.. and 20-miles long across 2 counties with 100- mile an hour winds. it destroyed one home and damaged a dozen others. another tornado with even stronger winds damaged a number of structures.. flipped a ups truck.. and brought down a high voltage
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florida where a a funnel cloud touch downed there yesterday afternoon. scientists are calling this years storm season one of the deadliest on records, as well as our fire season. more tornados are expected this week, along wtih the death toll to rise becasue of these deadly stoms. freezing conditions have arrived for the valley! until under a freeze warning with city wide temperatures mainly hitting a range between 28 and 32 degrees. the center of the city should
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degrees by 7am. please make sure to warm your cars properly, dress yourself and your kids accordingly for the winter-like cold this morning. mainly sunny skies will be common ranging between 52 and 57 degrees. luckily, wind will be mild through the day ranging between calm and 5 mph. as for the next several mornings, las vegas will be nor the chance for snow to the mountains but due to the winds, front brings back the clouds and wind monday and tuesday with highs in the upper 50s monday then falling to the
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fyi.winter does not start until december 21st!!! :1:18 to 1:23 who shuts it down, we shut it down. north carolina last nigt after
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decided not to press charges against a white police offficer who shot and killed a black man. the prosecutor says officer brently vinison acted lawfully when shooting and killing keith scott in september. still more questions than answers involving the case of the california mom who went missing three weeks ago an thanksgiving. now detectives are confirming that shari papini was in bad shape when she was found. they say she was branded... but investigators are now saying they don't know if papini's description of her captors is accurate. sherri did her best that she could in providing the descriptions and was not able to provide a detailed description due to the suspects covering their faces and at times sherri's head was covered. the sheriff is hoping the
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as well. good morning las vegas... time now is x:xx --- a snow plow explodes in maine... and people rush to put out the flames... pause for nats. from 4 to 7 it's officialy the holiday season in new york city... find out how many lights it took to light the famous taking a live look right now in washington d-c where the white house is decked out for world
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victory. mike pence will hold a rally in cincinatti, ohio later today. trump plans to visit several states--some he won and others where he didn't do so well. before tonight's rally, trump will head to indianapolis to talk about the deal to keep a thousand jobs and prevent the air conditioning company "carrier" from moving to mexico. steve mnuchin, trump's pick for treasury secretary, said he thought the deal was a terrific opportunity. (steve mnuchin, treasury secretary nominee) "the president-elect and the vice
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and called the ceo of the united technologies and told them we want to keep jobs here. can't remember the last time a president did that." the company also reportedly received financial incentives from the state of indiana to stay. pause for nats for three seconds. a frightening situation on a maine roadway yesterday. this snowplow truck caught fire on route 26 in gray -- causing several explosions. it happened in front of the maine warden service office. extinguisher but the flames were too intense. a volunteer fire crew arrived soon after and put out the fire. no one was hurt. happening right now... we're getting live images in from houston texas. you can see a building destroyed after police say this started as a fire and then the business exploded. no one was hurt and no other
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freezing conditions have arrived for the valley! until 8am, las vegas will be under a freeze warning with city wide temperatures mainly hitting a range between 28 and 32 degrees. the center of the city should just above that; coming in around 34 degrees by 7am. please make sure to warm your mainly sunny skies will be common throughout the day with calm and 5 mph. as for the next several no rain chances are expected nor the chance for snow to the the weekend but then another front brings back the clouds and wind monday and tuesday with highs in the upper 50s monday then falling to the fyi.winter does not start until december 21st!!! pause for nats. from :03 to :09
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tree is now shining bright... thousands of people gathered in manhattan for the free, but rainy, celebration last night. some 50-thousand colored lights cover the tree wendy's frosty lovers are going the restaurant chain announced wednesday that starting next year, anyone with a two-dollar key tag will get a free junior frosty with every purchase. wendy's will then pay 90 cents on the dollar for every key tag to the dave thomas foundation that helps children in foster care. the tags are available at most wendy's locations.
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have already sold out. rapper kanye west is back at home with his family.. a week after checking into a hospital for quote "exhaustion." according to tmz.. west was released just hours ago. earlier this month.. he canceled the remainder of his tour.. then admitted to the hospital the next day. tmz is reporting that people close to the rapper say he had a nervous breakdown.. triggered in large part by the anniversary of his mother's funeral. is no longer welcome at several oregon schools. the hillsboro school district has asked staffto not use "santa claus".... in their holiday decorations at school.... in order to respect.... all religious beliefs... and not offend several other scl districts.... in the portland area... also have similar policies. 13 action news.. the nevada highway patrol and
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to donate a new unwrapped toy during the 13 days of giving. all gifts will be distributed by the las vegas rescue mission to families in need. this saturday.... the nevada highway patrol..... with the help of "the clark county school district police"..... will be at the n-h-p southern command..... collecting toys and inspecting your child car seats. they also have a limited number of car seats and booster seats.... to give away... it starts at -8- a-m....on sunset.... near decatur. over the valley. you can drop off donations here at our studios.. along with nevada coin mart.. las vegas paving and n-h-p southen command. we also want to thank findlay toyota..nevada coin mart and zippy shell.. who are all proud sponsors of 13 action news and our 13 days of giving. n-v energy is pitching in on
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they've decided to donate two of their vehicles to some very deserving non-profits in our community. transition services is one of them...they provide work for more than four-hundred peole with developmental disabilities. the other is "building together southern nevada," which received the keys to a pick-up truck. "we do critical home repairs for veterans, seniors and disabled people in the las vegas valley," the new truck will help the group transport equipment and a vehicle. both non-profits look forward to using that money to help boost their programs. coming up at -5-... a popular strip restaurant asks a muslim woman to take of her head scarf... when we come back, reporter parker collins has the exclusive on this controversial and shocking story.
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. happening now at five.. a 13 action news exclusive. a popular spot on the strip
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leave. plus--another officer killed in the line of duty--this time in washington state. the breaking new details about the supsect, coming up. sot - fire cant take memories.. .so we still have those. devastation...tearing through tennessee. a massive wildfire is growing..we'll have the latest on the firefight. but first we have some breaking news... you're look at the aftermath of an explosion near houston, texas. we're told the blast happened at a business around one this morning. this is at an underground electrical company. firefighters found the building on fire..and quickly put the flames out. nobody was hurt..and it's still unclear what caused the blast. somebody who lives nearby says the explosion was so strong it shook her home and blew out the window of her patio door. .


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