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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  December 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good thursday morning. we are taking a live look outside at thomas and mack, home of the national final rodeo. thank you for joining us today and spending part of your thursday morning with us. i'm jeff civillico, filling in for shawn tempesta who is on baby duty. >> thank you for being here. i'm j.j. snyder. >> it's that time of year in vegas, cowboys have come to town. put on your boots, straddle your saddle. it's a roundup of the country's best cowboys. the national finals start today. >> from the competition at the thomas and mack to cowboy christmas at the convention center, transforming into cowboy
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rider here with us. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me on. it's awesome when vegas turns into a cowboy town for these two weeks. >> it must be a fun place to be. >> it's amazing. vegas is just happening all the time. there is so much stuff to do, so much going on. but then for these two weeks, it totally turns into a cowboy town. it's cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and you better for us. >> it's the boots and boogie. >> and buckles are everywhere. can we show off the buckle? >> this is my first world champion bugle. >> hold on. hang on. >> first world championship. that seems to imply that there's more than one. >> there is. i've been blessed and very fortunate in my young career that i'm a two timing defending world champion at the ripe age
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>> 22-years-old. >> yes. >> and you won on your first time competing. >> i did. i won my rookie year. i was the first rookie bull rider to do so since 1963, and i'm the only one to repeat after his rookie win in my sophomore season, as well. >> so you're going for the three-peat. >> i am. >> you're getting praise from a guy who bounces ladders on his chin and juggles on top of people's shoulders. >> it's no you do. >> i grew up riding horses. i have never ridden a bull. what's the key to riding a bull? >> it's all about timing, and you know, really just getting the momentum of the bull and getting in time with them. if you're trying to out muscle a 1800-pound athlete it's not going to have much luck doing that. when they really have a good feel for the bull, it's like a fine dance watching it, really is. >> i got to ask you, we were
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injuries, i'm suffering a knee injury. you got to get pretty banged up doing this. >> definitely. they keep us as healthy as you can be for riding bulls, but obviously the dangers are glaring, it's bull riding. so yeah, dislocated shoulders, broken arms, you name it, probably happened. if not to me, one of my fellow competitors. >> and you have getting injured? >> it's part of my job. i just got to embrace it and can't think about it. >> you might get injured a lot but you look didn't doing it. you're sonned about boo by wrangler. are these wrangler jeans? >> everything i have on is wrangler. there's way to look any better. >> and they set you up, because that is for the authentic cowboy
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>> it definitely is, you know, the first really true cowboy jean ever created. it is. it's an iconic cowboy brand and i'm so happy to be partnered with them. >> i got excited. he had to pick which bull he was going to ride in the competition. >> random draw. >> you random draw? >> judges random draw for us. >> you talk about the chemistry. you can't feel bad but in the moment. >> that's another great thing about the national finals, the top bulls in the world are here. it's not just the top 15 bus guys. you have the top bulls from the entire year that we have our bull riding event representative that goes through with all of us. we take down and pick the 100 best bulls, so you're looking at the top guys versus the top -- >> i didn't think of that other side, if you're not into it. >> we have the bulls in town a
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thinking, breeding a good bull. >> almost like the race horse industry, there is registries and the pedigrees of the bulls, you know, every contractor can tell you everything about that animal. they love their animals. they're like their children. they really are. and it is incredible just seeing the pride that those contractors have in their and mails that theyai you know. to now, to where one of the top animal athletes. it really is like their own baby out there performing in the arena. >> we're going to have to role. please tell everybody about special offer if you come by the wrangler booth. >> they got all the new product coming up. buy two, get one free. so wrangler boots, cowboy christmas. >> thank you so much. >> you want to look as good as sage.
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cowboy christmas booth. it's number 2505 inside the las vegas convention center this week. buy two, get one free of everything. and you can see sage at the wrangler national finals rodeo. it begins today. for more information head to the website on your screen. you can find wrangler on facebook and twitter. >> and still to come on "the morning blend," ready, set, vegas be part of nascar's big
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you know, jeff, there's nothing better than a good night's sleep. but if you're not getting one, it may be because you don't have a comfortable mattress. >> the folks at best mattress want to help you with amazing deals.
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along with steve mcclean, the sales manager. good morning, fellows. >> good to see you again. >> thanks for being with us. heard a lot about these mattresses. what's the deal? >> well, what we have is the breeze collection, which is temperpedic's new estimate rest collection. we're running a red tag sale, get up to $300 off plus no interest, no down for five year, free same day delivery. steve can tell you how this mattress works and what's so nice about it. >> it adapts to your unique body weight, your body shape, and your body temperature. and what's so unique about it is it actually minimizing the pressure points in the mattress, and reduces any tossing and turning. and what's so unique is these
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>> well that comes in handy in vegas. >> i got to say, i have a temperpedic pillow. i have not graduated to the bed. >> go ahead. >> you should give me a few minutes to settle in. >> tell me about testimony control because i think that's so relevant >> what's so unique is many individuals actually sleep hot. and so what's unique as you're channeling excess heat away from your body. you'll notice the cool factor. a lot of americans sleep hot. this is really a solution to problem. >> go ahead and sit up.
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>> i didn't mean to -- very nice. >> you didn't know this was going to be this fun. >> we have a massage feature on here. it's really -- >> oh, that's -- >> oh, do i. wow. >> you ever had a bed with a remote control, jeff? >> no, i've never had a bed that loves me back like this. >> wonderful. >> we have four different memory positions. this articulates up to 70 degrees. if you want to sit up in bed and read and watch tv, you can do that with this bed. has massage features too. >> go ahead and crank it up to 11. >> yeah, you got it. >> wow. >> you need -- the foot will come up. that will help your knees.
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that is ideal for people who -- >> i feel like -- can i jump in here? >> you know, i've done this. i would love to do it again. you're losing your gear there buddy. i would love to actually talk to david. i heard you say same day --y say, i do that lady-like. >> this loves you back. >> i'm in a skirt. this is lovely. oh, three men attending to this is perfect. same day delivery. this is a big thing. if you're ready to make a change, for instance, mother, sister, niece, all visiting me for the holidays. honestly, my guest bed is so old, i don't even want to tell you how old my mattress is. so you're talking about not only can people come down, get a mattress, have it delivered immediately, but there is holiday sales. >> yes, there is. there is.
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we have up to $300 off any one of our mattresses from all our best brands, tempur-pedic, zero that, beauty rest, and you come into any one of your stores, get delivered that same day. we have most everything in stock, including all the tempur-pedics, and most all sizes. we make it very easy for you to either get the new bed for yourself or for that guest that's coming in. >> giving the gift of sleep. you hear people say you spend a third of your life sleeping in a people don't take care of themselves. >> with the financing we're offering it's basically pennies a day for a bed like this. >> unbelievable day. thank you very much. >> if i could say one thing, when you were in here with toys for the others we're still having the promotion. come into any best mattress store, donate a toy we'll give you a gift certificate for 20% off any accessory through the 14th of december. >> love it. thank you very much. thank you so much.
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to say the tempur-pedic is a thumbs up from j.j. >> amen. for more information on getting a good nice's rest visit best they have locations in las vegas, mesquite, and surrounding areas. they're also on facebook. still to come on "the morning blend," how to help pets in need of this holiday season. >> are you on facebook or twitter? please like or follow us. you can find us at vegas morning blend. stay with us. we'll be right back
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for many americans the ideal funding of 20 to 30 year retirement is overwhelming. no matter how much you've been able to save. today we're breaking down the top four ways to boost income in
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of money. >> j.j., here with insider tips, nick strobelt of ashton strobelt. joins us every week to educate us on matters of finance and retirement. good morning. >> hello. >> you are solo. we're used to you with your partner in crime, abe. >> you have to call me the retirement brother. >> yes, retirement bro. >> that's right. >> i like that. so no matter how much money we might have saved, it's always concern of running out in retirement, right? >> uh-huh. >> how do you deal with that? >> it's hard. we don't know how long we're going to live. the average age if you make it to 65, women live to 84. men can live to 86 as the average. that's the average of the we don't know if it's going to be less or 96 or 94, so we have to plan for a very long time, having income. >> you're planning for something you're not sure how it's going to play out. >> when it's going to start, when it's going to end.
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there is health care problems that they require more income? what if there's a death of a spouse, or you have a pension and suddenly that pension goes away. what's your contingency plan if something like that happens? there has to be a lot of strategy involved when planning a lifetime income stream. >> i would imagine it's intimidating. oh, we had a little lights out right there. welcome. >> ready for the mattress nap. >> welcome to lights out at "the morning blend. you know, this is the perfect we're going to go through the four ways you can boost your retirement. >> absolutely. >> you know, one of the ways people usually have an income during retirement. if you could go through them. >> season all job is great. if you need extra boost around the holidays to pay for the grandkid's presents, getting a seasonal job is great. i'm not talking about a 65-year-old getting a job hanging up christmas lights,
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getting another seasonal job is fine. social security, collecting at the right time is vital. if you wait too long, you have to beat the street in order to break even. for example, if you wait until you're 70, you have to live longer than the average person lives for you to break even. if you collect at 65. and so it just is very rare we recommend someone to wait until 70 to start collecting social security. >> why do you delay in the first place? oh, if you're still working? >> people if you're still working, like they want to wait to get a higher or regular check, because the check increases every year you delay it. every year you delay it you're not getting income. there's a break even analysis we have to do. >> all right. >> take us through that analysis. >> so we just look at one we look at your health. we want to make sure that if you have genes that your parents live to 90s you can wait a little longer, because -- wait to 70 you'll have more income.
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other income sources, your other pension, how much savings you have, what your expenses are. we have to look at all those pieces together to see what would be the ultimate time. >> i got to tell you, you have to be brave to face retirement and plan it, because there are serious issues here. you know -- >> a lot of people -- having to work forever -- i'm going to keep working. my parents -- my dad -- never retiring. >> yeah. >> you have to be realistic and think we're all going to get older. we have to plan for it. if you fail the hadn't, you plan to fail is the quote. and you have to look at your estate plan, you have to have health care documents. you have to have someone make decisions for you, financial decisions, limited power of attorney, making sure your assets are going to go. there is a lot to play when you
9:21 am
entire life, and making sure after you pass away your kids are going to be okay with how the estate is going to be distributed. >> oh, that's a tricky one. >> it's the perfect time to discuss this time of year, holidays, families coming together, thinking about next year and beyond. >> it's sad to say but i've seen too many situations where the family gets along really well and after the parents die it breaks apart. having the proper estate planning documents in place and kids is very helpful. >> i think transparency to the kids is very important. >> very important. >> and putting everything in writing. >> yes. >> with the proper attorney. >> yes. >> you do something called an income analysis. >> for the first 15 callers that are calling, we'll do a special income analysis, so that if you have questions, if you are going to be able to make it through retirement and have enough income we'll show you what the best retirees are doing to see how you matchup with them and
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your current plan. so call right now, 702-900-8177 and we'll get you set up. >> thank you so much. i was afraid you -- how you deal without abe here but you're a chatterer. get all your ducks in a row. it's crucial. take advantage of the special offer today. nick and abe will do an income analysis for the first 15 call if id callers right now. this those who are retired or nearing retirement. >> learn more about ashton strobelt by visiting their website.
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y24way y5yy are you getting what you need from your health plan?
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changes. >> here to help us navigate through some big decisions is dr. john roades who is a senior medical director of the mountain west region for southwest medical. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about yourself and your medical background. >> i'm senior medical director, as you said, for southwest medical, so i oversee all the adult medical in southern nevada, plus in arizona and utah. >> this is the final week for medicare open enrollment, right? ends december 7th. >> yes. >> generally for those who might not be familiar what is open enrollment and why it's so important to seniors this time of year. >> medicare open enrollment started october 15th, and it ends december 7th, so we're hitting the deadlines. those who have not made a decision have a chance to. open enrollment is a chance for
9:26 am
see if they feel like they're getting the value they should. and if they are, great. if they're not, it's a chance to be able to look at other options. >> and it is so important to revisit it, right? prescription drug plans change and coverage changes, and obviously we don't want seniors to miss anything. >> i agree. your health is your greatest asset. and -- >> for sure. >> most of the time you don't appreciate that asset you until you don't have it. look at that. and so a lot of it is. what other values does this health plan give to me? and you talked about prescription coverage, and other things that the plan can have, and also the doctors available to you. and are they providing the needs and care that you want for you. >> speaking of reevaluating your plan, let's get practical. in order to do that you need to have your questions answered, you need to be able to probably get information.
9:27 am
as southwest medical? >> usually it's done more through the brokers and them understanding the plan and what's available, and so they actually know the different plans and can sit down with somebody and go through it with them. >> okay. >> and it explains the plan to them. usually an exam room we're not talking about specific plans, we're just taking the best care we can of each patient. >> there is the changing of plans, but what about generally if you're signing up for a new plan? is it the same different pros? >> it's similar process. you're going to go in, select the provider that you want to take care of you through that process. and so southwest medical has 100 providers throughout the valley that people can select from, and once they select one of our providers they get to take advantage of all the other value and care that we are able to provide them. >> wonderful. >> you mentioned you're in the exam room. that's what you do.
9:28 am
hands on. what are some primary issues you see seniors coming into your exam room with regarding their medicare plans or just their health concerns? >> you know, it's interesting, because i see everything when i'm in the exam room. and i love to be able to sit down with my patients when they're healthy and much like somebody who talked about retirement earlier i like to be able to help them put together a plan that's going to keep them healthy. health is an asset we take for granted until we don't have it. and so if i can help people maintain and sustain their health and function longer, that's very pleasing to me. that's what i enjoy doing. but as far as what we take care of, we take care of the basic things that most people have. high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, neurologic diseases, orthopedic injuries, the whole gamut of primary care. >> what about specifically this time of year?
9:29 am
around the holidays? >> one of the things, obviously overeating and that sort of thing. see a lot of every year, i've been in las vegas since 1991, born and raised here in las vegas. >> really? you're a rare breed. my goodness. >> but it seems this time of year i have a couple patients with falls. falls seem to be a big, big deal. somebody decides they're going to try to put the tree up and get up on the ladder to put the lights on the house or like that, and as you get older you done have as good a balance, good a core strength and a fall, and a fall just that one second can be life-changing episode. i try to encourage them, you know, first off i try to encourage my patients to be as strong and healthy and keep their exercise going but to be smart about the decisions they make in things they do and kind of think about the impact if something happens. >> we can get so rushed this time of year.
9:30 am
>> you're stressed, a lot going on. >> it's true. >> thank you so much, dr. rhodes. >> been a pleasure having you. >> thank you for having me. >> enroll now or make changes to your health care plan. now is the time before it's too late. if you have questions or need help, don't worry, just call the number on your screen. >> and still to come on "the morning blend," meet the adorable bb. >> oh. >> how you can help him and others like him at the nspca. >> and on you can find so many great stories abo makes the valley such a special place to live. just click on the positively lv tab from special reports to deals at restaurants and more. check out the website for your insight into las vegas. we'll be right back with bb after the break. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media...
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so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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does your home need major repair? do you need to sell quickly for cash? our next expert, lathe lavada, is here to show us how he can buy your home for cash in a snap. here with more, lathe himself. great having you back, my friend. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this. what type of homes are you buying from sellers? how does this whole thing work? >> i usually buy unwanted the sellers need to sell quickly. generally the homes need massive repairs, and the seller is facing some sort of hardship. a good example is a divorce, relocation, job loss. they inherited a home for -- due to family member passing on or something like that. >> and it's not something they can sustain, they want to cut their losses? >> that's right. >> why would a seller choose this route as opposed to maybe playing the realtor game? >> again, the homes that i buy generally need thousands of
9:34 am
seller can't complete them. >> it's the type of stuff that might no sir pass inspection? >> right. inspection tore like myself is the only one that can afford to buy the homes, fix them up, put them back on the market for sale. getting a loan for these types of properties is challenging if not impossible. and most home buyers don't want to buy these homes, and they can't. so that's where a real estate investor like myself is beneficial to come in and buy the home for cash. and fix it up? >> yes. >> you have the money, you don't have to worry about the lender saying you have to get this and this and this fixed in order for the money to be there. you're paying for it in cash. >> that's right. >> does the seller have to pay any real estate commission? >> there is actually no real estate commissions on the homes that i buy. and i pay all the seller closing costs, as well. >> it's just a two party purchase at that point? >> that's right. >> how fast can you purchase a
9:35 am
yesterday. >> right. i actually purchased homes in three days before. >> no kidding. >> yeah. >> might not always be three days, but what's the average? >> well, really depends on every situation. every seller, every home is unique. but if the seller does need to close quickly, i do have the ability to do so. so it's based on the seller's situation, and their time frame, not mine. so we make sure that we're answering the needs of the sellers. >> of course. if a homeowner is watching and who wondering whether or not they should sell, perhaps sell process? how do they get the ball rolling? >> the best way is to call my office for a no obligation cash offer. i have a three step process. the first accept is just give me a call at my office, and we'll do an evaluation, make you a cash offer. the second step is to go ahead and agree upon a purchase price, sign a purchase agreement, and the third step is then go ahead and close the sale at a third party title and escrow company so you can get your cash profits.
9:36 am
that they're not going to get the cash, so everything is done through a title and escrow company. and they're insured to get their cash that way. >> it's like the typical purchase. >> that's right. >> i can assume the homeowners that are using the program are pretty thankful this exists because if you need it yesterday, trying to sell it the old-fashioned method and having to get things repaired that can take a long time. >> it can. one situation we had was a gentleman who had cancer and he needed to move quickly back to chicago in order to go through his treatment. and the home was in disrepair. he had a lot of belongings in the property. and you know, i told him we can make this very easy for you. we'll buy your home. we don't care about the condition. you don't have to make any fix ups, no repairs. and we'll give you the cash. we actually did close that one in three days. >> wow. >> yeah. and he was able to move on, get his treatment. he left all the belongings that
9:37 am
belongings you do not want in the property. and that way, we'll go ahead and take care of them for you. and he was just able to take what he wanted, leave the rest, and we closed and he's very happy. we actually just closed on that property yesterday. >> wow. >> yes. well you already have the dumpster. >> we closed on the sale. we fixed it up, put it back, it's already closed. >> oh, wow. you're fast. didn't having you, my friend. >> if you want to sell your home guy. the number is right on your screen. you can call for a guaranteed quick and easy no obligation 24-hour cash offer. his website is also listed right there. j.j., over to you. attention, tech lover veers, hold your horses. you might not want to go shopping just yet. there is a handful of electronics that have the best deals but only during a specific time.
9:38 am
joins us with the scoop. hi, suzanne. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm great, thank you. all right. i heard that you can tell us the latest on wide screen televisions. >> absolutely. so the latest in technology for tvs is a led tv. they have more vibrant colors, deeper blacks, a wider viewing angle than led tv, and they're also thin. you me this is a 65-inch model. and it's on sale for just $1,799. that is the lowest cost ever for a led tv. so huge savings there. and in addition to all the other technology it has some of the leading industry technology baked into it, like lv vision, enhanced picture quality and award winning smart tv, because
9:39 am
streaming things like netflix. >> yes, i was streaming netflix last night. it's amazing when you saw the side shot of that tv how thin they're getting. can we move on? >> yes. first for smartphones we love -- everybody needs to have a case on it. huge statistics in terms of cracked screens, so offering up to 20% off of case. what i have in front of me is for iphones, called the otter box universe case. what's unique is the fact that you can slide on different modules. so we have the bike mount here. we have a tripod. we have extended memory -- i'm sorry, this is a battery pack. we also have extended memory. all the extra capabilities while still protecting your phone. >> oh, yeah. you know, otter box, they're one of the industry leaders, and i
9:40 am
that, you realize how key those covers really are. give us a general idea of any other great deals during this holiday season, suzanne. >> so playstation 4, a new model for $50 off, plus it comes bundles with four guams, so great deals for the video game lovers. and then retailers just have incredible deals going on. so you can get great deals at retailers, they have good deals normally, but even more through the -- during this time frame, and in addition to that if you were somebody who doesn't have a membership, because it costs -- starts at $50s, they're offering a free 90-day trial through the holidays, so you're going to be able to cash in on the great deals. >> that's really cool. you have a pair of headsets in front of you. what are those about?
9:41 am
actually one of the deals at bjs. they are the -- they are bluetooth wireless headphone and they have up to 12 hours of battery life. they're just $50, $30 off. >> oh, my gosh. those are really hot gifts if you have gamers in your life. where can we go for more information? >> you can go to >> thank you so much. plan before you shop to get the for more information and tips, just. >> thank you so much. before we head to break, do you know someone who truly makes a difference in our community? you can recognize them with our "give back" award. just head to, click on give back, and fill out the form. one lucky person will receive $500 from america first credit union. they are a proud sponsor of this reward with "the morning blend." stay with us.
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it's thursday and it's time for our pick of the litter. take a look at this handsome little guy. this is bb. he is 2-years-old. he has a heart of gold and he is an amazing story of here with his story is kathy jung, our friend, president of the nspca. good morning. >> good morning. >> oh, thanks for being here. tell me about this handsome devil. >> he was one of 20 that were rescued that were living in the back of a u-haul truck with asway. he did the right thing. he became homeless, wanted to take all of his animals with him. but he did the right thing, came to us asked for our help, and we welcomed all of his animals with open arms. >> thank goodness he did. >> absolutely.
9:45 am
weather. this little guy is one of the last guys left. >> really? >> everybody else has found their forever home. they've all had to go through transition, learning how to welcome the attention and the love, and there is no aggression in him whatsoever. he just needs to come up to you on his terms and once he's warmed up to you, he's great. >> he is a beautiful, beautiful -- look at him so happy on the best mattress dog bed. is he working that? >> he's tired from all the attention. he has the most beautiful >> absolutely. the little tooth that hangs out when he smiles. >> i was playing with him, you know, during the break. he is a little shy. and there is something so intent and inviting in his look, though. and this is something i learned from working with rescue dogs is that he's one of the guys that once he knows he's in a home that's going to keep him forever. >> and he's safe. >> he's safe, he's going to come out of his shell. >> he's going to flourish and be
9:46 am
you're going to have such an amazing dog if you would just have a little bit of patience with him,el just be super, supe- >> i think you're right about the patience. if you're looking for a dog that's just boom, ready to go and take to the park and throw the ball, we're not sure this is him. >> right. give it a couple months, it could be him absolutely. >> and then you get to see the transformation and it's amazing. >> once it does, it almost brings tears to your eyes becauses that something you >> speaking of seeing that transformation happen when you take home a rescue pet, which is something that is so amazing, you have a special thing you do during the holidays at the nspca where you invite families to come back and connect with the shelter. >> absolutely. the volunteers, the shelter employees, myself, the director we love to see these little guys come back to us and we want to see how they're doing. we want to meet them in the
9:47 am
holiday clothes. it's very rewarding to see where they've been and where they've -- what they've come to. >> i can imagine it would be. let's talk more about how we're going to get bb adopted today, because i would love to mention yesterday we heard from you that we were going to have a dog named hillary on the show, and e saying -- we were giggling at the name. she didn't win the election but she will win her way into your heart. >> yes. >> that line came up. but she got >> yes, she did. and she is beautiful little girl. and we love stories like that, because we won't deny them their forever homes. it's amazing if you could come down and see an animal when they leave. you see the facebook posting on how happy they are when they leave, and it is truly amazing. it brings tears to your eyes. >> it's so amazing. it's the definition of hope during the holiday season. >> yes, and they know when they're going home. they know they're going home to a family.
9:48 am
beautiful dog would get a beautiful dog bed from best mattress. >> he is so happy. he's so at ease. >> yes. >> what would be the very best home for bb? >> it would be great if he could go home -- if he had a big brother or sister that he could go home to that would be great, because that would teach him it's okay, people are okay, they're going to love me and sit on the couch with me. that would be great. otherwise if you're somebody that just has 100% attention to give to him, th ideal, also. >> wonderful. we had a great success last week. we had a beautiful dog on the show on thanksgiving. look at this sweetheart. what happened with buffy? >> buffy went home. buffy got a home. so you know, home for thanksgiving. it was great. >> we are on a roll. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> let's find bb a home.
9:49 am
drive, adopt him, or set up a meeting. you can bring your dog in to meet and see if they get along. to check out the bios other animals check out the website on your screen or give them a call. and don't forget if you adopt him, you will get a complimentary dog bet from best mattress, a proud sponsor of "the morning blend." they're also the sponsor of our sleep tip of the day which we feature every monday. and now it's time senior care moment. this is sponsored by the spotlight senior services guide. another reminder about the medicare open enrollment dates. the annual election period for choosing a 2017 medicare advantage or prescription drug plan ends next week. that day is right around the corner. it's the best chance seniors will have all year to manage health insurance costs. many seniors don't bother to reexamine coverage annually but
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norm clarke is back to talk about what's going down in las vegas this week. >> there is a whole lot, from cowboys to race cars, to new hotels. norm clarke is back. welcome back. >> it's good to be back. hope thanksgiving was wonderful for you. >> you've been cooking a lot. >> yeah. i didn't know that when you retired you become head chef. >> i heard that happens. >> it's really been awesome. but -- >> let's talk about nfr. >> we're going to see that starting up right -- and nascar, as well. the burn out is today in front of planet hollywood, miracle
9:54 am
t-mobile is. they're going to have all the chase cars there. >> oh, fun. >> and so the fans are going to go down there. they have done away with the downtown fan fest. >> that's right. that was very controversial. that was a big thing. >> yeah, they packed the place, but i'm not sure what went into that. >> do you know who -- >> they are hardcore. >> and yeah. i love nfr. i hope to get out for that. i grew up in montana, and knew a lot of cowboys in on the early days of nfr. so -- >> we have that bull rider on the show today. i tell you, that is -- that is athletic. >> hardcore. >> that is scary. >> go sage. >> entertainment community mourning the loss of florence
9:55 am
means florence. >> yes, i did. a year ago in january she was honored by the nevada valley theaters. and i asked her about some of her favorite memories about las vegas. one of them was that the height of her hotness, if you will, she was -- >> her hotness. >> yes. >> and she was. >> and she was booked on the strip, and she had a little tip with a headliner that was also performing. and he came to her and said your name is so large, and mine is so small, would you -- >> no kidding. >> would you give up more space to me. >> on the marquee. >> and she had 100% billing, and she said yeah, go ahead.
9:56 am
the strip. that is a little bridge. >> yeah. >> what do you think of that? >> i think -- yeah, i think if you become the number one -- if you become the number one -- yeah, marquee name, that -- >> then take it. >> that yeah. but i -- >> when you're mrs. brady you get a grace. >> sure. and she told me another time about working at and she was walking out, going to catch a cab down to her hotel or something, and she hears a voice behind her, a familiar voice, and it's frank sinatra. and he said how you doing kid? she said fine, thanks very much. and he said where you heading? can i give you a lift? and she said i kind of thought well, i'm not sure if i -- >> she should have gotten a ride in the car. >> if i -- she didn't know what her mom would say about catching
9:57 am
night. so she rode with him down to the hotel. he dropped her off at her hotel. and she was -- she was a month way from her 80th birthday and you would never know it. >> she was great. >> we're running out of time. jeez -- >> real quick. the lucky dragon hotel. >> i got a tour and they're going to have their grand opening saturday, and there was really they have street food, buffet, and sandwiches, and -- >> yum. >> we got to run. but hey, make sure and check out lucky dragon and keep up with normal his address is up on your screen. >> and jeff, what's coming up on the show tomorrow? >> i should tell you, country artist olivia lane performs her latest christmas single. >> she is going to do a little
9:58 am
tree. and make plans for your weekend. we got great ideas for you. >> that's right. it's all tomorrow, and that is it for us today. >> that's it? i think we should take him out dancing with norm clarke.
9:59 am
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