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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  December 1, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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how hostages helped police get everyone out safely. shooter plus... danger in the classroom. why a utah parent is being called a hero after a student brings 2 guns to school and begins shooting. but first...
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killed -- this time in washington state. and -- two more shootings, in arizona and tennessee. officers coming under fire as they just try and do their jobs. abc's alex stone has the latest on a growing and violent trend. nats just outside detroit, hundreds gathered for the funeral of wayne state university police officer collin rose. the 29-year-old k9 officer was killed investigating car break-ins last week. nats today in tacoma washington a procession of law enforcement another veteran policeman from the hospital to the county medical examiner's office. 44-year old officer reginald guttierez was killed responding to a domestic violence call. mayor strickland: we love our officers, we know that there is always a chance that they may not come home. police were called because the suspect was fighting with his wife.. and refused to let her back in the house.
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home to suspect): "they said they just wanted to talk to him and then gunfire started. they didn't start it." the officer was shot while inside the house. fellow officers were able to remove him. the suspect remained in the house for a tense 12 hours with two children before he was killed. loretta cool: not targeting police there has been a 61 percent increase in police officers shot and killed in the line of duty since 2015. overnight cops in two other cities came under fire. nats in tucson, officers trying toe were shot at by the suspect. both were seriously. and chattanooga police say one of their officers was investigating an abandoned building when a man came out shooting...hitting him three times. alex stone, abc news in texas -- a 7-year-old child is dead and several others injured after a truck slammed into a school van.
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truck and crashed into the back of the van as it was picking up a child for school. ten other students were injured in the crash. no word on their conditions the f-b-i is calling it an epidemic -- mosques in the united states receiving threatening letters. the threats -- which began in california -- have now expanded across the country. the latest being in rhode island at the evergreen islamic center. "when i first saw it, i was a little bit upset, esp the language. the language was pretty bad. in this one, he to what hitler d now this donald trump is going to do to muslims. so this was really bad." so far there are no leads on who wrote these letter. the signature at the bottom reads "americans for a better way." tomorrow marks one year -- since the deadly shooting rampage in san bernardino.
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about those harrowing moments. :10-:13 what happened in that room was inhuman. by the time it was over -- 14 people were killed and 22 injured -- during the attack inside the inland regional center. the gunmen -- later identified as a husband and wife -- were killed by police. a year later -- the survivors are still coping with the tragedy. 1:01-1:08 ray britain/attack survivor "unfortunately there's things we just see.. it ha everything's quiet... when we're trying to go to bed." (butted with) 1:10-1:19 sally cardinale/attack survivor "i just don't understand it... i feel guilty,like had i been int there i could have done something... its just a helpless and vulnerable feeling both survivors say they're not planning to attend any memorial services for the attack -- because they just don't feel ready. a parent is being called a hero after a shooting incident inside a middle school in bountiful, utah. the student fired a shot into
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and held until police arrived. no one was injured. police found two guns on the student and are still trying to figure out why he brought the guns to school. developing news out of florida... where we are following a bank robbery that turned into a 2-hour long hostage situation in jacksonville. police say -- it ended peacefully with all the hostages released -- and a lone suspect in custody. but the incident remains under investigation. a-b-c's elizabeth hur has the latest. for the hostages.. held inside this florida credit union.. ((nat)) sirens police.. and the swat team.. not the only ones rushing to the scene.. family members.. unable to get a hold of their loved ones.. prayed for their safety. ((sot)) sharon sykes, hostage's mother "i'm just prayerful.. prayerful? prayerful?" it was just after 9am.. police say they got a 911 call about a robbery in progress at community first credit union in jacksonville.. swat negotiators.. called to the scene right
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with the suspect making demands and dangerous threats. ((sot)) sheriff presser "he kept threatening.. to kill.. even put gun to the bank of the head.." then two hours later?a daring move from inside the credit union gave the swat team.. a chance to move in.. and free the hostages. ((sot)) sheriff presser "2 people were hiding inside the bank.. they took opp to flee the bank.. distracted hostage taker.. swat went in." ((sot)) clara cruz.. just want to hold her and let her know that god is in the plan." ((sot)) mother of bank worker "he is safe and i'm happy. i'm just relieved right now, not much going through my mind." elizabeth tag: the suspect, identified as 23yo nicholas humphrey.. was taken into custody without incident.. and police say the victims are quite shaken.. but thankfully, no shots were
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eh, abc news, ny. a consumer alert this afternoon... hackers running wild on certain cell phones. how they're using apps to infect your phone with malware and track your every move. tricia kean adlib friday will yield stronger winds gusting beteen 30 and 35 mph with sustained winds around 20 mph from the north. highs just below 55 degrees for most locations. a wind advisory is in effect for areas around las vegas through the day on friday. and don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app. featuring live streaming -- video on demand-- and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store and in google play.
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as you start to decorate your home for the holidays -- you might want to double check where you put those decorations -- because it could be a safety danger. the consumer product safety commission wants to remind people that two holiday staples -- candles and trees can be fire risks. if you leave a menorah too close to drapes or other fabric -- it can spark a fire in seconds. and if you have a live christmas tree -- make sure you're watering it -- espeically if it's covered in lights. elliot f. kaye/cpsc chairman: "you want the lights, just throw them out and get a new one. get a new set." safety experts say in under 30 seconds the whole tree could be on fire -- which could easily spread through your house. google is warning cutomers to stay away from uncertified apps -- that hackers are using to infect millions of android
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they contain malware that tracks users. it also installs other legitimate android apps -- rating them high and fraudulently inflating their reputations. google says it has blocked 150- thousand versions of the cyberattack. our 13 days of giving is underway right now. today it's taking over the 13 action news lobby. that's where we find 13 action news anchor tricia kean. tricia -- how's it going out there? 13 action news, the nevada highway patr toyota are asking you to donate a new unwrapped toy valued between 10 and 20 dollars during the 13 days of giving. dot com. all gifts will be distributed by the las vegas rescue mission to families in need. this saturday to celebrate the 13 days of giving, the nevada highway patrol with the help of the clark county school district police will be at the nhp southern command collecting toys and inspecting your child car seats. they also have a limited number
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install them for you too. that's all this saturday starting at 8am at the nhp sponsors of 13 action news and the 13 days of giving. john emmons/rockin' jump there are donation bins all over the place to make it
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of course you can drop it off but there's also nevada coin mart las vegas paving and at n-h-p southen command. a couple more drop off locations-- triple-a southern nevada and findlay toyota at the valley auto mall. and of course we want to thank findlay toyota nevada coin mart let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. friday will yield stronger
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35 mph with sustained winds around 20 mph from the north. we keep to sunny skies and highs just below 55 degrees for most locations. a wind advisory is in effect for areas around las vegas through the day on friday. winds will die off slightly but remain breezy on saturday. highs will start to increase into the upper 50s saturday and then near 60 on sunday. the sun will remain out through the weekend making it a near things are in the air for next week. the two long range models are indecisive about the temperatures dropping into the work week with the american model keeping things near average most for the week and the european model drastically cooling things off. as of now we will cut the difference and keep highs into the mid to lower 50s but this will most likely change once the models handle the situation better. currently i am leaning toward
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campus. community leaders gathering to denounce a professor -- after about immigrant students. 13 action news reporter tom george is live with the latest. in today's healthy living -- it's a dilemma we all face
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which foods are the healthiest? from organic to non-g-m-o -- we'll break it all down and show you what to look for next time your shopping for the
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types of foods we eat. but are some of these foods healthier than others? with more -- here's abc's doctor timothy johnson. . organic? conventionally grown? non-genetically modified? an embarrassment of choices that leaves grocery shoppers holding their carts and scratching
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big dent in your wallet. now, new research? showing how torn americans are in their beliefs about healthy eating. researchers at the pew research center surveyed nearly 1,500 americans? finding that just over half think organic means healthier. non-g-m-o - another big buzzword - seems to get a lot of attention these days? yet, fewer than one in five respondents report even caring about this issue. and many of us? not trusting the scientists. the of americans saying food science research can't be trusted -- the evidence seems to conflict. for those of us hoping to eat healthier? confusion. but common sense steps can help us all eat a bit healthier. read nutrition labels? avoiding things like trans fats and added sugars, whatever category the food falls into. choose fresh, whole foods over processed, which can contain much more sodium. and whatever you choose, eat a sensible portion. chew on that? while we wait out
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we'll be back with a final check of your forecast! and.. before we head to break.. a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup. at 8-- a charlie brown christmas at 9 -- great american baking show at 11
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protected them. hear the mixed reaction from students... plus...
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flames... we'll show you the surveillance video they watched from hundreds of miles away. those stories and more on 13 action news.. live at 5. friday will yield stronger winds gusting between 30 and 35 mph with sustained winds around 20 mph from the north. we keep to sunny skies and highs just below 55 degrees for most locations. a wind advisory is in effect for areas around las vegas t then near 60 on sunday. the sun will remain out through live at 3:30 -- but stay with us for judge judy up next. don't forget -- we're always on at ktnv-dot-com and on our mobile app. we'll see you back here in 60-
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at 5. until then -- thanks for watching and have a great evening.
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>> announcer: it was a cozy living arrangement. >> it was a one-bedroom, one bed. >> judge judy: so, where was everybody sleeping? >> we were on, like, a king-size bed -- all three. >> announcer: but now that they've made their bed... >> three people can't live here and only person's paying rent. >> judge judy: did somebody invite you to live there for free? >> announcer: ...someone has to pay for it. >> she kicked me out. >> judge judy: oh, she can't kick you out. it's your apartment. you're on a lease. >> but she d did kick me out. >> judge judy: she can't kick
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the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 20-year-old jessica ferrigno is suing her former friend and roommate, 21-year-old cassandra pollard-soto, for unpaid rent and damaged property. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 459 on the calendar in the matter of ferrigno vs. pollard-soto. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat. >> judge judy: miss ferrigno, you and the defendant roomed together for a period of time. it is your claim that she moved out, she owes you for some rent for three months that she did not pay. >> yes. >> judge judy: and in addition, it is your claim that she's responsible for a broken computer... >> yes. >> judge judy: ...that she did not break herself but her niece broke. you want her to be responsible.


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