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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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"it opens the door for this kind of bullying in public spaces where religious people aren't permitted." a manager told me over the phone... this policy is only in place on the strip and only in the fireside lounge. they've stood by it for ten years... saying they've asked other muslim women to take off their head coverings-- and asked people of the jewish faith to remove their yarmulke. "it's a huge deal for those who have committed themselves to it. it's an unthinkable crime you might say." peppermill said sorry over facebook... louvenia says she's reaching out to the aclu. parker collins thirteen action news. thanks to our story, this incident should not happen to another customer. late this afternoon, peppermill resorts sent us a statement saying it reviewed the restaurant's headwear policy... and decided it is no longer necessary. it also apologized again, saying the policy had a long-standing religious exemption. tonight-- we're learning more
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according to a police report--michael gardenhire picked up his son -- joshua lee -- at a homeless shelter days before the shooting. gardenhire says the they got into an argument... but he told police he didn't remember the actual shooting. and that he didn't remember owning a gun or using it. neighbors on the east side say..... they're fed up..... tired of being homeless people!!! we can tell those people need help... and... they need it now. contact 13.... stephanie zepelin is getting some answers.... to the problem. neighbors near lake mead and hollywood say they feel as though they are under attack. they tell us these abandoned buildings are drawing a group of homeless people to the area....who then come into the neighborhood "they were bothering my dog. they started throwing rocks at about this, we knew we had to try to get answers. we started with clark county commissioner marilyn kirkpatrick, whose district covers this area. she says they secured the buildings....but what we saw
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she says she goes out there weekly and has talked to the homeless there. but the biggest question on neighbor's minds -- what about those who police can't arrest and who don't want to go to a shelter? 17.34.58 then whose responsibility is it? 59 [butt with] 35.07 as a whole, clark county is working on the homeless issue to offer some different alternatives to them an inititative with the state today on homelessness as a whole countywide 35.28 kirkpatrick says this is a new she also said they are sending code enforcement out thrusday to make sure people aren't sleeping in the buildings....but what we saw,, again,, looks like they've set up camp. we also looked into.... what's going on..... with these buildings??? who do they belong to? and.... could they help clean.... this neighborhood up? that's if you have a story..... you'd like us to look into...
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13investigates@ktnv dot com. and... please be sure include.... your telephone number. the national finals rodeo kicking-off tonight over at the thomas and mack center. the festivities begin get underway at 6-45. this is the 32nd year for the event -- which goes until saturday, december 10th. the top riders in the world will be competing for 10-million dollars in prize money. over the next 10 days -- around 1- hundred-70 thousand people are expected to attend the competition. prosecutors want to split the trials of -17- defendants..... confrontation..... at cliven bundy's ranch... back in -2- thousand -14-. the bunkerville feud..... was over grazing rights... bundy and the other defendants..... lost a bid..... for individual trials. the first trial would start..... february -6-th for bundy.... his two sons.... and two others. the other trials would start.... in may and august. the president-elect and vice- president-elect paid a visit..... to the carrier plant..... in indianapolis..... this afternoon. they toured.... the facility..... that is now pledging to keep
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to move to mexico. officials say.... financial incentives..... reportedly..... as much as.... -7- million dollars.... played a factor..... in the decision to stay put. the announcement.....whic h "team trump" is celebrating... is being blasted.... by some members of both the left and the right. clerks across wisconsin are now re-counting votes for the 2016 presidential election. green party nominee jill stein led the effort for the recount -- raising money to fund it. most counties will hand-count the ballots. the findings from the recount are du from contact -13-... if you think starbucks is already over-priced... it could.... get worse!!! the company's c-e-o is stepping dposition..... to focus on...... opening more innovative and high-end starbucks shops. no word..... on what the prices.... could be like. but.... the company.... recently raised prices... on some iced drinks and pastries. an investigation into a deadly crash is underway ... after 3 people were killed and 2 others injured when a pick- up truck slammed into a
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of the vehicle... the driver and another person were also hurt. police believe this was not an intentional act. wal-mart issued a statement saying it "heartbroken by what appears to be a tragic accident." developing tonight..... the death toll in east tennessee has climbed..... after the wildfires..... near gatlinburg. at least.... -10- people have died... and... more than.... -7- hundred buildings have burned to the ground... this drone video..... gives a different of the deadly wildfires..... around gatlinburg. you can see shells of burned homes.... scorches trees..... and the smokey haze..... covering the area. later in this newscast... we'll meet a family..... who watched their cabin burn..... from hundreds of miles away. the man accused of robbing a florida bank and holding hostages is in custody tonight. and all those hostages are safe. police say 23-year-old nicholas humphrey was in the bank around 9 a-m -- and started to make demands and dangeorus threats.
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people who were hidiing inside ran out... distracting the suspect. metro police says you can help them find wanted criminals-- all they need is for you to register your home surveillance camera. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston talked with one homeowner about the new program. we ain't never had no problem kenneth short may have never had to use his surveillance camera-- but he has one of the only cameras on his street-- because of a family member that means-- if theres a crime in his neighborhood-- police may come knocking on his door. works for me! metro is rolling out a new program-- asking anybody with a home or business surveillance camera-- to register it. its called vegas safe cam-- and its aimed at cutting back crime. these surveillance videos are invaluable to our investigations police say a lot of times-- a homeowner-- or a business owner-- may have
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it! so-- that footage never gets to metro-- and is never available for them to help solve that crime. this program hopes to change that. the registration would require people-- like short-- to provide police with some personal information-- but he says-- he doesnt mind. the sooner they can get what they need, the people who ain't got no business taking other people's stuff, might be able to get stopped from doing it this is all you need to register your camr see its only a few questions-- and you can submit it online. marissa kynaston -- 13 action news. it's important for you to know that metro will not be 'tapping' your surveillance system. and your personal information would only be accessible to police officers for official investigations. the registration form asks for your name, address, phone number and the location and directions of your cameras. if you're interested in the vegas safecam program, you can find the link to register on
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the university of nevada, reno is trying... to recruit..... more international students. the university provost says.... the idea is..... to give more experiences to students... and... generate.... more out-of-state tuition. u-n-r's president...... hopes to bring.... more diversity..... to the campus and community. currently... only -3- percent of u-n-r's students..... are from other countries. all around the valley, lights and marquees are going red for world aids day.. and to honor those who have lost their lives to h-i aids... that includes the lightbulbs around the iconic "welcome to fabulous las vegas sign." several marquees and the fremont street canopy will also go red. it was a special treat for nascar fans around the valley. the top sprint cup drivers taking a ceremonial victory lap down the las vegas strip. it started in front of the miracle mile shops -- and finished with a celebratory burnout at spring mountain. in less than 24 hours...
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beijing, china will land at mccarran international airport... the new direct route from hainan airlines is part of the effort to bring more chinese tourists to las vegas. chinese tourists are one of the fastest-growing and largest-spending groups of international visitors to las vegas. our "13 days of giving" toy drive.... is in full gear.... we are collecting new.... unwrapped toys.... for kids in need.... this holiday season... we are asking you..... to drop off gifts... between -10- and -20- dollars at findlay toyota... nevada coin mart... and other valley locations. and... even if families can't do a lot..... they're still willing to help. "it should be fun and exciting to go out with your family to get the gifts to be able to give back." local businesses are stepping up too... this saturday n-h-p will take donations and check car seats... and rockin jump... the ultimate trampoline experience... is offering some free stuff... if you donate a gift. the las vegas rescue mission will be distributing.....
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there are donation bins all over the valley. you can drop them off at our station. there's also.... nevada coin mart... las vegas paving... and... n-h-p southen command. there's also triple-a southern nevada... and findlay toyota. we want to thank findlay toyota... nevada coin mart... and zippy shell. they're all proud sponsors of 13-action news and the 13-days of giving. we've heard the horror stories of the wildfire burning. but one family had to watch as their cabin went up in flames... "that was difficult to watch." there and watch without being able to do anything to help. and.. crooks are hacking phones... and... trying to get your personal information! the malware.... that could be on your phone... right now! bryan?
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monday, they got an alert that their smoke detector was going off.. so chris allen went online to look at the footage.. with every passing minute, each camera showed what the family never thought possible. that was difficult to watch "it was surrounded by fire. at that moment i was sitting there thinking it's going to go. there's nothing gatlinburg can do about it." the allen family says they
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year.. and considered it a place to get away and relax. but now.. they share heartbreak and loss with the gatlinburg community. a newlywed couple.... in california...... is making a plea..... for the return of some 'priceless' items...... after a thief turned their wedding night..... into heartbreak. after returning home from a short trip... they learned...... someone broke into an unlocked door.... on their van.... cleaned it out. the camera with the wedding video..... decor... and all the gifts.... including nearly -3-thousand dollars for their honeymoon.... were gone. the bride says.... losing the money was tough... but... losing video.... hurt the most. from contact -13-... bad guys are hacking cell phones... more than... -1- million google accounts across the globe... may have been affected... by new malware. the security firm... "check point" says.... it's called..... "gooligan." the malware affects devices... on the android -4-... and -5-...
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it's found.... no evidence... that the malware... has accessed user data. americans are spending more money... for new cars. according to kelley blue book... the average price in november... for a new vehicle... was -34- thousand - 9- hundred and -48- dollars. that's up...... nearly -6- hundred dollars... from a year ago. a couple reasons... americans are buying... more expensive vehicles... and cars... with more options. many florida parents say the trend of eliminating school recess is having a negative impact on their kids.... state mandated students spend certain amounts of time on reading and math. those parents are hoping a the state passes a bill that would require elementary school students get 100 minutes of recess every week. if you're wondering -- nevada schools have a daily 30-minute minimum physical activity requirement -- whether that be p-e or recess. our 13 days of giving toy drive is in full swing. along with your help we are
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las vegas rescue mission. -20- month-old..... dravyn moore is one of the children there..... who is hoping to have a gift to open..... on christmas. his mom constance is trying to make.... a better life. the family is among the thousands of people..... who depend on the rescue mission..... to avoid living on the streets!!! one promise i broke to myself is my son would never know what a shelter was, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances cause things to happen in our lives. we're safe. that's the main thing for him. we hae constance right now is looking for a job and trying to find daycare for dravyn. she is grateful the las vegas rescue mission is helping make sure her son has a merry christmas. "findlay toyota".... "nevada coin mart" and "zippy shell" are proud sponsors of 13 action news.... and... "the 13 days of giving". adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and '13 first alert weather.' friday will yield stronger
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sustained winds around 20 mph from the north. we keep to sunny skies and highs just below 55 degrees for most locations. a wind advisory is in effect for areas around las vegas through the day on friday. winds will die off slightly but remain breezy on saturday. highs will start to increase into the upper 50s saturday and then near 60 on sunday. the sun will remain out through the weekend making it a near things are in the air for next week. the two long range models are indecisive about the temperatures dropping into the work week with the american model keeping things near average most for the week and the european model drastically cooling things off. as of now we will cut the difference and keep highs into the mid to lower 50s but this will most likely change once the models handle the situation better. currently i am leaning toward
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and at six - more than half of all women say they've been victims of sexual harassment in the workplace... what we can do to foster change and put an end to unwanted advances tonight at six. friday will yield stronger winds gusting between 30 and 35
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immigrant students on facebook. professor george buch said there would be quote "no safe spaces in my classes" and threatened to report undocumented students to immigration authorities. right now -- there is a petition at u-n-l-v to protect illegal immigrants it asks the university not to give out the information of undocumented students and teachers if the deferred action for childhood arrivals-- daca-- is repeae a new study out this afternoon -- shows more people die from breast cancer in southern nevada than the rest of the country. the study from u-n-l-v found our survival rate is nearly 5-percent below the national average -- and much lower than in north western nevada. it's even lower for black and filipina women in southern nevada -- researchers say they tend to be diagnosed at later stages. researchers hope the new u-n-l-v school of medicine can
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winds gusting between 30 and 35 mph with sustained winds around 20 mph from the north. we keep to sunny skies and highs just below 55 degrees for most locations. a wind advisory is in effect for areas around las vegas through the day on friday. then near 60 on sunday. the sun will remain out through the weekend making it a near perfect weekend in december. new on 13 action news live at six - rumors are swirling about the future of faraday future in southern nevada... their m giving people hope that they're here to stay. and... here's a look..... at what's coming up..... in tonight's primetime line-up.... right here on abc... "the great american baking show" at 9 o'clock... then... we will see you tonight... for 13 action news... live at -11-.... that's our news for now.. but... stay with us.... for abc's world news... up next. remember.. we're always on at our ktnv mobile app and our roku channel. we'll see you back here in
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live at 6. until then..
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tonight, breaking news. reaction pouring in at this hour to donald trump's victory tour. his stop at carrier, announcing he saved hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. but just down the road, another factory set to close. critics pouncing. will the president-elect now make the same deal for every company? 7 million in tax incentives. also breaking, the school in lockdown, the parents who discovered guns missing at home. they rushed to the school. the hostage drama. the bank robbery suspect holding 11 people at gunpoint. police moving in. tonight, inside their effort to end the armed standoff. the view from the disaster zone. the death toll now rising. and this evening, the announcement from dolly parton. and the abc news exclusive here tonight.


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