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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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that is the question. electric car maker-faraday hints- they are comitted to moving forward on coming to north las vegas. thirteen action new anchor christopher king tells us this
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plans to start making cars in the valley. faraday sent out a tweet today..saying..quote: we unveil the future at #ces2017. that's the consumer electronic in las vegas. and if that an indicator ..faraday is moving ahead with build electric in the valley. faraday..was scheduled open a billion-dollar plant..and start building early as next year. but..they put that project on hold..after falling behind on cover costs the faraday tweet..suggests they still plan to make cars in north las vegas. we speak with a financial expert. mike not so optimistic. " i would ...not going to happen." pequeen tells us...unless we see soemthing very soon from faraday..they're plans will be very difficult to pull ouff. christopher king, 13 action news. tonight... we're learning more.... about the father accused of shooting and killing... his son. according to a police report...
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his son... joshua lee... at a homeless shelter..... several days before the shooting. gardenhire gave details..... from before and after the shooting saying.... they got into an argument... but... he told police.... he didn't remember the actual shooting. and.... he didn't remember owning a gun... or using it. only on 13 action news... a muslim woman furious after she was asked to take off her religious head scarf--- at the peppermill on the strip. 13 action news reporter parker collins spoke with the woman... who was reduced to tears. 00:00:07-00:00:47 it's hard for louvenia daan to talk about she's a muslim woman who wears a head covering... being without it is like being naked in public several days ago... she was asked to take it off at the fireside lounge, inside the peppermill take vo at 00:00:19 daan could not bring herself to take it off... so after speaking with several staff members she left. a restaurant manager told me they've even asked people of the jewish faith to take off their yarmulke. we're told it's a security issue... only at this location on the strip, so the staff can clearly
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hijab to work and all around vegas... and says she's never had a problem until now. take sot louvenia daan, muslim woman 19:23:45-19:23:51 "i wear a hijab all day and i see hundreds of thousands of customers and i've never been treated like that ever." parker collins 13 action news. thanks to our story, this incident should not happen to another customer. late this afternoon, peppermill resorts sent us a statement saying it reviewed the restaurant's headwear policy... and decided it s necessary. it also apologized again, saying the policy had a long-standing religious exemption. a east side neighborhood is under seige.... by homeless people. neighbors say... abandoned buildings are havens for the homeless.... so... who is responsible for the problem? when you ask... we investigate.... contact 13..... investigative reporter.... stephanie zepelin is getting answers. "they're watching the homes...we saw drug deals going down." this woman says she and
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inside their own homes,, because of the homeless population constantly in the area. she's put in security measures...but wonders who is responsible for getting a more permanent solution. 17.33.30 we have disbanded it a few times that im aware of myself 36 ive been out there on many occasions, once a week im out there 38 and ive talked to some of the homeless 41 clark county commissioner marilyn kirkpatrick oversees this district. she says they have been working to clean up the area, including securing these vacant buildings. when we came out thursday the fence. but what about the homeless people metro cannot arrest...and the ones who don't want to be a part of county services or go to a shelter? how do they get rid of those? kirkpatrick says there's a new initiative coming in next year. medications and they can get the proper follow ups 48 but as for the buildings, we spent several hours trying to dig up information.
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website and discovered the property owner is an llc. a local law firm told us sometimes property owners put their buildings under an llc to help limit the property owner's liability. we scoured the internet and directories to find a phone number associated with the companies....but didn't get it will fall on the county to clean this place up. soc. metro is launching a new program to help keep you safer. how the program is giving them more access to surveillance that could catch crooks in the act. and.... the bundy ranc continues... why prosecutors are now... trying to split up the case.... into -17- trials. and count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast and first and only on 13 action news. we'll be right back.
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trump.... just confirmed...
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retired marine core general... james mattis... as the new secretary of defense. trump made the announcement.... just minutes ago... during a post- election victory as the commander of "the u-s central command". police have a plan to help reduce crime in your neighborhood--but they need your help. all you have to do is register your surveillance camera. the program is called "vegas safe cam". they got the idea from other cities across the country that have already rolled out the program and have found it to be successful so far in helping to police say by knowing exactly who has surveillance footage... it could save them a lot of time in identifying and tracking down a suspect. take sot (found in 3pm looklive) asst sheriff tom roberts, metro we'll know that you have a video system that you're willing to allow us to use, and that will save us valuable time in canvassing a neighborhood, we can go directly to you and partner with you in solving a crime in your neighborhood you can register your surveillance camera on metro's website by answering a few questions. prosecutors want to split the
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confrontation with authorities over grazing rights...near cliven bundy's bunkerville ranch back in 20-14. bundy and the other defendants lost a bid for individual trials. the first would start february 6th for bundy, his sons ammon and ryan bundy along with two others. the other trials would start in may and august. -60- percent of women say... they have experienced.... workplace sexual harassment!! tonight... we're talking to some of them..... plus... the one industry.... that's most prone.... to un-wanted advances... plus... millions of people living in the south left reeling after deadly tornadoes and wildfires tear through the region. how the community is coming together to help the victims recover.
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victim.... and tonight.. you'll meet... a diverse group from different industries.... sharing their experiences.... and... brainstorming... possible solutions. here's 13 action news anchor.... dayna roselli.. missy (engineeri been sexually harassed elizabeth (finance): touched and propositioned amanda (politics): this is my experience their voices?part of the 60% of women who say they have experienced workplace sexual harassment njambi (retail): i felt isolated elizabeth (finance): vulnerable sore (education): small judnick (journalism): unsafe abc news brought together 10 women, from 10 different industries -- finance to hospitality services restaurants for 10 years // and every time i walked into the do sexual activity as compensation // 16;08;51 sore/education: // he would always stare at me really weird.
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15;57;20 elizabeth/finance: i've spent 25 years in the financial services industry // there was inappropriate industries most prone to sexual harassment statistics show that 70% of women who experience workplace to me and weigh them against my career. 16;16;26 sore/ education: i often feel that in the grand scheme of things, i'm just not that important to the company 16;09;23 so of silenced myself, in that moment, there's an erasure of yourself. and yet, all of the women facing the problem in their own way 15;53;41 samantha/marketing: // i just like left, never returned back. never got a paycheck 16;20;40 missy/engineering: // i work in engineering with a bunch of guys, and i'm very upfront with them and i tell them, you're going to make commission tasked with investigating and litigating charges of workplace harassment. she says "gender based putdowns" can also be a form of sexual harassment?because it's harassment---based on one's
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// but sexual harassment doesn't always involved propositioning. // it can involve demeaning comments, crude language, that makes women feel like they're in a hostile work environment. 16;44;25 rj: // have you ever been referred to as a girl, doll, babe or honey at work. 10 hands raised (laughter) // sweetheart belongs on that list as well? 16;56;28 rj: how many of you have heard, you're too emotional? (laughter?) // majority raise hands 16;48;38 lesley/media: // you're being too emotional. (groan). that men use and they put you down. // but you say anything, you're emotional, because you're a woman // and when asked, what can be done to stop this behavior? 16;39;07 lesley/media: // it starts in the home and it starts with the parents, and it starts with our chair jy: it starts from the top, it requires your leadership to message clearly, that harassment is not tolerated // and a message from our forum of women in the workplace: that part of the sore/education: to encourage
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njambi/retail: that they too can take a stand samantha/marketing: to break out of silence judnick/journalism: i am speaking out against sexual harassment because it exists. sylvia/philanthropy: because it even exists. blayne/hospitality services: the first flight..... directly from beijing, china.... will land.... at mc-carran international airport... the new direct route... from "high- non airlines"..... is part of the effort..... tourists.... to las vegas. chinese tourists..... are one of the fastest-growing... and... largest-spending groups of international visitors.... to las vegas. the numbers are in -- and the final presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton was a huge financial success. the debate generating nearly 1- hundred 14 million dollars in publicity for the city and university. that's more than double what was originaly projected. officials say hosting the debate confirmed las vegas' reputation as more than just a tourist destination -- but also
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business. a contact 13 consumer alert... these popular candies from "nestle"... are going through a big change.. but... the company says... it's not going to impact... the taste. it's getting ready to cut the sugar.... by -40- percent.... in its candy. but... it says.... researchers found a way..... to structure the sugar.... differently. so... even though there's less sugar.. your tongue wont notice the sugar change happens.... in 20- 18. right now -- crews are assessing the damage in the in tennessee and alabama -- residents are trying to salvage what's left after more than a dozen tornadoes tore through their neighborhoods.. entire buildings were torn away -- five people have died ((sot)) we were all holding onto each other crouched down on the floor - dear god please let me live through this! and in eastern tennessee -- residents have begun returning to their homes -- after those historic wildfires. hundreds of structures destroyed -- at least 10 people were
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area and whose theme park "dollywood" was threatened -- has announced she'll donate one thousand dollars a month to each family affected -- until they're back on their feet. friday will yield stronger winds gusting between 30 and 35 mph with sustained winds around 20 mph from the north. we keep to sunny skies and highs just below 55 degrees for mo a wind advisory is in effect for areas around las vegas through the day on friday. winds will die off slightly but remain breezy on saturday.
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saturday and then near 60 on sunday. the sun will remain out through the weekend making it a near perfect weekend in december. things are in the air for next the two long range models are indecisive about the temperatures dropping into the work week with the american model keeping things near average most for the week and the european model drastically cooling things off. as of now we will cut the difference and keep highs into the mid to lower 50s but this will most likely change once
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the situation better. currently i am leaning toward the american scenario. (bryan back to desk) new gadgets are always hot holiday items... tonight a warning from contact
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13 about how hackers could take control of your gifts. and.... "the 13 days of giving" will help tons of families..... this holiday season. we'll introduce you.... to a little boy..... you could help.... and... his mom..... who is working hard.... to give him a better life. and... don't forget to download..... the all new -13- action news app.... featuring liv video on demand.... and incredible weather radar. it's free in "the app store"... and...
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taking control..... of those electronic devices... you get for a holiday gift this year!!! intel security... has compiled its... "mac-afee most hackable holiday gift list." personal computers... still pose..... the biggest risk.... along with... smartphones and tablets... streaming sticks... and drones. intel security says... be sure to use these devices... as directed. a major cruiser line admits to pollution... on the open seas...
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claims... one ship from princess cruise lines.... routinely dumped oily water... and covered it up. as part of a plea agreement... princess cruise lines... will plead guilty...... to -7- felony charges... and pay..... a -40- million dollar fine. and.... don't forget... if you've been ripped off or scammed... we want to hear from you.... contact 13's call for action is any weekday.... between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is..... 702- 368-2255. right now -- our 13 days of giving campaig swing. 13 action news anchor todd quinones spoke with one family about how this toy drive is making a difference in the lives of children at the las vegas rescue mission. in the middle of our city... you will find the edge of society. this is where the pull of addiction.... the struggle with homelessness... are balanced by hope... "48:56 nats puts child down outside playground. what do you want to go do?" constance moore and her 20 month old son dravyn have found
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circumstances cause things to happen in our lives. moore has been homeless most her life... and has battled drug addiction... her pregnacy changed the course of her life. 47:20 (off camera) i had a reason to want to live again 47:30 (close up of son) i was able to walk away from all of it, and never look back everyday the rescue mission and a chance to find a life off the streets... 42:52 we're safe. that's the main thing for him. programs here are designed to get people back on their feet. right now contance is looking for a job... which present challenges. 48:47 that is one issue we're trying to take care of for him and figure out the daycare issue for him. (she is looking at him) and come christmas... the rescue mission through it's toy drive and the help of our action news viewers... drayvn will have a gift to open and a mom determined to find a better future.... from west bonanza and d street.... tq 13 action news.
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easier to drop off the toys. of course you can drop it off at our station. but there's also nevada coin mart las vegas paving and at n-h-p southen command. a couple more.... drop off locations.... "triple -a- southern nevada" and "findlay toyota".... at the valley auto mall. and... of course... thanks to.... "findlay toyota".... "nevada coin mart".... and "zippy shell". they're all proud sponsors of - 13- action news and "the -13- days of giving". devastation in tennessee following the wildfires that their homes... next on 13 action news live at 6:30.. how the destruction is now bringing neighbors closer together than ever before. and.... as president-elect..... donald trump embarks on his..... "thank you" tour... new concerns..... about a deal.... to keep hundreds of jobs.... right here in the united states!!!
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from the area..... burned by flames..... near gatlinburg, tennesee. people are coming together.... to deal with the aftermath. today neighbors leaned on each other for help and support, especially considering some homes were destroyed while others feet away were untouched. kumasi aaron spoke with one man surprised his cabin didn't burn
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many homes look like this one, devastated by flames while many others are untouched. even for people who were more fortunate it's still hard to see."! take nat: "!flames from original fire video "! after days of images like these, news ones are emerging from the area destroyed by flames near gatlinburg tennesee. take nat: "!damage, smoke, something?"! not just of the damage flames left behind, but of people coming together to deal with it. 17:47:41-54 we are kind of in a mixed bag here because we have the joy that our personal residence was saved but the outside their destroyed homes, trying to help as best he could. still, surprised his cabin just feet away, didn't burn along with theirs. take nat: 17:52:29-33 this was our gate to our driveway. looking around his house, dave says it could have easily been that way. dave ivler / survived fire 17:54:54-55:08 i'll show you how close the fire got this


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