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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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many homes look like this one, devastated by flames while many others are untouched. even for people who were more fortunate it's still hard to see."! take nat: "!flames from original fire video "! after days of images like these, news ones are emerging from the area destroyed by flames near gatlinburg tennesee. take nat: "!damage, smoke, something?"! not just of the damage flames left behind, but of people coming together to deal with it. 17:47:41-54 we are kind of in a mixed bag here because we have the joy that our personal residence was saved but the outside their destroyed homes, trying to help as best he could. still, surprised his cabin just feet away, didn't burn along with theirs. take nat: 17:52:29-33 this was our gate to our driveway. looking around his house, dave says it could have easily been that way. dave ivler / survived fire 17:54:54-55:08 i'll show you how close the fire got this
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can go and see that the front in of the vehicle actually the tire caught on fire and started melting. and in the back of his home, even more evidence of a close call. dave ivler / survived fire 17:55:42-50 if you look over the edge here you can see the black brown line and it's in a complete semi circle around the property. he'll be able to sleep in his home tonight. take nat: 17:52:54-59 it's, i don't even know how to put that into words that it's here. bittersweet he says, knowing dave ivler / lost home 17:48:44-54 you're standing here right in the middle of all these burnt cabins it smells terrible it looks terrible so i'm fighting to different a look at current temperatures across the valley and not only are we looking at a drop in temperatures... we're looking at some wind to make things even worse. let's head over to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan? friday will yield stronger
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sustained winds around 20 mph from the north. for areas around las vegas through the day on friday. right now... right now... "the national finals rodeo" is taking over las vegas... it all kicks off tonight..... at "the thomas and mack center"... that's where we find..... 13 action news reporter.... tom george... tom?
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in the united states..... receiving threatening letters. the threats..... which began in california.... have now expanded.... across the country. the latest..... being in rhode island.... at "the evergreen islamic center". "when i first saw it, i was a little bit upset, especially
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to what hitler did to jews, and now this donald trump is going to do to muslims. so this was really bad." so far... there are no leads on who wrote.... these letter. the signature..... at the bottom reads.... "americans for a better way." starting today.... government agencies can search millions of americans' computers and cell phones..... with just a single..... search warrant. tried to stop the rule..... from taking effect... but.... republican senate leaders denied their requests..... for a vote. the justice department says.... the updated rule is needed...... to help them investigate and track down..... cyber criminals. opponents call it quote.... "government hacking and surveillance"... and... hope to repeal it. today, president-elect donald trump hit the road to tout his deal to save hundreds of factory jobs in indiana. and tonight he's holding a rally to say thank you to voters in ohio. but the president-elect's
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vote recount is getting underway in wisconsin. (pkg) nats trump at carrier donald trump on the road again in indiana. the president-elect praised the deal he struck with carrier air conditioning to save 1000 factory jobs bound for mexico. sot donald trump carrier says the state where vp elect mike pence is still the governor, offered its multi-billion dollar parent company a $7 million dollar incentive package over several demanding to know all the details. senator bernie sanders wrote in the washington post trump has workers. he has signaled to corporations that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business friendly tax benefits our jobs and competitiveness in america because of our tax code. tax reform is central in fixing this problem trump's first leg of his thank you tour...ohio...a battleground state that gave him a decisive . but in wisconsin where trump won by less than a percentage point, a recount is underway...initiated by green
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trump's thank you tour will continue over the next few weeks. and it will include crucial states he won and those he thought he would have done better in. kenneth moton, abc news washington. he was one of the first men to walk on the moon... now how an adventure to the southern-most part of the world has him fighting for his life. and.... a big change-up.... at america's favorite coffee chain... why the c-e-o of starbucks is stepping down.... could the move.... change the price.... of your cup of joe??? and remember, chopper 13 brings you breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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of crosstimber ct. one male transported to hospital. possibly drug related call came in at 5:22p in tonight's financial focus... dow up 68 nasdaq down 73 sp500 down 8 local gaming stocks were all down today except for caesars which gained less than a percent... wynn lost just over two and a half percent today and red rock resorts lost over one and a half percent. starbucks' c-e-o is stepping down. howard schultz's surprise decision to step aside next year sent the company's stock
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schultz isn't going away though. in april he will focus on opening more innovative and high-end starbucks shops. schultz has stepped down as starbucks' c-e-o before. he left the company in two thousand and became the owner of the seattle supersonics. payroll processor a-d-p said u-s companies added 216-thousand jobs in november -- the most since june. all the gains occurred in service sectors such as retail, higher-paying professional services. construction firms saw the addition of 2,000 jobs while manufacturing lost 10,000 jobs. these figures are further evidence that the economy is expanding at a decent pace. former astronaut.... buzz aldrin has arrived..... in new zealand.... after being evacuated from the south pole.... for medical reasons. aldrin's health..... reportedly "deteriorated"..... while visiting the area.....
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the -86- year-old has fluid in his lungs.... but... is responding well..... to anti- biotics. aldrin was part of "the apollo 11 mission".... in 19-69.... when he became the second person.... to ever walk on the moon. terror inside a florida bank -- a gunman holding customers and workers hostage. the quick thinking actions that allowed police to get everyone to safety. and.... a tornado outbreak..... in the southeast..... leaves several people dead.... what president obama is now to provide relief to the victims.
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where a bank robbery...... turned into a -2- hour long hostage situation..... in jacksonville. police say.... it ended...... with all the hostages released... and.... a n investigation. elizabeth pkg: a tense and terrifying morning for the hostages.. held inside this florida credit union.. ((nat)) sirens police.. and the swat team.. not the only ones rushing to the scene.. family members.. unable to get a hold of their loved ones.. prayed for their safety. ((sot)) sharon sykes, hostage's mother "i'm just prayerful.. prayerful? prayerful?" it was just after 9am.. police say they got a 911 call about a robbery in progress at
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ck swat negotiators.. called to the scene right away.. with the suspect making demands and dangerous threats. ((sot)) sheriff presser "he kept threatening.. to kill.. even put gun to the bank of the head.." then two hours later?a daring move from inside the credit union gave the swat team.. a chance to move in.. and free the hostages. ((sot)) sheriff presser "2 people were hiding inside the ba they took opp to flee the bank.. distracted hostage taker.. swat went in." ((sot)) clara cruz.. from bankhostagemother "i just want to hold her and let her know that god is in the plan." ((sot)) mother of bank worker "he is safe and i'm happy. i'm just relieved right now, not much going through my mind." elizabeth new tag: during the robbery...police say the suspect...23 yo nicholas humphrey did fire his handgun but thankfully no one was injured. eh, abc news, ny.
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news an investigation into a deadly crash is underway ... after 3 people were killed and 2 others injured when a pick- up truck slammed into a wal-mart in iowa. all of the victims were outside of the vehicle... the driver and another person were also hurt. police believe this was not an intentional act. wal-mart issued a statement saying it "heartbroken by what appears to be a tragic accident." is making a plea for the return of some priceless items after a thief turned their wedding night into heartbreak. after returning home from a short trip... they learned someone broke into an unlocked door on their van and cleaned it out. the camera with the wedding video... decor... and all the gifts including nearly -3-thousand dollars for their honeymoon were gone. the bride says losing the money was tough but losing the video hurt the most.
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across -9- states in the south.... since monday. -5- people are dead.... the clean-up has just begun... for those... who actually have... homes to return to. abc's.... elizabeth hur.... has more. elizabeth pkg: the view from the air.. showing piles of debris and wood.. all across this neighborhood.. once home to families in alabama.. ((sot)) "we were all holding onto each other crouched down on the floor - dear god please let me live through this!" this.. is all that's left of a and the town of rosalie.. hit hard.. so many homes and businesses here.. leveled. in mississippi.. the aftermath.. equally devastating.. and residents are beginning to pick up the pieces.. ((nat)) -- "a tornado warning!" the florida panhandle.. also hit with powerful waterspouts off the coast.. ((nat)) - "siren" and in georgia.. strong winds ripped this large chunk of metal.. off the roof of this recycling center and tossed it.. a quarter of a mile away.
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are surveying the damage from the wildfires.. woman crying: "everything is gone" the rain helped put out some of the flames.. but with smoke still smoldering.. and the destruction.. overwhelming.. dolly parton who is from the area is ready to help. ((sot)) youtube: dolly parton "i've always believed charity begins at home.. "we want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides $1000 a month to all those families that have lost their homes until they get back up on president obama has also reached out to the governor and we are told federal assistance is also on the way.. this as search and rescue for the people still missing.. continue today. eh, abc news, ny. friday will yield stronger winds gusting between 30 and 35 mph with sustained winds around 20 mph from the north. we keep to sunny skies and highs just below 55 degrees for most locations. a wind advisory is in effect
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winds will die off slightly but remain breezy on saturday. highs will start to increase into the upper 50s saturday and then near 60 on sunday. the sun will remain out through the weekend making it a near perfect weekend in december. things are in the air for next week. the two long range models are indecisive about the temperatures dropping into the work week with the american model keeping things near average o drastically cooling things off. as of now we will cut the difference and keep highs into the mid to lower 50s but this will most likely change once the models handle the situation better. currently i am leaning toward
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scenario. 13 action news' 13 days of giving is in full swing... next... how your generous donation..... can put a smile.... on the face of a child. hello las vegas! it's the first week of december and we have some great events to share with you this week. this month's first friday will
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testing and more. this month's theme is reflection. first friday takes place every month in the arts district. santa claus is making his annual appearance on saturday at huntridge park's santa in the circle event. there will be cookies and hot chocolate for everyone. kids will receive free bike helmets and be entered into a raffle t the local band we are pancakes is celebrating their debut e-p titled cookies and mimosas on saturday night at backstage bar and billiards. they will be joined by the american weather, jessica manalo and kurumpaw. if you want to see the full list of thirteen things to do, just head to our website
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there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder.
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and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough.
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along with your help we are trying to make a difference in the lives of children at the las vegas rescue mission. -20- month-old...... dravyn moore..... is one of the children there...... who is hoping to have a gift to open...... on christmas. his mom constance..... is trying to make a better life. the family is among the thousands of people..... who depend on the rescue mission..... to avoid living on the
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is my son would never know what a shelter was, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances cause things to happen in our lives. we're safe. that's the main thing for him. we have some place to sleep constance right now is looking for a job and trying to find daycare for dravyn. she is grateful the las vegas rescue mission is helping make sure her son has a merry christmas. findlay toyota, nevada coin mart and zippy shell are proud sponsors of 13 action news and the 13 days of giving. in tonight's.... abc primetime line-up.. at 8:00... it's a "charlie brown christmas" at 9 o'clock... it's "the great american baking show"... then... on 13 action news.. live at 11.. rats invade.... a valley apartment... and... people living in this nightmare..... are desperate to get out. tonight... we're digging deeper.... into what's behind the infestation plus... she was beaten.... outside her own apartment. and... when she tried to leave... management said... no way. but tonight... she finally has... a happy ending...
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but remember.. we're always on.... at k-t-n-v dot com.. our k-t-n-v mobile app... and... our roku channel. "inside edition" is next so stay with us. thank you for watching.. and have a great evening..
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?[ music ] ? the kidnapped jogger. washe the victim of a sex trafficking ring? this woman knows what it's like to be branded. >> i would absolutely say she was a victim of sex trafficking. >> and victoria's secret pregnancy. look how cover up her baby bump. then, kanye west 911. >> the call for help after kanye's psychiatric emergency. >> and lessons learned. >> what this latest airline disaster is teaching us about how to get out alive. >> you want to make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes if


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