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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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that devestating house fire.. flames ripped through the attic of the home near civic center and saint george just hours ago sending three people to the hospital. 13 action news..... got to the scene..... just minutes... after the fire broke out.. david schuman is live.... outside the house.... right now.. david... ire crews just finally left about a half hour ago. you can see some of the damage from here -- a broken window, some discoloration around the roof. the assistant chief with north las vegas fire department told hurt in the fire. a child was taken to a nearby hospital along with two adults. sadly..they are all in critical condition tonight. live investigators are still working out how this fire started. will keep you updated on developments with that as well as with the victims. reporting live david schuman 13 action news now... to our other breaking story... metro police have a valley neighborhood roped off..... after a woman is found dead....
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action news.... was the first crew on scene.... and... has been monitoring the situation.... for hours.. 13 action news anchor... christopher king is live.... as neighbors say.... they've been concerned.... about what's going on.... inside for months. christopher... police were out here hours. and this home they were looking. at first..cops couldn't go inside..because of toxic fumes. neighbors say this isn't the first time police have visited the house. :09:38/angie turner turner..can't believe it. :09:48 "it's just bad." a woman the house right next to her. a man in that same rushed to the hospital. all police are telling us right now is..a gas leak is to blame. :09:54/turner "carbon monoxide poisoning-that's really scary." :47:52/tom valento/neigbhor "i'm very concerned." the exact details of how it all happened..are still unclear. tom valento complains.. police have had to come to this neighborhood for emergency calls.. several times in the past few months. :47:54/valento "there are children in the neighborhood, my house is in jeopardy-my
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we are also following breaking news.... out on the roads. north las vegas police are shutting down streets..... after a massive crash. this happened.... at ann and coleman. -3- people were taken to the hospital. if you can.... avoid the area. we're hearing..... that ann road i right now... authorities are investigating the death of an infant who died at a lake mead campsite... over thanksgiving weekend. a good samaritan heard screams for help and ran to the child. he performed c-p-r until paramedics arrived--but it was too late. the coroner hasn't released the cause of death a pet is dead after a mobile home fire just hours ago on pecos near gowan. no one was at home at the time of the fire. investigators are still trying
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police are releasing surveillance pictures..... in hopes.... that someone recognizes this man.... who pulled a gun.... on a clerk. authorities say... he robbed a store.... on east tropicana and nellis.... last month. he's wearing..... a distinctive red hat..... that says.... "city of sin- las vegas". he also has long blonde hair.... and a soul patch. if you recognize him.... call police. it's not your typical bust. but... police say... these women were running.... a victoria's secret theft ring. -10- thousand dollars worth of underwear were taken from that's where police they ran in.... grabbed merchandise from the display tables... and... took off. "oh it's bleeding! ew!" "it's disgusting and i'm scared for my kid's life" you ask, we investigate.. mothers desperate for help are turning to action news tonight ....after they say rats have infested their homes! the complex is called villa del rio ... 13 action news reporter mahsa saeidi was there at nellis and
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you'll see only on 13 action news. carla ... one mom ...didn't want to go on camera. she thought...she might be immediately kicked out! but another ... who created this flier... wanted to talk....about the impact the rats have had on her kids! "rats...rats." it's almost become a song! "rats." 2-year-old jimmy -- looks for them! "rats." talks about -- what they leave behind -- "poop." danger! "rat! ... careful!" careful he said -- moments before he recreates -- how mommie kills them. "bang!... bang!" "ooohhhhhhhh!!!" cell phone video rolling at christina dalton's house -- when one of the critters is caught! "his face is stuck on there!" dragged out. "aaaahh!!" screams allthe way! "aaaahhh!" "i was like... oh heeellll no!!!" but oh heck yea....check out these pictures. she says she's caught 7 since
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"i can't even cook dinner at my kitchen." the horrible scene behind her stove -- and pretty much everywhere else! "that is a rat poop." "rat feces inside my dishes." the mom of two constantly cleaning -- and washing her kid's hands! her fear -- "rat poop is going to give them some type of disease or something, and i'm currently pregnant." the rats --- breaking in -- "ooohhhh." through various holes she says management refuses to fix! "stuffed it with towels and my by the weeks end -- dalton says she's out of here. "i have to spend money on deposits and first month's rent, and it's christmas time." we walked into the leasing office...right before they closed. they had no comment...and asked us to leave. we know pest control has been out... we're going to follow up with management again tomorrow to see if more can and should be done. mahsa saeidi. 13 action news. we heard about this story when a viewer reached out for our
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just send us an e-mail to 13investigates@ktnv dot com and please be sure to include your telephone number. it's a story.... you'll see only on... action news!!! we're getting results for a woman.... who says... she was asked..... to take off.... her religious head scarf.... at a restaurant.... on the strip. it happened.... at "the fireside lounge"... inside "the peppermill". a restaurant manager told the woman.... it was a policy.... that had been in place... for -10- years. and... it was a security issue.... not a religious one. louvenia daan, muslim woman 19:23:45-19:23:51 "i wear a hundreds of thousands of customers and i've never been treated like that ever." thanks to our story... this incident shouldn't happen.... to another customer. just hours ago... peppermill resorts sent us a statement saying.... it reviewed.... the restaurant's headwear policy... and... decided..... it is no longer.... necessary. we're following developments..... on that outbreak of deadly tornadoes.... in the southeast. in just the past -48- hours... there have been -35- confirmed twisters.... in -8- states. in tennessee and alabama.... residents are picking up the
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a dozen tornadoes tore through.... their neighborhoods.. at least... -5- people have died. and in eastern tennessee -- residents have begun returning to their homes -- after those historic wildfires. hundreds of structures destroyed -- and at least 10 people killed. dolly parton -- who is from the area..has promised 1-thousand dollars a month to each family affected. president-elect.... donald trump is turning to a marine veteran... to be his secretary of defense! retired marine general.... james mattis.... spent -44- in the marine core... and... has an interesting nickname. donald trump/ (r) president-elect: "we are going to appoint "mad dog" mattis (crowd erupts) as our secretary of defense." "they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have and it's about time, it's about time." he made the announcement.... at the start of his
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she's 68 years old but she's proving that age is just a number at this year's national finals rodeo. in the roadeo world... mary burger is the equivalent of an nba star the professional barrel racer walked into tonight's competition as the front runner and favorite. she in sixth place--but still has several more showings to go. and she says--she's not slowing down. 006 it's just what i do-to slow down 15-19 i just keep moving so.. i don't plan on sitting down we spoke to several cowboys who hers... and doubt that their mother or grandmother could do what she does. imagine being attacked and beaten.... outside your home... by a stranger... and then... imagine being stuck in that home... living in fear. for one woman....
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plus-- terrifying footage from a carnival cruise.. shows a teenager dangling off the side of thship. tonight--we're learning more about what happened bryan and... we're staying on top of breaking news... -3- people hospitalize.. house. we'll have a live update.... when we return
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there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough.
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schuman is live at the scene gathering more information david? an update on some breaking news that we just told you about. rider has died in a crash in north las vegas. this happened.... at ann and coleman. -3-were taken to the hospital.--including that motorcyclist if you can....
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an oklahoma woman has a shattered pelvis after a traffic stop went horribly wrong. we want to warn you--the video is graphic. nats of crash... "we just got hit" police were questioning the woman about her tag light when she was crushed between two vehicles. police say a truck driver slammed into the police cruise authorities were able to track him down and arrest him. a close call at a high school outside salt lake city today when police say two parents confronted their son in the hallway after he took weapons to school this morning--those parents noticed their guns were missing, so they rushed to the school fearing the worst. by the time they got there.. the 15-year- old boy had shot once into the ceiling. his parents were able to talk him down and get the gun away.
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terrifying video captures a teenager..... hanging over the railing..... of carnival cruise line's liberty ship..... as someone films.... the stunt. fortunately... the scary situation.... ended safely. carnival says... it's now.... investigating. a valley woman is feeling safe again..... after 13 action news.... helps deliver.... some much needed help!!! it's an update.... to a story.... contact -13- first brought you.. < jennifer: you guys are the ones who did it for me. it's moving day for jennifer robinson . jennifer: without you guys, i would still be here. a happy ending... to a story with an awful beginning. it was back in september when we told you how jennifer was violently attacked, right outside her own apartment. jennifer: i was coming home late at night and somebody came from behind me with a hammer, knocked me out. knocked my glasses in pieces. a pair of thieves got away with
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living in fear, she decided, it was time to move. but the property manager wouldn't allow jennifer out of her lease. so she reached out to contact 13. we called management, and they decided to let jennifer off the hook. but that's not all. diane beach, all my sons moving & storage: we just wanted to jump in and lend a hand as a help jennifer move. jennifer: i was so surprised. i was like, movi because i thought i was going to have to do it myself. but in the end she didn't have to lift a finger, and it didn't cost her a thing. night. where i move, i can sleep good. i haven't slept good in about 3 months.> so... here's the contact -13- bottom line: a landlord doesn't legally.... have to let you.... out of your lease... just because.... you're the victim of a crime.
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to a different apartment or property.... if available. if you're having issues with a if we can help. e-mail us...... at 13 investigates @ k-t-n-v dot com. a family that called gatlinburg their "home away from home".. watched security footage online as the wildfires surrounded and burned down one of their cabins. monday, they got an alert that their smoke detector was going off.. so chris allen went online to look at the footage.. with every passing minute, each camera showed what the family never thought possible. "it was surrounded by fire. at that moment i was sitting there thinking it's going to would stay in the east tennessee cabin several times a year.. and considered it a place to get away and relax. but now.. they share heartbreak and loss with the gatlinburg community. our -13- days of giving is in high gear!!! we are collecting new.... unwrapped toys....
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we are asking you..... to drop off gifts... between -10- and -20- dollars in our donation bins... at "findlay toyota"... "nevada coin mart"... and other valley locations. local businesses are stepping up too... this saturday.... n-h-p will take donations and check car seats.... at the southern command... from -8- to noon.... at decatur and sunset... and... "rockin jump"... the ultimate trampoline park... is offering some free a second hour free pass... if you donate a gift... saturday. 21 the community and the 13 days of giving is super important to us is because we are all owners who have kids so if we couldn't provide for them... we would really want someone to help us out and that's what this is about". well said.. "the las vegas rescue mission" will be distributing..... the donated gifts.... to families in need. there are donation bins.... all over the valley. you can drop them off.... at our station. there's also.... "nevada coin mart"... "las vegas paving"... and... "n-h-p southern command". we want to thank "findlay toyota"...
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they're all proud sponsors..... of -13- action news and "the -13- days of giving". they're pictures you have to see to believe. a man in north carolina made the catch of his lifetime by reeling in this massive catfish. at first, he didn't know if he was going to be able to pull it out of the water. but after a 30 minute battle, he was able to reel in the 112-pound fish after taking a few pictures, the fish was released back into the river friday will yield stronger winds gusting between 30 and around 20 mph from the north. we keep to sunny skies and highs just below 55 degrees for most locations. a wind advisory is in effect for areas around las vegas
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winds will die off slightly but remain breezy on saturday. highs will start to increase into the upper 50s saturday and then near 60 on sunday. the sun will remain out through the weekend making it a near perfect weekend in december. things are in the air for next week. the two long range models are indecisive about the temperatues work week with the american model keeping things near average most for the week and the european model drastically cooling things off. as of now we will cut the difference and keep highs into the mid to lower 50s but this will most likely change once the models handle the situation better. currently i am leaning toward
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for a newlywed couple. how their wedding memories and gifts vanished.... in just se plus-- a man is unconscious after a near-death experience. why authorities say,,, he'll be arraigned from his hospital bed the moment he opens his eyes. a rhode island driver who
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in the video.. the 20-year-old man is seen weaving in and out of traffic while reaching speeds as high as 114 miles per hour. but minutes later--he loses control and crashes. police say they plan on using the video as evidence. he's expected to be arraigned from his hospital bed--as soon
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in california...... is pleading for the return of their priceless wedding items. on their wedding night... someone broke into a van... and... including.... nearly -3-thousand dollars.... for their honeymoon.... the bride says.... losing the money was tough... but... losing the video.... hurt the most. tisthe season for thieves and porch pirates. but now las vegas police... are rolling out a new program to help catch them in the act. to watch "good morning las vegas".... for all your latest news... weather... and traffic. it all starts.... at 4- 30....
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there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder and always leave you wanting even more.
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ryan lochte. t-m-z is reporting.... that prosecutors... in rio.... have offered him a deal..... to make his criminal case.... go away. the offer is to pay around.... -20- thousand dollars. but... lochte has not accepted... the deal yet. this summer... lochte was charged.... with falsley reporting a crime... at a gas station metro is rolling out a new program to reduce crime in your neighborhood. it's called vegas-safe-cam. several other cities across the
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successful in solving crimes. police say by knowing exactly who has surveillance footage... it saves them time in identifying and tracking down a suspect. you can register your surveillance camera on metro's website. we'll be right back.... with a final look.... at your wake-up weather forecast. but first... here's jimmy kimmel..... with a preview of tonight's show.. right after.... 13 action news. ((verbatim))
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highs just below 55 degrees for most locations. a wind advisory is in effect for areas around las vegas through the day on friday. santa claus got himself.... a holiday make-over...
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"hipster santa". instead of a jolly red suit.... hipster santa.... wears black glasses.... blue jeans.... and a sweater.... straight out of "the big lebowski." he's also got tattoos, piercings and a man bun! this is hipster santa's second year at pioneer place mall. that does it.... for this edition of 13 action "jimmy kimmel live" is up next.. and remember... we're always on... at k-t-n-v dot com.. our k-t-n-v mobile app... and... our roku channel. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i hope you had a pleasant halloween. by the way, we'll be taking children's candy away from them


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