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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 2, 2016 1:37am-2:08am PST

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>> a woman on a paddle board. when they jump, they scatter with the wind. the amazing moment they come together to make history. >> the internet is in a tizzy over vegetables that look like plastic. >> and tis the season for elves on the shelf. >> that's one way to get around if there is flooding in the area, but that's not a paddle board. let's go back to the beginning. this is in spain.
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overpass. the area was flooded, and her car got stuck. she climbed out of the car, the car starts drifting away. city officials say witnesses say there was a sign there that said flooded -- >> probably under water -- >> did you need a sign there that says "flooded." >> firefighters had to get this woman out. they tried not to get her wet, even though she w her shoulders, and one is put her on his shoulders. >> that would be you -- >> we have another rescue with firefighters, this time, a 2-year-old girl who got stuck in a washing machine. not a lot of information about this, they say we don't know how she got stuck in there. i can tell you how, she is a
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small compact washing machines. >> they had to take it apart and use tools. it took them 20 minutes. she wasn't harmed, but chinese firefighters, the gold medalist of rescuing people out of sticky situations. >> seriously. >> 8.5 seconds of world record breaking sky this this is a group of 65 female sky divers that came together to set the world record of a vertical jump, so they're all head down, for 8.5 seconds -- >> that's where i did my jump, and i have to say i wasn't
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people in the sky doing that. they really have to know what they're doing to have that many traffic up there and all land safely. >> look at it this way, 63 people out to the parking lot and said grab hands and let go in eight seconds. they had less time to be able to form up and create that formation. >> they say they reached peaced up to 170 miles per hour. perhaps because of are vertically falling through the skies. we followed them through the process, and we looked at what it is these ladies -- more than 65 athletes, but not everyone made the cut. and you had women coming from all kinds of different countries to be part of this. it is definitely a dream for a lot of women to see something
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something like this. >> one of the biggest news stories out there is the propensity for fake news. people can't tell what it real and what is fake. i have a perfect viral video for you. it comes out of japan. i believe what is happening here is they are making fake food to poison us. making it out of plastic. and they're using this video as an example. it spread all over. it has gone viral a couple ways. this is a guy demonstrating how they make fake food to trick everyone around the world. if you have spent some time in asia and japan, he is using wax
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restaurants. display that's are so good they look real. >> this is cabbage, but i saw this video on the internet that showed fake plastic cabbage. >> another perfect example, it's a real cabbage, but she is telling everyone, convincing everyone including herself that it is not real. it's not catching fire the cabbages are real, and they are made of wax -- >> if it was plastic, it would have melted over the flame. this is not poof of anything. >> it's proof of something, that salespeople will accept everything from the internet. >> let's pull back the curtain on old car parts.
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it's not looking for vintage car parts. he is looking for something that has been spotted, darting in and around this shop, spending rodents running. if you look at his first, you notice she from the sunshine coast snake catchers. >> it could be a viper. >> or a >> it's in the panel of the door? >> yeah. it is a big red belly they identify it as, it will be tricky but they're specialists. going to take the door off of the shelve. he gets out his stick. it's always a stick. >> a stick and no gloves.
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he pulls it right out. the guy that owns the property may see a very sharp deline in rodents -- >> or an increase now. >> we're going to find a nice swampy area for him. >> they wipe the snake down and then >> it is a giant knit blanket. see how the girls do it. plus, abandoned boxes catch people's attention. >> they called authorities who blocked off the area thinks there was bombs or something potentially dangerous. >> find out what is in the box, next. some help.
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one day it appears. is that a dark spot?
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talk about a really tense moment for passengers. they were right there at the bus stop. they immediately called authorities who blocked off the area thinking there was bombs or something they were planning to do a controlled explosion. and once they got closer, they realized there was puppies and a cat in there. >> can you imagine if they had not even looked up there. >> let's just hope there was like rescue personnel that might want to adopt them. >> there was a clerk at a neary
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of them. >> here is another haerlt breaking story that also has a good ending. this is a 5-year-old. they started coming to make ziggy a pet of their own. the person walks up and takes the dog away. >> that could be someone's main support system. >> you'll be ziggy was reunited with that owner seven days later. >> a good ending to both of these stories. >> today, we're going to try and
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>> this is pretty cool. this is a giant knit blanket, and you're thinking how do you knit that together with your hands? >> no, you use giant needles, they made them on their own, they say the latest thing right now are these giant knit blankets. >> you can see how she is starting to do this and she shows you how but this is so large, i think i could try it because you have such a big example. >> so help me out here, ladies what is the point? everyone is going crazy for the big knit things, and it is nothing but holes, that will not keep you warm. >> that is just for the look and the style. >> it's home decor, too, you can
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wear it out. >> i think they're thinking i'm with you at home, but i don't care. >> this is what i have so far. a giant blanket. >> have there you can see how giant. >> all right, we'll see you next weekend! bye! this video is the promotional video for the last frontier basically the wild. it looks like a glacier, not a mountain. >> i don't think you can call if i this as just being -- >> yeah, this goes above and beyond skiing. the helicopter taking to the tippy top.
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conditions. i swear you could powder a baby's bottom. >> it is scary and dangerous once you're done for the day, you have nice digs to warm up in. >> i never get that after skiing. >> keep this as your been much mark. >> i'm going to lower mine. >> a one-stop shop. >> they have ideas for your proposal. hear all about it, next. life hacks that might help you say yourself some money.
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you to love them. now it there is a huge market that create videos like this one. >> i had a dream that i got engaged. this is the journey to propose to his girlfriend. they knew from the beginning
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>> we seen the couple walking into this wooden area. and she was going to be take ton a -- taken to a fancy dinner, and she starts to realize the pictures around are her pictures. their story was featured on a website, they have ideas for your proposal and you can find out where you can find a ring, a photographer for the engagement. >> the only thing they're missing here is the match making service. >> but it makes perfect sense they would create a website like
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knot." are you as surprised at we are of how proposals have become quite the destination now? >> i'm not as surprised. i think social media is so important for couples now. one of my favorite videos is a girl who was a huge fan greece, and he did a flash mob and proposed to her. i don't think the couple should feel pressure today do anything over the top. i think the most important thing is something that is meaningful and special for you and your partner. >> i think the ring selfie has really taken off.
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within 24 hours. >> we get around 400 submissions a month. >> where does this all end? >> i don't think it does, but that's not a bad thing. it is good to be included in people's lives. >> many of us now have smart phones and of course the accessories that you can buy for them is all they can be expensive. here are ten smart phone hacks that might help you save some money. some are rudimentary like if you need a tripod from a wire, to a roll of tape and a rubber band. >> they are -- if something happens to you in the field, you're like i have to rig this
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>> binder clicks work as a phone holder, if you need a holder for your car, bend it, put rubber bands on it so it's sticky. >> some of these get pretty ingenious. i love this idea. it if you have a longer cord and it keeps getting in the way, wrap it around a hair drier to h it up, and nen you have created a coiled cord. to find more hacks, lick on our website. this elf on the shelf has found his target. waiting for dad, jordan, to be
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ho. you know, i used to think that more expensive nights were better than the cheaper nights, and this guy proves me wrong. he goes to the dollar store, buys a $1 knife, he take it's home and sharpens it on a sharpenning block. he shows the $1 knife, this on which i think is the holy grail of a sharp knife when you can cut through a tiny slice of tomato without holding it. he also uses three bottles of water and slices through them. >> that is incredible. >> and it makes everything so
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you have good tools. makes me want to go home and sharpen my knives. >> spooky around millions of homes around the country. a demon comes out and messes with your leaves. i believe he is called elf on the shelf. >> he has found his target. but let's say he found his weapon for his target. that shelf managed to sneak his way in, waiting for dad jordan to be unconscious on the sofa. >> don't do it, he has such beautiful curls -- >> for now. >> everybody has who has children know, there are certain
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from. mom says -- i wasn't to wake up daddy so he can come with, and i found the elf, you're not going to believe what he did -- come see -- look, look how i found him. >> that is a really mean thing to do, the elf is just there to keep an eye on everybody making sure they do good -- >> f, >> it's okay. >> daddy! it will be okay! get that elf out of here. are you kidding me? >> all right, let's go. mommy and daddy are going to be
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if little things came to life in my house it would freak me out, too. >> thank you for watching, everyone. we'll see you next time on
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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company what's up, welcome to "dish nation." we've come bearing gifts.
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>> okay, pageant. >> presidential. >> got you. >> later in the show heidi hits the casino plus "empire" is back. bradley cooper has been getting busy, and when i say getting busy -- >> not with me. you're pointing at me. >> not with you. with his girlfriend. >> that wouldn't be a bad idea, though, for bradley >> get out. >> he's dating victoria secret's model and they're expecting their first child together. >> that's so wonderful. >> go forth and multiplay, bradley cooper. right on, brother. >> he's going easy on the generals because she is already in her second trimester and is so excited about becoming a mom for the first time. >> she looks gorgeous and only a victoria's secret model can be in her second trimester and still walk the runway, seriously. >> my mom was in her third trimester working at the phone


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