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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 2, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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we're hearing new details from the husband of that missing mother of two in california found in the early hours of thanksgiving day, bound with chains on the side of a country road. >> in an exclusive interview with abc news, he's now revealing what happened in those moments after she was found outside of that car. here's abc's matt gutman. >> with his wife's kidnappers still out there, keith papini is cautious. keith has agreed to do the interview, but under the condition that we do it here in literally in the middle of nowhere. in an exclusive interview with "20/20," papini describing his wife's harrowing release. >> they kind of pushed her out of the vehicle. and she at this point has no idea where she's at. and then ran to the freeway. she's screamed so much, she said she was coughing up blood from the screaming, trying to get somebody to stop. again, just another sign of how my wife, she's so wonderful, she's saying, maybe people
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of prison. so she tried to tuck in her chain under her clothes. >> reporter: chained and beaten, hair cut off, body branded. keith papini still wrestling with the guilt. >> i thought about her being there, screaming my name. >> reporter: and it's at this intersection that keith realized his wife had been abducted. for the first time we're learning that the two women who released her, were the same ones who abducted her, forcing her into the car at gunpoint. matt gutman, abc news, redding, california. >> i was able to interview the husband when this first happened, when she first went missing. a lot of people have had suspicions about some of the details as to whether she was truly abducted. he said that she was a very, very happy mom and wife. this was her living her dream
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she had already decorated the house for christmas, there was no reason for her to leave. he was suspicious from the start. >> which makes it even more of a mystery. police are once again interrogating her, interviewing her, trying to figure out if she heard any noises nearby, if there was a train rumble, or a cell phone might have rang. >> and where she was. >> she said she could only see their eyes. >> they had a bag over her head for most of the time. and they were disguised for at least part of the time. so there are a lot of questions to but the good news, she's alive. how many stories have we seen lately where women go jogging and they end up dead. so compassion for this family for a harrowing, harrowing month. >> absolutely. whatever happened in that case. >> yeah. >> we're going to get more on this tonight on "20/20," matt's
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10:00 eastern time. >> we look forward to seeing that interview. coming up, the national hero rescued from the south pole during a medical emergency. >> and what we're hearing this morning about the condition of former astronaut buzz aldrin. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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i love that little jazzy beat. thanks so much to our sound guys. i just had to say that. >> i think they're saying, you're welcome. so he braved the deadly vacuum of outer space and extremes of boiling hot and ultra frigid temperatures on the surface of the moon. >> but now -- oh, i though were describing somebody's relationship for a second. now 86-year-old astronaut buzz aldrin is recovering from a medical emergency during a visit to the south pole. >> reporter: buzz aldrin's latest adventure started on a high note, the 86-year-old all smiles, sharing these pictures and writing, south pole, here i come. aldrin was part of a tourist group, visiting the south pole, when according to the national science foundation, his condition deteriorated, and as a precaution, the decision was
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evacuated. first boarded on a cargo plane in antarctica, then transferred to an ambulance headed to a hospital in new zealand. and this picture taken from his hospital bed, again showing him smiling. >> lift-off! >> reporter: the new jersey native and former fighter pilot became a household name and an american hero in 1969. that's when he became the second man on the moon. he later told david muir in an interview, he will never forget the moment he set foot on the moon. >> i get to the bottom, and i, with great confidence, jumped up. but i didn't quite make it to the bottom. >> reporter: in a statement, aldrin's manager said, mr. aldrin has fluid in his lungs, but he is responding well to antibiotics. abc news, new york. great to see a smiling face right there opinion. >> absolutely. coming up, new movies, what
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? you know it's friday when you hear that music. >> yeah, get some popcorn. time for insomniac theater, previewing two movies opening this weekend. >> this morning we start with an american war thriller called "man down," in a post apocalyptic america, shia labeouf returns home to discove than the battlefield. as he tries desperately to track down his son and his wife while battling his own inner demons of ptsd. >> what happened in that room was real. i can't take it back. i can't rewind. just one of them things. >> what is real is the near
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the critics. it's getting 10% splat on rotten tomatoes. peter debose writing, it scolds audiences for not caring enough about our veterans. in other words, an awful mess of a movie. and soren anderson writes, only an atmosphere of deepening gloom and a premise of utter hopelessness. "man down," it says is like a movie anti-matter, it repels interest. >> oh, my goodness. that's the worst you can say about a movie. from that low to very high high and natalie portman's portrayal of one of our most beloved first ladies. "jackie." as seen through the eyes of the first lady, still stunned by grief, suddenly an outsider, finding herself at odds with government officials who once answered to her husband.
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message to all our funeral guests? >> of course. >> inform them that i will walk with jack tomorrow. alone if necessary. and tell general degau if he wishes to ride in an armored car or a tank, i won't blame him, and i'm sure the tens of millions of people won't either. >> why are you doing this, mrs. kennedy? >> i'm just doing my job. >> would have to be hard to nail that accent. jackie doing a good job with the critics who are giving it 89% on rotten tomatoes. steven witty describes it as a profile in courage. and peter travers calling it an electrifying portrayal that nails every nuance. >> i guess we'll see her at oscar time. that's the news for this half hour.
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