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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  December 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PST

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?? >> good friday morning, friday? we are taking a live look at town square, where live country star lane will be p we will be chatting with her in a few minutes. >> we have been chatting with her about her country music. country music putting out great music throughout the holiday. you have been singing with her, and dancing with her. she is a ton of fun. >> she is. >> you are a big fan of rock around the christmas tree. it is my all-time favorite.
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music. my favorite song is bruise springsteen's version of santa claus is coming to town. whenever i hear that, i think of christmas. i was thinking of how and why? i grew up in philly. he is the boss. bruce is king. he is like the mayor. his songs are on all of the time and the music was coming through the house all ofhe my cousins listened to him. so that reminds me. >> i love barbara streisand -- off we go through the snow. ?? if you know that song, you know what i'm singing. it is a great version. i am very old school when it comes to christmas music.
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i'ves. >> and i'm a big kid. i still believe in santa claus. >> i have a tech guy. >> edwin. >> he is a character. he is like a santa claus year around. he h beard and he dresses up and go to the children's hospital. he is the guy. >> you should have him come and out and tech your show. he is a character in the show. you can't not mention him. >> the scene of your show, it has been great have you you fill
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>> you have been here and you haven't juggled anything. >> i'm trying to contain myself. this is very attempting for a guy like me. >> i wanted the juggle them. >> do you mind? >> oh my gosh he did it. >> and a guy like me, i have to try four. i see four, and then i have to try five. >> thank you very much. that was awesome! . every time i pulling them little bit closer. >> real quick, before we get into the show, big announcement, my home, flamingo. keith sweat is going to be there. he has the new jack swing.
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[ singing ]. >> oh yeah. >> it was a hot song in the early 90s. do you remember that song? >> he is going to be there january through february. >> this is cool. i have a question as a head liner at the flamingo, do you hang out? when you have a head liner? >> you see each other in the casino and the back hallways and there's a mutual, you? >> and i'm a newcomer, you introduce yourself, and he didn't know who i was. and he has been to the show. and if you are a polite, you go to his show. >> it is a sign of respect. and he brought his whole family to the show. >> you start like that. >> thanks for juggling. i appreciate you asking me.
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your favorite holiday song? >> we shared little bit of ours. share your comments on facebook, and twitter, vegas morning we may read your comments live on the air. >> [music.] cowgirl. country music artists are showing up in vegas too. she was need to know. olivia lane. >> how are you? >> it is great. i'm in vegas. how could it be bad? >> you have so much energy. >> i have had four hours of sleep. >> whoo. >> this is your fourth time playing. >> country music in vegas, it is great.
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fans come out in droves. >> this is a great place to play. >> come line dance. come. it is going to be really, really fun. >> you have so many awards in your career. hoe does that feel? >> it actually as a new country artist, when you rising up in the ranks, it is someone like rolling stones to say you are doing good, kid. it is awesome. >> we are getting ready your song. >> yes, you are. >> [laughter.] >> you are a texas girl, right? >> i am. indeed. >> born and raised. >> you came from a musical family. >> i did, yeah. my mom when she was my age she was a country singer in texas. you can stay in texas and make a good living for yourself because texas is so big.
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would play music throughout the house. >> and the album was released. >> it has a brand new song, 9 songs on it. and it is basically, the summation of grinding it out on the road, all of the trials on the road. and being a dreamer. >> speaking of dreamer, you have a great social media presentation and you started a little hash tag. >> based on my song, i started the sunshine movement. it is promoting doing things to make you happy and other people happy. it is to block out the negative things that are happening in the world, and replace it with positive things.
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a house party? >> we launched the living room tour. i want to go to fan's houses and have an experience and play music for them. and music that they love. have a house party. a lot of my younger fans can't come out to the bars sometimes. who doesn't love a house party? >> why not? >> what a great idea. >> you are about to sing my favorite christmas songs. >> i will be singing rocking around the christmas tree. take it away, girl. [music.] >> rocking around the christmas
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>> later we'll have some pump inpie, and we'll do so caroling. >> you will get sent memorandumal feeling when you hear, voices singing let's be jolly, deck of holly. >> rock inaround the christmas tree, have a happy holiday. >> everyone dancing merrily in
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you will get a sent mentalal feeling rocking around the christmas the tree, have a happy holiday. everyone dancing merrily, and in new old fashioned way. ?? >> that was great. >> thank you very much. >> see her live on stage at stoney's rocking country. tonight and tomorrow night, tickets are 5 dollars at 9 o'clock. we have plenty more fun in store
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. ?? where did you go? hello? jj? where can i >> jeff? can you hear me? >> i got you. there you are. >> thank you. i'm out in the lobby. i'm warming my hands my the fire. >> it looks cozy. >> out here in the ktnv lobby, christmas is upon us. we are celebrating the 13 days of giving toy drive.
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let me tell you, jeff, there are so many great toys. so many people are dropping them off. it is amazing to see the giving that is going on in the lass vegas valley. we have toys between 10-20 dollars and they are being given to the lass vegas mission. las vegas mission. >> the kids may not have a toy to open u >> and learn to play juggling. >> did you drop that off, jeff? >> i didn't. i need to buy one for myself. >> you could. >> by the way, we are working with sponsors across the valley. nevada coin, findlay toyota, and zippy shell. there are big buckets like this across the valley, and you can
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valley view boulevard. ask to see me and i will say hello, and thank you. >> we are dropping off lots of toys. >> who is that? is it santa claus? >> it is trooper lloyd hixon. >> i want to be hicks. >> i'm doing great. thank you. >> thank you for coming down. >> from n hp. 13 days of giving toy drive. tell us about toys that you have received. >> we are seeing a great response in our community. and it is for the kids in the valley, and we are taking part with the businesses in the valley. we are seeing a good response, and heartwarming response. it is a great christmas morning for those kids. >> it is.
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together, and contribute by bringing a toy down. >> one thing that is happening tomorrow morning. you test people's car seats in the valley. tell me about it. and let's take a look at the car seat. >> tomorrow morning, what we are doing, in at the southern command, we are having a car seat check, and we are giving out car seats. we see, unfortunately, a lot of people don't know how to put a and there's a complication of making sure the child is properly buckled into the seat. we have a traffic stop, we want to make sure educate the parents and most importantly educate the children that are sitting in the seat so they know that stay safe. >> this is an important issue, guys. tell us about the event, from 8-12.
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8-12 p.m. tomorrow. will weather is cooler. we have a lot of things going on. if you want to come down and drop off a toy, we are welcoming that and we will have a car seats event. make sure the kids stay safe, and the valley safer and having a great holiday season for everyone. >> trooper hixon, thank you very much. >> thank you from all of us. >> see you >> brothers, fathers, and more can start their victory lap. mario has put together a list for anyone that is male. >> happy holiday season to you. >> i have awesome guide gifts that you will love. this is the tech gifts for him. i have you covered.
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if you have someone who loves audio. this is the sure m z, ios mic. it connects too apple devices to apple devices and it has high quality on the go that you can record and it has an app with a ton of features and it is easy to share your features. it is great to record a concert or own podcast or want to get experiences caught on audio while traveling. this is the best way to go. >> wearables are huge. this is the smart watch. love this smart watch. guys will love it.
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frontier model. you can get text messages and calendars and alerts. right within that. and blue tooth version is the classic. which is great. both of them have built in gps and samsung pay. you can use your pay at and it works with smartphones. >> drones this year. this is for ages 8 and up. the air hog race drones from spin master. you will be push the limits, and a stunt button, and crash resistant frame. it is not going to break. they will love this outside or in the house, and beginner and advance mode. they will enjoy that. >> next up -- this is great for the pop culture fan in the
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star wars. it is monthly subscription, this box shows up with collectibles once a month with a new month. you pay 20 bucks a month and they get 45 dollars worth of stuff. >> you want to get your mechanic in your family great gifts, it is available at home depot. 60-piece set. reach the hard places and guarantee with replacement parts on that. >> and for the puzzle sort offer, the guy will love escape room, the game. it is from spin master. the thrilling challenge of having the real escape room. four rooms to escape from, solve pusz puzzles and to beat the
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about on our website. thunk slash him. >> thank you very much. >> and if you are on facebook or twitter, like us or follow us. l vmorning blend on twitter.
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?? >> we consumers are hitting the mall and going online in search of the coolest gifts this holiday season. it is tough to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. here to put a spotlight on the
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>> how are you? >> hello. i'm great. and yes, i am here to help. we are at the height of holiday shopping season. there are so many products to choose from. i would love to share five picks that would delight anyone on your list. >> please, give us your top picks. >> starting with laptops. they are highly tech item. choice. you will turn heads when you pull out this sleek and slim laptop. this is a tablet and pc in one. there's a hinge here, that you can fold and flex the screen any way you want to use it. i love that it is up to 15 and a half hours of battery life. which is huge, beautiful sound,
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>> it is a portable entertain portion. >> starts at 1050 dollars for that. >> and i'm about protection, which is why i turn to otter box. we want to make sure we keep it protected. this is a slim case that goes on your iphone. but it is multifunctional a you can see here all of the different items. you can snap it on your phone, a bike mount, tripod, and blue tooth speaker. this is a such a great item to have and handy for everyone especially if you are traveling this holiday season. >> that's such a cool product. it was multifunctional. >> right. it is so handy for all different uses.
9:26 am
ones you want to get. >> moving on. personalization is the name of the game. who doesn't love this type of gift. they have thousands of options and products to choose from, from all budgets from apparel to jewelry, barware and gifts. it is a one stop shop, order by delivery. everything is made to order. that's a great choice. >> do you mean that you are putting people's names on things? that's so neat. >> you can personalize it with photos, names, there are so many options with them. so many. >> i want to cover this last two products. these are exciting. i'm tech obsessed.
9:27 am
paper. i love the bamboo slate. this is a smart pad, you can write with it on pen on paper and with a simple touch of a button, you can convert all of your stretches and notes to the cloud and digitize them to the mobile devices that are powered by blue tooth. this is 149. and how cool is >> i'm -- it combines the best of both worlds. >> it is high tech doodling. >> it is so fun. >> that's exactly right. >> and then the last product. these are the audio products of the future. these are sky buds. they are wireless ear buds. they offer 4 hours of battery
9:28 am
they are even sweat proof. you can wear them at the gym, wherever you want. a really hot ticket item. those are 249. >> you can get all of the information, i have talked about a lot. i'm excited about them. go to top tech for more information. >> thank you very much. >> to get savvy shopping tips, the best deals and family fun acti entertaining tips, go to top tech >> thank you very much. >> before we head to break, a community event to tell you tomorrow, the arthritis foundation is hosting the jingle bell run. wear your finest clothing, and the dog, and it will be hosted by dj snowman, and has a huge kid zone, pet zone, and santa
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blend. >> holidays are approaching quickly, and sharing food and family, holiday gathering perfect opportunity to talk about health with your family. >> and to talk about medicare open enrollment -- is here. >> good morning. >> so, speaking of open enrollment, ends december 7. next week. >> very, very soon. >> still, little bit of time. sure for people. >> it is this weekend. >> sit down and take a serious
9:32 am
people look at their medicare enrollment. >> the nice thing about medicare is that there are a lot of options. it is important for our seniors and all of us to take a look at our health, to take a look at our plans and see if it is meeting our needs. and sometimes it is, and you move on. and sometimes it is not. it is all about choice, and making sure you are making the right choices. >> it is important for people who think, i coverage every year, it is important to reevaluate, plans change, and coverage changes year to year, right? >> of course. sure. if you are diagnosed with diabetes this year, your prescription needs change, maybe you need to see a specialist this year. make sure you are in line, and it is super important, and super intense expensive.
9:33 am
drug coverage quite a bit. >> what are you telling people to look for when they are looking at their options? >> the provider network is very, very important. that's one of the biggest choices. okay? do you have to commit to a necessary work? >> of doctor -- to a network of doctors? >> you need to -- you have a choice. you need to make sure that you are happy and to keep the doctors you have, and expand to the doctors you may need. >> generally, this time of year, family, holiday gathering, it is important to talk about your health with your family, put things in writing, and you agree, yes? >> absolutely. >> now more than ever, it is medicare oem enrollment. you are going to be locked in
9:34 am
>> this is a great time. this is the time. >> and healthcare partners we feel like we need to be talking to our patients about that and our patients do have a lot of questions. and so, we are trying to have those dialogues in the office now as we were seeing people for the last visit of the year. are you happy with your plan? let's look ahead. >> speaking of choosing a network, healthcare partners has a lot to offer. >> i'm so proud to be apart of the organization. we practice a total care model. we put the patient and their provider in the middle and we support that. and we have raidology, and all of it and tailor a plan for
9:35 am
work we do in the valley. >> what do you see with seniors this time of year when they come in for their checkups. >> i think the seniors need to plan, plan the next step. a lot of our seniors need to be aware of their choices. there's a per perception that medicare is all the same. it is complicated. it is. >> i find it complicated. speaking of this time of year, see a doctor? when is the heavy times of seeing patients? >> cold and flu season. >> yes, we are. [laughter.] >> and get your flu shot. i haven't said that yet. we are in cold and flu season. that increases the visits and people are tieing up loose ends. it is a very, very busy time of year for the doctor. >> for more information, where do we go?
9:36 am
community events and there's a website to get more information. it is complicated ander experts who can walk you through the process. >> open enrollment n >> it is going on new through december 7. that's five days, guys. for more information, go to the website on the with our $3.50 sub of the day, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day
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>>. ?? >> by you probably know neal, he is a graduate from -- from coin mart.
9:39 am
his trance. he has the skills to pay your bills and has the skills to give back. >>yes. >> he is apart of the the toy drive. >> good morning. >> good morning. this is becoming a regular thing. >> this is great. >> we should -- >> we should cohost next time. >> you make quite a pair. we get very excited together. >> you did a commercial together. what was that like? >> it it was the first time we met and we joked and hugged and laughed. >> i'm his side kick. >> it is one take. >> you need your own cardboard cut-out. >> i was going to stick it right here. we will do that at another time. >> you are the guy. everyone knows how much you give
9:40 am
events all over town. why it is to important to you in. >> nevada coin mart is a sponsor in many things, and without the vegas morning blend, and ktnv we wouldn't be where we are. >> we have 7 big black trash bags filled with toys. and -- dropped off five scootsers. >> -- scooters. >> when i go on the tv and i talk, that how much i appreciate my client and i show loyalty to me, and they sell me the items. they drive from all over. from other states. they show the same loyalty. they keep bringing in gifts. start with one item, and bring it in, and you know, we are going to donate it.
9:41 am
john and channel 13. sit a tremendous success for everyone. >> our lobby is full of toys. >> it is exciting to hear that he had five scooters dropped off. that's so cool. >> thank you very much to the lady that did that. and not only nevada coin mart, and all of the sponsored. i have stopped at most of them. it is going great. the need is so significant, so many families way to do something for their children. we need you to keep giving. it has been fun and great and the piles of toys and growing. we need more. >> we are having fun and joking around, a gift of 10-20 dollar toy. that's huge. talk about where it goes and how it goes? >> we see families everyday that we are helping, we are helping them with meal that they
9:42 am
the level of need is that basic. what do we do for our kids for christmas? that's three steps down the road of how can i do that. thank you very much for everyone who joined us and to help 1500, 2000, maybe even 2500 hundred kids, to gifts to open. the toys are part of it. the it is the north, it is special, it is hope, it means a lot. to just they matter and give them hope for the year that is coming. maybe that's the year they can get back on their feet. it is a small thing, but it is a much larger message. >> it is a big, big message. >> i was play with the toys in the lobby. >> of course you were. >> it is easy for me to remember that feeling you have a feeling of ownership. it is yours.
9:43 am
have. >> and eating in a dining hall, or a homeless shelter; just to do what we do. i encourage people to give, find a way to give. help a family. living in a shelter for a child, it is not the way it is suppose to, provide a toy, something to open. you know, make still special for them. so that they can remember that and have something to think back on. some day when they are in a studio, and opening the gifts they will have something to remember. >> neal, back to you. >> i was telling john, one of the songs i was listening to, band-aid, do they know it is christmas. it is about people in africa that don't have food and water. these are the basic things we
9:44 am
that's why we are a proud supporter. 13 days of giving. we didn't have time for the trance. >> i feel like we -- >> we'll do it quickly. >> look in the camera. this is the trance, i'm talking to you. >> normally, say it is time, you have to stop what you are doing, put down the cup of coffee, forget what you are eating, put everything on dvr and sell what go to store, and make it fun, like john said, bring a gift, 10 dollars or around there, to nevada coin mart. or other locations. i'm talking to you. bring it in. >> you are amazing. do it now! . >> thank you. >> everyone loves it. >> visit neal on jones north of flamingo. >> 365 a year. and bring a toy as well.
9:45 am
nevada coin >> speaking of giving, do you know someone who makes a difference in your community? >> i know a lot of people. >> we can recognize them. go to our website, morning, click on the form,
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9:47 am
>>. ???? >> it is the thought that counts and why not think big and get your loved ones awesomeness. >> if you need help, technology expert katie has a short list of gifts for everyone you could possibly imagine.
9:48 am
i'm like santa claus' little helper if you could see what i'm testing. i need to make sure i everything for the pets, him, her, and kids. kids and kids at heart, right? >> let's start off with teenager mutant ninja turtles. >> i'm a fan. this is from nickelodeon. >> battle truck by mega blocks. i like this because it is inspired by movie. they can build the truck and get hands on. and send sewer caps flying and launch from the roof. kids are hard, they play with something for seconds and they are done with it. this is hours of entertainment. this is something for the adults too. this is popular, microsoft service pro4.
9:49 am
a laptop, light weight of a tablet. check this out going into the microsoft store and get hands on. if you don't have one near you, online works well. i like things like the pen, that's the surface propen. you can draw and sketch on the monitor. bring out your inner artist. >> and then, of course, you can't talk about the without amazon. this is the echo dot. this is a hands free dot, it using amazon voice service. you can ask it for sports updates and the weather. you can say, hey, what are your deals and you don't have to go in-store. that's great using the echo dot. and toys, let's get back to toys. this is the very popular toy.
9:50 am
from spin master. this is the interactive line. this is the marshall from paw patrol. you are probably familiar with it. it has 80 different tricks and water cannons from the pup pack. hours of entertainment that kids won't get bored with. >> we know how hot drones are. this is the best of both worlds this is the mission drone. it has received several awards. you can see, it has the reality experience right in your living room. it is a digital universe that you bring to life. you can fly the drone around and it works separately. you can play with the tablet or drone. >> drones are popular, and they
9:51 am
and you can see all of the feefer features. >> i can't tell you how many drones we have. we will be testing out even more. >> parents ask what is a kid friendly one. i like this one for a younger age. >> we hook you up with the last one. i love to the polaroid. this is the snap touch digital camera. it has a 13 megapixels camera. what you know from this brand, it will print out pictures right away. and you can add borders and spice it up little bit. it presents on inkless paper. it is a sticker too. you never get the picture in hand. you can stick it somewhere too. that's fun. and a great gift for all ages. >> i think that does it. >> something for everybody
9:52 am
>> absolutely. >> thank you very much for being here with us this morning, katie. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> make your holiday gifts hot this year. good to website on your screen. jj, over to you. 13 things to do this week is sponsored by south point. >> hello, las vegas. >> it is the first week of december. >> first friday will feature local artists free hiv testing and more. this month's theme is reflection. first friday takes place every month in the arts district. >> santa claus is making his appearance. santa and the circle event. cookies and hot chocolate. and kids will be entered in a raffle for a new bike.
9:53 am
stage bar and billiards -- and they will be joined by -- if you want to see the full list of 13 things to do, go to our website. >> i will see you next week. >> thank you very much. >> 13 things to do this week is
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now for something completely differ. to satisfy those on your list with a different taste. check it out. >> what we have here is the latest edition of the ripley's believe it or not. >> full of hairy things and mind blowing facts.
9:56 am
gift. the ripley's research team found the most unusual stories, from an armless guitarist who plays with his feet and a water skiing squirrel. we never repeat a story. each story is all new and all true. but they are incredibly hard to believe. >> is loves his bird so much, he is going through a transformation to look like him and have his ears removed and he wants to turn his nose into a beak. it needs to be seen to be believed. it is unbelievable. >> people like birdman, but the
9:57 am
a story about a young man who mother's is apart of a tribe, living in a remote jungle. he set out to find her, and she find her, and had a money feast. and now he lives there with her. >> go to and unlock the weird and and all major book sellers. believe it or not. >> wow. birdman. that was terrifying. >> that was weird. and awesome in a way. >> but weird. >> okay. >> are we good? >> yeah. >> we are good. coming up monday on the morning blend, the great christmas light fight. >> oh my gosh. i'm so excited. wait until you see what a family did to their house in bolder city.
9:58 am
night in bolder city. >> thank you very much for having me on. you have a joy to host with. and thank you for the opportunity. jeff, ladies and gentlemen. >> it ain't over. you will be back.
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? let's go ? >> announcer: it's your weekend pregame, cause "the view" is live. coming for kellyanne. conway's clash with hillary's aides claiming racism helped get trump elected. are they just being sore losers? and the trump sex effect. how his victory could be impacting bedrooms aroundhe country, even yours. plus, "the front page" star holland taylor on her heartwarming moment with partner sarah paulson that stole the show on emmy night. >> holland taylor, i love you. >> announcer: let's get this party started. with joy behar. sunny hostin. paula faris. sara haines. and jedediah bila. now, let's get things started. ? we should go crazy too crazy


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