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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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ksthan. ryan.w nochlet's weck inith olmeteoranogist chgela sngilli. la angewa, the grningsugo throh ni the igght, rht? ro arads ice sln k agaio in renwi peth tems ratureg gettin co ralder. owdar sh ls someightto at moderrne retuh s, witmost pl esacry dow n. sn ilow w sl moves outh athe gh ni ft goes. orwardr,howeve s road g willseet wormp as teurerates in contdrue to tcop. wat h oufor icblack tee. winm r storg warnin t goes mhroughmoonday g.rnin rdblizzawa g rninn is i feffectn or lyo acounty. s welllivisibil ty wil l be tow dueo bl
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chnek onlica or 11ll 5 for ro diad cons.tion ro e ads aragslick rain ineno wi peth tems ratureg gettinco ralder. shdar soows htme lig m toe oderats,returnmo with st pl ryaces dsn now. l ow wilmovend mooray m. ningrdblizzang warni ksthana, angeld an ras thendoad coitions rs woscen, arhools nge maki ci des siontoabout 'smorrowsc . hedulealwe've haready d fourho scnfols coatirm thwi they llbe o- on twde hour onlays mday. ilchurchtyl counl schooctdistri a is on urtwo-ho. delayseclass
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mi pyra jd lakeseunior/ignior hh o is alswoon a tde-hour lay.e acchhigh sllool wi t startwoho teurs la9 r, at d a-m anthe go scddard ihoolarn spl ks wil al e so b ton ar wo-houdelay, c withla bssesniegint ng a9 a-m. yo keu can ckep trae of th at wewhher... yerever..ou are. o withreur fane chwenel 2 ather ap p.yo n u cathget r.e ..recastwa. and antches d gswarnine in th opalmurf yo nd had ... ann you caizcustome it w toouhere y j live.usset arch"k " -t-v-n gin theploogle ay or ap e plorste. an end wh weverr inteheweatr co nmes toerorthvan nendda a the , sierraerremembay to sth wit ne chanwsl 2 nee on thair... ne onli f, onooacebtwk and r itte r fom storh watcincontuing ve co. rage rntug intoam cn paig6.20-1.. lwe areaness thur 24 hos from ofthe kficialf ick ofof the20 es-16 pralidenti onelecti i...theucowa causes. fithe terst vo os willorffer me an theg del.tates..hey ll wier dethimine wpach camignsca sn turn..upport.into -o turn. ut we
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ndrrespoijant wengia jia. isshe th at pie cailtol buding min dess,oinea iowhewith tte laijst. we ia? id pres centialteandidae s ar s- crisngcrossito iowa l seathe .. dealng.beggi b theirrsacke to ca n ucus o nmondayight. "m y ondad couln be aorhistic fonight cr this."ountry de s mocrat sbernie aandersnd hi llinary cle ton arteseperad by justth inree potsth in tee laolst pl. rt ma'min oy allen is ista diant d.thirhi if pps sursortep jumsh heip td y coul tbeeche dinidg fa ctor he on tid gop snae doruld tmp
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mi "comrrt tomoow n tightmeo co t oucaand fucuss.or u" t onamhe cn paigl,trai t hisour bu t s go isucke n thanmud d ed ne ted atrow. caump gnmpaied twith rheaneverrrd jelwy faell jrngtryiwi to ern ov gaevanlslicaey. th o aref ne oe thelmost re iabl tgroupso uc ca"ius. anf we ce comofout wa io a, withe nicorvicty. its mpso intorta."vo eeluntrers ao alsnggivi a l fina tpushcaoo, nvassing ss acrota the s"hte... iti s a aliyhefrom te bernigncampai. w hoaru e yog?doind " anngmakite f ns osathouofnds ne pho ll ca "s...capolitipel exsarts y is the lathein te. gam.. ntvolu seersd houlbenot in tryg c toe hanglepeopin's m.bds..ut ki mae ng suradalremmy cod ittevo atersllctuaowy shon up uc caigus nht." h"you bave toine in l. e by 7if nyou're, otyootur vn'e wot be tecounbad." atd wethher enreats ch muth of ate stt e buthe ndcaatid aesre
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ij weatia, wh a's theertmosphe ke liwa in ioe on th teve ofhe us cauc? an theiks wjia. idcand catesigampaacned trossheha stwkeye ate stoday,esometimpp stoining mon re thaacone ple. o- g-idp candrcate mao o rubimet wi lth a carget rowd ast. br amivose un iersitynpn daveort. shekepobo a eutg ndinthe rd affoarable c se act,g ecurin e thanamericr, bordeak and ting wn dowi isis itth milfoary rce. is"isis em an eneay of pndce a l we wil tdefeatndhem, a therewi e ll bala re o warrrn teor."th tee lalsst polru show bio issi g ttinrdin thi w place- ith 15 t percen vof theote. hformer pewlettrdacka-o c-e y carla fiorinsowas al in da t,venporng holdin a towhall atevent id a holnnay i. e sh olaiderut hns pla t forhe ffoval oikice, llie simpfying xcthe tad ode aninrepeala-g the
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a. ne "we reed to wpeal aethole sof at regulbuions, s t let'justst thart wica obama pre andut in pl a ace thhealsy care stemth oiat's gwong to rk."fi a orinlyhas once 2-pernt of vothe itee n thtelaolst p. ls mo deiccratdi can bdatee erni ersandlds he f his rinal iallyn modes , mee sa nu ve oe asenpponllt hiary toclin fn ony.ridant clireon dw owa cr 7n ofwh00, thile e onvermnat sehator red mon tha un17-heddrat in antendce. ersandais prthsed tee vof rs o wa io t foruphe s tporthahey ve n showonnot o ly t bhim,o ut t in clanton rtd ma'min oy.alle t "i ihinks owanrsunde ttandhat h theyveave a qury uni te roleo ay plth in ese prtiidenroal pcess d anlii betheve heat tkey tath olat rrye very, veio ser."usly"t achey tceptrehat sispontybilith s at in giveheto td m anofall inyou a iowldshouve be very, ry d prouhaof tt." e thstlatels polw shoersands ina
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ll hiclary n.into l stile,to comol two clege tsstudenn are iy custodinco tinneciton we h thermurda of 13 r yearlold gi irgn viinia. weve'll hast that ftory, aer the break. a wee ll havs.goal w,and no's therert a smaayer wav to sthe for em. twith. he u.stabank smart svirt sangogs pr,ram wh sen you$5ave n 00 ion,e year yo etu'll gtr an exa $50. , plus gyou'll pet a 1ntercenu boo s up t$50 on et all n gas g andryrocerc pushase ouwith y br u.s.deank rdbit ca.
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yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de. m i'y hillartoclinin and pr apthove sais mesge. rn . tu ting tomehe criat be... wsecret iitnessris offeng ao- twan thousard dollar rewr d fofo iniormat an in deat dly hiand n. ru h itneappeppd ha eenedarlysa ayturdni mort ng acothe rner s ofnepoka f andh ourtetstre, ju asst e wt of aellse.venuof s ficiale say thstpede, riana 55 -o- yeare,ld maleg was lallycr fossingstourth wreethehen st was bruckvey a hicle intravel hg at araigh f te o
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asyone hnf any ionormati, call th ute sokeh la p tahoeolice 53-h542-61. undred e the collegf town obublacksrg, iavirgin m is ing ourninafter mu the f rder oeaa 13 yd r ol . girl hpolicearave edrest twovi iarginst tech iudentsn co tinnech on witather weian bb t hasathe lest. li poayce s e davidueisenhar du ab 1ctedar3 yeic old nole lo avellhand tlit nataere keeps edhelp d himseispoth of dye bo anear c northinarolwaa highy 90 s mile hfromomer hwee. "e werin atvestigaling pel tys of sthingsl ociaa mediedincludth weere otre l ts ofs hingngcomiin le that o d us traa genel ar ea."18 r yeaeiold ersenhau, a vi trginiaesech frhmangi eng neerinanmajor erd memb of ho sc col's crossryountm, tea is no arw chwiged bdth aonuctind a er murd y. 19olear erd keeps, a orsophomnee engistering isudent ch wiarged roth impspper diosal of ea a ddyd bo. id"i dthn't think ouat wldpp
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ys alwaut the cliest tttle, hing kn you " ow? 'slovelly familevbelihees s be climthd out dre bewioom ndow erof hsb blackirurg, vginia tmapardnent wedaesy r aftebl hockingr er doo awith es dr nser.e'icolces fa pbookage ow she s sha was ermembat of as letet one aten dteing sit , buli poence havd 't saie how shand nh eiseirauer fetst mil. whe co ni mle wasngissir , hefatherpo tstedsshis me fage tok.acebooic "nneole ho yy ifeeou ss thiif u' yo tre outouhere yom can ce to i' me. t m no ymad atm ou. i' ieworroud abu.t yor youlyfamiis ri worboed aouut yst. jue com ."homeel lovdil's easappe ranc ke sparurd a foea day satrch th udincl ted aanhousmbd meofers invirgecia th'rps co cs ofs.adet cepolien havai't sw d hohyor w washe lls kied. n bria fwebbbsor cs. new la angeha will lve aatook your he weatcar forest rsbut fi ft, ameorr idpresofent s eldoalvas r ha adied-- ws heas r undeiginvestn atior fo
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s hereuffestd a lrokeweast ekth seat cauved irre brsiblerainda . mageat im the te, fwalores r s undeus horee aratst bcotling onrruptiar chges. in be decem jr, aenudge sort fles tto orialgen chars ofbe emmezzlemont, laney riundeng, sodienbedio ce tviindis dualand ciilli ut ort njuschenri. ment or flades hnt maid aineashe w no inntce. th o e c-e-laof teson -- elk mus h --aias s sd that-xpace will nd sepl peo me tobyars ea the yr -2 205. i muskofs one is the vriionaesof va pripate sxpce eioeditns. wh soile eeme son colotizing r hepl s anet pas adripe ..eam.the ll bie ionairreentrepne aur hasve ifry dntferelo outonok, why e spacplexorn atioo is s poimanrtt. "t hepo purf se oe spac tx iso mhelpliake ulfe mlati-ptanery. ifif l we as ie knowult is mti- arplanetn y, theobthe prable thlengex of ncista he ofuman vi citiliza ionchs muat greer."mu lssk aido sat thangtaki lepeopma to ours we ld banin
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11:28 pm
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