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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 1, 2016 2:00am-4:00am PST

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uc causor fz cru andng bri nd fries stlied. 'v>> ivee neear hfrd o ainnythg li hike to is ondishest.>> or rep tter: arumpdettend ch turch hisinmorng. r foe thrsfit meti,ai sde hwo auldntppoire supoume crt st juices to ov gerturnay ma .rriage ia bigssue fora' iowcis soal p quemerconsve co vansers.tive i>>sa di wgree tithhere supme t.courit ul shod be a e'stats rsight esissu. r >>teeporrur: t mp'sfr ruont- snnerustat andru rele-b wakingaysll aowedim h to p skihe tin falev telised ba dete and actttra rickan smtoru d an mhuike eeckab. >> e i'msindorysng melf. e tht firsgthinut o of myth mou igthat n dht aretronald dump an ar i epe comrstitout bol cueleagswh t en is comeupto sinportg ve nstera. >> or rep ster:ruantomd tol us 's heed tri tote ser clearf o p.trum >> hi i t wnk ireas p ctty learth igat nheht w sn itood teo th si f de opothe adiumaind s d, i t don' twanttao sehnd b aind um tr bp signseecau'm i pp sungortith anoaner ctedida re tosi pre.dent
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gnmpai. zoo. > >>nai'm ncyescord. >> s it' an horon -- ep>> rr:ortere the is no poll at th t canu ell yo --e' >> walre c wlingit h thehi clllary inton gncampai. ep >> rorte- r: -hwhicoc dem rat s habethe gtterdroun mega. i >>la'm gd to hearou y'll be su tipporheng tve gornor. r >>teepornr: i ae racs a close t asonhis ere the isot nhing re mopo imt.rtan e than ctedidades ma their inclosg aenrgumts datoy. >> andhe tre's a bigif dncferee be ntweet wha iie belilve wrkl wo g.llin r >>teeporlir: cnton hase don tmore10han en0 evn ts i.iowa ersandn's istar f be. hind s >>tarts workingor fll a ofs, ut nohejust t .1%>> te reporr:he t newest "des mo egines r pister"hooll shews t se two d paratet by justhree in nsat mea frormear myland ve go, rnorinmarto' eymallo, wh is making ker. i >>ld woue loveto bec the sdon ochoicef thede sanrs or the
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ep>> rr:orteau cscuse allow su tepporors tse horra tdeit wh e on heanotr. tcomeroomorw t,nighot beh th in cl atonnd srsandeps cam will tr cy tonconvie ole'malyer vots or to w k ege lonstis he peopl hold out, orthe m leeeveragy the veha. >> myge messath to e ole'maly tesupporrsos acrs ethte sta is , this sholdg tronouat yr uc caus. r >>teeporr:is hro tknops ow th eir minarchg deorrs. 'm>> iol hding sgtronn oau ccus t.nigh >> h the soldgtronge messa is ou r icconv. tion>> or rep nter:ancya is ole'malyvo eeluntndr a saw the segtraty rk woor befhee when s a was inprecapct c ftainreor pntside a.obam >> em i rrembe'0 in 8, wento t lk tath to e biden p,grou and at thy onl gothe tmo t comeov er.bu ot twer oth pe eoplethernd eed upng bei two of my top eevoluntorrs fam it, li's pable. r >>teeporndr: a so llo'maey's fi tnalallyor tomrow nightld cou ts ou htriplis polbe numrs if the twother ngo swiup ssporter his wa
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eachsother'eg delate er is vy mpcod,licate hikes tngs very prunbledictae h whicis whyn eve ats thir houhe sare at nders'quheadtear,rs ey thti are senll sding eevolunt irs outhento tee strts to o knockn doors and drump u pp suort. >> y thank nou,ancy ,cordes jo marer gar ott andurnt e ire nteam i iowa. > >> peace talksim aed at ending e thnwar i syria areng getti wunderay in negeva, sw pilen rzzey aeportssns syria ntcoueino tie did ins te heirco y untrtrand ngyi to peesca. arwe when, tta foos ge ihigrapc. or>> rephiter: t tsushishch bea is g a lon waynd a nois dtance at l alm fro the ulwod-beea pce s talkin ga.enev en eve as thipparticantsue argd woverthher er otonot ua actlly t gedown to nebusiss, dedrown ch enildr ahend tamir fs ilie infleeeg th ciconflthe wasd up on orshe.
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oplee havri ted toak mehe t pe usriloss croing to cegree,t a le 25ast re0 aie belved toav he dr d ownethison m athlone. isths itythe opefor hrort tha smakem the takehe t .riskdo wzens keredille inam dsascu en wh a car bombt wen off. stwodeuicibe bomrsn the struck ue rescrs,in addheg to t rncaage.>> t syriasoday i an foungldin hu tamani riancarotast phe. r >>teeporn r: iaeo vides msage cr sey etartaof sohte jnry ker ca nlled oti parscipant i tnhe tpeaceoalks t t seizehe op itportuny tori bng an end to th lie e a talksrese suppod to begin ein som o formayn mond. >> co this cnflictasould eily tengulfiohe regn. ef if lpit to smpral co oletely ut c of.ontrolth at ist whahe t niaegots tioninge cnevarean p.vent>> or rep bter:out s far, the pa s rtieheto tks tal are re ngfusiev to peen sirak dy ectl acto eheh otr. pi in s tte ofhege messas from
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ma da scussu. burb
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bwillghe rickt ba. o tw vairginiec thde stunts aweredrreste thiske weend in nn coonectih witeathe dth of a -y13r-eadol .girl as ckjeriaun dcan porerts, po blice selievehe was rdmuered. r >>r:eportee polic say 13 ol-year-led nico lovell was ab
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aythey spe keerspe held m.hi ytodape keers was rear.stedbl rgacksbue policti detecve -- e >> we haver detminedhe trey we aiacqu pntedorior t her eadisapp rance. ep>> rr:orteda satur y itauthoraries chged eiersenhau withmurder.ey th foundlo'svellns remai ou ab mt 100iles from her home. r hemifa rlyorepdteer hng missi ed on waynesd s anday herss dreerwa hes pusdp uin agast her be dodroom or. a is mngsi cldhir posteed not shere mquiredioedicatn dailyor f r id frheay, thr fateer posisd th me e ssagacto fk.eboo>> lenico, honey,f iuyo see ifthis, e you'r out there, you n cato come me. noi'm adt m at u.yo wo i'm abrried outu.yo uryoam fy'ilwos ierrabd yoout juho come me. ep>> rr:orte ni'scoleeb facook ge paws sho w sheas abe memr of eaat lnest o teen datinggr oup, itbut 'sle uncar wthheer sheet m se eiernhaun o
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atemp chaion wason h aoreds e athlet wof theeek by aoc lal ne atws stion. i >>l wilna persoyllot nto sp un itil ch rea my peak maperfornce. or>> rep iter:tinvesgators spent ur fos dayea shirc fngor olate piceon c ttinue sohearc r foceeviden on theni virgia ch te campus. iavirgin tech asreleed a at stement engxtendi ipots suprt toveloll's fyamilnd a ndfries.po avlice he not asreleed a mo rtive o cause of death. theob os isauistopsy sulchedored f to owmorr. t >>ouhank ymu very ch. th pee suowr bmsl teaed arrivin ay the b area y,toda oneee wk d aheaheof t biggame. de the nveros bronc landedbo aut an r hou b teforehein carola rspanthe. tbehindsche enes, teams of rafeded l an llocalaw rcenfoementff oicials are fi unne-tthing seiritecurany pls r fo stheuper wlbo. bjohnstlackhaone is ane nsid .look >> or rep cter:raelebngtihe t gg biweest iekn bafootll,an s cifransco isec exptingil 1 mlion tovisirs d aay. blsix docksowowntasn hn bee
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it's a placere wheal footblan fs abignd small can play raintee ctivs gamepoand orse f os phot.bu rst fi tt, wheyillav he to ulinep t gooou thr mghetal de ortects. san anfro'ciscsic pole iechf. >> re the b wille oerfficns i n plaiotcl ohes, hnigh gr,ound abut ot l oft il wile b unnsee to theul regarer psont' thas gjust toingmeo co h and aave t grea itimen n safrscancio. >> or repr:te lnfaw emeorcent enagesciav hene be pnnlaginor f th oris f two aryes. as coart gudin canets uni are on thandcro s teenwdhe cro for pl febiro bught boetmb-dngecti ro jbots iust ze dofns o rafedel, state and lo agcal esencie hav u setp a t joinatoper cionsr.enteda vid jonohns is inha crge in sa ann fr cisco. ll>> reaaty whs thiac filitys i is for to cctolle rminfoation, adthre foiniormat n, llinteceigenal, anityze g andet utit oth to eoe p tplehat need knto ow. ep>> rr:ortegr geo iaphysak mingse
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ewhil manys event arein takg ac ple inan s frscancio,ev li iustad 4m isil5 mesy awan i a santa.clar atthhe's w0,re 7pe000 opleil wl ga ftherheor te gam snexty.unda e whilfbi oiafficls say t'shere k no cnowndireeblhr tteaf o a te rror at,tack annd iidivual rk woingne alo canse prent a ea clr erdang. >> s it' allbo autde iyintifng th eon le wolfef boree h orhe s tsac. thard.o findab tesolunoly, d aoubt tbouthat. ini th sk wehaaw t st inan arbern.dino r >>teeporarr: ptf othe se tycurin plaen depnds o all es thane fsng beiat wlchfus awe ll. veat ery rtoppoy,unit jeff, san fr o'anciscse polic chief repeats phthe irase,uf yoee s so g,methin say soinmethg. j >>ohn bltoacksne,ha t nkyo u.>> >l enonion cestinu tooa sk s partof licarnfo.ia gh hi10way 1 inen v cturayount fwasedlooday tod. itcondionst ahe t rmfa oer'spen in a lajolle wer very mesoar ptsth of tae serte we inexpectg upo tes3 inch of in dltiple aelayst theol gf natour.ment
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drheght, t ra bin,ut heunlpfulin t fhehtig aingast another in ousidiobs pr--lem ff cli ioerosn. 'sherete carr anevs.>> or repter: lerelentssl e no nier-powaved wes arein takg a ma hun toll.bu ist th clirumbng llhiside ut so sh ofraan fconcis isin givg ntscie aistsd gol omine f fo iniormatn. th e neaturse conrvey anc has d askeedronra ope ttorsoap cretua peperse ctivlyraren. see >> ro dnesro pvide thisll reay ea grter ptispec yveou't canet g lysafe anyth oayer w.we 'rloe bee w thdsclough, ri t ar ne s theevea lel. d anot sho bingatack the orshe. r >>teeporher: tne drosuz bzing e abovthisli cffre an'tus jt ngtakima dratic espictur. 'rtheyate griheng data top hel ea crte a 3-apd me of thinerodg li caiafornst coa.line hwhat yaveeeou snng alohe t tlcoasine so far? 'v>> ieee sn a lfot o de ctstru ion. ep>> rr:ortes thik weeeo grge fl isew hne dron i ari gbod ave da enngeredld bui iingsn
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dibuilngow n tngeeti ingerteetingn o the ed ge. t >>ighe hidh tesre ang goi and fuhope illyhen t feuturll we' beab ole tdi prect ts hing wlikehatha edppene herheat trt apa ment lecompx. r >>teeport'r: is a big e'thers 12il70 mes ofre sholine galon carnlifoia. and sticienstsav he iifdentied rasevesal thoundes homt tha may nbe ipa jeordyin durg t his el nino erwint. e th yworkou doe herytoda might imakefet sar r folepeop l toivehe treroomorw. >> 'sthat thet.poin >> or rep iter:ult coved ellntuay lp hese tho who neveren inttoded li ovenhe t rter s,evan cbswsne, fipacica. al rel thnme i watesho es d capeoua snther coralifnia ja reil ak baceh bind .bars lathe wost tug fesitiv wacho fe ch sargelu incdingur mder and er ovt.nighth weye erca ipturedn san an fryecisco y.sterda tahirdnm iate serurrended fr iday. imthis t me the aenreei bngt kep s
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racialtoinncleran e at aelite hbostonscigh .hool>> d> an anre extmely rare osalbatrsis nd(sou bs of wirdslihistng) cmusi ucintrodw ing ne k-y h touc gel crme. fo ssr maanage tid in.macy er evucy toenh, gintly iftensied. a lilettch toual is tl it.akes y k-touch. y dry?spra th fat'sun. it lr's aea ddyry! no t wai.timeth s is it.grea it er's vfty so. n caepi ke it?au(lghs) thall ree ca ovof de... .. i.nowdrn a y ti anpipers rantsp ray. ja net?co yugh ifanou cea hr me.n' do tt evenbohink aut it. ok i toex mucinfo dm r my y phlegmcough.
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wit oorkscon his o.ugh to h!coug w it o okss n hitocough o. cimu rnex dms elieved wet andry hs coug2 for 1s.hour s let'isend th. in livllg we yo unur immeme syst s worko hard tkeep you on o topurf yoe. gam yo n u casut pporit atby eheing y,althdr nginkiid flus, an ttd gemeing sot. resan cad you inn combthe mpese siedle remiewis both airrne. erno othng leadi ni immundty bra s givemoyou itre v camin.
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so wyohen ntu wasu to pportmmyour istune sytaem, akernirboe, d any enjo wlivingell. >>
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b for aeingthe t center of rs divedity anro pvegressi ti polis cs iatnow c theenterf o c aerontrovftsy aernt stude sga beocn a sial media cpaamnig al nglegi rl aciadeincionnts uscamp mp caus. nn kecreth reaig s.port e>> wt wano t blow upry eve lesingia soclme dia. r >>orepr:tehe wn meggieoe nl an ied kyl tewebsaur-caze made th istu yoube video. ethtu sntdecls mai deunngrlyi ra encial t isionsn thelw halays d anlionned rampe upn whe rg feoluson pfiice ofrrcer daen wwilsonas notic indted ien th sh ngooti o deathicf m haelowbrn. t >> ie mad snttudefs ool cor re allync uabomfortle that en stud tts who sheyitt nex to in s classievery ngleday, t whohey tsee inhe y,hallwa whoseke locr isex nt t tohemai s tdhese th ndings aht thoug thesethings. r >>r:eporte amonghe tirla cims eythay sch sloo oiafficlsid d no tep rndrimade stunts who en opdly useia raclul srs at hoscol.
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nownc egiouranger othde stunts to join the nvcoonersati. at th video hason now ge v iralan did the onscussipa is exnding. st boayon maror malty ws sh i orsupp ttinghem. t >>xphe encerieest tha ourid ksha nve i ourch s soolsdnhoul't be smraci. r >>teeporher: ttr disict iws no stinveinigatg. onbostat l iinths eld oest bl puchic s ioole n thcoy,untr co ernsid ted aeeop frde soochl r foythe ivgu leaeh wit a long li st ofre pusstigio uagradtes. rs22 yea ago,ly rough %23 of the en studyt bod was black. da toyfr ameican-astrican udentsma p ke uhaless tn 9%.>> te whaver haenpps,e' wre tedefiningly goi h to beolding thedm aatinistrionnt accouable akto mree suse thehi tonngs d't pe inrsist fu the ture. r >>r:eportech the s hool'sead st ma ler hasaidut o a insix-pot an pldd to a tresshesu ise. , jeffonthe cioversatasn hen takof sf withstudent alsoni joing dithe sc fussionherom otonr bostsc hools. k >>enneth aicrg, touhank y verymu ch. >> up> ex n trehe, wsohat da mp
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at fl. sales > >>a sodes sale havzl fized ab %out 14 in the pastad dece butco la cesompanire ag makin moves t tournhi trongs aund withsi pep in openfig its esrst rttauran is th ekwe. ilwith jl hlscr,esinge in part, th ey'reel slinghi ts byli selng sm caaller ns?>> yes. it'sg.workin id conspoer it nrtiont corol. l aamot of serican arery ting tocu wnt doei on thrug sndar a eythe'rct ayuallli wilngo t pay mo orre f all smaerze si. -ccocasaola nys i their f nstine hsmont ofas lt year, small can wsaleserep uy b s15%ince 1120 e largssale are down by 5%., sore they'll actuaymm steing dethe ti ofli sding sesal with es
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m >>ngarketilw is aucays sh a iv masste parf o isth. i cokesin spendg $4 bonilli in 20 16.>> t' and is aet rro edllas thete t 'sim a aedth botni milleal san omd boers.we k don'tetnow wht'her ings goi to,work buthe ty'reow thring a t loeyof mon at .it i pepsggoin old .school 'r theyens spothoring ere sup wlboft hal simehow n.agai is thms see to .work e thincombnatioth of fle nnd a pe psi. sstoresyay thell actuayve dri fi pei'sti markeng machinel wil edrivic traff t intohe orstes. spepsi' b happyecausehe tyl sel prmore aley're inso tryseg the new eaid ts likeeshis rt.tauran>> ah ye, let'sk talut abo ,this isthep psi strentaura. t'>> iots nle cal tdhesi pep re rastaunt. cit'sd allethe lako w,ith a ," "k thekola house and yt evers hing iedfeaturd aroun e th kola nut,he t basisor f e thes sodas.en whoo you ltk a the gr ins,edientes it go far af.ieldyo u can get vodka seinfudh wittt biers. cayou n get y moureatll drised th wile truff l.oi
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di and utps, b maybewi it ll rk wo.we l'lto have wait a ndsee. ji >> ll,nk thaser vchy mu. > >>lfa gook strr e foagthe es to day.go wlferaith -iholeen-on on a pa r 4. sit i their fste tim that has enhappned ihe tto hisf ry othe .lpga u 3nder par isna ala bs tro or ado leub gleae. e shprwas tyetxc eeditab outt, ias c youeean s. >> st> l illo tt of,imesbe a ing agteener me s annglivih witlslabe. yo owu knke, li o the neshe otopr peivle gu.e yo d anonthe es giyou ouve yf.rsel bu att whpe haphens wu'n yo re lelabe sd asneomeo'r yout?e p!"sto" we g arina llabeyo dou t n'..want. f oryoind lfurseel lab inghe otopr pele? it b can fe sorarust..ting. sa lod...nely. ouif yfe're g elinwhoverdelmeby bl proatems oo schl... "w iatcht!" omat hr e, oheanywlsre ee, u yonedon't abed lels. neyou eoed p pleo wh lwilln.iste
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lp he h youeal, lp he w youin. yo neu edo tca ll githe anrls ysd bon towna altionli hotne. (t 1-dd# 44800-338-14) /7 24ey, thhe're re th wip helhoand pe ywheneeou n md itost. e ths girlboand owys t n onnatiotal h.line an chouge yber lal. gechanr he s lp i ajustne phol cal.away gu eyy: hsa, ra. y oh m.goshhehe o 's s.cute ho yw donoou khiw m? n c'movadono n, i doket liau i tyaght . lo tveewhe nat to,toar sa. s let'go! de du . ?what ,dudeth sat'sara. o' whras sa? th rle gi inth nke pirt shi. th tat'sirhe g l is waintellu g yot.abou , oh'sthata. sar th r eate two y onleour ft.
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y he. sarawhso, ouen ygo ponna omst sngethi? new no anr:unceth anyyoing stu poon , lineneanyo s canee. fa , milyndfries... se le ya, aterrasa. neveno-ot-sndfrieeoly pple. >> lo> we cigse tonthht in e fr ozen north with a shred dog ce ra. nit'sot ason lgs ahe tdi idtaro bu jut sts aol cdnd ase thop u a for lechal jnge,asust vi intigorang. >> ep rteor wr:hithe t rrioa ng ch reend a a rsiou sngg on-- >> o! g r>>epor- ter: -a ea32-yr-old tr n aditioeris und way.
2:25 am
le3-mid slemadog onrath.ex rtreme,geugd traer iinthn e ad def o a nthor mneintaso wi ernt. >> h youavtoe beugto h. ou>> ye hav toru t istnou yr do gs. r>>orep pter:parengrior f thera eace monns mofths or vigous tr ngaini. g >>rlood gi! ep>> rr:orteo and nno one k wsth etat b tterhanle col llwain. he>> tlly ae hav pnaersoesliti thand e ey'r sallermartn tha all sof uut p theogetr . here r >>teeporher: s has comdpete 15 s.time s she'rntu ted rheeacnt i ao lyfami iraffa. i >> rt'shtign i our own yabackrd. >> or repr:te tinrainllg usua y ar stn ts iemseptber. r he oteamfs dog 1runsil00 mes ea eech wk. ewhilin eatg00 4,lo0 ca oriesf me h at eacday. th matt ea eissixpenve. lt muedipli by a denoz do,gst' isan itmnvesent. fe r wedanew ferhe musrers a inwill sg to tpendhee timnd a ymone etexpecord fhe t isr yeabo a0ut 3 mheusrs rt paaticipn ed ie thcerawh, hic is laness thal hnf tha a decade ag o. r foinwall h and erlyfami,t i go eyes bthond tre ail.
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er's vy irspuaitl.a t greatimeo t getou yram fily td ouoondrs a sheee tzy cra gsdo.>> or rep ater:el rnsatiohip ot ron ed i tdeeptiradion. upnow th to ute feuren gaternio s to tay onsecour. e >> comon,s. guy or>> repbster: c news.> >> that is "theerovnight news" thfor is mo.nday r fo,somehe t news r heotchrs, eckk bach wits u folater mr theornings new and t"cbsmohis g.rnin"fr
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
c >>n'ouldt it be a mie?stak>> s it' two anlos,e givme a br eak. he's sseuppo bd tobie roodn fon't ,rget he saide hd sol hi s seasts. ch mue morrtimpo iante s thewhol hfacts e wa ibornnan cada. d anwa he s aiz citen ofad can aun 15til th mons e' therchs mu r law nightndow a a oflot st conioitutlanal swyer ar e cg ominout. ur laence tribe i mseiddl ougrnd,sa iyingt's stunteed. tmany coputonstitlionaye lawrs e ar cg ominyiout saedng tz cru becan't de presiecnt b oausef th cte fawa he ors bnn i .canada thi think asat h aug he ef. fect>> ur at yoli rales y souay in th, gsiand k tal toe peoplho w yattendlour ra a lisnd they y likeeou'r counmimpro.sing al i tso talkohi wasnngto in , siders lsomekeawmawhrs, o e ar cooverming theirpt skemicis ou abut yo tinhinkge' hois gngo t mp coseromi'l, hekel mals dean i wa gtshinon.wh isich gh rit? t>> i hinkyoever ne'sghrit.ho lynestth, i think eey'rh bot ri ght. m i'h tougakto m ae deal thwi. t bu ai'm madealker. iwhen see trued czta sgndinn i
2:30 am
hith m,s he'ta sgndin ally b elhimsouf, ye hav all of these rothe tipolis,cianen ssator and co ssngremen galenerlynd as he'tr tying ho --bye's se himlf it on's wulderf .ca i den unndrsta a howio rad ow sht hosd coul osay,snh, i't th onat wulderf?no oit gng toet g ainnythg .done yhaveoou t getng this nedo. d tesn doe'tav hen aor endntseme om fr u oned niteesstat nase tor.>> wo he ulday sha tt's great usbecaue yoe havd saiuc s h rr te iblessthinbo autm then i sh waoningt. >> y' theotre n badlepeop. a lfot ore aer vyoo gd reme a peeopl that't won get it .done rthet ecenetbudgt thawas sspaiseds aro horr show. sit iul sho hdaveer nevee bn edpasst , etecera, et racete. twhenedsn doeav't hnee o se r,natoe lik lmike weeho's a ryvese conivrvatey, guoo gd guy, iwhysn't heti getng rsendotsemen ?ge i et th esendorsment from h saran,palier jrywe fal jllr.i e hav idincreble -- even ifsheref jo esendord me. >> se thon' aret
2:31 am
no, s but vtillpoery imt rtanop pe le. asn a plexamhee, sriff joe, onarizoua, ttghesgu y.he esendord trump. u yo wknow thatmehat ans? toi'm stugheth on rde boer. hy>> wyo do inu th-k - he avyou ota l ofki wornge peoplt aou yr ll raies. u yo mhave tore ahanthny oer nd ca yidate,ivou le aif le most andistomt frm. thewh hey do tyup sportou y? b >>seecau a i'm job odpr.ucer pi'vecerodu tdensf ous thoands obof jves oyr m limefeti.ri noght 'mw idu procing ou ths sandof ncat isludelt heah ,care ed ioucatr n folifamies.yo owu kn c, eta,eterce et .tera iand w gre- up -atmy fwaher s a il buinder ok bro alynnd qu.eens rei gw upit whpl peoeor w okingn lai reote tem th.i tlovehose e os marey people. lo i thve em. ali redoly . i love the cepolimen. vei lo the mefiren. r foevwhatreer ,ason i its ra st--nge e >> tven go tetor you job,ou y n' doidt rhre teeus bndes ae hav se a jcondndob a ahall tt. >>no, iav he thelt ueimat s.bu cit'sdalle a7.72 itnow 7's aac57, lytualen, wh
2:32 am
e onf o rthesoeans t ihat'll winan thd i nink oonee f throthe gu ilys wnl wi b isseecau i'm go tingeto gta stes thathe ty'll ve net.r ge ha i ve aoo ghad cncef oingettg yonew asrk, ex an e.ampl ha i gve a coodehanc ofet gting vi iargin.i' etll g pelvnnsy.ania gi'llet .ohioi' etll ghi micgan.i' ll getri floda myum nberst jus dcameown. m i'at setiitng saten iors at 11r o an 12, dme a forrnr goveinor is th se 8. >> ay you m g beetting aot lf oth e stlae-minut votesng goi yourwa y.w hotdoes iel fe? >>llwe,e' wayve alwst felat greou ab ct ourigamparen he. c wenuontie toee ftl thas it' gr inowing support.'l wewhl see leat it ads to on nd moghay nit.te id cruzars clely the fr nnont-runger goio int thegh nit.he has,010 v00eroluntes on the ou grnd.he nt's spe an otexher tant ntamou t ofime here. haand ste gotryn eve emendorsent he ntwaed.we know it's a h toughoill t cl buimb ft weeel a good oboutur ai campgn and very pe ositivtabou twhat iea m gnsoing into newha e.mpshir we'll bevi leang aasoo sn as the
2:33 am
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2:34 am
se in s.attack jeb shbu's super pac haspe snt e closto $30li milnon o sitelevihion wch is more than otevery aher ottackn every idcandatebi comned. ad you d tedcruz's attacks. eowhen p dple aon't attack nd cathidate nat hasnco chae to wi n. ee we fdl goo about it andl fee bevenitetter in's hav g no aimpacte'nd wre cinontinug to rk wo and moveor fitward whur o me ssage. e we'r tgoingseo clog strone herth wi our agmesse. ewe likhe wreha tt s.lead oo we lwak for trdog movinn oto ha new e mpshir sand outhca , rolinacowhich pmes uly shortaf atter th. et>> l me ask you aboutho tse b pac. you. hstevenf ayes o"tthe he weekly an stdard" saidhe tti lasng olegacysef thoac attks b maye e.mineat whu do yo o thinkthf at? ll>> we, trumpid d the ion d't be lieve will b tehe d,at sai ,yeah jeb has the t righpeto sisnd h a moneyny way hewants.i pethink avople hice notted tha 's it close to $30il mflion o ckatta a adsgainst. mei haknew tnt whe i got t intohis
2:35 am
pmanyeeoplhe in tub replican ta esenblishm'tt didnme want to run. t they ihoughtde nee wd toait myrn tuit or wane in li. jbut iust feltha tt after seven s yearofk baracobama, this was t nor ime focepatien . ait wase timacfor tion. so and i rannd a ine k twhat i d woulomface s e thig is br dolla csheckt tha we rire wtten intot tha super pac. uri'm seom seth of ple peoe that thwrote heose carcks e oidisapp antedotnd hers,pe trhaps,ishis t wha they edintendal all ong. t inhe end,s thile e ictions in go ndd's hass, ary evething a>> i'meblex trek. ouif yag're o e 50 t85, s this ioran imp e, pleas it wrwne doum the nber ou on yenr scre. lo the wck i tant toalk y toutou abo n' ise t thonone r you.door's itat a re lockr fo lyoursuife inrance
2:36 am
r n neveatgo up im any te, y for an.reasonbu art be ceful. p manys olicieseyou e n doe ot havone,t bucayou n get tia lifeatme r te lockhrough co the plonialprenn ogram.ll canu this mberto m n is pladewas signed rwith ackate lor fo opeoplexen a fimed incoo whffwant aeordabl nslife iuranceat thpl's simete to g. ra coveioge optnsfo $r just m9.95 aonth,le n ss thaen35 c dts aay. t acnowd an ryourwiate ll be edlockr in folife. l it wilinnever .creaseur yoag covereca r n nevecebe canlled l as yong asou pay ur youm premis,d anccyour aeeptanc rais guanteed,wi o th n qhealthnsuestio.yo otu cannrn be tuned dow us becaoue of yalr yll forfoour iniormatn kit gi and bore are fe, o with ngaoblition.n'
2:37 am
ll canu this owmber n. th miis is l nerad builup ol it clelects inavg sgros -rgermn iddensstai. oxclorle toiwlt bo necleathr wiac bleh n ish o matcthfor at. bu l t lyso poweril tol et bowrcleane el esiminatal miner d-builffup etloressly. so ho why cytose anhing he ot lr than?ysol e th iowa csaucuse have st evarted esery prtiidenal y primar fseasonorec d badesut fo plr peoein lividg outse iowa, wh uaat actpplly hansens iide a us caucai remns a bfit o a my y.ster ynanc cs ordeesin dne mois pl ex iainsl.t al r >>teeporo,r: se herouis yr ca ucus101. p7:00 m.m.yondaig nnht ior me th an 0016ci pre anctss cros the e,statpl peoel wil grathe in
2:38 am
asgymn aiumsvend e pn interiva ho mes.ju ikst le a arprimy,ev whoer tgetsoshe mtes vot wins,ut b it ow's hy thethget there aat's lelittfe difrent.>> re whe iverin go iowa, you ow kn c thesrowd areay alws edpack. g >>leod bhess tat grete sta of io wa. r >>teeporo r: n hmatter mow any su orpp sters uhow apthe tir ra sllie -->> m i ail thrled toe b heret a anmari. t >>eahe w ithers vermont we r.atheth yoank u, waio. >> or rep tter:nlhe oroy cwd co thunt eaat r mllyrsatte isn o uc canius ght.>> so, there are 20ci prenctsn i eswest din moes. r >>teeporn r: iindes moes in cl tonsutepporr, e,juli is sc inhoolrg helo felw csaucu ca nsptai. >> ourlt ueimat go aal,s itay ss a onum nber o dfreiffeapnt pers s etto ge morpl peore fo arhilly. h >>i. w hoare you?>> or rep tter:nehey edra tining be causeau cscuse areit a ltle usconfing.>> s what'acu caus?>> i mean, why notus jt vote? t >> is meanana meofing ch aiieftns. r >>teeporher: td gooe wifed trito xp elain in r atecen ep isode.>> er litally ahe gatring of
2:39 am
thch ooer tpo suphert tir ca e.ndidat r >>r:eporteth even ane sders ca mpaign aptttemoed t sumt ip u t inhisoo facebk devi o. p >>herove tngm wrond a csaucu forbe.rnie>> s it'ng goi to be [ep ble ] es awome! or>> reperter: hthe are e .basicsfo r blrepuicans, it's mpsile.te vors essxpre theirfe prerence e and thsproces ends there. for atdemocrs, ,thoughmo it's re cacomplited.wa ionsep searatnt ioam cping ac g cordin cto theteandidahe ty pp suort. y anan cdidate whooe d hsn'tit i 15%tn tha ptrecincs i el atiminnded at thand cae'idats orsupp ctershean toon cho se t sbackneomeoe. els >> aacpproheh tmh wit aw sho of sp re fectorhe tirdi can adatend fo emr th. ep>> rr:orte aqu uniroe pcess er wheie nrsghbovi connce hb neig sors tohwitces sid.>> e havu yod hearbeabout rnie nd sa aers atll?>> or rep tter:ehe morci pre ncts u yon,wi m theoreeg del yatesou ge t. th laat pntys i tohe her t srsande aicampfogn, r ex e,amply thehaveed lin up vo
2:40 am
ellegde stu fntsromir the co ellegns towo the tirom hnsetowto uscauc. thatay w hisge laras bef o youthsu wipport moll be eare spr d out ac ssrohe t atste. it>> wh moren ohe tac re in wa ioe', hersor maj gat.rret w >>are oie gngo tak mmee acari t grean.agai w >>eee nd aol palitic re onvoluti. r >>r:eporteme welcoe to th pr tiesidenamal cthpaign at ks brea t alleshe rul. et>> lsa me 'my, ian a miac. r >>teeporher: t re's ythe,ou ca n'tay st thaleru. lddona b trumpitreaks t almos y.dail i >>s siakis maing me tresndou am oountf y.mone wo i bould hemb tle [ b ]ep out of he tm. ep>> rr:orte n oolvaff oeic y vacancfor soiscialts. >> be!rnie ersands. >> aoc demc ratialsociist ce nlrtain y cawiand ll . be>> ep rr:orte and aarmad of mpca caignndash aou fam lsast me na canev n er. help ybever ody.>> .rulecl
2:41 am
sthiyor toak bre a 0-24aryeld-o glassg.ceilines pralidentili potics,ov gernors orand fmer grsoverno are su tpposedo heav nott-builin ad ntva. ages>> t i hado kema tseheec dnsisioaf te9/r . 11 >> rorepr:te it workedor f ge .orge w bu,shil bl inclton, ldronaga reandn a jimmy ercart, t bu not bobby aljindnd, aco stt wa .lker th 'veyale lro dpped t.ou il whmoe de mcratnartile o'maly ggstrus leinin sdigle .gits d anmostre bizar of all -- d >>tronald humpasho cnseot n ento att tdhis ineveng's es prtiidenal tedeba. r >>r:eporteda attenncet a a e primtimeev telisede debat is evn't en atmandory. s >> i it for meso pernally a od gong thiba, a ind thg? iwillet gor me tevos? iwill gets les vos?te dynoboow kns. th who e hellowkns. f >> ii'mle eedct prides ent. ep>> rorr:tego what gngoverni ex ripeceen p,itolnsicia whit thele ast,ed tcr uz, m arcoruo,bi tr anump end ev ben rscaon,e hav
2:42 am
.down onthe ully rhae tt seems to pl ap ty isldhe oes rullo no ngerap ply. h >>i. w hoear you? ep >> r norter:sew one areei bng te writnai dlynd ahe t im isprovl ationas resultinow i ad anhedown tar road nee anyo 's s. gues ne by o t countavhere heee bn 00 60,0ic polital ads run in iowa alone. rione se tes ofvrc commesials i ngstandi out. 's here dean ynreolds. t >>s hitielecson iut abo the ncesse ae ofcameri.ab alout fl o us whol feeut o of pl inace our own trcouny. >> av i he spent my lifeig fghtin for drchil fen,samiliend a our trcouny. t >>rehere ase tho who saye w nn caefot deat aor crupt tipolilcate sysm a fndix a edrigg ecy.onom r >>teeporf r: ireyou'ky luc en tough io live inowa or new shhampe,irol paliticds aik le th aeseret just abouyoall eu seon is televw.ion no>> pphi.o-crit e on sebelo.
2:43 am
gi be sn toound the mesa. >> hi. gii'm l brfullight andse tho who nk bal rol myol piticalee carr te lli' me mni run fngor enpresidot, ser he i am. ep>> rr:ortet. wai atwh whaas t t? i >> may note bli quafied to be pr enesidtt bu ama draticer cama e angl mcan makeoke lo like a es prt.iden r>>orepr:tee' hnos tni runng r foenpreside't, hns a toacr. ait'sir sathae tt'see bnie vwed re mon thail3 mlionim tes on ci soal a.medi >> id eas,espolici, thee ars thing i don't need. at whd i neebiis $2 llion.>> te repor mr: itakes you ch buuckle tre the iris a seous t poinisto hch pit. e' >> hs justhi sning aht lig on how piaoliticrens aou rtinely gbeinbe brid byal species intertbb loanyists yid swaheng tir s voteirin theav fndor a the le peop who aret lef out e,ar we,th eme arican lepeop. or>> rep jter: soshilvere is th re
2:44 am
ooassrrgts oioanizathin bend gil fuhtllbrigt' thasor woking t awpass ls cngombati the in ueflofnce ie mondes internts iam aneric lipocsti. ersilv t isngalkiut abo the testragy toic bas eallyunnd-r gtwashin bon andyegin b fgocusin oc on leral govt.nmenbu aildingen movem tt from he nd grou up. >>no we k twhathi wasngton is t nogoing to fix thisem probl any tonime so. ey th't don fix agnythin aimny te t soonhese .days lythe onla pce t'shere ari btgh tligh i isnhe t city a nd em statents. r >>teeporror: fm o its ifficen or flence, masessachutts, re tpresen ,usro bughthe togetr an nl uyikel anallice. e thgrsoup' aerdvisslu incde pu res,blican modecrats, pr enominmet ermbfs occ oupyl walst ndreet a theea t rtpay.ev en dicesgradby lobist jack moabrahoff w sderveer seval ye inars er fedrial p asonerft in beong cctvi oedfsp cony iractobr
2:45 am
n dahe is tic politalec dirtorf ore t presenus. oudo yd finha tts this i a rtbipa isansuise?>> a i'm pureanblic. d anse conivrvat fes areedp u th wihe tun amoft o cptorruion, authe frhed, tas wndte ase abu in rngove.ment e we'rallss elyential pgayin a upcorr ttionaxec bfause o the- -of se thobl pro iemsn vegontrnme. wso, weant forerm. r >>r:eportese reprent uss want to stoped electic offialsin takgne moym frope scialnt ierests th guey relar. barhe tm fromin takgob js from ng takie, offic atea lorst f se yeveral imars, litir the na dos tionfromis lobbyts and e forcan orgnsizatio whichd fun po tilicaler advngtisi to sc dihelose tir do. nors>> no we kw thatit pol aiciansre en sposding m tt ofheire tim in raisy,g monete lisngni to rs dono . n they leed to tisten o. us or>> repnter: ibe novem rpr reusesent d backe rmrefos ss paned ine maise, e attlnand saan frcisco. thand arere ens pla m forore otballti iniesativs thi.year
2:46 am
or repter: htones n gilot ac lytualni runndng aou y can't tu ac vally foteor m.hi conor yuldou in t 2he4 01ke kyntucat sencee ra.>> av i he a epdede-seeved lo forke ucntkyis that ec dirtly op pronortio al tamthe oount f ne moray i thise 2ere,5%.>> or rep bter: hute was so su sfccesacul benk ths a a -rfundngaisiic vehle forhe t re enpresust se cauthae' hs be eentelevatod ig the bim te.>> y thed, sai duo yot wano t run r foidpresent? sa i id,ayok, sure, why not? noso, mw i' rngunni for idpres ent. ep>> rr:orte gilrifulbghtl wil bein rem udings o tfhat for the xt neye ar.. th aat'smi proe se hs intend to . keep>> mi i prose that il wil work er evday toy snluddey mit sdirec thatng aero s my big moneyno do crs cane ontinu yto rip ou off.n maly(sternre): whe dothyou u'ink yongre goi?mr cu. muos: t , workouwith y. 's ittu taco esday. n: mae you'rminot cong. i mtook tucinex o helpd get riof mcuy muonsy ciogestn. m i' agood.ll day nn [aerounc :] nemuciepx kerks woing. 4,not 6 not ,bu out 12 hrs.
2:47 am
spdry ray? th fat'sun. it lr's aea ddyry! no t wai.timeth s is it.grea it er's vfty so. n caepi ke it?au(lghs) thall ree ca ovof de... .. i.nowdrn a y ti anpipers rantsp ray. in livllg we yo unur immeme syst s worko hard tkeep you on o topurf yoe. gam yo n u casut pporit atby eheing y,althdr nginkiid flus, an ttd gemeing sot. resan cad you inn combthe mpese siedle remiewis both airrne. erno othng leadi ni immundty bra s givemoyou itre v camin. us plha it ecs a sp ially d crafteofblend ta 13 vi,mins mi aneralsbsnd her. so wyohen ntu wasu to pportmmyour istune sytaem, akernirboe, d any enjo wlivingell. iheree n th,citypa g rkinaris h fd toind. se liems veke ee ryonesdriv. thand whose so dodhoulit swcho togeic be e causcoyou sauld ve rehundn ds oincar ncsurae. , ahecperft. va palet g.rkin hello! there'ss.he key
2:48 am
, hmdnwoulin't mmed soth of at elbeef wn.lingto.. hto seeh ow muculyou co d osaver n cancinsurae, t goico ah (c! laar arms) sound 's it ok! nd(sou bs of wirdslihistng) cmusi ucintrodw ing ne k-y h touc gel crme. fo ssr maanage tid in.macy er evucy toenh, gintly iftensied. a lilettch toual is tl it.akes
2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
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3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
ll smaer ntcorsaine. and $4 bonilli in .2016 >> a trreo isim aed atot bh malillenis an erd booms. d wenoon't kwth wheer itil wl rk wo. e they'rngthrowi o a lotonf mey at.itpe inpsi go ogld school. so spon tringheup sler bow tihalfmeho sw rthisyealloe dees som t atmbinofion the nfl and i.peps es stor say theyac ,tuallyri dve af trtofic in thest.ores ipepsipys hapy the m sellore od pruct. so alg tryin n iew ldeasikes thi st re.aurant l >>et's talk aboutth is,ep psi st rentaura? n >>alot c tledhe pepsi re rastaunt. edcall kola erd evngythi t isdheme adroun e thkola nut, theas bis t forhe s.sodawh eaat's runlly fheny wnou y a looket somdi ingreents rehe, o kindsf goey prett far ldafie. anyou c getka vodus-infhed wit la ko erbitts. ge mt youreat ddrizzle with kolauf trl.fle oi
3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
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3:20 am
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3:21 am
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3:22 am
lie polticato direcr of esreprusent . y doinou fhad tt this is a rtbipa iisan?ssue 'm>> i a reicpublan. and crvonseesativre a fedp u wi heth tun amotf o ticorrupon, th aue frasd, w atendbu asen i megovern nt.e we'rseall esllntiainy payg a rr coonupti b taxseecau t ofhose ob prnlems irn gove sment,o we wantreform. ep >> r rorter:ntepresean us wts toto sped electff oicials tgakin y monepefrom sntcial i erests rtheye.egulatr bahe tm fromin taksg job as lo sbbyistft aerea l vingoffice, at f leasteror seval arye s,li eimit thrat donions from bi lostbelolo bbyist andce for oizrgannsatio d toe iscloseithr rsdono. >> weno kwic politnsiare a sp ngendit mos ofhe tir time is raneing moisy, lngteni to .donors r >>r:eporte inmbnove er,re t presenus bdacke reforms ipassede,n mainle seattan and sfr scancio. thand aerere plans foror me otballti iniesativs thi.year>>
3:23 am
ep>> rr:ortees hontil g il nsot tu ac rallyngunni andou yan c't alactuotly vore f m,hi norld cou yo iuthn 20e 14en kcktusey tena ra ce. >>av i he a epded-seedee lov fornt ke tuckyhat's dtiireconally pr docee pssossel ionato m howuch ne moy ise raidm fro then, 25%.>> ep rr:ortewa he os sul popar am thong eun frad-gisinse cau th e'at hees blen edvate to the g biti me. t >> heyidsa d,uo yo tnto wa runfo prr enesidt? idi sa ,ayok, resu, why not? , soi'now nnm ruingor f idpres ent. r >>teepor fr: gilriullb wghtillbe rngemindi o tf fhator the ne 'satro a pmise he idsnten to ke ep. >> ro i psemi'l iwol rkry eve dayto ud sydenl irmisdectt tha ang so y rry mgbi money a can astoothp te dohieverytl?ng welth leis casan wpo like w! ddit as ed thi othervele cl ofo lean tit. it ki just kenda lied...wipev hierytanng cle. c 6xgleanin my a teethwire glo ng.eytho are swhite.
3:24 am
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3:25 am
cacan i yllacou b?k, mom he ay sits p'ssoerlnath tis..ime. if e you'rm,a mo cayou thll at woe rstit .me it w'st hau yifanou wtot e sav ft fipeeen rc ment orore c onurar insance, yo chu switge to ico. 's ityo what u .do e wheryoare u? erit's v ty loudhere. u are yo atakingzu clmba ass? ou enregh pinssure fo here r ya?i' m a gonn mtakeexucinsi , o lateabwe're toout ke ta off. e thesoldissasve ft. th neey're idw liqus. gel yoand omu're cinthg wi me... u yoe realiz gi haveatold stus? mu x cinemasinus-qux lielid gs. di vessolfas st to nl u meashtrax s ength nemedici . s let'isend th. y dry?spra th fat'sun. it lr's aea ddyry! no t wai.timeth s is it.grea it er's vfty so. n caepi ke it?au(lghs) thall ree ca ovof de... .. i.nowdrn a y ti anpipers rantsp ray.
3:26 am
odintrg ucink-new y h touc gel crme. fo ssr maanage tid in.macy er evucy toenh, gintly iftensied. li a lettch toual is tl it.akes y k-touch. >>to> rrmo iows gogroundh day. theyl wilak we aun grodhog from be hin.rnatio tr the naditiort staed in pu wnnxsutanney, peiasylvan , ine th1800s, but for onen tow in wi n,sconsihe t whole event mo aledst endas lt arye. shere'steve hanartm. >> te reporher: wu n yoofthink hogroundg day, youro pbably n' donkt thi s ofun ripraie, wi n,sconsi but's theres a much ss pareion he aspu wnnxsutaey. avthey he aoo wden odwochuckn i e thtown square. e th local beraky slselro gogundhka
3:27 am
ss miising ea a roul grhondg. wthisheas t sun pierair gr hooundp.g u y maem remmber hi from last year wh en enthor-mayt len himis har ean ed hk too it. e>> hge sug -sts-e hay ss at th- -ha tt he d sidn'tee his ad show. ep>> rr:ortert shoftly aer ch g ewinwahis hry t toughhe yo mar's r,eae h cdheweas hay w ro tha ugh l meta acagend es d.capena llturahey, tn towte wand a re emplacent woucodchk. o whdnwoul't f a chwood cuckouldbe un fohid, wchar appyentl is ea ssierthaid an nedo. >> youno canttu capret i to ex hi. bit it or>> repunter: s e'prairis hoground eg dayventla pnner -- >> milemorabiaro fmrs yea past. ep>> r sorter:hes sayhe ty testardeb celngrati in 4919 in usgun gros dhogthey ugcaht. it now 's s not eoasyti getng a ve liun gro. dhog i >>tom becesy ver comptelicad. r >>teeporher: t mre'sthore an on cee linse? >> yes. r >>teepor sr: shesay n you eede
3:28 am
de fegoral mevernannt, f d i you n' catt ge a cfiertieddh grounog r breeder in you-area ->> en so th youou wdld nee an im icport lense. e' >> wngre goibe to ng talki ou abt thero gerundhogeb is mo -- r >>r:eporte you newor mays say it 'sdl harory wth the foefrt. t not jusse becau ofll a t rheed otapeecr b hause ce'srnonceed ab hiout ns ow .earshe s says it'im sply note human . do d>> ion't like atth. r >>teeporisr: h pralopos?>> s he' ae liv alanim. ep>> rr:orte tohu check tir ente od woidchuck eaom celplety. s >> iomeonen a umcoste. r >>r:eporte a ?gerbil >> he'sti domescatedo s i ulwodn't. >> ar febru 2yndsn i'tl gerbi day. it's a ougr ndhog. ha >> tt's theay w iwat's alys ndbeen as that' the way ie lik it. or>> reproter: anund suir praie e thse cons nsus ir.clea w >>wohat yould u tfhink o a hogroundg craelebittion w nho nd grouhog?>> ul it wostd juwi be ronter f m onthere .>> te reporr:
3:29 am
atclime ch.ange rt foelunatyy, t didd fin a lo ganerogroundh fort nexweek'sce lebrn,atioch whies giv a her ol whare ye to find a pneermant re emplacanent ivd ghees tor may time, too. w howouould y propose atcelebringha tivnksging? tod finy a waalto b oances n hi bsoapox.
3:30 am
sun pierair, wionscsi it ne's of othe snhl' en erforc,n joh s hcottasnt spe ty plenim of tthe on e ice do oulling pthmunisanent d gh fiting., soanwhen feds vot h aim ai captn in dayestery's l-alarst , gamesome ththougt imit ghrthu th age le iue'sgema. 'shere t conessa br.ewer>> or rep jter: sohn wcott asne suver ppoosed t lande in th stall-mear ga. nhe's a rcenfoer, aca so-lled , goondhire h foris scmule, not hi cks hoskey .ills>> i'mot nma norl stall-ar.i' rem mo of ari gndere in th ne
3:31 am
i ousbvioigly f ahtndo dtt prey well at . that>> te reporr: pat iversonov cers lthe nh for sb onnati. w youharote tt john scott is d. baif s he' so hbad,ow dide h end up asta capin oe f thfipacic te tham at e stall-ars? >> we,llhe t nhlef lthe t fan te vo t upohe t teinetrn.wh ty don' we try to pick the t wors wplayerde coulbl possiy in th ak of,tnd thaap hpened to ohbe jn >> or rep tter:he nhlar appently edwantoc h skeytarsth in e l- als,star notawbr.lersin ac f tt, lhegueae isin tryog tdi tstancehee gamm froht figs onic e.ey th andis h amte,zo arina co s,yoteed askim ho t bow t.ou he ulwodn't. y >> m sgmaide wde trad ttaugh nt moreal nacas.dienit was a ocshk. or>> reprater: t adedtnd sen to thein mors info newd undlanhwhicme heant o was non lgerbl ae t o ay plth in e stall-ars.
3:32 am
jo scott? trade >>wa it s swift andy ver -er- vy gr any. s hi iwiferes ptgnanh witns twi d anitthe ltleuy get gting kind s ofhovedun arohed by t big wiiggs heof t ueleag. >> or rep ster:heo t nhl ck baketracd,ac bk teo th po onsitis fanhiput m in. plhe'll d,ay an apperhves, en ouat wn ld meaakhe'd t e homere mo than 0,$9000 inze pri ne moy. at thht mige comn iyhandow n th isat hor majea lgue recaer's inopjedyar. t>>s hi ca i man eybte spwa a fyrom eyhock. ha i dve ae egrengin eriineeng. >> t' tha s an.trai >> ep rteor fr:or w,nohe t keunlil-ly alsstar ius focned o yienjoisng h fefar-dtcheom m entin s theigpotlht. t'>> iins kfd ord weit tha'm i ahereefnd delinitndy ki a ofn an y.omal ep>> rr:ortebe mayt, bu ectxaly w ho fhockeyans like it. ne cbs ewws, n. york thats i thenioverghtew ns fo r thisaymond. forom sef o, youthe news nt cos.inuefo
3:33 am
te laorr f m thengornis new and "c hibs trns moing."om frro the bstadcate cennr iew nrk yoy, cit j i'moreff gl. ca niptiounng f cded bybs nicaptiounng fbyded cbs > >> mit's fonday,y ebruar1st, this is me "cbsngornis. new" co unn tdowheto tcu causes. blrepus icandeand atmocre s ar
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