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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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bead ofe erniersands. bebut e causdecrmos atcahon rse e, tradr formelamaryndno gover r omartiny 'mallebecould come a ng ki. makerma alrlie hn l is iindes moes. od gong morni. >> mo good g.rnin r >>r:eportehe for t t firstime ni tootght, vllers with have eir sa ty in01he 26 cera forpr enesidd t anidcand watesill aicampntgn uheil ty ver last .momentho o ping t ddampentronald ump's mo , mentumsetexas tenator d cruzma fde hisitinal pioch to wa vo unters sday. i >>yof evere ne her nbringsine ot peher toplecao the ucusesmo to nrrow, ightl we wile win th uc ca tusesroomorw.we l wilthwin mie no anationnd w wewiill e n thrageneecl eltionin em nov20ber 16! ep>> rr:ortein durveg an ent in ou sityx cium, trshp puaced bk th imis tein labelrug cz shdiesonant dec d feptiveor g sendinouthi ts flyer. v >> votertiiola'son, itan like of dficialt ocumensebeing o nt t ipeople, n iowas that i really rr
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neconcerd. r >>r:eporteas forece ts her in wa io c are fallingw or sno in rt pa ts oftehe stain beg ningto t,nighch whild coue havan im opactten vornr tuout. ntvolu feersotor brnh be ie ersandd s anarhilliny clton keknoc dd on aoorsadnd mlle cas la ntte ie o tht,nighth as o e tw nd caesidate madr theiinclosg ar ntgumes. e >> w ahaveic raddeal ia. thtogeweer, l wiltecrea an ec y onom wthat forksllor a of nous, stt ju 1 the%. i >>l wild stanndup aht fig for u yoy evertilocathon of is gncampaihe and t wn when ie win, fwill fight yor iouthn e e whit e!hous ep >> r corter: llintonwaost io du erring hde presintialid b in .2008 capolitiysl anal tts saymehis ti , aroundcrthe sey etartaof s te or is wn king okeher lity abili. s >>ashe hus foc led an ot oher re onlati wshippeith , opleshe fohas d cusetta liitle be mor ondd milale cssss i ues. ep>> rr:orteh wits pollinshowg ti raght onces si both hedes, t fi r ght foouiowa comld cwne do wto theire.
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d ll rathies utroughoay the d today in iowa. d anheon tra democdetic si , to clinsan and winders olll hd uc caigus nntht eves.>> e marli ihallmon des ines, an thotks a l. >> na> the ftion's pirst rimary ewin nam hrepshist is ju eightda y.ys awa ra justd eleaseinpoll fds nadompld trung holdi a an commngdiea le guonam lgikely re icpubleran vots. rnand bedeie sanlers is g adin y hillarn clintopoby 23 ints am keong liemly dtiocraarc prim y .voters l we wil wtalkhiith llary n clintothabout ce iowaseaucus mi cop ng us on "cborthis mning." we o ll, twiavirgin tech g,mornined accusn ie thatdeofh a -y13r-ead lcolel oveleadisappred dn wefresday erom hck bla sburg, rg vi hiniandome, ae policsay s she waduabedcty b-y18r-ead ol eidavid ersenhau. d anr-19-yeataold naeplie keers usis accedf og helpinpoto disse hoferbo dy. b >>nased o eevidencle colcted y,toda w de haveneetermi tdhat se
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ntacquairied pheor to r pp disae.earanc>> ic polvee ha r notseelead a vemotica or ofuse th dea. authe y topsetis s t for. oday>> ea> at l pst oneiserson dead af seter reveea werthwe spt ugthrolih caiaforn.po slice day ar riveanin sgo diewa lls kiheed wlan a oarge eek tr llfeo ontnga movi car. rfpoweinul wneds dowr d powe anlines s d tree tacrosshe re ongi.a shome oouths f loleanges s wa hahit rd. >> w the tholestree d artemo , vinggiswinng. d an bi camed ack anadget re y to o pulltrut my anuck ard hed it p. po otslow mion. as it w down. vy>> heatr snow reigged a ma e ssivuppileth near e rncalifostia/firli half ne. e th icrashngnvolvith more an o tw cdozenars ands truckoscled teintars0 te 8urfor hos.> >> iamtraksts inveg igatin ctobje ss thata truck frtrain omin washo gton tyonew n e trait was hi esundayvening n inhiorth philadelpa. sspageenr hootos sdaw the mage tr the opain std ped an policebo
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uicontin jng the.ourney urno injreies wete reporhed by t pe201 n ople o board. li podece in avnver he ti iden afieder pn so iofesntert in s thienweekded's adly ycmotorcg le ganl.braw peone asrson wan shot edd kill d anotseven erhers w ie hurtn a gh fitwt berieen ubval cl s at amo letorcyc expo. tone ofuphe gromas was ofde up po aliceitnd milmbary ts arresbe have aden me. is imis clares sisponbityli r foipa tromle b ibingrin sya kthatd illeeaat l0 st 5lepeop. blthe suast tndaytearged a mo sstlye hiitrbsubuth sou of ertacktos ded nater a ca bomb usat a b stop. en thre as rsscued rushe ttohe sc tene,uiwo sdeciom b sberset of plf exesosiv.e thgsbombinas come t peacealksbe ngin i .geneva t heor wldea hlth ga oronnizati csonvene a ner emmegency etingod tayn o the zi kabr outeak.h. w.s o. say4 up to n milliope n ople ierthe amouicas cld getth sqe mooruito-besn illn
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e h birts.defect cc a var ine fospwide ureads se i hs monten or evrs yea away. ci ex itementdis buil ng forsu wlper bone 50 unxt sday. nvthe dencer bro cos anda arolinpa anthers yrrivedayesterd in th fre san o anciscarbay ndea a a fans gretiet angst head art on e thbafootnzll fre ay with evts. yujamie s ccas i in sanfr scancio.mi jad e, goog.mornin r >>r:eportemo good rning, -mannearie. 's itth more yean 30 ars sasince cin franstsco hoed a r supe abowl tnd chentity waed to e mak tsurearhe potty g ar stinted ig a b. way nfthe pel excerien. ea>> y! ep >> r aorter:ernd supl bow tyci. e >> wanjust welt to woucome y. anwe w tt to yhank, ou andmost po imanrty,tl wnte wa t youveo ha fun. ep>> rr:orteh botmagot ngrchi ov heer tke weend. lepeopm froarall tound shean cifranarsco amea c pe tolay. jlikefeenniltr wao z whotis n y sht abouttgeining heto te. gam w orheho sro is g otinfor.>> wa it ess awome!
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d i diorit f b wat'st haweoi are gdong to co is soure a t achdownpind ske at th ball.>> or rep tter:eche situr y is gh tillt at ant eves. ceoffiitrs wngh los gunand dr d s. .a.t agearre lyeasiea noticutble, bt idid opnot stus tho oandsopf pele om frin com g out. ex>> we enpect thos of tdsusan y everday. ob pr aablyli mileoon porple mo o re tenthe rtiren egio over cothe oursepef suwlr bok. wee ep>> rr:orte b the wonusndeeke wa res a oual twnchdo l fors.ocalth otey gic a nade hert staad ahe hfansd eade tintolaown onter th eeis wk!wh oo!>> ! yea>> or rep bter:exoth tshibie hav te inivracteib exhanits des gaman end pl otyplf esacke to ta se s lfiefobut str moam fs,ilie it a wasboll aavut hfuing n ge to.ther t >>ishis me aweso! a weigre a btb fool almifaly, ouobvi sly. r >>teeporher: tit caly gso ot t into shepirit. ey tht relie thy baidbrndge a of set wof firealrks ckl kiing
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ofahead b super.owl 50 ninow tollght with mark t e firsti t me thadamedia ely is hd at gh nit.e thtanfl tobrlly re iandingt asop niening utght, bin like years , pasterreportass can evk what er wtheyofant rs iene-marou, do yan have y es qutions?m i' ready. >> ias w tn'tinhinkutg abo qu s.estionwa i ess impr ysed byour mp cos licates movee!therpu r t heacin, coh! ep >> r torter:ouhank y.i' sum not utre abo b that, ut k thanyou. >> y thankmiou, jae. ca you een sth panacers fe off ag ainst thero bncos on superbo 5wlgh0 riret hes thi syunda c onbs. > >>co uming tp onmohe "g rnin ."news tu inrnthg tae n bles ocoa p.a atfrustrried dcaver antches fi ofspcer ngeediec and do ides t h ove la inter, tory newbakns me hi afstory teerr surgy to se
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istwin sters. a me andia lyder we born in se rptembend a theyer we nn cod ecteheat ter liv and the t.chesth reey a s theesmallirt par eve urto s tviveurhe s.gery wtheyghei 2edou.4 ps nd. each th soe asedciat r pressorepts oa brndd baer int aprets ccesis co tmingbao cu. ba cuon is te oforhe w lld'seast ecconnnated s.tion sethe e rvic bwillmie litoted an a areavof hana.rr cubrently anoadbmed hoer scevi o isganly leipl to d alomatsnd pl ems oyee fofeior cgnniompaes cinuba. st cill toanome, cine it chary. o an ohi opolice wfficerho ed wantti to reh re witcahis ninepa gertner p ts helhofrom tdsusan eo of p aple onfu go sind me te. rshehey'nis miesatur arenemiyo, ours,hour ctecola .we l love.ove. occheyolatcr. .eamy wi athtl litsoe inmethexg tra.
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re he a'soo latk od tay's stforecame in sos citiendarou co the untry.>> rm> a foicer polcee offi r inma , riettaisohio, op hing to ke x,ep aja hanis cmpine coanion f ofyeour may hicked retireekone we agod an the wase old thayonly w to keephe toi dng woulde b btouy a ittyt a cion n re tha00$57,s 0 watecollecd g on auno fd me pageo tel hp hi
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g seein ithiskes li, my ne goodamss, i on so th se is go mucht ood outhere an and so m py kindaneople d so eomany patple thto want see a g wronterighd. t >>dihe bidrtng staiss th h. mont h ifisickey to able ja buy ax at ctthe auheion, tni remaieyng mon gwill oo toanther citine un s toha purclese bulf t-proos vestfor e thdog. >> t> onbshe cyw "mone gatch,"aspr ficesanlip led googne's dro t.projec wjillag aner isnet the w yorkst chock exitange wath th andmo re. oc stetk marksis in awea lor eaon a wfak manug cturinrtrepo om fr. china e thaishanghsi compot te los1%. s japan'nikkeied add 2% to ni fish aont a nte-moh ligasorine parces nte conginui e tododge wn. aaysa sa a thegeverace pria of ongallio nate $80. is the tim ylast tear,rihe pce .0was $2ga5 a .llonfa wcebookpoill re brtedlyan the ivpre atf sale on guns oitsso mcial sediaanite d on aginstitram ots pharo shing se e.rvicfa okceboa is etmarke placuyto b
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nd ec chks. mo the mve iseant to sloew th o salef ceunliunnsed g an triosactns. an led googst is teing posolar-drwered n ones ian fo efo rt tvedeli-sr highpeed te inrornet faim the ivcretste tegh flirets a nd coducteve ow r necomexi. idthe eaan is tratsmit da 40 me tiers fastn thaencurr t em systs. hgoogleo opes t ahaveafircrts de ngliverine intersst acce ar heound t. world>> s soundininterestg. agjill w tner at yhe nework st chock exthange, lanks aot, ll ji.>> mi> cong up. di rsveyit desominathe tag s ar awds. k blacrsactoe tak osomee f th hotop anorse t threscenor acts d guildsawar. wloset eighe whilngeati alher,thie wi llth a s newpomart.ints d anvemoor m e ncby idilu fngneitss ayin wats thk woryofor u. hosee odw go'l youell fe wi heth t n wewt eighhewatcrs
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tre couny. ll wela, the dick of y versit heat ts oscarentook cagter ste at cr the stoeen acldrs gui aw hiards tens weekd. l >>anadies led gentelmen, wcome d to tiversev. >> i actor edrisinlba edtroduc fhis ilmst"beas ofo n na,"tion al idongsse hi yo-oung cstarth wi s a notleo subtt jab athe ad acawemy .ardsel k ba too thomeagwo ss, award r one fo,""loserno and aorther f orsuppolting rbee in "f asts o no ."nation ra severol pminentol hlywood ay ple ers arlyactualco boygttin th ntis moh's oscarsve or its tinominaons. w onlycthite areors wein nomatedd anenno womno were d minate for ct dire ing. on sp to nortsow. nfthe o l pr wbowl pas angassi fr oree-f.-all elrusslsl wihron torew f 164ya anrds red thuce tonshdowas, th
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n irviedrollr ovetethe am ac cobyhed ry jere. ric 7 49-2thwas nae fiorl o e tws teamincombored f 8 00 in passsg yard and ten rngeceivi owtouchdns.>> >o jjovac keknovako djovic was pdlaye inni trne staightr ausnalians ope wo and ryn eve one. er yestjoday, dwokovic n the raaustoplia en. heie tshe tt pasrdreco. ok dj hoviconas wgr 11 amand sl . titles>> ou> if y le iklfgoyo, u'll pr ap teciatehis. i evendof you ken't li y golf,ou thavepro ap teciatehis. s ony,aturda j ha nat ang hia od3-wo t onhe 21r8-pa 4 8th hole.d an witt en, in eore ls wweldouno hot be shiwing tous to y. n ha ia jangfis the garst lp
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r 4. > >>ngcomiaf up yoter ocur lal ne n ws o t"cbsmohis g,rnin" crdemo caticdaandiilte h lary in clton. m i'-manne garie.reenan isd thth is bse "cni morng ."news ithisbos a f dy of.proo oopr lf ofjoess paint in. d anr cleareskin. is thmy is y bodroof pof ithat f canig htiapsorthtic arritis hwithumira. whumira borks y intargetheg and lping lo to bpeck a s cific osourceflf intiammaon at thtr conesibutth to bo in joskt and ptin symoms. roit's p ven to lpheel r pieveain, op stth furoier jamnt dage an r d cleaskn in i amanys.dult ct dohaors eeve besn princribg ra humi0 for 1years. mi huanra c y lowerour ab itil fy to iighttinfecons, udincltuing ulberc.osis
4:23 am
cl ing udinholymp ma, ve hape hapned, av as hd,e bloo a livernd rv nestous syblem proems, se alrious rlergicioeactns, an w d neoror w sening t heare.failur fo beatre tregement, t st te ted forb. y tellctour do iorf ve you'to been areas cewhere furtain ngal ioinfect cns areommon, if and e you'v tb had he, pas titib, ar one pr ie totinfecs,on h orflave u-like sy msmptoso or res. do arn't strat humiu if yo a havefen inn.ctio nt wae morpr oof? as urk youm rheogatol istab huout . mira mi hura.
4:24 am
he sre ith anoer lookt ahi ts inmorn sg'ssttop atndidrees ain makeig th r st laut-mintce pi th toouurn t su tepporefrs btoore t'nighwas io uscauces. ivth a ft e-poinvelead or ted deamong s,mocratry hillaon clint j isreust thtse poin o ahead f sbernie. anders wa iost's firth in tie naon cvotingstontest is eep in
4:25 am
wucusesork. 'm>> iin asko g tu yocaucorus f o mendn mohtay nig. ep >> r porter:ntresideial ca atndides isar ptf othe lt cu iure inowa andot vers are in doghe tir .workat ve hoorh higolschon i desmo ,inesov genernmtde stu hntsave en bedy stutoing o. w >>ohy d we do theau ccusve ery fours?year>> c so weanho coseho w isng goito runor f enpresidt. >> or rep bter:utut oside the at ste tsehey e it thtk of i as a toget- gether th wir you orneighbs. er evync precit has itswn o ca nducus a whichci prenct y ou tbelongpeo de ondsrn you heom dr adess. r atliepubcan caesucus? s >>tshe wan toe makol clege io tuitxn ta dectduible. r >>teeporomr: s seones peakon ea anch ctedidand an the icparttsipant cas at secre ba llot. fo but crr demot'ats, i msore mp cotelicad. svoterseeparat into,groups pe deonnding whichdi candate suthey pport.
4:26 am
ound15% in techat princt is in elimated.ei thpor sup artershere t fnree eto mov t tothhe o ermpca. t >> ahis istabout sndingit wh ur yoig nehbor, sptran,arency andbe mming cod,itte j notoust t thepr bocess,ut tor you idcandate. or>> rep tter:he iowa csaucuse ar stinted 72 19 and the d- ol pschool hrocesstasn' an chged much,ut bhi ts year, 's itng goih hig tech. >> atipplicaoeon d tsheh mat in e thckbandgrou. ep>> rr:orteh eacci pre wnct ill rtrepoul resitts whih tews npp awh wiich qlllyuicket dmierne wi s.nner >> di what u d yok thinhiof ts e wholesprocs? ep>> r torter:gahis or nizedao ch ts issthe firp ste in ck pieing th next idpresent. iaweij cjiang,s,bs new des in moioes, wa. ne>> o ofs thi ekweend'ser lightme moments cag durinaia camp gn t evenbefor srnieanders. s thiwa land s made for you
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>>he td banplayed "this lands i your land."an e d thidcand jate toinedhem on ag stche muth to owe crd's de t.ligh > >>ngcomiaf up urter yo local n news o t"cbsmohis g,rnin" w wegoill io to twa forhe ki f ckof cof thes aucuseand wispeak lath hilliry cnton. , plustrcounngy siieer drks lebents y jointhus in ioe stud wi lth anoive anmeuncef nt oe th esnominehe for tmy acade of y countrawmusic ards. trand acagess med an goo on herne okw boe "th."waitth s at i"cthe orbs m nning ews" thfor onis mday. an thorks fch wating.
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