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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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gradually rebound into the low 50s. with the snow on the ground that we have, overnight low temperatures will bottom out in the mid to low teens tuesday and rise to the 20s by midweek. thanks mike, the danger hasn't completely melted away on many roadways. ice is going to be the big concern tonight. amanda ketchledge is live at the intersection of -- longley and double r -- with a look at conditions out on roads. amanda-- landon-- the snow continues to melt on the roads and that's causing
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pavement at this intersection. i talked to a couple of commuters this afternoon who plan on taking it slow and being cautious as the sun goes down...because many roads like this one will refreeze overnight. tiffany londay, incline village : "it doesn't make a huge amount of difference on the highway, in terms of when you leave right after work or you wait until the sun's already gone down. you sort of just have to always be alert." angeleana wood, commuter: "it's going to ice over, i'm pretty sure. and waking up in the morning, having to go to school, the whole parking lot is just going to be ice." car tires breaking on ice expect roads like this in the shade or in residential areas to ice over tonight. the best advice is always to avoid traveling if at all possible, and that's exactly what dennis johnson did today. the streets in his neighborhood are covered with slush and ice from the storm. and he expects it to get even worse as the temperatures drop. dennis johnson, reno: "i have chosen to stay off the roads today, since i didn't have to go anywhere. it will freeze up again, it will be real icy come
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plows and de-icing has been very effective on most of the major roadways. so it's going to be these side streets and residential areas that will still see some icy aware. covering storm watch, amanda ketchledge, channel 2 news. thank you amanda, well it's not just the evening commute drivers have to worry about. the drive into work this morning was very slick and dangerous. many drivers decided to play it safe and take it a bit slower than normal on the roads. but that wasn't enough for some... because the ice and snow still caused accidents all over town. damien lee-"cars are sliding all over the place, you know i saw two accidents coming over from damonte ranch." there were accidents near the spaghetti bowl... as well as in sparks and north reno - which created some major backups. and with slick conditions expected tonight, into tomorrow morning as well.. drivers echo the need to make
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and you can check the road conditions at any time simply by dialing 5-1-1 or by heading to our website k-t-v-n dot com and clicking on the blue "road conditions" button. the snow is causing problems when it comes to trash pickup. waste management says service to the following areas have been delayed due to dangerously icy roads: mount rose highway... montreux.... st. james village, timberline drive... joy lake road and sierra highlands drive. waste management is working on getting to those areas as soon as possible. however... if conditions don't improve this week, they will take extra bags without excess waste stickers a week from today. the winter was already off to a good start -- but the 50 inches of snowfall in january nearly doubled the snowpack in the eastern sierra. that snowpack is now about 25 percent above average, with a couple more months to go before spring. paul nelson shows how the winter is shaping up, after
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snow measurement these snow surveys are nothing new -- but after four dry winters, the amount of is. walls of snow are taller than most vehicles in some areas -- and snow piles have some buildings boxed in. skier a welcome site for people hitting the slopes. jeff "i think everybody from skiers to farmers are really happy with how the water has come so far, and hopefully, it just continues just as strong as it has been going." the snowpack at this site is 104 inches -- nearly nine feet deep. and the amount of water equals more than two feet. jeff "picture that spread across all the mountains that are around our region and it adds up to a lot of water and that's what we need to fill up our reservoirs." the snowpack is above average for this time of year -- but it's still less than 80-percent of the average of an entire winter. bill "we're still only about two-thirds of the way through the snowpack building season and we have the other third to go, and we're hopeful the snow will continue to fall." paul "as you can see, this is
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not the best type for our water content, luckily there's a lot of it. in fact, 27 inches fell during that last storm. before that, we had plenty of rain and that's also good for our water supply." jeff "a day or two of rain is not what skiers want to see but the snowpack's cold at this time of year and it just absorbs that water like a sponge." the snow acts as a reservoir -- and experts say we'll get the most water out of it, if the runoff begins around april. while it appears that this is a recovery year from the drought -- the last four years have left a big hole to dig out of. bill "lake tahoe's still a foot below its natural outlet. so, we've got quite a deficit still to overcome, but this is certainly encouraging." the news is encouraging throughout the silver state. most areas, like the humboldt basin are 50-percent above average. that's critical for farmers and ranchers who have had little to no water the last few years. jeff "that's great news for those people and hopefully it's great news for the humboldt river, this summer." experts say if the storms continue -- the snow will be enough to fill some of our nevada highway patrol troopers
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on 395. take a look... the crash happened just after 2 p-m on the southbound side of 395 just south of mccarran boulevard. troopers say a silver honda civic spun out and hit a light post and the driver.... a man... was transfered to a neaby hospital where he then passed away. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. still to come on channel 2 news at 6:30, senator harry reid's seat is up for grabs, we'll give you a look at the candidates, next.
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one of the biggest races in the you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead.
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that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the mom...who dresses two kids, gets to work by 8:00... and always manages to give them a healthy lunch. the newlyweds seeking out wholesome meals and exciting flavors for their new cookware. the guy who finally decided to kick 35 years of bad snacking habits. you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake. welcome back, in campagin 2016,
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u.s. senate this cycle is being battled out here in nevada...for senator harry reid's seat. after five terms in office...reid is leaving behind some pretty big shoes to fill. and three candidates far....all feel worthy of filling them. erin breen has the update on their campaigns. of course the party wants to see that seat stay blue.. the reid machine is fully backing catherine cortez masto...who spent 8 years as our attorney general...where she fought sex offenders....human trafficking...and protected seniors. she says bipartisanship politics is the key. catherme cortez masto:" these are areas i have a proven record of working on in a bipartisan manner. its about building partnerships and coalitions. that's what we need in washington ....erin: and you think you can do that? i have a proven record to show it." she's for accepting syrian refugees....against ground troops in the middle east and for the affordable care act. she has been criticized by the
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committee for being conspicuously absent from actual campaign appearances. and i have to say....even reaching her for comments by phone has been difficult. congressman joe heck is a republican, a small busines owner and a brigadeer general . he also learned a lot working as an emergency room physician. joe: i learned what works and what doesn't. work and what the consequences are of delayed access to healthcare." he sees compromise as the answer to both healthcare and immigration reform. and bill tarbellis is a republican and a constitutionalist. bill tarbell:"i am not a part of the political machine...or the establishment whatever you want to call it. i am a person who is clearly committed to constitutional principles and values. i will follow those...i will stick to them. that's my platform." tarbell is against allowing syryan refugees accesss.. immigration reform...and the president's executive orders. erin:" and while these are the three candidates so
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18th to file. covering campaign 2016 erin breen channel 2 news. mike will have a look at your forecast next.... but first, there's a plan in place to protect the truckee meadows from another devastating flood. we'll show you what's being proposed after the break. congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections.
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by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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we'll have a recap of the washoe county school district's state of education address... and what educators hope to accomplish this school year... tomorr welcome back, the reno-sparks area is no stranger to flooding. the truckee river flood management authority is devoted to reducing the impact this kind of natural disaster can have on our area. earlier today the cities of reno, sparks and washoe county heard the latest presentation for the truckee river flood project. andi guevara has the story. 100 thousand acres of washoe county are on a floodplain, and
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flood here in an el nino year, jay aldean executive director of truckee river flood management authority says we should expect a significant one within the next four years. aldean "we could lose inventory, we could lose equipment, we could lose lives. it's a very devastating event. in 1997 $600 million worth of damages occurred, to just washoe county the cost to prevent the damages would be significant as well. 22 to 25 million dollars annually. money that is absolutely necessary, says sparks mayor geno martini, to protect the protect the future of the truckee meadows. martini "in the sparks industrial area alone, we have over 20 thousand jobs down there. every time we get flooded down there, some more jobs go away." proposals to pay for the truckee river flood project include increased sales tax and flood fees for businesses and residents. the exact figures have not been released, but what is available to the public are
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from booth street in reno to just past vista in sparks. aldean "what we would do is build a series of flood walls, bridges, levies, stabilization of banks and then the levy along riverside drive would have to be fixed". fixes and costs that will require cooperation, agreement and money. martini "to have the approval of all three entities, the county, the city of sparks, the city of reno, it won't be an easy thing to do, but we'll push toward that." mayor martini, who sits on the board of the flood management authority says an official announcement to the public could take another three to five months. covering the story, andi guevara, channel 2 news. while we still have a chance to get a few showers here and there, this should prove to be a much less active week of weather than the preceding several we've experienced. northerly
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system will keep our temperatures on the cold side tuesday and could allow a couple of weak disturbances to drop down tuesday and late wednesday, which could spawn a few snow showers here and there, but as we head into the weekend, the skies should clear out and the temperatures will gradually rebound into the low 50s. with the snow on the ground that we have, overnight low temperatures will while we still have a chance to get a few showers here and there, this should prove to be a much less active week of weather than the preceding several we've experienced. northerly flow coming down the backside of
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system will keep our temperatures on the cold side tuesday and could allow a couple of weak disturbances to drop down tuesday and late wednesday, which could spawn a few snow showers here and there, but as we head into the weekend, the skies should clear out and the temperatures will gradually rebound into the low 50s. with the snow on the ground that we have,
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bottom out in the mid to low teens tuesday and rise to the 20s by
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coming up in sports, former washington nationals manager and carson alum, matt williams is back in northern nevada today representing the diamondbacks...we'll hear from
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it's day one of super bowl 50's week in the bay area....the broncos and panthers have arrived and we have some local connections with the broncos, like former pack stars brandon marshall, virgil green and reed alum kyle roberts. dallas colodny is currently at media availability, but he filed this report just before heading to the s-a-p center we have made it to santa clara, california home of super bowl
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behind me at the home of the san francisco 49ers levi's stadium. of course, we have peyton manning's denver broncos taking on the carolina panthers led by cam newton. tonight is opening night of the superbowl festivities, we'll have media availability of all the players including former nevada wolf pack stars, virgil green and brandon marshall playing in their second super bowl for denver. so we'll have that for you and much much more clara, california dallas colodny channel 2 sports. and of course you can see the game right here on channel 2....the panthers and broncos will go at it superbowl sunday february 7th at 3-30....coverage beigins at 8am the carson crusher was back in northern nevada this morning for the reno aces second hot stove luncheon....5-time all-star and carson alum matt williams is back with the diamondbacks as third base coach after being fired as manager of the
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williams spent 2-seasons in washington where he earned national league manager of the year in 2014 leading the team to the best record in the league.....but after a dissappointing 2015...the club went in another direction...we asked him if he got a fair shake in the capitol. that's in the past. what i'm looking forward to now is helping us win. and so i get a chance to do that. it's exciting for me to jump out of bed and work with this group. because it's special. so i'm excited about that. we'll let that be in the past and look forward to this season. when asked about being a manager again, he said you never know what opportunities will come your way...but he's excited to be with the dbacks. time for some plays of the night from 2 the hoop this past weekend. 1. mcqueen and reed... lancers octavian corely ...goes win... 81-74 2. carson at
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comes up with the turnover and 3. south tahoe at fernley. first quarter...vaqueros ball..drake mcqueen and reed. jeremy ramos with the steal... and check the no look pass to freshman matthew 6.and one more on barring bouelvard.... mcqueens 6 foot 11 2 the hoop is fridays at 11-15 watching channel 2 news coverage
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while we still have a chance to get a few showers here and there, this should prove to be a much less active week of weather than the preceding several we've experienced. northerly flow coming down the backside of the departing low pressure system will keep our temperatures on the cold side tuesday and could allow a couple of weak disturbances to drop down temperatures will gradually rebound into the low 50s. with
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>> hey, everybody, it's "bachelor" fan favorites week. everyday we're playing our game with some folks you know from my other shows, "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette." will one of f em make me the happiest man in the world and win $1 million today? we're about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] hello, everybody,
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welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] good, because we've got a special one today. today's "bachelor" fan favorite is a racecar driver who stole the heart of every woman in america as the runner-up on emily maynard's season of "the bachelorette." playing today for the children's miracle network at phoenix children's hospital, from scottsdale, arizona, my buddy arie luyendyk, jr. [cheers and applause] >> what's up, brother? >> how you doing, man? >> good. [cheers and applause] whoo! >> why do you-- you look like you're walking into a dentist's office. >> i know, i'm very nervous. i can't even talk right now. this is probably the most nervous i've been. >> really? even more--even more than, you know, those final days with emily on "the bachelorette"? >> i think, like, when it comes to, like, cars and women, like, got it. >> fast cars, fast women, you're fine. >> i'm good. trivia... >> trivia not so much. [laughs]
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>> i hope you will.
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