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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:40pm PST

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good evening. tonight a man is behind bars... accused in a fatal hit and run crash that happened last week. the carson city sheriff's office says emergency crews responded to reports of a man who appeared to have fainted on the side of the street - around 7-30 p-m on last wednesday. this was at the intersection of hwy 50 east and brown street in carson city... where they found the victim-- 52-year-old gustova garcia-valdes-- unconscious. about an hour later... the sheriff's office received a tip that garcia-valdes may have been the victim of an auto/pedestrian hit & run accident... and that the driver of that suspected vehicle was 37-year-old juan pablo rios. investigators say rios told multiple people he had been involved in the crash. garcia-valdes died from his injuries - two days after the hit and run. today the justice court in carson issued a warrant for rios' arrest. he was taken into custody and is now being charged with "failure to stop at the scene of an accident involving
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his bail is set at 50 thousand dollars. new tonight in crime beat... the washoe county sheriff's office wants to warn residents about a growing phone scam. they say the scammers are posing as sheriff's office personnel - to get money from victims. the scammers tell the person there is a warrant for his or her arrest... but it will go away if they pay a "reduced" payment of the fine. the washoe county sheriff's office warns that while they will sometimes make calls to inform someone about a warrant... they will never ask for payment over the phone... nor will they negotiate for payment in lieu of arrest. if you have been a victim of this scam, you can contact the washoe county sheriff's office at 328-3001. a 30-year-old arizona man has been arrested in nevada accused of killing two federally protected golden eagles and illegally possessing more than 120 eagle and hawk feathers. the nevada department of wildlife says dana mcivor faces six counts of unlawful
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parts, and one count of unlawful kill of an eagle. mcivor was arrested in elko sunday following reports of a reckless driver on i-80. wildlife officials say deputies seized two dead eagles, a dead hawk, two hawk wings and 124 separate eagle and hawk feathers. an online service started right here in reno... is celebrating a big milestone this week. you may have heard of alert-id... it's an online crime and safety alert system... it hit 500 million alerts sent out to its users today. here's how it works... you type in your address... we used the address for the station... and all of the little icons that pop up... represent crimes... sex offenders... or things like car accidents and fires. it's a free service... with millions of users nationwide. the founder says... neighborhood watch. keli: "people really love knowing what is going on really close to them, around their home. you feel like you have
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know, 'oh, there was a car break-in around the corner...'" to check out alert id for yourself... just head to to check out alert id for yourself... just head to we have a link for you there. the nevada highway patrol has identified the man killed in a car crash on highway 395 yesterday. troopers say 30-year-old john abraham of susanville, california died after losing control of his car and striking a light pole... while driving southbound on 395 near the north mccarran overpass around 2 o-clock yesterday. nobody else was involved in the crash and abraham was wearing his seatbelt at the time. "now here's mike alger's first look at the pinpoint 2 forecast" we have one more round of some
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wednesday before we go into a prolonged dry period. a weak low pressure center will push a frontal band through the region wednesday afternoon, giving us in the valley a slight chance of rain or snow showers in the afternoon. temperatures will warm slightly into the low 40s. after the front passes through thursday morning, a ridge of high pressure will build across the west coast, drying us out for the foreseeable future. some residual cloudiness will stay through the work week, but should clear out
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week on a sunny note. look for high temperatures to climb into the low 50s by saturday. thanks mike. governor brian sandoval says nevada is on the upswing. ...but... he added today... that a lot more work needs to be done during his final three years in office. as you know -- governor sandoval's budget passed the state legislature back in june -- including about 1-point-1 billion dollars of tax increases. that revenue is going toward many of sandoval's educational programs -- and this is the first year many of them have been implemented. the governor has traveled the state, talking to educators -- and he says feedback has been positive, but it will take awhile to find out how successful the programs are. gov. sandoval "i can speak for many. i'm really tired of being at the bottom of the good list, when it comes to education and i think you're going to see our literacy rates increase. you're going to see our graduation rates increase." sandoval says he will continue to focus on education during his final three years -- including
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workforce training. nevada's economy has been growing -- with unemployment dropping to 6.4 percent. that's the lowest rate since 2008. but the governor says he is not satisfied. gov. sandoval "we still have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. so i, every day, am going to continue to work to diversify our economy and bring more jobs to nevada." economists say the jobs lost during the recession could be completely recovered by the end of the year. and sandoval says he will continue his work to diversify nevada's economy. in campaign 2016... new hampshire is the new battleground in the race to the white house. the first primary is a little more than a week away and the candidates are blanketing the state with rallies and appearances. danielle nottingham reports from new hampshire. ted cruz is riding high after his big win in iowa. texas we need to take power out of washington and give it to we the
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is counting on new hampshire to be his comeback state. presidential candidate: i don't think i feel any pressure. i mean, we're just gonna do what i have to do. marco rubio finished third , right on trump's heels. he's positioning himself as the best candidate to attract mainstream gop voters. florida: i think i give us the best chance not just to unify the party, which is important, you can't win if this party is divided, but also to grow it. hillary clinton is campaigning hard in nh after her razor thin victory over bernie sanders. her camp has more work to do trying to attract young and first time voters. 84 percent of iowa voters under the age of 30, supported sanders. i think she doesn't appeal to them because she's straight across and she doesn't fire them up the way sanders does. presidential candidate i am in a contest with your neighbor. i have the highest respect for him. we're in his back yard. sanders is leading in the new
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to do well on his new england home turf. : this is a national election. we're gonna go after state after state after state. new hampshire voters cast their ballots a week from tuesday. danielle nottingham, channel 2 news. and with our own state's caucuses just a few weeks away... it's not hard to believe the number of active registered voters grew in nevada last month. according to the secretary of state's office... there are now more than one point two million active registered silver state voters- up nearly 16-thousand from the previous month. breaking that down by party... more than 471 thousand are democrats... about 423 thousand are republican.... 234- thousand are nonpartisan and more than 75-thousand are registered with a third party. february 13th is the last day to register as a republican to participate in the february 23rd caucuses. democrats can register on site... for their caucus on february 20. for links to register for either party head to k-t-v-n dot com
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coming up next - two super star quarter backs with very different styles of play... teri okita will join us live from san francisco with peyton manning and cam newton's road to super
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welcome back. when the broncos and panthers take the field this sunday for super bowl 50... two very different players will be leading the teams. teri okita joins us live in san francisco . with the tale of two quarterbacks. teri? ari and landon... panthers q-b cam newton is brash, bold . with a unique style. . fans of the 26-year-old love his signature celebrations . detractors claim he's a showboat, but opposing qb peyton manning is impressed with the former top
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sot: peyton manning/broncos quarterback he is off to an incredible start in his young nfl career. he is earning the honor of being the number one pick by being the player he is. at 6'5, 245-pounds, he's built like a linebacker but moves like a running back . a deadly combination for defenses. sot: cam newton/panthers quarterback i am living the dream that i always envisioned living when i was 3 years old. standup bridge: this is newton's first super bowl . peyton manning's fourth. it comes off a challenging year for the 18-year veteran. mid-season, manning was benched for poor play and injuries. but, the five-time league m-v-p is the comeback kid. newton watches the legend closely. sot;:cam newton on peyton just a month away from age 40, manning hasn't decided if he'll hang up his cleats after the super bowl, but he will have to deal with a possible n-f-l investigation over a media report linking him to human growth hormone. sot: manning i welcome that
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track: despite their different styles, there's a mutual respect between manning and newton, a shared love of the game, and talent few others will ever know. manning believes newton should be named league m-v-p this year. for his part, newton says it's just an honor to have his name associated with manning. thanks teri. still to come on channel 2 news at 11 - why a new reno restaurant had to shut its doors... less than 24 hours after its grand opening... mike will have a look at your
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i'm ryan canaday and coming up next we'll tell you a little bit about the tahoe expedition academy. and the end of semester projects the school's students have created to celebrate the power of learning. "this is channel 2 news at 11, northern nevada's number one newscast, with arianna bennett, landon miller, sports with garrett dearborn and mike
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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new at 11... tonight the tahoe expedition academy hosted their celebration of learning event... where the school's students presented what they're calling "globally- conscious" final projects. that's right.. teachers from the school say the students are encouraged to develop a product with a vision of making a difference in the world. ryan canaday was at tonight's event and joins us now live in the newsroom. ryan are these projects as impressive as they sound? they really are ari, i was blown away by some of the things these kids created in just a single school semester. i asked some of the students what they enjoyed the most about making their projects. and while some of them liked the creative thinking and the problem solving...many of them said it was great to just have
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"student" by the end of just one school semester, so in this case about four months time, eight grader ryan o'toole was able to create this... ryan o'toole-8th grade-"an electric skateboard adaptor that can turn any skateboard into a scooter." "scooter" but that sounds pretty tough... where would you even start? "i had to design some parts in fusion 360, to be able to mill and print and plasma cut out, so that i can make it possible for my scooter to come to true." and it did come true.. he brought the scooter to life.. but it wasn't just this scooter..and ryan wasn't alone.. at the tahoe expedition academy many of the other students, even the younger ones, have put their creative minds to work.. "first we learned about inventors and inventors solve problems." "this uses less electricity to convert energy." and they've accepted the
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experiential learning. "these products are culminations of academic work that they do in the classroom as well as field work that they do outside of the classroom ." "they have a purpose to this work that they're doing and that is key to sort of this intrinsic motivation they have for learning and we believe it foster's this love of learning for a life time." for many of these students, they learn from each other. and they've also grown an appreciation for the hardwork their peers have put in. "seeing all of these people check out all of our products, i mean mine is pretty cool but there's a lot of kids here who spent tons of time into making these things come true and they've really, they're trying to push the industry and it's really cool." the tahoe expedition academy has also been growing more and more. as a result the school is set to establish a multi-million dollar campus outside of truckee in the coming months. covering the
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turning to money watch... reno has become an up and coming hot spot for all you foodies out there... the washoe county health department issued more than 525 food permits in the last fiscal year alone. and with that... new spots in town are redefining casual dining. michael tragash- "we're seeing a lot more business owners take a little bit more risk and put a lot more emphasis on the experiences they are offering guests and the concepts that they are bringing to the community." traygash, with yelp says this risk is paying off for restaurateurs who are stirring the appetites of "foodies" with more diverse food and exotic ingredients. one leader in the culinary community -- chef clint jolly -- has proven this recipe for success. jolly is the owner of great thyme catering - and a recent winner of the food network show, "chopped." clint jolly- "i think people in
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focus more on managing the experience and something a little bit more than nice table cloths and art on the walls, but serving things a different way." some of the most successful restaurants in reno are those that not only focus on the food they serve... but the way their customers dine. and speaking of good eats...roberto's taco shop has now expanded to reno. the location on 8th street and north virginia opened its doors for the first time last night... and is the first in northern nevada. the chain started in san diego in 19-64 and now has about 20 locations there... 40 more in las vegas. owner reynaldo robledo says he decided to open up shop here after hearing from university students who've been asking for a reno location for years. and get this-- the restaurant drew in crowds so huge... they had to shut down their doors at 7 o-clock tonight!
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out of food. i've opened 40-something restaurants in vegas and this has never happened before. "we just got overwhelmed. bottom line. robledo says the reno restaurant saw about 400 customers today. he apologized to customers who were still trying to get into the restaurant more than an hour later... "i sincerely apologize to all the customers because i know they have been waiting for us.
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light scattered showers on wednesday before we go into a prolonged dry period. a weak low pressure center will push a frontal band through the region wednesday afternoon, giving us in the valley a slight chance of rain or snow showers in the afternoon. temperatures will warm slightly into the low 40s. after the front passes through thursday morning, a ridge of high pressure will build across the west coast, drying us out for the foreseeable future. some residual cloudiness will stay through the work week, but should clear out by sunday finishing the week on a sunny note. look for high temperatures to climb into the we have one more round of some
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wednesday before we go into a prolonged dry period. a weak low pressure center will push a frontal band through the region wednesday afternoon, giving us in the valley a slight chance of rain or snow showers in the afternoon. temperatures will warm slightly into the low 40s.
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thursday morning, a ridge of high pressure will build across the west coast, drying us out for the foreseeable future. some residual cloudiness will stay through the work week, but should clear out by sunday finishing the week on a sunny note. look for high temperatures to climb into the low 50s by week on a sunny note. look for high temperatures to climb into the low 50s by saturday.
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after the break - a new program is working to help young adults battling psychosis in nevada. find out about the services
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welcome back. in health watch tonight... young people suffering with mental health issues will now be able to get help with a new program called "enliven" . it was formed by the state of nevada and the children's cabinet - to help individuals between the ages of 15 to 25 who are dealing with psychosis. dr. tracey green with the department of health and human services says that 18-thousand nevadans suffer with disturbances or mental illness. dr. tracey green, chief medical officer for dept. of health and human services: "we're going to do fully integrated services to look at whether you need housing services, whether you need a job, whether you need an education. and it's not just for the individual, it's for the individual's family or the individual's support system." the program has already accepted their first clients and organizers say they're ready to
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and in school watch... today demolition began on a dorm at the university of nevada to make way for a new one. construction equipment crews began tearing white pine hall down today to make room for great basin hall... which is designed to hold 430 students. the 130-thousand square foot building is set to open in the fall of 2017. "coming from the university of nevada to the denver broncos... in the super bowl again hear from former wolf pack starts brandon marshall and virgil green." congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%.
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by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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garrett dearborn, with channel 2 sports" just a couple weeks left in high school basketball's regulars season, so teams are jockeying for palyoff position...all scores reported tonight are on the ticker....but as for the action, over at manogue the sierra league boy's current 2- seed was playing host to a damonte ranch team hoping to heat up. -this one was a back n forth game early on.....down one in the first its johnny reilly hitting the floater and the home team was up one. -the mustangs have a pretty good play maker in nyaabila apambire and check the hops here give him
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gone....but manogue wins 69-54 -on the girls side, same two teams with manogue looking to stay undefeated in league, play...up big its katie turner with the steal she led all scorers with 22 points and shared here with malia holt who has the fast break bucket...she had 20points. -manogue just working it tonight, with the ball movement up to hannah bingham.... the miners have too tonight and stay undefeated in league play 79- 33. we certainly have a little wolf pack flavor at super bowl 50 with brandon marshall, virgil green and reed alum kyle roberts on the broncos. we heard from roberts last night....he is a practice squad guy....while marshall and green are impact players for denver....but as they told dallas colodny getting on that field was a long, tough journey.
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between the denver broncos and the carolina panthers and of course it will feature former nevada wolf pack stars virgil green and brandon marshall... i caught up with them on monday nights super bowl opening night where they told me they have had incredible journeys as football players. "percerverance is key, every one will have bumps in the road and trials and tribulations but if you belive and stick to your plan and keep working hard you will definetly achieve your goal." "it has been a long journey, but when you look back on the hard times that i had it made me the person i am today, the person i am today... the football player i am today, it has truely molded me into everything i need to be a pro football player." green and marshalls journey is also coming full circle this week as they return to the bay area nearly 5 years after the
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"it feels great, me and virg actually won a bowl game here back in 2010 we played boston college so it feels great to be back here." "it great, the moment those guys got in the locker room i was so excited. i have been pumping up nevada for many years and to finally have a lot of other guys not just with the broncos but with other teams too is a huge accomplishment." so super bowl 50 is this sunday and you can watch the game right here on ktvn kickoff is set for about 3:30... dallas colodny channel 2 sports. and of course you can see the game right here on channel 2....the panthers and broncos will go at it sunday at
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begins at 8am reno's new united soccer league franchise is nearing a new begins at 8am reno's new united soccer league franchise is nearing a new those in charge released a field narrowed from 6-to-3 names. nearly 45-hundred voted in the usl reno 2017 name contest...and here's where we are now....reno so at or head to our website and we'll have a link set up for the way. the new usl team will mike has a last check of your forecast-- we have one more round of some wednesday afternoon, giving us
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high pressure will build across the west coast, drying us out >> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! hey, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) thank you! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: that's nice. that's entirely pleasant. that's nice. ( cheers and applause )
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that's nice. welcome to "the late show." thank you so much. i am stephen colbert. happy groundhog day everybody! wow, it really feels like i said that yesterday. ( laughter ) anyway, happy groundhog day everybody! it's a great day. i hope you got your groundhog something nice. but all of us got a present today, because the prognosticator of prognosticators, punxsutawney phil, did not see his shadow. that means we will have a short winter. ( cheers and applause ) it obviously, made a lot of people happy. not me. because, full disclosure, i am a groundhog denier. i don't all think the science is in on weather-forecasting rodents. sure, 98% of climate veterinarians believe that groundhogs can affect the
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axis, something to do with the burrowing, evidently. maybe they're taking core samples down there. i don't know. but i just don't buy it. i mean, how much ground could a groundhog hog if a groundhog could hog ground? i had to practice that. but, folks, i see my shadow right here on the state so ooij predicting 60 minutes of great show for you tonight. touch and go. touch and go. you never know. first i'll sit down with actor david schwimmer. ( cheers and applause ) david is starring in "the people v. o.j. simpson." so peyton manning isn't the only white bronco on tv this week. ( laughter ) then-- fine family joke. then i'll talk with pastor joel osteen. ( cheers and applause )
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the good news. pastor has a new book called "the power of i am," something i learned long ago when i first tried greening as and ham. then we'll hear a performance by singer-songwriter m. ward. ( cheers and applause ) his upcoming album-- his upcoming album is called "more rain." i just hope he didn't get that forecast from a groundhog. ( band playing ) oh, that right there is jon batiste and the stay human symphony orchestra. say hi. ( cheers and applause ) they're about to bring you to your feet and me to my seat. but before they do, one more thing: a new super bowl commercial is going to feature babies conceived after previous super bowl wins. i'm just worried about getting those babies up on the
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>> tonight, stephen welcomes. david schwimmer. pastor joel osteen. and a musical performance by m. ward. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now it's time for "the late show with stephen colbert"! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! hello!
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>> jon: yup, yup, yup.
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