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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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"this is channel 2 news, coverage you can count on" this morning a woman is in the hospital after she hit a concrete overpass on kietzke lane and rolled her pick-up. crews had to block traffic there overnight. and an online service that began here in reno reached a huge milestone yesterday. we spoke with the founder about how the service works and why millions of americans have used the technology. and reno high students are heading to las vegas... to compete for a spot in the national science bowl. ky sisson is live in the newsroom to show us how these bright teenagers are getting ready for their big event. these stories top your news right now at 4:30 a-m. today is wednesday, february 3, 20-16.
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good morning, i'm john potter. and i'm andi guevara. thanks for starting your day with channel 2 news this morning. with a few scattered snow & rain showers by the afternoon. the sierra could see a few inches of evening with little or no accumulations. dry weather takes us through the weekend with highs warming into the 50s! thanks jeff. new this morning... both northbound lanes of kietzke lane near i-80 were closed for a few hours last night... after a driver struck a concrete overpass and rolled her pick- up. the crash happened around 10-15... on kietzke lane near the i-80 overpass. sparks police say the driver struck a concrete railway overpass and rolled her pick-up. remsa was on scene... and transported the driver to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. sparks police are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the crash. crews reopened the road around
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turning to crime beat... turning to crime beat... carson city police arrested a man they say fled the scene of a fatal hit and run crash last week. it began when emergency crews were called out on reports a man fainted on the side of the street last wednesday night at hwy 50 east and brown street in carson city. they found the victim... 52-year- old gustova garcia-valdes... unconscious. deputies then got a tip that he was the victim of a hit and run... and that the driver of that vehicle was 37- year-old juan pablo rios. investigators say rios told others he was involved in the crash. garcia-valdes died from his injuries two days after the hit and run. yesterday the justice court in carson issued a warrant for rios' arrest.... and he was taken into custody, charged with "failure to stop at the scene of an accident involving personal injury or death."
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and an online service that began right here in reno... is celebrating a big milestone. alert i-d... an online crime and safety notification system... hit 500 million alerts sent out to users yesterday. here's how it works... you type in your address... and these icons will pop-up... representing crimes... sex offenders... or things like car accidents and fires in the area. it's a free service... with millions of users nationwide. the founder says... it's basically a virtual neighborhood watch. keli: "people really love knowing what is going on really close to them, around their home. you feel like you have kind of the inside scoop, you know, 'oh, there was a car break-in around the corner...'" to check out alert id for yourself... just head to k-t-v-n- dot-com... we have a link for you there. let's check in with
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meteorologist jeff martinez for a first look at the weather. good morning, jeff! mostly cloudy this wednesday with a few scattered snow & rain showers by the afternoon. the sierra could see a few inches of snow by this afternoon and evening, making travel difficult. a few rain and snow showers will move through the valleys this afternoon and evening with little or no accumulations. dry weather takes us through the weekend with highs
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thanks jeff. in school watch... the tahoe expedition academy had a celebration of learning event last night... where students presented their
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they were encouraged to develop and build a product that would make a difference in the world. while some students say they liked the creative thinking and the problem solving...many said it was great to just have some fun. "they have a purpose to this work that they're doing and that is key to sort of this intrinsic motivation they have for learning and we believe it foster's this love of learning for a life time." tahoe expedition academy has been growing...they are planning a multi- million dollar campus outside of truckee in the coming months. three local high schools-- the davidson academy, coral acadaemy, and reno high school will be competing in the regional science bowl competition with high hopes of heading to nationals in washington dc this spring. ky caught up with some of the whiz kids from the reno high school science squad and joins us live
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in the newsroom. good morning ky. good morning! the nevada state science bowl is in las vegas this weekend and the local high schoolers headed down to compete are arguably some of the smartest kids in northern nevada. more than thirty teams from california, utha, and nevada, will be buzzing in to answer the pretty difficult math and science questions and quickly! these reno high students have been studying up--each with their own subject specialty-- a strategy they say is key to winning. ohidul mujumder- "no one person can learn all this stuff so we want everybody to have a different expertise and have a different thing that they are good at." mr. aaron shoolroy--teache r and science bowl coach has been to a few of these competitions as both an advisor and when he was a student at reno high school 22 years ago. he said this year's team is especially quick on that buzzer saying quote "they're animals" when it comes to answering quick. aaron shoolroy- "last year i
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kind of held them back last year because i was a little bit worried. two espeically are really lightning quick, really fast, can be an advantage to us this year." last year, reno high school got second place almost winning that all expenses paid trip to washington, d.c. covering the story, ky sisson, channel 2
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coming up on channel 2 news this morning... a hole on the side of a commercial airplane forced an emergency landing in somalia...what investigators are saying about the incident...after the break. and after a tough race in iowa....presidential hopefuls are now in new hampshire...we'll tell you what the candidates have planned...after this. "you're watching channel 2 news this morning with john potter, andi guevara and meteorologist
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presidential candidates are criss-crossing new hampshire...ahead of the first in the nation primary next week. it's a three-way race on the republican side - between ted cruz, donald trump and marco rubio. on the democratic side... hillary clinton is campaigning hard after her razor-thin victory over bernie sanders. weijia jiang has the latest from windham, new hampshire. -nats- donald trump took to the campaign trail in milford, new hampshire tuesday...brushing off his second place standing in iowa...and downplaying marco rubio's third place finish: he comes in third, i come in
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second. trump no good...rubio unbelievable night, unbelievable victory rubio outperformed expectations in the hawkeye state...finishing just one percentage point behind trump, the new hampshire favorite: we cant just win with the people have now -nats/cruz the florida senator is now positioning himself as the alternative to trump and first place iowa finisher ted cruz. with the first-in-the-nation primary here in new hampshire less than a week away - candidates on both sides are flooding the state in an effort to sway voters. while some have already made up their minds: everything that ted cruz believes in he acts on others remain undecided: i'm going to be going to a lot of town halls and looking at candidates after beating bernie sanders in
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iowa by a razor thin margin - hillary clinton has come into new hampshire as the underdog.trailing sanders by 18 points: i hope you will choose with both your heart and your mind we're going to go after state after state after state both candidates could face each other in a possible debate here tomorrow. weijia jiang cbs news windham, new hampshire. there is a democratic debate scheduled for tomorrow... but bernie sanders' campaign says he won't participate unless hillary clinton agrees to his campaigns conditions on future debates... clinton's people say her campaign has met the conditions. and with our own state's caucuses just a few weeks away...the number of active registered voters grew in nevada last month. there are now more than one point two million active registered nevada voters... up nearly 16- thousand from the previous month. more than 471 thousand are
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democrats... about 423 thousand are republican.... 234- thousand are nonpartisan and more than 75-thousand are registered with a third party. february 13th is the last day to register as a republican to take part in the february 23rd caucuses. democrats can register on site at their caucus on february 20. for links to register for either party head to k-t-v-n dot com and click the blue "news links" button. still to come on channel 2 news this morning... meteorologist jeff martinez will
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welcome back. this morning, people in the midwest are battling blizzard- like conditions after a storm dumped more than a foot of snow there. the same system is responsible for a line of damaging tornadoes. there were at least nine twisters reported in mississippi and alabama... which tore apart mobile homes and knocked out power in the area. so far, there are no reports of deaths or serious injuries. just outside the state's capitol... heavy downpours caused extensive flooding. at least eight people had to be rescued. the same storm system dropped a foot of snow in wisconsin, nebraska, and colorado. the snowfall was so intense blizzard conditions stranded some drivers and shut down major interstates. "channel 2 news continues with meteorologist jeff martinez's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast
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mostly cloudy this wednesday with a few scattered snow & rain showers by the afternoon. the sierra could see a few inches of snow by this afternoon and accumulations. dry weather takes us through the weekend with highs
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thanks jeff. looking around the world now... an explosion blew a gaping hole in a commercial airliner, forcing it to make an emergency landing at a somalian international airport late yesterday. two people were injured as 74 passengers and crew were evacuated after the plane made a safe landing. passengers say they heard a bang before flames opened a gaping hole in the plane's side. the pilot said he thought it was a bomb... but associated press reports that officials at somalia's civil aviation authority have found no evidence so far of a criminal act... they are still investigating the incident. honduras declared a state of
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registering 35-hundred suspected cases of the zika virus in less than three months. the world health organisation says the mosquito-borne epidemic is an international emergency. honduras' president said mosquito prevention was key in fighting the disease. they ordered health workers to fumigate houses and school buses as well as raise awareness on how to prevent mosquito breeding sites. and here in the u-s... the first u-s case of the zika virus transmitted through sexual contact has been confirmed in dallas county, texas. the centers for disease control and dallas health authorities revealed the finding yesterday. the disease also has been linked to a serious birth defect that's affected thousands of newborns. there are more than 30 confirmed cases of the zika virus in the country. all, except the most recent
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patient, were infected overseas as the virus rapidly spreads throughout latin america and the caribbean. there are still no reports of zika being transmitted by mosquitoes within the u-s. health officials are urging residents traveling to zika- affected areas to use mosquito repellent. and now. sexual protection. coming up next on channel 2 news this morning... uber's logo is getting a makeover...we'll show you how this ridesharing company plans to revamp their look...after the
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welcome back. this morning in money watch...united airlines is going back to an old policy...families with small kids get to board the airplane first. starting february 15th, parents with kids age two or younger can pre-board united airlines flights -- right after passengers with disabilities and active military personnel in uniform. united dropped that early-
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boarding policy in 2012. they were trying to simplify the boarding process....but united says going back to the old policy is the right thing to do. the ridesharing company-- uber, is getting a makeover. this is the company's new logo-- instead of the stylized white and black 'u'... the new design features an image the company calls the... quote.... atom and bit. uber co-founder and c-e-o travis kalanick personally worked on the re-branding. he says they're trying to bring out the human-side of highlighting it as a transportation network. a company spokeswoman says the new logo will be used worldwide -- with a different color scheme in each of the 68 countries the company operates. a college student in boston came up with a pretty creative way to
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make some extra cash, by renting out his dorm room on air b-n-b. the website tells you how to do it. you just list your space, respond to requests, and welcome your guests. 19 year old sophomore jack worth hosted three guests in his university dorm...that was, until the school forced him to take the posting down. worth was fined 150 dollars by air b-n-b and is now facing discplinary action by emerson college, which says renting out a dorm room is a violation of the school's housing policy. coming up on channel 2 news this
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new this morning. a woman is in the hospital after crashing into a concrete overpass and rolling her vehicle near i-80...we'll give you
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