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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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keep moving forward. first street is open again. kerrie koski: "everyone is excited about the bridge, it's starting to take shape. see the light at the end of the tunnel here." opening west first street is a sign. kerrie koski: "we're getting pretty close." to the finish line. angela, sandra vanscott: "how excited are you that they're making progress on the bridge and now first street is open: estatic." looking out her office window, sandra vanscott gets to see the progress on the bridge first hand. sandra vanscott: "we watched them pull the bridge across slowly but surely pull it acoss the casam." she's happy first street is open again too. kerrie koski: "so we finished pouring the concrete and the concrete roadway and the curbs and gutters. and today we just opened i i" next on the list is fixing the utilities. kerrie koski: "so that we can get the poles that are behind me out." plus kerrie koski: "we can finish the sidewalks and finish the project." sandra vanscott: "been running really smoothly and ahead of
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it out there. been working day and night. rain and shine, or snow." you always have to be prepared. luckily the extra rain and snow we recieved didn't cause any damage to the bridge. kerrie koski: "got all of the water diversions out. also got all of the temporary structures that were in the river out." that was back in the first couple weeks of january. just in the nick of the time. construction sandra vanscott: "have you peeked, have you looked around? all the time. i go up on top of the parking garage and peeked down. taken pictures." curious. my photographer and i had to do the same. it's amazing how far we've come. the goal is still to open up in may. so far so good covering cone zone, angela schilling channel two news. and n-dot is continuing improvements on i-580 through washoe valley with a new bridge closure. the bellevue road bridge along with the northbound on and
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the southbond on and off ramps remain open. traffic to go north is being detuoured to alternative 395/bowers mansion road and interstate traffic will not be affected. ndot says this project is a precautionary measure to keep the bridge stable in the event of an earthquake. meg ragonese- "we're going to be reducing the weight load on the bridge itself by 300,000 pounds and what that does is just ultimately makes the bridge safer and stronger." the bridge is set to reopen in 3 months. it looks like we are entering an extended period of drier and warmer conditions. a ridge of high pressure will build in after a few wednesday night snow showers. there will be enough residual moisture around for a couple of days to bring variable amounts of cloudiness across the region before clearing out over
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also gradually rise from the
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turning to the crime beat... the carson city sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in identifying two suspects in a burglary. it happened in the early morning hours of january 22-nd at the empire ranch golf course on fair way in carson city. officials say these two suspects stole large quantities of food and alcohol. they say the suspects are possibly one male and female. there are no descriptions beyond these two photos. if you can help identify these suspects, you are asked to contact the carson city sheriff's office at 8-8-7 25-hundred. south lake tahoe police are asking for help finding two murder suspects. officers responded to the parking lot of the beverly lodge saturday night around 7-45. investigators believe two suspects met dennis wright junior and his girlfriend kendra
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sell 100 pounds of marijuana. when the suspects tried to rob them, there was a struggle and wright junior was shot multiple times and passed away at the hospital. one suspect is described as a black man... six 3... 200 pounds in his late 20s or early 30s with black hair in dreadlocks. the other suspect is also desribed as black... possible mixed race... five foot 8 170 pounds and also late 20s to early 30s... with his hair in tight curls. they may have been driving a tan sedan... similar to this one. if you know anything that can help police call 5-3-0 5-4-2 61- hundred. with the super bowl on sunday, it's the busy season for local sports books. we'll tell you how many ways you can bet on the big game...after the break. paul "the super bowl is the biggest sporing event in america
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also a money maker for a lot of businesses. i'm paul nelson -- i'll show you how it could
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the couple... who wants grass-fed beef that doesn't eat too much of their paychecks. the cash-strapped college student who simply wants organic and local produce. the parents...who may not have a healthy budget, but still make sure their children eat healthy. you inspire us to do everything we do...
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welcome back... the super bowl is having an impact on some reno and sparks businesses. that includes pizza plus. the local restaurant expects sunday to be one of the busiest days of the year. paul nelson joins us at their oddie boulevard location in sparks. paul -- this is no ordinary weekend over there is it? not at all kristen -- employees say this area will be pretty much
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sunday because most orders are for takeout or delivery. but on this side of the counter -- it's gonna be all hands on deck. between all four locations -- all 115 employees will be working. cutting pizza, shaking wings, shaking fries pizza plus is gearing up for a super sunday -- when it will pump out 20 to 30 large pizzas and 400 wings every 15 minutes. dan "it will be crazy, nonstop until after the super bowl." stocking tomato sauce cans and they're already stocking up. this hallway is being used to store pizza boxes -- and the walk-ins are nearly full. even more will be delivered, friday. yolanda "this is just half of the order that we're going to get. it's gonna be packed." some customers start placing their orders, two to three weeks prior to the super bowl. if you wait till game day to order -- you're looking at at least a two-hour wait -- and that's if there's any slots left. this board is coordinated to get the maximum amount per
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dan "it's definitely hard to keep up because you can only produce so much at any given time." sales could increase 3 to 8- thousand dollars, sunday at pizza plus -- depending on the location. blake expects sales to surpass last year's super bowl -- when the four stores combined to sell 55-thousand dollars of orders. dan "this year, we expect to do about 60 but we're kind of maxed out, as far as sales go, because we can only produce so much at any given time." blake says his business is good for families and large groups -- and that pays off during super bowl parties. dan "we have a party pack called the extreme. five large pizzas, 10 pounds of wings, five pounds of fries, which can feed up to about 25 people and it feeds them for about $5 each." pizza day magazine lists pizza plus as the nation's 24th best independent pizzeria, based on sales. blake says business has been improving -- and other sporting events have even matched or surpassed super bowl sales. dan "it says to me that the customers like what we have, appreciate what we do and they
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any employee that works more than eight hours will get overtime pay -- and blake says food and drinks will be provided for the workers, since it will be a very busy day. covering super bowl 50 live in sparks, paul nelson, channel two news. superbowl is the biggest sports betting day of the year. not only are sports books and casinos looking forward to it...but mont bleu in south lake tahoe even cut the ribbon on it's brand new sports book just in time for this weekend. they are offering more than 800 different ways to bet on the game this year. and there will be in-game betting too. so far...the money is on carolina. joe:"two years ago for superbowl there was a lot of money on denver the seattle money shoed up late that year and we expect that opposite this year with all
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carolina....and mone money to come in on denver closer to kick and they'll be ready for all those last minute bets. and super bowl coverage starts sunday at 8 a-m... with kickoff at 3:30 p-m... only on c-b-s. forecast next.... "i'm ky sisson." "and i'm steve park." "and he and a few reno high students are heading down to vegas for a science bowl
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders --
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building a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. in school watch... local high schools will be competing in the regional science bowl competition this weekend. they will be up against schools from california, utah, and nevada with high hopes of
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washington d-c this spring. ky sisson caught up with the whiz kids and has the story. they're fast. they're smart. and they're competitive. ohidul mojumder- "if i know and answer and somebody else even if they are on my team gets it. it makes me feel, i should have been faster on the buzzer." three local high schools-- the davidson academy, coral acadaemy, and reno high will meet twenty-nine others in las vegas this weekend for the nevada regional science bowl. they'll be answering some pretty difficult math and science questions. we met up with the reno high squad. their strategy for a science bowl sweep--make sure each person has a certain expertise whether it be physics, biology, math, or chemistry to take on the variety of questions. ohidul mujumder- "no one person can learn all this stuff so we want everybody to have a different expertise and have a different thing that they are
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mr. aaron shoolroy--teache r and science bowl coach has been to a few of these competitions as both an advisor and when he was a student at reno high 22 years ago. he says the team is especially talented when it comes to the fast-paced buzzing in... aaron shoolroy- "i don't have to teach um to be controlled on the buzzer, they are animals on there man! "sometimes it is hard to reign that in becasue if answer to early and you're wrong it gives the other team 4 points." and their essential element for winning.... mujumder- "go ham! that's our slogan this year, we're gonna go ham at state!" covering school watch, ky sisson, channel 2 news. it looks like we are entering an extended period of drier and warmer conditions. a ridge of high pressure will build in amounts of cloudiness across the region before clearing out over the weekend. temperatures will also gradually rise from the
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dallas: "it's national signing day and multiple northern nevada students have signed their letters of intent to play at the next level. i'm dallas colodny
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"now here's sports director garrett dearborn with channel 2 sports." its national letter of intent day...with that, nevada head football coach, brian polian announced his 2016 recruiting class this afternoon. this one starts in alphabetical
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4-guys from california. on the next page, how exciting for reeds nick gregg to be another reed alum heading to nevada. the recruiting class totalled 23 and was ranked 99th by the rectruting website you see akeel lynch is a transfer runningback from penn state...even though the class didn't ranke polian says he really likes the class...because it fits a certain mold. "we're trying to find more guys like james butler who came here unheralded, i think he was a 2 star prospect who didn't really have much going on. i think now two years later we can look at james and say that that was a good get, i mean he's one of our better players he's one northern nevada signing to live their dreams at the next level...dallas colodny has more. it is a day every aspiring
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to, national signing day, where they sign their letters of intent to play at the next level. and northern nevada is no different including football where it was a banner day as 4 signed to play at the fbs level. over in fernley where vaqueres offensive lineman tyler roemer became the first football player from the school to sign a division 1 fbs national letter of intent... he is headed southern california to play for rocky long and the san diego state aztecs. he chose the aztecs over an offer from louisville. "you can't go wrong with san diego, it is a beautiful place, it had a great family feel to everything, the coaching staff was great." three members of the reno huskie football team signed to play at the next level.... lukas mckenzie inked his letter of intent to play at fresno "when i took my visit there i built a really good relationship with my position coach, coach peterson, and then i will have a good opportunity to play early there too." over at reed 9 student athletes were on hand... for football... nick gregg signed a letter of intent to stay home and play for the
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houston will join him in the mountain west as he heads to the san diego state aztecs... while matt denn is going to the coast guard academy. "you couldn't ask more from san diego, i mean it is right on the ocean it is a great school, great athletics, great academics as we have seen from this last year." "it is like a once in a life time opportunity for me, i just feel like it will be good to play in front of the same people who have been supporting me for the last few years." 4 signed to play softball including mackenzi goins at nevada... and alexis gonazles at coppin state. "i've lived here my whole life and i have always kinda wanted play in front of my hometown." "extremely excited it is not easy to get into, it is not something that is easy to get into so its really cool." for douglas high school mckenna kynett the all time division 1 when i went down there just the vibes from everybody, the coaches, i loved all the girls it was just such a family unit so it worked out." at damonte ranch jordan gipson is going to play football at the university of laverne... and tera moshrefroony is headed to fresno pacific for soccer. and finally at spanish springs a
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it looks like we are entering an
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from scottsdale, arizona,
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