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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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"this is channel 2 news, coverage you can count on" south lake tahoe police are hoping you recognize these two men... who they say are wanted in connection to the shooting death of a man outside a lakeside motel. and west first street is officially open to reno drivers... a good sign that the virginia street bridge project is getting closer to completion. another bridge project is also underway in washoe valley... and could affect travelers in the area. ky sisson is live at the bellevue road bridge to tell us what improvements are being made to the overpass and what drivers need to know. these stories top your news right now at 4:30 a-m. today is thursday, february 4, 20-16. good morning. i'm andi guevara. thanks for starting your day with channel 2 news this morning. let's start with a quick look at the forecast with meteorologist
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thanks jeff turning to the crime beat... the carson city sheriff's office is asking for your help in identifying two suspects in a burglary. it happened in the early morning hours of friday, january 22-nd at the empire ranch golf course on fair way in carson city. officials say these two suspects stole large quantities of food and alcohol. they say the suspects are possibly one male and female. there are no descriptions beyond these two photos. if you can help identify these suspects, you are asked to contact the carson city sheriff's office at 8-8-7 25-hundred. and south lake tahoe police are asking for help finding two murder suspects in connection with the shooting death of a man
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last saturday... officers responded to the parking lot of the beverly lodge around 7-45 at night. investigators believe two suspects met dennis wright junior and his girlfriend kendra ghiorso, who were planning to sell 100 pounds of marijuana. when the suspects tried to rob them, there was a struggle and wright junior was shot multiple times and later died at the hospital. one suspect is described as a black man... six-3... 200 pounds in his late 20s or early 30s with black hair in dreadlocks. the other suspect is also described as black... possible mixed race... five foot 8, 170 pounds and also late 20s to early 30s... with his hair in tight curls. they may have been driving a tan sedan... similar to this one. if you know anything that can
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let's check in with meteorologist jeff martinez for a first look at the weather. good morning, jeff! good morning to you, we will see partly to mostly cloudy skies today with highs in the upper 30s to around 40 in reno with light winds. a quiet weather pattern sets up for the next several days, with a beautiful weekend heading our way, highs will be in the 50s to possible near 60 by next week. have a great thursday.
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this morning... a woman is in the hospital in serious but stable condition.... after a rollover crash on i-580. nevada highway patrol says they responded to a call of a rollover involving multiple cars on i-580 at the galena creek bridge just after midnight.
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involved in the crash. remsa says a female driver was transported to a local hospital by care flight. n-h-p says both lanes of i-580 northbound were closed for a few hours... but one lane was reopened around 1-30 this morning, the other a few hours later. and in cone zone... after being closed for a month, west first street is officially back open to drivers... a sign the virginia street bridge project is coming along well. recent developments included pouring concrete and fixing the curbs. the next phase includes working on utilities and replacing old poles around the bridge. crews say they've been working six days a week - about twelve hours a day... for the last eight months. the goal is still to open up in may... which they say is achievable if progress continues at this rate. the nevada department of transportation is continung its effort to seismically retrofit nevada's bridges in the event of
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overpass closure. take a look at this map. the bellevue bridge over i-580 in washoe valley has been closed and the northbound on and off ramps are being diverted. ky sisson is live in washoe valley where construction crews have started working on this over pass. he has more on the project. good morning ky. good morning andi. the bellevue bridge behind me is almost 50 years old and is one of a few projects ndot is working on in washoe valley to keep roadways safe for the 32,000 vehicles that drive i-580 to and from reno and carson city everyday. meg ragonese- "this seismic rehab of bellevue bridge will make sure the bridge is that much safer in the event of an earthquake we might see in the region." the seismic rehab ragonese is talking about is a part of a
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project in washoe valley that will include repaving 7 miles of i580, improving the east lake boulevard underpass and build an auxillary merge lane from east lake boulevard to north carson city. all of these projects are expected to last thru fall of this year. for the bellevue bridge they will mostly be making it less weight. "we're going to be reducing the weight load on the bridge itself by 300,000 pounds and what that does is just safer and stronger." > and its not just this bridge andi that ndot is working to keep safe. the verdi bridge is also getting improvements and is a part of the overall 33 million dollar project ndot to improve bridges
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live, ky sissin, channel 2 news. coming up on channel 2 news this morning... presidential hopefuls are trading jabs and tonight clinton and sanders face-off in new hampshire in their fifth democratic debate...we have the lastest details after the break. super bowl 50 is fast approaching and greasy foods are a staple for the big game..but if youre ordering pizza you might want to call ahead...we'll give you the details right after the break. "you're watching channel 2 news this morning with john potter, andi guevara and meteorologist jeff martinez's pinpoint 2
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welcome back. the broncos and panthers may be practicing for the super bowl, but another team is also getting ready for the biggest game of the year. jamie yuccas got a sneak peek at
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the game clock is 60 minutes but with pre-game coverage, time outs, penalties and those commercial breaks... the analysts expect to be on tv for more than 7 hours on sunday! and super bowl 50 is expected to bring big business to shops around town -- especially pizza places. slicing pizza pizza plus expects to sell 20 to 30 pizzas, and 400 chicken wings, every 15 minutes this sunday. that means all 115 employees will be on the clock, well before kickoff. last year, the big game boosted sales to about 55-thousand dollars between their four locations.
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to three weeks prior to the super bowl. if you wait until game day -- you're looking at about a 2-hour wait -- and that's if they have any slots left. so it's best to order in advance. and casinos are also getting ready for the super bowl... and the biggest betting day of the year. just in time for the big game... mont bleu in south lake tahoe cut the ribbon on it's brand new sports book. this year they're offering more than 800 different ways to bet on the game... so far...the money is on carolina. joe:"two years ago for superbowl there was a lot of money on denver the seattle money shoed up late that year and we expect that opposite this year with all the early money on carolina....and mone money to come in on denver closer to kick off." and they'll be ready for all
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and you can watch the game right here on channel 2. super bowl pre-game coverage starts this sunday at 8 in the morning... with kickoff at 3:30 p- m... right here on c-b-s. still to come on channel 2 news this morning... meteorologist jeff martinez will have your pinpoint 2 forecast
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in the fifth democratic debate tonight in new hampshire...which holds the nation's first primary next week. before that... bernie sanders and hillary clinton traded jabs over their progressive values at a town hall event last night. "i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes 15-million dollars from
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"i was sort of amused today that senator sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who's a progressive." clinton, who claimed a razor thin victory over sanders in trailing behind him in new hampshire. sanders is from neighboring vermont. on the republican side... donald trump accused ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses... calling for the results to be nullified. it is no surprise that donald trump is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if you like, trumper-tantrum. trump is expected to hold at least three events in new hampshire today...where he's leading cruz in the polls. both rand paul and rick santorum dropped out of the republican presidential race wednesday...leavin g nine g-o-p contenders remaining. let's take a look at the weather with meteorologist jeff
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good morning to you, we will see several days, with a beautiful
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thanks angela.
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thanks angela. looking around the world now... wiki-leaks founder julian assange may surrender to british police tomorrow... if a united nations panel rules against him. the u-n has been investigating whether assange has been illegally detained. he's been living in the ecuadoran embassy in london since 20-12, when ecuador granted him asylum. assange is wanted for questioning about an alleged sexual assault in sweden. he says the charges are an attempt to extradite him to the u-s because his group published sensitive diplomatic communications online. wikileaks tweeted early this morning that assange would leave the embassy and accept arrest by british police if the u-n panel ruled against him. if the group did rule in his favor, assange says he expects his passport to be returned and efforts to arrest him to cease. closer to home...
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in four florida counties because of the zika virus. there are now at least 48 patients in the u-s, all travelers who brought the virus back from zika- stricken countries, except for one in dallas who had sexual contact with someone who recently returned from venezuela. united airlines has offered to re-assign certain flight crews concerned about contracting the virus on routes to latin america and the caribbean. other airlines are reportedly doing the same. the cdc is advising pregnant women to protect themselves if their male sexual partner has traveled to a country where zika is spreading... as the virus can stay in an infected person's blood stream for about a week. coming up next on channel 2 news this morning...
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after making a 2-billion dollar purchase...what...did lowe's
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welcome back. this morning in money has decided to end its scion brand...and re-brand the cars as toyotas. scion started in 2003 as a separate car brand -- targeted at younger buyers. while its products were closely
4:51 am officals say the scion's customizable style is what set them apart. the cars were sold at toyota dealerships -- but in areas away from the rest of the showroom. now the youth market has changed. an analyst with autotrader says millennial buyers would rather buy cars from known and trusted brands. u-s home renovation giant lowe's is buying their canadian competitor rona in a two-point three billion-dollar deal. both companies made the announcement after their boards agreed to the deal. the arrangement gives lowe's, which has more than 18-hundred stores in the u-s, mexico and canada, its first foothold in quebec, canada. company executives are saidto be happy with the deal but at least one quebec government official says it's bad for the province. cbs announced that leslie moon- ves has been elected the next
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directors. 92-year-old sumner redstone resigned from his position as executive chairman and has been named chairman emeritus. moon-ves will maintain his position as president and ceo of cbs as well as assuming role as chair. the new chairman says that he is honored to accept the position and greatful to continue working with, vice chair, shari redstone. shari redstone, nominated moon- ves and his appointment was confirmed by a unanimous vote of the cbs directors. a california man is suing mcdonald's in federal court over what he says is fake cheese in the company's mozzarella sticks. chris howe is asking for his dollar-and-27 cents back, and seeking damages for u-s customers he says were misled. mcdonald's website describes the cheese sticks as being made with 100 percent real mozzarella. but the complaint claims that the fast food chain instead uses
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ingredients. howe alleges tests proving the sticks have more water and starch than federal food labeling laws allow. coming up on channel 2 news this morning... the virginia street bridge project is moving a long...after lanes were closed for a street is finally back open to drivers...we have
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south lake tahoe police are hoping you recognize these two men... who they say are wanted in connection to the shooting death of a man outside a lakeside motel. and west first street is officially open to reno drivers... a good sign that the virginia street bridge project is getting closer to completion. another bridge project is also underway in washoe valley... and could affect travelers in the area. ky sisson is live at the
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what improvements are being made
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