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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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let's start with amanda... the nevada highway patrol is putting extra troopers out on the roads on sunday to look for impaired drivers, right? yes, infact their stepping up their patrol today. and nhp tells us they want you to pick a team: drinking or driving. because this weekend there will be consequences of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. trooper eddie bowers, nhp: "if they get stopped and the officer believes in fact that they have been drinking, using drugs, or something of that nature, they can expect after a field sobriety testing and things to be arrested for dui." nhp says they will be on the look out for failed traffic stops, speeding and other characteristics of impaired drivers. because they say this weekend is one of the times of the year where they see an increased amount of dui's. troopers are also passing along tips for you to stay safe. designate a driver before the drinking starts....whether it be a friend, taxi, ride share or public transportation. you can also report drunk drivers to nhp by dialing 6-4-7.
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we ask motorists is to just make sure they're enjoying, having a good time at the game, just enjoy the game responsibly." good tips to reminder because troopers also tell us a dui will cost you thousands of dollars, a trip to jail and a suspended driver's license for at least 90 days. covering super bowl 50, amanda ketchledge, channel 2 news. thanks amanda. much has changed since the first championship game back in 1967. teri okita talked with one fan who's witnessed them all and she joins us live in san francisco... teri? landon, lots has changed in the 5 decades since the super bowl and no one knows that better than the small group of men who've been to them all.
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of only three members of the exclusive "never miss a super bowl" club. he's been to every game since 1967. tom henschel/"never miss a super bowl" clubmember: "first 20 i can tell you all theams and the scores but age gets to you after a while." for super bowl i, henschel paid just "12"-dollars to watch the packers beat the chiefs. , the l-a coliseum was only two-thirds full, and the half-time show included two college bands and a featured trumpet player. henschel: "there wasn't too much hype but i love football." the pittsburgh-area native loves seeing the excitement around the game. super bowl host committee c-e-o keith bruce has worked on 15 of these games. he says the biggest changes started about 20-years ago, when the half-time show began attracting headline acts. it's evolved into much more than a game. keith bruce/super bowl host committee ceo: "it's about everything related to the celebration of the sport of
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bowl." this year, the pre-party festivities run a full nine days . and a seat in the stadium costs about 57-hundred dollars. it's the most expensive super bowl on record. but henschel says he'll keep coming . henschel until he can't make it anymore. henschel and the other two members of the "never miss a super bowl" club are on the n-f-l's v-i-p list and are allowed to buy tickets at face value. thanks teri. well something that stays pretty constant with super bowl the food. super bowl weekend is a significant moneymaker for local grocery stores. so we sent erin breen to save
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are stocking up on. she joins us tonight from save mart on pyramid highway in spanish springs. so what's hot this year? every thing you'd expect....and a few things i guess i never really thought napkins. because chicken wings are bigger than ever. in fact so is superbowl as a holiday for stores like this. scanning merchandise. the sale of super bowl snack adds up pretty quickly. in fact.. on average super bowl fans will be spending more than $80 each on snacks....all kinds of snacks. hohn: "beer pop chips chicken wings. the amount chicken wings sold is amazing around e country for super bowl." according to this weekend... this country ....will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings....that's billion with a b. which may be why they were so big with tasters today. --would you like to taste a
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chips? just look around. there are at least 20 varieties in this aisle. we'll eat 28-thousand pounds of chips with that chicken... which we will dip into 8-thousand pounds of guacamole and salsa. everyone seems to have their own menu. rosanna:"potatoes...and oh...cookies." justin: crab rangoons...i'm making them. rosanna: "and sliders and french fries." ---i'm making turkey chili--- when you go shopping expect to see lots of football displays shaped trays...sandwiche s and sweets. there'll be prepackaged snack plates to make them easy to contributue to any party around. and all kinds of deals just for football fans. because this is not just any weekend. hohn: super bowl has become a holiday know thanksgiving...christma s valentine's day and now super bowl is basically a holiday anymore." and this rush has just begun. john: "it'll really take off tonight and for the next three
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you might also keep in mind that once you've washed all those snacks down with with an estimated 325 million gallons of beer and alcohol.... you just might appreciate having a handful of these on hand. now i still got a few things to pick i'll send it back to you.... covering superbowl 50....erin breen... channel 2 news. thanks erin... and you can watch super bowl 50 only on "c-b-s"... coverage begins at 8 a-m sunday and kickoff is at 3-30. and cbs sunday morning will start at 6 a-m... and face the nation will begin at 7-30. democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders will appear on face the nation. "now here's mike alger's first look at the pinpoint 2 forecast" after some overnight and morning cloudiness, the skies should clear off as saturday progresses, and we will be
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bowl weekend. temperatures will also warm up into the low 50s through sunday, and steadily climb into the low 60s by tuesday or wednesday. even though a few clouds come back into the forecast picture mid-week, it looks to stay dry
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in crime beat... the nevada highway patrol is investigating a hit and run in carson city, which resulted in the suspect being killed. sheriff's office deputies responded to reports of a vehicle hitting a parked vehicle just before 8 p-m, near brown street and edmonds drive. they learned the suspect's vehicle was a yellow ford pickup. shortly after, deputies found that pickup at a gas station on college parkway near research way. as officers approached... the suspect rammed a deputy's s-u-v with his car and sped off eastbound on college parkway. after passing airport road, the suspect lost control and crashed on airport property. the driver -- described as a hispanic man -- was ejected and passed away. investigators say the ford was reported stolen about 4 o-clock yesterday afternoon -- in the same area as the initial hit and run. also in crime beat... deputies
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three men who ran away from a deputy earlier this week. investigators say the men ran from a deputy who stopped them wednesday afternoon near foresthill and discovered one of them had a warrant for felony drug sales. he was about to make an arrest when they fled into the forest. authorities say empty gun cases and five guns were found inside their car, one of which was stolen. early yesterday morning deputies arrested pedro ortiz on charges of resisting arrest and possessing a stolen firearm. the remaining three men are all mexican nationals and are considered armed and dangerous. michelle secrest/foresthill resident: "everybody up here leaves their cars unlocked and the keys in the car. we feel safe...and now we don't." the three are are described as five feet tall and weighing 160 pounds. if you have any information call
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paul:the nevada national guard is using virtual reality to fly helicopters for firefighting and combat missions. i'm paul nelson, coming up at 5:30, i'll show you how it works." arianna: if you're looking for a good volunteer opportunity... a way to really make a difference in someone's life... stay tuned. i'm arianna bennett... i'll tell you all about "seniors in service" coming up. angela: "in order to become good at something you have to have a passion for it. forecasting in reno can be a challenge. but it can also be alot of fun. i'll explain coming up. but first... a construction crane slammed to the ground in new york city this morning... killing one person... a look at the destruction it left behind, after the break. "you're watching channel 2 news... with kristen remington, landon
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looking around the nation... a huge construction crane collapsed in lower manhattan this morning, killing a pedestrian and injuring several other people. eyewitness video captured the collapse. the wreckage crushed cars and scattered debris along an entire city block. the crane fell along a street in the city's tribeca neighborhood, about ten blocks north of the world trade center. a snow squall was passing through at the time, and the city's mayor says crews were working to secure the crane.
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city: "it was being moved into a secure position because, by the manufacturer's instructions, as winds topped 20 miles an hour." several buildings were damaged as the crane fell to the ground. the counterweight landed on a desk in a nearby office building. police and "buildings department" investigators are looking into the cause of the accident. along with the fatality.. two people were seriously hurt by the collapse and another suffered minor injuries. all are expected to survive. a multi- state hunt for an "armed and dangerous" missouri couple came to a dramatic end early this morning. police caught up with blake fitzgerald and his girlfriend brittney harper in the florida panhandle early this morning. fitzgerald was shot and killed after an armed standoff with police and harper was shot in the leg and hospitalized. police say their crime spree
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kidnapped 26-year-old kyle dease, forcing him into a car. about an hour later, the suspects dumped him unharmed in a city near birmingham. in the days to come they kidnapped two more women and stole their vehicles and held a family hostage in their pensacola, florida home before stealing their car. both suspects had previous criminal records... fitzgerald for armed robbery, harper for driving while intoxicated. and mike alger will have a look at your forecast, coming up next. but first... today a united nations panel recommended julian assange be allowed to leave the embassy where he has been living for years... without getting arrested. how the british government is responding to the
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain
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bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. looking around the world... a united nations panel is siding with wiki leaks founder julian assange, saying he is being illegally detained in london. but as john potter shows us, the british government says the finding doesn't change anything. nats: applause julian assange spoke from the balcony of ecuador's embassy in london where he has been holed up for more three years to avoid being arrested. assange: "this is a victory that cannot be denied." the wikileaks founder says he should be allowed to walk free - after a united nations human rights panel concluded he is being held against his will. assange: "if this illegal, immoral and unethical detention continues, there will be criminal consequences." britain's foreign secretary
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recommendation..." ridiculous." hammond: "julian assange is a fugitive from justice - he's hiding from justice in the ecuadorian embassy." assange took refuge to avoid being arrested and extradited to sweden to face sexual assault allegations. he thinks the allegations are a ploy to extradite him to the u.s., where he could face criminal charges for publishing secret government documents. the un panel is calling on sweden and the uk to free assange and compensate him for being 'deprived of liberty.' lawyer: "mr. assange is..." a lawyer for the 44 year old australian is urging british officials to respect the un recommendation and let assange go. uk authorities say assange in school watch... today governor sandoval signed regulations to allow faster
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the regulations will allow nevada to issue provisional licenses to teachers who are otherwise qualified... or within a year of becoming qualified... allowing the hiring of hundreds of teachers immediately. the signing of the regulation follows a change in federal law in december which had prohibited nevada from issuing provisional licenses without the risk of losing federal funding for education. in a statement the washoe county school district praised the governor's decision, saying it will help fill dozens of vacant teaching positions more quickly. "channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" after some overnight and morning cloudiness, the skies should clear off as saturday progresses, and we will be looking at a mostly sunny super bowl weekend. temperatures
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50s through sunday, and steadily climb into the low 60s by tuesday or wednesday. even though a few clouds come back into the forecast picture mid-week, it looks to stay dry for the foreseeable future. after some overnight and morning cloudiness, the skies should clear off as saturday progresses, and we will be looking at a mostly sunny super bowl weekend. temperatures will also warm up into the low 50s through sunday, and steadily climb into the low 60s by
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though a few clouds come back into the forecast picture mid-week, it looks to stay dry for the foreseeable future. after some overnight and morning cloudiness, the skies should clear off as saturday progresses, and we will be looking at a mostly sunny super bowl weekend. temperatures will also warm up into the low 50s through sunday, and steadily climb into the low 60s by tuesday or wednesday. even though a few clouds come back into the forecast picture mid-week, it looks to stay dry
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let's check in on the roads with our traffic reporter chaison dean in the alice 96 point 5 traffic center. look out for some heavy traffic from victorian to sparks on i80 east. luckily there arent any accidents or incidents to report right now so good job out there arianna: if you know a senior who could use some help getting around... stay tuned. i'm arianna bennett... i'll tell you about a local group looking to help... and engage our elderly population... right after the
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danielle: i'm danielle nottingham in manchester, new hampshire. coming up, the candidates begin their weekend
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turning to campaign 2016... some
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will spend the weekend deciding who they'll vote for in tuesday's primary. the presidential hopefuls are jockeying for position - and working hard to persuade voters. danielle nottingham is in manchester, new hampshire. 21- year old joe alexander still hasn't decided which republican candidate he'll back on tuesday. danielle: "what does a candidate have to do get your vote?" joe: politicking." voters say face-time is every minute counts. joe alexander/undecided republican voter: "my mind isn't gonna be made up until i get in that booth." rebecca rand is even further behind in her process. rebecca rand/undecided voter: "i'm kind of stuck. i haven't declared a party yet!" "i'm gonna keep fighting 'til the last vote is counted in new hampshire!" candidates on both side are working their ground game hard. with mrs. bush hitting the campaign trail for her son. "would love to have your support!" danielle nottingham/cbs news, manchester, new hampshire: "they can't take votes for granted here. a new poll shows one
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voters are undecided - almost twice the amount of democrats who still haven't picked a candidate. professer dale kuehne says new hampshire voters are weighing their options this election cycle. dale kuehne, ph.d./professor of politics, st. anselm college: "i think voters are trying to decide am i more angry and do i want to register that anger with the parties? or am i going to step back and say who do i want to be president?" kuehne says things can change in the last 36 to 48 hours leading up to tuesday's primary. danielle nottingham channel 2 news. the senior population across the country... and here in nevada... is growing. it's a combination of aging baby boomers... and longer life expectancies. but that also means a shift in the types of services that people need. arianna bennett joins us now live with a look at one group... working to help... ari? it's called seniors in service... and it's an interesting program... because it offers help for seniors in need... but it also offers opportunities for active seniors to get involved. their most popular program...
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people who can help them get around. mary: "many of them lose their ability to drive themselves, so they become very dependent on their communities, their neighbors, if they have family, if they're fortunate enough to have family that can take them out, take them shopping." it's those shopping trips... or rides to doctors appointments... that make the senior companion program so popular... but also because it eases the isolation that many seniors face after they retire. right now-- there is a long waiting list... about 100 seniors in our community... who are asking for a little help. the group is looking for volunteers... of any age... who have some time to spare. but brock says-- some of their most enthusiastic volunteers... are seniors themselves. mary: "it gives them a lot of purpose in life, and that's what we hear from our volunteers a lot: 'i have something to do. i have something to look forward to.'" to see the full interview and learn how you can get involved-- just tune in or set your dvr for face the state this weekend.
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and 3:30 pm... and on sunday at 9:30 pm. covering the story live, arianna bennett, channel 2 news. paul: "i'm paul nelson, all this noise is machine gun fire coming from a virtual world of guys practicing a combat mission on a helicopter. we'll show you how it works, coming up." the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world
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i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. looking for a few things to do this weekend? we've got you covered. how about seeing the piano guys and
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"this is channel 2 news, coverage you can count on" taylor "it allows you to get that training without having to put yourself in a dangerous situation." the nevada army national guard is using technology for training -- flying helicopters in a virtual world. that is tonight's channel 2 news big story at 5:30 good evening, i'm landon miller. kristen is on assignment, thanks for staying with us. it's called an aviation combined arms tactical trainer -- or avcatt. a unique method for pilots and crew members to practice flying -- in a semi trailer.
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