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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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interstate 580 with a look at how law enforcement is making sure you celebrate the super bowl safely... and teri okita joins us live from san francisco with a look at how the super bowl has changed changed since the first championship game back in 1967... teri, you talked with a fan who's witnessed them all, right? that's right, landon and arianna... teri introduces pkg 74-year-old tom henschel is getting ready to attend his 50th superbowl. sot i feel really special i really do. i really feel like a vip sometimes. the pittsburgh native is one of only three members of the exclusive
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okita question: what is your favorite super bowl memory? sot: i would say super bowl.well i have to go back to the steelers in 9, 10, 13 and 14. all 4 of them were so special. for that first championship game,henschel paid just "12"-dollars to watch the packers beat the chiefs in the la colesium. sot: there were only 63,000 seats sold. the endzones were almost empty. the game has come a long way since then.and is now the biggest single day sporting event in the nation...attracting more than 100 million viewers and drawing thousands of fans to a nine day celebration. sot henschel and the other two members of the "never miss a super bowl" club are on the n-f-l's v-i-p list and are allowed to buy
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thanks teri. now let's check in with amanda, who's live along i-580. amanda, law enforcement is stepping up their patrol starting today and running through this weekend, right? yes. extra troopers will be out on the highway looking for signs of impaired drivers. because this weekend is one of the times of the year where they see an increased amount of dui's. "police car sirens"
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nevada highway patrol is on the look out for failed traffic stops, speeding and other characteristics of impaired drivers on the road. sgt. eddie bowers, nhp: "it is a one day event, but you have explosive traffic flows right after the game ends." his advice for football fans celebrating this weekend: pick a team, drinking or driving. sgt. eddie bowers, nhp: "it impairs people's ability to think clearly and sometimes, you know, they don't make the best choice when they're under the influence." because there will be consequences of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. sgt. eddie bowers, nhp: "if they get stopped and the officer believes in fact that they have been drinking, using drugs, or something of that nature, they can expect after a field sobriety testing and things to be arrested for dui." troopers also tell us a dui will cost you thousands of dollars, a trip to jail and a suspended driver's license for at least 90 days. sgt. eddie bowers, nhp: "it's really not worth it. it's much better if they just make a good choice, finding a designated driver, or calling a taxi cab or taking the bus."
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drivers to nhp by dialing 6-4-7. sgt. eddie bowers, nhp: "what we ask motorists is to just make sure they're enjoying, having a good time at the game, just enjoy the game responsibly." as of now, nhp says there are no confirmed dui checkpoints this weekend, but they will be out in full force on the highways. covering super bowl 50, amanda ketchledge, channel 2 news. for those who don't usually gamble, the super bowl is the one day non-gamblers tend to throw down a few bucks - to get in on the action. and sports books are getting ready for the big crowd of people that don't come to the casino often. steve mikkelson- "if you're not going to make a wager on the big game, you're not going to make a wager on anything. this is the one event everyone pays attention to." the proposition bets are especially popular with wagers such as "will the first player to score a touchdown have an odd or even jersey number?" or "will the team that scores first win the game?" for the more
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bowl is a time to not just have a good time, but to score at the sports book. leo carr- "to make money. at a party they won't be taking bets. over here it will be a great enviroment, everybody will be rooting. it's like it's own party. some wager wisdom from mikkelson at the atlantis... only bet on who you wanna cheer for. and the super bowl is a money maker for local grocery stores, too. in fact they say the rush to stock up for the super bowl is in full swing and is expected to stay crazy for the next few days. grocery stores we talked to see the football-themed selling frenzy of chips... beer... and chicken wings... and they plan on the rush every year john: super bowl has become a holiday know thanksgiving...christma s valentine's day and now super bowl is basically a holiday anymore." a holiday during which america will eat 1 point 2-5 billion chicken
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chips... and drink 325 million gallons of beer. super bowl pre-game coverage starts this sunday at 8 a-m - with kickoff at 3:30 p-m... right here on c-b-s. and due to super bowl sunday morning will start at 6 a-m... and face the nation will begin at 7-30. turning to school watch... today governor sandoval signed regulations to allow faster hiring of teachers in the silver state. the regulations will allow nevada to issue provisional licenses to teachers who are otherwise qualified... or within a year of becoming qualified... allowing the hiring of hundreds of teachers immediately. the signing of the regulation follows a change in federal law in december which had prohibited nevada from issuing provisional licenses without the risk of losing federal funding for education.
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school district praised the governor's decision, saying it will help fill dozens of vacant teaching positions more quickly. looking 2 our community... february is national dental health month and tomorrow the community health alliance will host "give kids a smile" day. from 8 a-m to 3 p-m tomorrow... dentists... staff and hygienists will provide oral health services to all children up to age 18... for free at the wells avenue. monica vazquez/healthy smile, healthy child program: "there is many children in the community who don't have insurance, and this is a way to give back to the community." children will be seen on a first come, first served basis. chief meteorologist mike alger will have a look at your
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"channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!"
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cloudiness, the skies should clear off as saturday progresses, and we will be looking at a mostly sunny super bowl weekend. temperatures will also warm up into the low 50s through sunday, and steadily climb into the low 60s by tuesday or wednesday. even though a few clouds come back into the forecast picture mid-week, it looks to stay dry after some overnight and morning cloudiness, the skies should clear off as saturday progresses, and we will be
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bowl weekend. temperatures will also warm up into the low 50s through sunday, and steadily climb into the low 60s by tuesday or wednesday. even though a few clouds come back into the forecast picture mid-week, it looks to stay dry after some overnight and morning cloudiness, the skies should clear off as saturday progresses, and we will be looking at a mostly sunny super bowl weekend. temperatures will also warm up into the low 50s through sunday, and steadily
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tuesday or wednesday. even though a few clouds come back into the forecast picture mid-week, it looks to stay dry after some overnight and morning cloudiness, the skies should clear off as saturday progresses, and we will be looking at a mostly sunny super bowl weekend. temperatures will also warm up into the low 50s through sunday, and steadily climb into the low 60s by tuesday or wednesday. even though a few clouds come back into the forecast picture mid-week, it looks to stay dry
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thanks mike. and you know, it is national weatherperson's day... and in honor of that...well... national weatherperson's day...
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that's it for us tonight. but stay tuned for 2 the hoop with sports director garret dearborn. that's coming up next! and remember you pancakes and eggs. bacon and sausage. coffee and oj, and a killer price. that's a win, win, win, win, win. denny's grand slam slugger, part of the 2, 4, 6, 8 value menu. denny's.
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welcome to 2 the hoop, alongside dallas colodny and paul nelson, i'm garrett dearborn...and we want you to get social.... and get involved with us... send us a picture... tell us about your team just hashtag 2 the hoop and keep it clean and we will put it on the
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galena student doing backflips 1. carson got off to a quick start with some good ball movement -- tez allen hits jayden dejoseph running the baseline. 2. then later in the first -- allen gets the rebound and the senators are running -- he sends it over to kyle krebs and he knocks down the 3-ball. carson started on a 16-2 run. 3. galena had just one field goal in the first but turned it on in the second -- the grizz force the turnover for the fast break -- moses wood gets it to dillon voyles for the bucket and the foul. but the senators win a close one 43-41. hug at reno... the huskies were looking to stay close with carson for the best record in the north. in the second half... hawks down big, but still showing some skill. ja'lawnie thomas spots up from the top of the key. he knocks down the three and tack
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but reno dominated in this one. here's casey scarpa from the wing... he dances his way to the hoop for the score to put the huskies up 30. then in the 4th... colten crom leading the fast break, gets it to brecken hicks for the layup. then check out the hustle from crom.. after the assist, gets right back on defense.. he comes up with the steal, and finishes it battle tonight. things were tied up at 12's early.. until the lancer's dalten smith takes it from justus eaglesmith. he goes the other way for the easy layup... mcqueen up 2. second quarter.. cougars down one.. but making offense out of defense. marcus loadholt with the steal, passes to jalen townsell.. he misses the dunk, but korbin marcum has his back.. he tips it in to give his team the lead. lancers down three now... just before the half. jaylan franklin is going to get it in the corner ... he catches and fires for three. franklin beats the buzzer to tie it up at the half.
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springs 60-59.. they're now tied in the high desert. reed and north valleys... winner takes possesion of the 4th and final playoff spot in the high desert league... 1. 4th quarter raiders up 15.. they work the ball over to a wide open jeremy ramos... breath... go through you progressions and drill the three pointer... raiders up by 18... 2. north valleys not giving up the fight... josh mea... working the defense... he will pull up from down town and hit the three... but the raiders lead was already to big... 3. watch lincoln turner here... misses his first shot at the three... follows the rebound... and puts up another one and counti it... raiders now have a one game lead on the panthers for the high desert leagues final playoff spott with a week left in the regular season... they are 83-62 winners tonight. wooster alum glenn carano presnting the colts with a nfl golden football... more on that later... 1. wooster hosting damonte ranch... brett cooper in the corner... and that one is nothing but net... game tied up... cooper a game high 27... 2. the colts though would take an early lead... ben ginn... the bounce pass to myster smith... he drops in the layup... colts by 8... smith had a team high 26.
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out on top in this one... drew damboise... does it himself... throws this one up and it drops straight through. dranch wins 67-61. tonight in fallon it was the elko indians playing tough ball against the churchill county green wave. 1. elko would come out shooting at the start of this one.. they feed it to the top of the key where erik klekas is way downtown...he nails the three point shot...but there would be more from the indians 2.this time elko gets the ball into the hands of dustin baum...from the corner..he scores a three pointer of his own...elko out to a six point lead. 3. but the greenwave would get one...60 to 50. fernley's cheerleaders rooting their guys on at home..with the vaqueros taking on the spring creek spartans.. 1. start of the second half...vaqueros feed it inside to their big man tyler roemer..he gets the easy layup..this game coming just a few days after roemer signed his national letter of intent to play football for san diego state. 2. spartans playing from behind... and it's cooper cavaness making a move and hitting the long range
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3. but fernley would continue to play good offense...zach burns finds the lane and hits the floater with all five spartan defenders around him.. fernley holds on to win a close one.. 54 to 53 and bishop manogue went down to douglas and got the 67- 59....chad peters guys take care of south tahoe 53-38. now don't you go anywhere, we're going to check in on some girls' action coming up after the break. we all have goals. and now, there's a smarter way to save for them. with the u.s. bank start smart savings program , when you save $500 in one year, you'll get an extra $50. plus, you'll get a 1 percent bonus up to $50 on all net gas and grocery purchases with your u.s. bank debit card.
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welcome back to 2 the hoop, with paul and dallas i'm garrett, lets check in on some girls action....paul where one of the top teams in the north, was at home....lets check in the other part of our 2 the hoop squad....zac mooney and ryan canaday....zac you were at reno tonight. thanks garrett--
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get to. but first... we start with a pair of teams at the top, facing standings. we'll start off with the hug hawks visiting the reno huskies. everyone take note here... this is not the girl you want to leave wide open. huskies inbound to mallory macquire.. she knocks down the easy jumper. reno was up 19-0 at that point. still early, megan derrico gets the steal for the huskies, she pushes it up to kailiana ramos. ramos... gets a little fancy with her footwork and knocks down the jumper. reno would score 30 before the hawks get on the board.. rolling to an easy win... 66 to 6. further north.. mcqueen defended its house against visiting spanish springs. second half.. lancers were up nine but would stretch that lead out. kendra mcanich gets the recound for mcqueen and goes coast to coast and hits the shot to put her team up double digits. cougars cut the lead to 8.. but that's as close as they'd get. lancers with the ball... paris burnley works it inside to
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basket with the bonus. she finished with 18. lancers get the win 55-40. down in fernley, the lady vaqueros hosting the spring creek spartans in a shooters battle. 1. start of this one..spartans working the ball down the floor.. and they get it into the hands of kaitlyn mcleod...can't see her behind the ref..but she hits the three..oh there she is.. 2.other end of the court...this time it's the vaqueros who are shooting the long ball...and it's sophomore hailee edgar for three...splash.. fernley goes on 35 elko indians visiting the churchill county green wave..indians were just never able to find their rhythm in this one. 1. late in the fourth quarter... greenwave trying to extend their big lead...caitlyn welch goes for the reverse... unable to hit that one..but it's faith cornmesser fighting to keep the play alive..she gets her shot to go in...greenwave up forty-three points 2.but elko would hit a few shots late...with two minutes left in the's ashton heathman who works her way around the defender... and gets the nice touch off the glass for the two
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but it isn't the greenwave comes crashing down on the indians here... they win 63 to 24. some good basketball tonight..but lets talk super bowl really quick zac...any predictions? ... that does it for us..i'm ryan canaday, he's zac mooney.. we'll send it back to you guys. and there's more girls highlights to talk about, paul. cotton candy 1. panthers down by 7 in the 2nd but it's passion burrell up to her usual tricks -- she picks it off and takes it the other way for the uncontested layup. 2. north valleys eventually took the lead but the raiders
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and dials it in for the three pointer. but the panthers come away with this one 48-44. -damonte ranch and wooster girls... landon miller returning to his alma mater... 1. early on though the colts looking to play spoiler desirae bounds with the steal and she will go to the basket and get the hoop and draw the foul... colts up 4. 2. but then the mustangs took control...alexus hunter steps on the basket and she gets the layup and 1... and damonte ranch goes on tow win 59-33. cheerleaders enjoying a grizzly lead in the fourth. 1. galena still going hard -- taylor crofoot passes it into reilly moss -- she takes it home and picks up the foul -- she hits the free throw for a 6-point lead. 2. then on the other end -- the some other scores yerington topped west wendover 40-35 and manogue gets 21 out of katie turner in a 74-39 win. thanks guys, don't go anywhere
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after a week off game play, the wolf pack men's basketball team is hoping for a 4th-straight conference road win at colorado state tomorrow afternoon. you might recall the last time the pack was in colorado springs it wasn't pretty....the rams
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its all set to tip at one and will be streamed on campus insiders. bighorns hosting jazz affiliate idaho... and bruno is kinda creeping on those ladies... 1. second quarter... david stockton has a really nice shot... it helps when your father is hall of famer john stockton... he led all scorers a 126-103 win. wooster and alum, glenn carano had a pretty big honor tonight presenting a gold football to the school. as part of the nfl's 50th super bowl celebration, the nfl is giving high schools the gold football presented by
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it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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