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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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bowl city" in san francisco teri...? the broncos and panthers had their final pre-game walk-throughs on saturday. the c-b-s broadcast team is doing its final prep work, too. injury reports, statistics, and player profiles are all part of their game plan . as they get ready to host a full day of t-v for the biggest single- day sporting
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"there are going to be a lot of new viewers, so you can't be talking too granularly about football." lead analyst and former quarterback phil simms says he's going to keep the game-calling simple. but, as a super bowl champion and mvp, he'll also be able to add extra color on the players. "i read all the stories about how it affected them . it is not going to happen to me. but, get in the huddle and see how nervous your teammates are. it's frightening . what the hell is wrong with your guys?!" "here at "super bowl city" . one of the main fan event areas . people are able to watch and even interactive with the reporters and broadcast teams." panthers fan: "we're here to see the panthers win the 50th!" broncos fan we are going to win by 7 points on sunday. be ready we have a couple of things up our sleeve. fans who aren't able to fork over thousands for a seat at the stadium can still have some pre-game fun. singer alicia keys plays a free concert saturday
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teri, tell us about the new technology that c-b-s will have for the game tomorrow. and with the game just around the corner, plenty of businesses are
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and with the game just around the corner, plenty of businesses are now starting to see last minute shoppers. ryan canaday spoke to a few local stores and customers about how they are finishing their super bowl 50 party preparations. "balloons" employees at party america have been busy just trying to keep up with all the demands of superbowl 50. karen gabriel- manager-"kinda crazy, kinda crazy, it has calmed down right this moment but it has been kinda crazy." store manager karen gabriel says store sales are close to being up 10 percent... "cash" she even needed to bring in some employees early today.. to make sure all the balloon preorders they've had were out in time for customers. "we are out of all the team balloons now, which we were out of yesterday." but it's not just the balloons that've been flying off the shelves. plates, napkins, tablecovers all that kind of stuff for each team and for the 50th superbowl, sold
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"liquor" managers at total wine have seen a sales increase in their store as well. "this is our first probably spike for the new year which is great, it's the second most consumption day if it's not behind tthanksgiving." manager anthony kingsland says beer sales alone have jumped up 60 percent before the big game. "you've got that one guy who's going directly for hey man i need a thirty six pack of bud i got the buddies coming over, or you have someone throwing a party." and we actually ran into a few of those people today. both broncos and panthers fans alike, who were picking up last minute items for their big plans on sunday. peggy donchez- panthers fan-"we're having a big party with probably sixteen friends and family so looking forward to it." brice hubbleston-reno-"chili, pulled pork, plenty of beer and wine and then everybody bring a little something." ron fye- broncos fan-"it's a lot of work, out today picking up a few last minute items and go home and start cooking." covering super bowl 50, ryan canaday channel two news and for some people, it is more about the parties than the big game... analysts have determined that
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on game day. the national retail federation reports...people ages 25 to 34 will shell out about 140-dollars for the super bowl this year-- that's compared with an overall average spent of 82-dollars. millenials will spend most on food and new t-v's. couldn't ask for a better weekend. with clear skies light winds, and mild temperatures. we do need the snow, but it's nice to have a quiet weekend to enjoy too. highs today topped out in the low 50's. tomorrow will be slightly warmer. satellite shows some thin clouds moving in from the west. pushing onshore, but the clouds will lift north
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will be cool, dropping into the teens in valley's and upper 20's elsewhere. with an inversion in place, it will be warmer at pass level. the paiute tribe reports that they have recovered the body of a missing fisherman. 31-year-old robert anthony glennon, of san francisco, was recovered this afternoon at pyramid lake. he and another man went missing on new year's day on the lake, when the weather turned on them. they were not wearing life jackets. the washoe county sheriff office's hasty team
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looking to our community... legends in sparks hosted a community of red runners...all trying to fight against the number one cause of death in the u-s scheels hosted remsa and the american heart association for the fourth annual running red for heart 5-k this morning. around 60 runners participated - and all proceeds benefit the american heart association in their fight to reduce death and disability from cardiovascular diseases. runners tell us - they also do it to raise awareness. "it's really important to get out, whether you're walking or running, it's just important to get out, get your body moving, and get your heart conditioned." "i'll continue to support it as long as i can. absolutely, as long as my legs carry me, i'll be there." the run is held every february to celebrate national american heart month. and february is also national children's dental health month. the healthy smiles-healthy child program held its 6-th annual give kids a smile event.
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the wells avenue dental health center. volunteer dentists provided services like fluoride treatments, sealants and x rays to children from low-income families. volunteers said it's worth every minute that they help out. "i love doing this, i've been doing this for years. it's always nice to come in and help the community out, make them aware of their health needs, their oral needs, and what we can do to help them out." across the nation, more than five million under-served children have received free oral health services over the last 13 years, thanks to give kids a smile day "these nh voters say they're having fun discussing completely opposite viewpoints ahead of the vote, and they want you to do the same. i'm craig boswell in rollinsford, nh. that's coming up." "i'm danielle nottingham in manchester, new hampshire. coming up, the gloves come off as the republicans go head-to-head in their final
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the republican presidential candidates faced off in new hampshire earlier tonight. donald trump returned to the debate stage after skipping the previous one in iowa. it was a chance for all the candidates to make their case to voters ahead of tuesday's primary. danielle nottingham reports from manchester, new hampshire. have a look- the abc news debate kicked off with a bit of confusion. doctor ben carson and donald trump apparently didn't realize they had been called to the stage. "former governor jeb bush" ..while other candidates passed them by. trump eventually took center stage in a debate that led to several confrontations . presidential candidate "what donald trump did was try to use
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property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city." bush "how tough was it to take the property of an elderly woman." trump: "quiet let me talk" trump holds a strong lead in the new hampshire polls.. but marco rubio recently surged to the number two spot. that made the first term senator the target of attacks about his leadership experience. presidential candidate "when you talk about the hezbollah act that you took credit for you weren't even there to vote for it that's not leadership that's truancy." florida, presidential candidate "i think the experience is not just what you did but how it worked out." "this is the eighth republican debate and it could make or break the campaigns of some candidates trailing in the polls." presidential candidate "it gives us a very good example of washington ethics" carson criticized senator ted cruz over his win in iowa. on caucus day cruz's team spread reports that carson was stepping away from the campaign. presidential candidate "when this transpired i apologized to ben" political pundits will determine who won the debate but
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decide who wins the primary when they head to the polls on tuesday. danielle nottingham, hampshire. as voters get ready to make their voices heard - the differences of political opinion are often issues that divide neighbors, friends and even couples. in new hampshire they are perfecting a basic idea to bridge those divides and there is a model for people across the nation to follow too. craig boswell takes you to a living room conversation. on this snowy evening in new hampshire a small group of people gathered inside a neighborhood home - some of them had never met. "this is spencer" they were invited in for a personal - political conversation ahead of tuesday's primary. it's called a "living room conversation" - intended to ignite constructive discussion over political differences...the couple hosting the event live those differences daily. "i am a republican" "and i'm a democrat" and that set the stage... "i think or government has
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where do you want it small and where do you want it big." "i think they could a much better job at managing immigration" the discussion included tough topics such as immigration, gay marriage and gun control "the over regulation in my opinion can be very toxic." "it's misplaced." spencer littles is a bernie sanders supporter. "the federal government i feel like has to really push the states." 83-year-old nancy boyle has not missed an election since 1964. "and to be perfectly honest for this election i haven't decided which ballot i am going to take." the dialogue came without discord. "is this fun?" "it was fun for me." "i think it's that unpredictability that makes peoples passions really come out "and you like that?" "i like the passions that come with that because it says where you really stand for." michele holt shannon arranges these conversations through the university of new hampshire. "let's keep talking and go through this because our country depends on this in a lot of ways too.." she believes opening up homes will help open up minds. in
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and marco rubio picked up another endorsement yesterday from the las vegas review-journal. the newspaper says the florida senator is quote - more electable than either donald trump or ted cruz. las vegas billionaire sheldon adelson bought the paper in december, but the editorial board said they interviewed rubio before adelson bought the paper...and that the billionaire was not involved in the process. adelson has not personally endorsed any candidates yet. and with the nevada caucuses starting in just two weeks, be sure to stay with channel two news on air, online, and on facebook and twitter for continuing coverage of campaign 20-16. angela will have a look at your weather forecast but first... the new star wars movie continues to earn more money at the box office. we'll tell you the latest
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passed...after the bre we all have goals. and now, there's a smarter way to save for them. with the u.s. bank start smart savings program , when you save $500 in one year, you'll get an extra $50. plus, you'll get a 1 percent bonus up to $50 on all net gas and grocery purchases with your u.s. bank debit card. u.s. bank -- the power of possible. congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections.
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by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government. in money watch... the latest star wars movie has now grossed more than 900- million dollars in the united states. citing estimates from walt
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reports "star wars: the force awakens" is the first movie to make that much money domestically -- doing so in just 50 days. last month, the film surpassed the previous record holder, "avatar," which grossed just over 760-million dollars. the studio expects the film to gross more than two-billion dollars worldwide. it would be only the third movie to do so. and if you think your broken smartphone is worthless, think again. citing "sources," an apple-focused tech blog reports apple will soon pay for broken i-phones. it's an upgrade to apple's current i- phone trade-in program, which already gives customers who trade their old model phone credit toward the purchase of a new model. the blog says apple hopes the program will encourage people to upgrade their phones
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couldn't ask for a better weekend. with clear skies light winds, and mild temperatures. we do need the snow, but it's nice to have a quiet weekend to enjoy too. highs today topped out in the low 50's. tomorrow will be slightly warmer. satellite shows some thin clouds moving in from the west. pushing onshore, but the clouds will lift north overnight. temperatures tonight will be cool, dropping into the teens in valley's and upper 20's elsewhere. with an inversion in place, it will be warmer at pass level. futurecast is very quiet with plenty of sunshine on tap. jet stream
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builds in. with high pressure you have a dome of dry air. dry air cools off quickly at night and heats up quick during the day. seven day shows quiet weather persisting througout the workweek. temperatures will reach the 60's by midweek. couldn't ask for a better weekend. with clear skies light winds, and mild temperatures. we do need the snow, but it's nice to have a quiet weekend to enjoy too. highs today topped out in the low 50's. tomorrow
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satellite shows some thin clouds moving in from the west. pushing onshore, but the clouds will lift north overnight. temperatures tonight will be cool, dropping into the teens in valley's and upper 20's elsewhere. with an inversion in place, it will be warmer at pass level. futurecast is very quiet with plenty of sunshine on tap. jet stream moves north and warmer air builds in. with high pressure you have a dome of
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quickly at night and heats up quick during the day. seven day shows quiet weather persisting througout the workweek. temperatures will reach the 60's by midweek. the nevada mens basketball team was on the road looking for another win this afternoon... dallas is in next with highlights. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job.
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...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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the last time the nevada mens basketball team was in fort collins colorado... colorado state hammered them to the tune of 98-42... a 56 point difference which was the largest margin of victory ever... for a mountain west conference game... the two squads squared off again this afternoon... so could the pack avenge last season's embarrasing loss... off to jen burton's alma mater... things looked good for the pack early on...
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coleman dishes to the freshman lindsey drew... and from straight away center he burries the three... nevada takes an early lead... about two minutes left in the half now... pack in transistion... and dj fenner will leave for space camm... cameron oliver puts a poor colorado state ram on a poster with the alley oop jam... nevada led by 6 at the break... second half and its coleman gettting into the lane... his runner drops through nevada by 8... coleman would finish with 12 points.... but the rams slowly close the gap... with less than 11 minutes to play... eric cooper jr. from the corner... drills the three pointer... that kept the rams at arms length but not for long... 4 and half minutes to go... nevada by 3... antwan scott has some space and he hits an equalizer.. that three ties the game at 62... about a minute of game time later... coleman's shot is short... the rams grab one of 54 offensive rebounds... and in transition john gillon gets the layup... good...
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three straight to the rams 76-67 is today's final... eric cooper jr and lindsey drew led nevada in scoring with 14 and 13... but the real difference was rebounding... the rams beat the pack on the boards 53-37... not going to win many games with that differential... so next up for the pack... they will host air force on wednesday... tip off set for 7pm. how about the nevada women's bball team as they hosted first place colorado state. early on nevada down 13... teige zeller from near the charity stripe... and her jumper is true... unfortunately the pack was no match for the rams... as csu wins 64-37. the reno bighorns looking to grab win number 20 on the season... as they hosted former wolf pack guard brandon fields and the idaho stampede. second quarter reno down by 8... but reggie hearn will catch and shoot from downtown... and his
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little later brandon fields goes to work... one-on-one he gets to the hoop and drops one in... 16 points for fields... but its the reno bighorns who continue to roll along this season winning 117-105. a couple high school basketball scores reported as west wendover grabs a big win over hug 75-27. and in a battle of warriors... palmer chaplin's 40 points led whittell over excel christian 74-48. we are less than 24 hours from superbowl 50... hear from some
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super bowl 50 is right around the corner... tomorrow actually... and a pair of former wolf pack stars brandon marshall and virgil green will suit up for the denver broncos when they face the carolina panthers. but it also might be the final game for nfl legend peyton manning... manning who is 39 years old has struggled with performance and injury this season and it has been speculated that following tomorrows super bowl he could hang up the cleats... but for guys like marshall and green they say it was a privilege to have gotten to play for the sure fire first ballot hall of famer. "i love peyton. one of my favorite stories about peyton was when i first got to denver on the practice squad and coach fox
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practice squad player brandon marshall and after the meeting peyton came up to me and said how you doing i'm peyton manning introduced himself to me. everybody knows who peyton is but it was big to me, it lets me know that guy is humble he is a humble individual he works hard, i have always been a peyton fan but that put it through the roof." "you have to understand that he knows everything that is happening. he sees every look that you could imagine. not only to be on the field with him but to be in the meeting with him and hear how he thinks his philoshophy is such a joy." as for green and marshall both of them have visions of winning their first super bowl. "it hit me a couple days after the afc championship game because i had been here before i just know i definetly want to win it." "do you have yoru dream moment in the super bowl?" "oh
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moment is a pick 6 in the super bowl" "it is going to take a lot of everybody being detailed everybody doing there job... playing for the guy next to you... that is what it is going to be all about." so super bowl 50 the panthers and the broncos... kicks off at 3:30 tomorrow and you don't even have to change the channel because it is right here on channel 2. also the 2016 nfl hall of fame class was announced today... the headliner making it in during his first year of avialibitly was brett favre... the packers quarterback retired with numourus nfl records such as passing yards and touchdown passes... joining him are... former colts wide reciever marvin harrison... former rams tackle orlando pace... linebacker kevin greene who played for four different teams in his career... former bucs and colts head coach tony dungey. two players were elected from the senior committee... former raiders quarterback the late ken stabler will be part of the class he died last year of cancer.
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dick stanfel was also chosen from the seniors commitee. and former 49ers owner eddie debartolo jr will go into the hall as a contributor. wooster and alum, glenn carano had a pretty big honor last night presenting a gold football to the school. as part of the nfl's 50th super bowl celebration, the nfl is giving high schools the gold football presented by alumni who were on the active roster of any super bowl team. carano was roger staubach's backup for the cowboys in two superbowls... their win over the broncos in super bowl 12... and their loss 13... you know what this is very special. you know i played with the dallas cowboys for 7 years. 7 playoff games, 5 championship games, 2 super bowls, and one super bowl win. but you know what? i was a backup qb. but for me to give back to the community like this and try and be a role model and try to help the community out. i thank the nfl for giving me the opportunity. the honored schools receive an nfl character curriculum and
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nfl foundation to help support their football programs... coming up restaurant in southern california had an....unusual guest. we'll have that story, after the break. then angela will have a final look at our weather. you're watching channel 2 news -
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stop me if you've heard this one: a sea lion walks into a
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it sounds like the start of a joke...but it really happened in the san diego suburb of la jolla the staff at the aptly-named "marine room" -- said this sea lion cub came in on thursday. it napped in a booth...and then gazed at the surf through a window. sadly though, the super-cute pup was malnourished. she is now at sea world in san diego..and will be returned to the wild after getting healthy. angela's here with a last look at our forecast.... seven day shows quiet weather persisting througout t >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for cize, brought to you by beachbody. this is the end of exercise. >> get ready to cize it up. [ beat drops ] [ people cheering ] are you ready to dance? 5, 6, 7, 8! >> on my way in i'ma take it >> stop exercising, people.
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