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tv   Face the State  CBS  February 7, 2016 9:35pm-10:05pm PST

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and compare my genitalia to part of czechoslovakia?! you saw through that one, did you? i don't know what you were thinking, but take the video down now! she watched it. i'm gonna get that girl back. amy: i only watched it because you e-mailed it to me with the subject line: "this is gonna make you mad"! she was listening through the door. she wants me. captioning sponsored by cbs warner bros. television and toyota.
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>> welcome to the "late, late super bowl show." i'm still standing >> cindy crawford revisits her favorite super bowl ad. >> and zac efron, anna kendrick, and adam devine, help recreate the best sports movies of all time. "late late super bowl show starts right now. >> reggie: are you ready to have some fun it's the late, late show >> ladies and gentlemen, give it up for your host, the one, the
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( cheers and applause ) >> james: hello! good evening and welcome to the "late late show." thank you for being here. how are we doing, guys? are we good. tonight is a huge night, one of the biggest sporting events of the year. i have it all on my dvr, so please, no spoilers. i'm going to watch it when i get home tonight. i'm kidding. i'm kidding. a huge congratulations to peyton manning and the denver broncos! ( cheers and applause ) i'm sure right now they're all just huddled around the tv like, "ghie goois, shush, we've got to
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then we'll celebrate! but it was a tough night for cam newton. cam views himself as superman. he even warmed up wearing a superman shirt. unfortunately, tonight he found out his kryptonite is a football. ( laughter ) now, the game got off to a great start with lady gaga and her incredible performance of the national anthem. ( cheers and applause ) it was fantastic. it really was. lady gaga's performance was so popular, that hillary clinton has already adopted her look. ( laughter ) i i've got to say, lady gaga wasn't the only one setting trends today. take a look at 1989 super bowl m.v.p. jerry rice. look at that guy. his look got so popular that by half time, bruno mars was already wearing it. ( laughter ) ( applause )
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kids, bernie sanders then immediately got on board with the trend as well. look at that! now, the commercials are big every year. one of the best spots tonight was by the nfl themselves, did you see it? about how many babies are conceived on super bowl night. well, i've got to say, i think through the going to be an even bigger bump this year and that's thanks to this ref. ( cheers and applause ) whooo! i mean, how-- how tight was his shirt? i don't even know what you call that size? a smedium? but he wasn't the only one showing off tonight. i was loving jonathan stewart's
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second quarter. >> in for the carolina touchdown. ( cheers and applause ) wow, someone was really inspired by live last sunday. now, they tried to make the half time show the coolest of all time. there was coldplay, beyonce, bruno mars. mark ronson. what's the one thing that's missing to make it really cool? your uncle steve dancing in the background. ( cheers and applause ) >> james: i love this music! what is this song? what is this song? i love it. listen, we've got a fun show tonight. reggie, are you ready to do this? i'm james corden. and this, this is the
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roll the titles. the late, late show, oh, oh the late, late show, ooh the late, late show, oh, oh the late, late show oh, oh the late, late show >> james: can you see this? we didn't have the budget to do it twice, so i'd never done it before. and they're like, it's really easy. it isn't. to burst through paper like that. look at that. we hay great day here at television city. we really got into the super bowl spirit and had a "late, late show" tailgate party outside our studio all day, full of panthers and broncos fans watching the game. this was earlier on. and it was just a great atmosphere out there.
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it was fantastic. now, here is the thing. there wasn't enough space in the studio tonight for everyone. in fact, there was only enough space for all of the winning fans, isn't that right, broncos fans? ( cheers and applause ) so we had to leave the panthers fans outside in the parking lot. let's go to them now. look at those-- aw! look at those panthers fans. oh, you look so sad out there. are you okay? are you having fun? at least you get to watch our show out there. i feel bad for you. first your team loses, and now you don't get a seat in the studio. but look on the bright side: at least it's not raining tonight.
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it's been a lovely day, it's been a fantastic-- oh, no, no! what are the chances? oh, i can't believe it. no one could have predicted rain. could they? listen, no one could have predicted that. it's been a great day in los angeles. it could be worse. it could be snowing-- you know-- no! oh, no. you are kidding me! snow in l.a.? it's a super bowl miracle. we're going to check in with you guys later in the show. in the meantime, give it up for the panthers fans. incredible sport, ladies and gentlemen. we have a packed show tonight. we really, really, do. later on, you will see what happened when sir elton john helped me get to work in a special carpool karaoke. and we have some great guests
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in the red room, we have three wonderful, hilarious, brilliant actors upon. zac efron, adam devine and anna kendrick! how are you doing? are you good, are you good? >> >> so incredible. >> football sunday, baby! we're here, we're doing it! i'm so excited that you're here. later on in the show, we're going to do this thing, and we hope it works. we're going to recreate as many iconic sports movie scenes as quickly as we can, the four of us. ladies and gentlemen anna kendrick, adam devine, and zac efron. now nationwide told us we could send two correspondents up to san francisco to cover the
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for the "late late show." and we thought who for the to send than two people who know nothing about football or the nfl, my mom and dad. i'm hoping we can join them now live on the field in san francisco. there they are! mum and dad! dad, is that a permanent tattoo? >> that is a permanent tattoo, and it's for life, because this has been such a special evening. i've had this permanently imprinted on my forehead. my forehead fortold the win, and it's there to stay. yeah. mum's, on the other hand, is going to wash off. because-- that's what the panthers to. they wash off. the broncos live forever. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> james: now, dad, just describe to us what's happening on the field there right now. what's happening back there? >> well, all the players are mingling with the reporters -- >> hang on.
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is that a player jowe have one of the guys there. >> hello! we met you! >> yeah, yeah. >> hey! hey! >> yeah, we got it. >> this is my little one. noah, say hi. >> what's your name? >> my name is tyler. >> tyler! >> and what is the boy's name? >> noah. >> tyler, we have got a special award for you tonight. >> oh, good. i can't wait. is it better than the lombardi trophy? >> it's better than the lombardi trophy. and we saw so many-- we saw so many fumbles here tonight. >> yes. >> and you, tyler, are the "late late show" most valuable player. and it goes right on your... butt! ( laughter ) for all the fumbles. no ayou enjoy your dad because he's a star. say hi to the "late late show." >> say hi.
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>> james: now that you're a huge broncos fan, you can explain the rules of american football? do you know any of the rules? >> well, i can explain it to you in a matter of seconds. the rules of american football are to get more points than the other team. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: he nailed it. he absolutely nailed it. ladies and gentlemen, my mum and dad. the "late late show." >> love you. see you soon. >> james: we're going to see a lot more of how my parents got on in the super bowl later in the week. now it may be the football that is taking most of the headlines right now, but one of the things i enjoy the most on super bowl sunday is watching the commercials. but nothing will ever beat my favorite super bowl commercial from 1992.
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just one look and i felt so oh, oh, oh, in love ( buzzing ) >> cindy! i'll get it! ( laughter ) just one look and i felt so oh, oh, oh, in love with you oh, oh, i found out how good it
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to have your love >> is that a great new pepsi can or what? >> it's beautiful. ( burps ) ( cheers and applause ) >> james: i was on the one on the left. just in case you didn't know it was me on the left. when we come back, a carpool karaoke with sir elton john. right here. come on back. >> i want to thank nationwide for sending my parents to the super bowl. everybody-- nationwide is on your side there it is! crawfish shorts i like your style hooked it just a little bit
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( cheers and applause ) >> james: welcome back. now, when i'm late to work, the only thing that helps is the carpool lane. and for that, i need someone with me. this is carpool karaoke. how you doing? have you looked out the window? it is pouring down with rain, and people in l.a. just don't know how to drive. it's carnage out there. i need someone who can help me get to work. well, i'm actually in your garage now. oh, you're a star. you're a lifesaver. i'll see you in two minutes.
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oh! oh! >> morning. >> james: hey, man. >> how are you? >> james: i'm good. thank you so much for this. >> you're welcome. >> james: how are you doing? >> i'm all right. nice day. >> james: it's horrible. it is horrible. can we listen to some music? i'm not sure what's on the radio. let's find out. who would have thought? who would have thought? it's a little bit funny this feeling inside i'm not one of those who can easily hide. my gift is my song and this one's for you. >> james: oh, this is so much fun! dismoat you can tell everybody
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it may be quite simple but now that it's done i hope you don't mind i hope you don't mind that i put down into words how wonderful life is while you're in the world >> james: i mean, when you write a song like that, do you just know the second it's finished, that's a hit record? >> when i wrote that it was in 1970. and my parents had an apartment in north london. benny came to me with the lyric and i took it into the living room eye read it through and went, "god, this is amazing" for an 18-year-old to write this lyric. and i played it to him, and when i finished playing i think we both realized this was a huge step forward in our songwriting. if you think this hope will ever win look at me i'm coming back
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i got a taste of love in a simple way. way don't you know i'm still standing better than i ever did i'm looking like a true survivor feeling like a little kid i'm still standing after this time picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind i'm still standing yeah, yeah, yeah i'm still standing yeah, yeah, yeah >> james: i never knew you were such a dancer. >> arlene said i was the worst dancer she ever worked with. >> james: no! is that why you used to go so flamboyant in your dress? >> yes. >> james: because there were-- you have had some amazing looks over the years. >> well, you know, i was never a lead vocalist, not like jagger
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i always played the piano. and i wasn't, you know, a sex symbol. so i had fun with my outfits. and i just went for it i remember when rock was young me and susie had so much fun holding hands and skimming stones had an old gold chevy and a place of my own but the biggest kick i ever got was doing a thing called the crocodile rock while the other kids were rockin'' 'round the clock we were hopping and bobbing to the crocodile rock rock laaaa! la-la-la la-la-la oh, yeah la-la-la >> james: so much of your life-- and i think it has been about sort of excess in that--
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>> james: even when you go shopping-- >> i've never been able to have one of everything. >> james: don't you buy four copyes of every record? >> i buy-- yes-- i buy usually four copies, one for the house here, one for the house in france, one for the house in england, and one for the place in atlanta. >> james: you know you can just have an iphone. >> i don't have a phone. >> james: >> james: how have you not got a phone? >> james: what do you do? >> there's somebody around me. there's usually a security person way phone. i do have an ipad. >> james: so right now, i could legitimately kidnap you and you wouldn't be able to call anyone. >> i've been wanting you to do that looking back she just laughs the boulevard is not that bad
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you have the headlights on the highway lay me down i had a busy day today >> james: let's face it, you have had some tantrums in your time. >> yes. >> james: because there are so many stories and you never know which are true. which is the one you look back on and go, "okay, that was a tantrum." >> i had been up for a couple days at the inn on the park in park lane in london, and i was still up at 11:00 in the office, and i called the office, and i said, "robert, it's far too windy here, can you do something about it ??? and i could imagine him putting his happened over the receiver, "he's finally lost it.
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can you do something about it." it wasn't a tantrum but as reality goes it's pretty far off the chart glz but is it difficult now that you're a father if they throw a tantrum? >> i love it. i haven't had one second in zachary or alija's life where i felt they got on my nerves. i can't believe i'm in the car telling you this because if 10 years ago you told me i'd be telling you this i would say you were crazy. i thought i was too old to be a dad. and now i'm not too old to be a dad. you're not too old to do anything. they have changed my life complete complooetly don't let the sun go down on me although i searched myself it's always someone else i see i just allow a fragment of your life
10:01 pm
to wander free losing everything is like the sun going down on me >> james: mr. elton john! >> mr. george michael. mr. james corden. my future husband! yeah! oh, don't let the sun go down on me oh, no although i search myself it's always someone else i see i just allow a fragment of your life to wander free wander free baby but losing everything is like the sun going down
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( cheers and applause ). >> james: oh, my god. i mean, if i could tell my 12-year-old self i would be doing this in my life, his head would explode. thank you so much for helping me get to work. i truly appreciate it. ( cheers and applause ) sir elton john. >> his new album "wonderful crazy nights" is out now. and you can check out a full version of the song on youtube. we'll be back with zac efron, adam devine, and anna kendrick.
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