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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and generate. in the past... users have been reimbursed for the extra electricity their solar panels make. but n-v energy has claimed that this costs them money... which is being passed on in charges to non- solar customers. in december... the commission decided to cut the reimbursements that solar users get... and increase their usage fee. today-- commissioners upheld that decision... but decided to phase in the extra charges... over 12 years... instead of just four years. paul: "a compromise. in order to implement the legislative intent of sb374, to avoid, reduce, or eliminate any unreasonable shifting of costs from nem rate payers to non-nem ratepayers." but protestors... and solar companies... aren't satisfied with the decision. they say these changes will effectively kill nevada's rooftop solar industry... and in fact... most rooftop solar companies in nevada have either gone out of business... or closed up shop since the decision. for face the state this week-- i interviewed three
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why. reid: "people are going to go solar because it's a really good financial investment. the environmental impact is the cherry on top, and we are grateful for that. but with all the rulings that have happened as of late, it just doesn't make financial sense anymore for people to go residential or small commercial solar." a coalition of solar companies in nevada has come together to fight the decision... and possibly get a referendum on the november ballot. for more on all of this... tune in for face the state this weekend. it's airing tomorrow at 4:30 am... 3:30 pm and 8:30 pm and on sunday at 6:30 am and 4 pm. covering the big story live, arianna bennett, channel 2 news. we had plenty of sunshine across northern nevada today but will that change over the holiday weekend? chief meteorologist mike alger is in the weather center tonight... mike how does it look? the weather will remain dry and mild, if not cloudless, through the president's day weekend before a storm system finally
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week. for saturday, morning clouds will likely clear out by the afternoon and temperatures will top out in the low 60s, staying there through tuesday. wednesday, i am becoming more confident that a moderate winter storm will push through the region bringing rain and snow to the mountains, which should turn to all snow in the mountains by thursday, although it's unlikely snow levels will drop enough to cause any the weather will remain dry and
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the president's day weekend before a storm system finally returns in the middle of wednesday, i am becoming more confident that a moderate winter snow levels will drop enough to cause any accumulations in the valleys. in money watch... valentine's day is just two days away and already local flower retailers are gearing up for the holiday. at sparks florist... they expect to be busy through valentine's day, though they are still taking orders through sunday. they expect to do a couple thousand deliveries along with up to a thousand more people walking in. suzanne shepherd/director of internal operations, sparks florist: "with it falling on a sunday it's kind of a little nice this year it's evenly divided over let's say four days so ya we're probably going to compete with last year and maybe even be up." sparks florist says they more than doubled their staff for the holiday weekend... bringing in about 40 extra people to help out with the extra deliveries. they says the traditional red roses and stargazer lillies are
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millions of people will get engaged on valentine's day and most will involve a diamond ring. now there is a new type of diamond on the market that is a 100% real ...but costs significantly less. john potter explains why. hill: "here, this is..." when jordan hill proposed to his girlfriend kim pavlacka ... he popped the question with this diamond ring. pavlacka: "oh, i love it!" it looks just like a diamond mined from the ground, but it's actually man made. hill: "i knew they were creating diamonds in a lab, i just didn't know they were making them gem quality." the stone came from the company pure grown diamonds. instead of mining diamonds from the earth.pure grown has its gems developed in a singapore lab. the process uses carbon and other gasses to create diamonds in a high pressure chamber in about 12 weeks. pure grown diamonds says the gems are eco-friendly, physically identical to mined diamonds, and 30 to 40 percent cheaper. an increasing number of
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man made business. one startup, diamond foundry, even has the backing of actor and activist leonardo dicaprio. moses: "i would not be able to tell the difference." tom moses at the gemological institute of america, says you can't tell the difference under magnification. the only way to be certain is to put it under an infrared light. moses: "both the size and the quality of diamonds coming out of the lab today are really quite good." some may hesitate to buy a non- traditional stone for their bride to be.. but kim loves hers. pavlacka: "he couldn't have picked out a better diamond for me" the couple is now making plans for their wedding this fall. covering the story, john potter, channel 2 news. pure grown says if a typical mined diamond engagement ring costs $5,000. it's lab grown version would cost around $3,500. diamonds you may be able to hedge on a bit... but there's no faking love. and erin breen found it.
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for a couple of lovebirds she met here in reno. she joins us from the newsroom with their story. erin? well kristen...who doesn't love a good lovestory for valentine's day? mack and earline mcgrannahan... are that. they've found perfect harmony...together. ----here we go---- if you've been in reno long you've probably seen mack mcgrannahan around. he was director of bands at unr for nearly 4 decades and currently directs the reno municipal band. --band playing-- you might guess he loves all kinds of music. mack:" the beatles...classical music...i love jazz" and...he loves earline. pardon the pun but they do make beautiful music together. --playing duet--- they actually met in 1977. mack:"we were judging a music contest for washoe county school district...that's how we met." earline: i thought he had nice handwriting."
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people but played in bands together for years. and her middle and high school students often fed right into mack's programs at unr. then 16 years ago....after he'd been divorced for years...... mack:" she called and was looking for a tape. i said i don't think i have it but but i'll look for it." mack:"we'd been talking for something like 40 minutes and i said we should hang up or your husband will wonder what we're talking about and she left." mack:"so i hung up and called back in ten minutes and said this is wanna go to dinner or something...and she said yes." and they've been together ever since. earline:"there's just a ton of respect i have for my husband" in fact they agree that respect for each other is the way to perfect harmony every day of the
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and even today...she teaches at tmcc... he conduct the reno municipal band and she plays in it. covering the story erin 2 news. ky- "it's a beautiful day up at tahoe for a little drone action. i'm ky sisson, that story is coming up." paul: "the reno auto show is in town and that only means one thing. now's your chance to come down and shop for almost any kind of car you want, all under one roof. i'm paul nelson, coming up at 5:30, i'll show you what some of the latest trends are." but first... with just over a week to go before south carolina's republican primary the candidates are converging on the state... which demographic they're trying to woo... after the break. "you're watching channel 2 news... with kristen remington, landon miller, and mike alger's
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. turning to campaign 2016... with just more than a week to go until the south carolina primary, g-o-p presidential hopefuls are making their pitches to south carolina voters there. ohio governor john kasich is hoping to capitalize on his second place finish in new hampshire and finish strong in south carolina. ted cruz is following the same game plan he used to win the iowa caucuses by implementing a
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he's and other g-o-p candidates are working on getting the support of evangelicals, who make up a large part of the south carolina republican electorate. jim guth/professor of political science, furman university: "really, each candidate can hope to find one niche of evangelicals that he can draw on." the candidates will make their pitch to palmetto state voters in a cbs news debate tomorrow night. and c-b-s political director john dickerson will moderate that debate ... coverage starts at 6 p-m... only on c-b-s. as a result, we will not have a 6:30 newscast. and we'll also be streaming the debate online and will have a link on our website. the debate will feature the six remaining g-o-p candidates... today former virginia governor jim gilmore ended his presidential bid. a new poll shows democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a dead heat in the silver state... nearly a week ahead of the caucus here. according to the poll by free beacon conducted earlier this week... 45 percent expressed support for clinton and 45
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sanders, with 9 percent undecided. the poll also asked which candidate was most honest and trustworthy... 29 percent said clinton... 53 percent said were equal. and when it came to which candidate cares more about people like themselves... 36 percent said clinton... 49 percent said sanders and 15 said they were equal. and mike alger will have a look at your forecast, coming up next. but first....valentine's art from the heart. a chance to do a little last minute shopping for your valentine....and help raise money for a new gallery at unr.
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welcome back... this is a big weekend for all you lovers out there. and there are plenty of things 2 do to celebrate valentine's day. including a couple of artful events. erin breen has our valentine's day weekend round up of things 2 do. trt1:49 ----music------ art lovers of all kind should be delighted with this year's unr galleries valentine's art auction. 160 artists local regional and international have work here for bids.
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contributed too. which means anything you can imagine! paul: "some has a dark take on valentines day and some is celebratory. you can find some great gifts here. and if you're not feeling that great about valentine's day there's something for that too." they'll have music and drinks and.... you know how parking is a problem at unr? not tonight. paul:" parking is free here at jott travis...and across the street...and at the whelan garage....and we'll come and get you in a golf cart." gotta love that! it's tonight starting at 6. it's free. and members get in at 5:30.... -----music----- here's a cheeky take on a valentines date. it's the annual history in the buff event at the wilbur may museum. it's a chance to see this museum from a totally different perspective... if you know what i mean. it's an after-hours grown-up twist on a scavenger hunt. samantha:"so your going through the museum looking for let's say risque' artifacts and works of art that you just may have missed if you've been through
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the collection and i think a really fun date idea for valentine's day." it also includes wine...and roses. and it's been so popular they've expanded it to all three nights this weekend. ---skating music------ and you can give your valentine a reason to hug you a little tighter stay warm and keep from falling....with a little ice skating. it's the last weekend for ace- aces ballpark. with a few things 2 do this weekend erin breen channel 2 news. and if that's not enough we have more. and you can find all the details on our website at "channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast
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the weather will remain dry and mild, if not cloudless, through the president's day weekend before a storm system finally returns in the middle of next week. for saturday, morning clouds will likely clear out by the afternoon and temperatures will top out in the low 60s, staying there through tuesday. wednesday, i am becoming more
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moderate winter storm will push through the region bringing rain and snow to the mountains, which should turn to all snow in the mountains by thursday, although it's unlikely snow levels will drop enough to cause any the weather will remain dry and
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the president's day weekend before a storm system finally returns in the middle of next week. for saturday, morning clouds will likely clear out by the afternoon and temperatures will top out in the low 60s, staying there through tuesday. wednesday, i am becoming more confident that a moderate winter storm will push through the region bringing rain and snow to the mountains, which should turn to all snow in the mountains by thursday, although it's unlikely snow levels will drop enough to cause any accumulations in the valleys. let's check in on the roads with our traffic reporter chaison dean in the alice 96 point 5 traffic center. you're going to want to expect some heavy traffic slowdowns getting onto
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out for an accident i80 westbound and sparks blvrd and expect extra delays in that area as crews will be on the scene. i'm chaison dean and that's your traffic. ky- "the only faa approved drone service has come to a tahoe ski resort, i'm ky sisson, find out which one, next." america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world
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i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. regulate commercial drone services - making the industry difficult to enter. but now, there's a bay-area company at lake tahoe ski resorts that's the first to get f-a-a exemptions to shoot video of customers from a close distance. ky sisson reports from squaw valley... in a story you'll see only on 2. the futuristic-- somewhat unsettling "that's weird." drones are now buzzing over heads of skiers at squaw valley ski resort. the new professional video service offered by cape productions gives people a chance to relive their time on
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faa regulation typically requires drones to fly 500 feet away, but this service is the first in the country to legally fly within 500 feet of people. louis- "the unique exemption we have explicitly allows us to film members of the public who are participating in the operation. in this case at places like squaw, that operation is actually being filmed on the ski hill." the faa strictly regulates the commercial use of drones and require precautions such as a visual observer present and done only in the day light. safety is a high priority. ky- "not just anyone is allowed to fly a drone for a commercial service. these guys are actual pilots for airplanes." kabe- "being a pilot really helps with the drone operation because we have been trained really well by our faa certified flight instructors how to handle emergency situations, great deal of knowledge when it comes to the aerodynamics..." so now...people don't have to be ky- "coverage you can count on." lucy- "coverage you can count
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of course. met up with cape production safety and go pro crews. got the all clear. "drone will be taking off." "skiers away!" and went back to work...eventually. covering the story. ky sisson, channel 2 news. cape productions is also coming to homewood ski resort this president's day weekend. for more information on getting your self "droned" at squaw or homewood, head to our website we've set up a link for you there. and speaking of sking... squaw valley alpine meadows has been selected as the best ski resort in north america. after being nominated as one of the top 20 resorts by u-s-a today and 10 best... it was picked as the winner of the 2016 readers' choice poll for best ski resort. squaw valley alpine meadows say it has received 24 feet of snow so far this season, recognized as the
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still to come on channel 2 news at 5... voters in washoe county will be asked to decide whether or not to approve a sales tax increase to fund school improvements... how much they would go up if approved. paul "from big pickup trucks to compact cars, there's something for everybody here at the reno auto show. i'm paul nelson, coming up after the break i'll flores: i was raised by my father. my mother left my family when i was 9 years old. things really went from bad to worse for me. this isn't just about numbers, this is about real lives. this is a system that isn't working for the everyday person. it's one of the reasons why i decided to endorse bernie sanders. nevadans are looking for people who are willing to think big, to be bold, and to fight for everyday people. and that's exactly what bernie sanders is doing. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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church. i'm adriana diaz in
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"this is channel 2 news, coverage you can count on" jimmy "they love to compete and i'm gonna tell you, there's a race going on as to who can sell the most cars." the 20-16 reno auto show is back for another year -- coming off the biggest year of car and truck sales in history. what the auto industry expects this year, as money watch tops channel two news at 5-30. if you're going to buy a car, truck or s-u-v -- the
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the place to be this weekend. or s-u-v -- the reno-sparks convention center is the place to be this weekend. good evening, i'm landon miller. and i'm kristen remington -- thank you for staying with us tonight. experts say demand is high -- and interest rates and gas prices are low. as paul nelson shows us -- that could translate to another big year for car dealers. paul "the reno auto show has been around for more than 30 years and the show's promoter says this could be the biggest year yet. all 19 new car dealerships from around town are here, giving people a chance to stop for almost every kind of car they want, all under one roof." hood shutting luxury sedans, sports cars, trucks, and s-u-vs are on full display -- offering the latest in technology. j "they can take a look at the vehicle, actually use the vehicle with their phones now, tie them into the stereo system, the navigation, download apps." but old trends are still factors. with gas prices falling closer to 2 dollars a gallon -- truck


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